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The End

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It's the end of the world. One shot.

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Was it really supposed to end like this?

The world bursting into flames, the world swallowed by darkness...nothing heard but cries and gunshots. Had the villians really won?

Here was Delilah and Julius...crying slowly, in each others arms. Julius was shot in the shoulder, while Delilah was shot in the back. Ice had shot them, and left them die a slow and painful death. It's amazing they're still alive. They were dressed with each others blood. Where they going to die here?

Dr.Dismay made a machine that could pick up anything by a simple press of a button. The Con Man, The Nurse, and Ice were shooting people. Wednesday, DJ Hook and Ms.Deeds took over the academy. Was it really over? Was it meant to end like this?

Delilah and Julius have no clue where everyone else in the academy was. Al and Scarlett actually had to send everyone on this mission when all the villians joined together...and of course, failed. Delilah tried not to cry. But her eye lids failed her, and slowly her eyes began to water. She just layed there, In Julius' arms. Both of their breathing got shallow.

"Is this really our last mission?" Delilah asked him. "Our really last time together?"

Julius didn't want to lie. He slowly and quietly said, "I don't know. I'm just glad you'll be the last person I'll see."

"Me too, Julius." Delilah said.

Delilah gently slipped her hands into Julius', and Julius held it protectively. Delilah used her other had to grip Julius' shirt. She cried into it.

"Delilah, if we don't make this thing out alive..." He slowly said. "I want you to know you were everything to me. You were the reason I got up in the morning, why I never gave up. You were always there for me..."

Delilah stared at him with opening eyes. She listened slowly, savouring her last moment on earth with Julius.

"Delilah, what I'm meaning to say, is, we've been friends since kindergaurden, we've been through everything together, and you've turned out so beautiful..."

Julius was about to continue, intill Delilahs lips pressed against his. They both closed their eyes, and savored it. They knew their time was coming. They could hear it in each others breaths. Soon, slowly, they both began to go in and out of consciousness.

All that could be heard was the villians laughter. People screaming. People crying. Gun shots. Had the villians won this time? Were they going to die here?

"I love you, Julius," Delilah said slowly.

"I love you, too," Julius replied.

Julius played with her hair. It was the last time he could hold her. Last time to see her, and hear her voice. Their time was coming. They both were dying...and they both knew it. Julius couldn't believe it. They were about to die, and that was the only time he could get his feelings out to her. He had many chances to tell her. But, no, he had to push it off till tomorrow. But now, they both knew there would be no tomorrow.

Delilah kept on reminding herself this isn't the last time to see Julius. They were going to die together. How she thought of it as they were just leaving their shells on earth...but their souls will live on. This won't be the end. She wouldn't allow it to end this way. She didn't know how much longer she could hold her last breath. She knew she soon had to give into death. Death was calling her name. She knew it was her time. She just knew it.

"Good bye, Delilah. I'll always love you." Julius told her.

"I'll see you later," She said, crying. "I'll always love you, too. Death won't take that away from us."

The both shared one last passionate kiss. They couldn't avoid the pain any longer. The both thing the said at the same time was:

"I love you."

Delilah slowly gave her last breath, slowly followed by Julius. They both died in each others arms, finally got their feelings out...even if it killed them. Delilah and Julius' bodies remained on earth...

But no ones there.


xxDarkness' Kidxx
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