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Chapter 31

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Lost in a strange world riddled with demons and with no way to get back home, a mighty warrior catches the eye of the Organization. Co-Written with Drunkmansquawkin.

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Once they were all rested Naruto, Jean, Flora, Clare, Cynthia, and Yuma all backtracked as they travelled to Lacroa. There was no sense of pattern in their least not at first glance. Naruto was the epic centre of it all and everyone else, including Clare, was surrounding him as if he were a precious package. It was something Naruto either took no notice or he genuinely did not know.

However, there was a couple of people who were more than willing to take advantage of being so close to Naruto. Flora is one of them. Cynthia was the second. And surprisingly, Jean was the third - she still remembered what Flora told her all those years ago back when she got rescued from Riful, after all.

Naruto was most surprised by Jean’s advances, as she didn’t seem the type, but he certainly didn’t mind. That just meant he got to catch up on all the teasing he missed out on her! In fact, that was what Naruto was doing right now.

“Remember the time you were wearing nothing but a cloak, Jean?” Naruto asked the eyebrowless woman as he put an arm around her shoulders.

“Y-yes… I do.” How could she not? She had to wear that cloak for two days until Clare’s handler found them.

“Jean was wearing nothing but a cloak?” Cynthia asked. That sounded vaguely familiar to her but she may need a little refresher.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure I told you about it a long time ago,” Naruto replied with a nod before he gestured to Jean. “This cutie here had a little run-in with Riful of the West.”

“Oh, yeah, I remember you mentioning that,” Yuma said. She also remembered Riful herself looking mighty pleased to see Jean, Flora and Clare when Naruto brought her and Luciela back with him after he went to rescue those warriors.

“Yeah, I never saw what happened to her specifically but the incident left her buck ass naked. She had to wear a cloak much like the one she’s wearing now to cover her decency.”

“If I recall, you were flirting with her too during those two days she had been wearing that cloak,” Flora added with an impish grin. “Complimenting her even.” She ducked under a tree branch that was too low and stepped over a half-buried log.

With a smile, Naruto shrugged. That was very true, what he did remember of that day was him flirting and complimenting the scarred woman. It did wonders in making her feel better about herself.

Jean blushed at the reminder. Oh, yes, him complimenting her during that time made her feel really good about herself. And the fact he didn't mind her stigma was just a bonus! It was very rare for someone to not be fazed by their unhealable gash.

“Hmm, that makes me rather jealous,” Cynthia said with a sigh. Then the young woman let out a squeal when she felt Naruto’s hand slapping her buttocks, and she looked at him with wide eyes and a girlish giggle.

“I don’t see why,” Naruto told her with a small shrug and a smile, “I’ve seen you naked before a few times, and I complimented your body as well,” As his words got a blush out of Cynthia, Naruto’s eyes traversed down to where her butt is. “It’s a shame you’re wearing a cloak, though, because you have one fantastic ass.” he flirted as he drew his eyes back up and giving the plaited blonde a flirtatious wink.

Cynthia reacted rather predictably. In both Naruto’s eyes, and Flora’s. She blushed and brought her hands to her cheeks, and happily giggled like a schoolgirl with a crush. It was completely and utterly adorable. No wonder she was so likeable… it was a shame he didn't meet her a lot sooner when she was still stationed on the other side of the Great Sea of Fire in Mucha. But that was in the past and it all evened out in the end.

But boy was he surprised when he found out she was that Cynthia, his girlfriend had mentioned way back then.

“How is it long until we reach Lacroa, again?” Yuma asked.

“We’ve been walking for close to an hour now. If my memory is right then I’d say we have two to three hours left if we are to keep our current pace.” Jean answered, Yuma smiled and nodded at the answer; she was happy to know the journey wouldn’t last the rest of the day.

“Two to three hours means I get two to three hours of flirting and teasing with all of you… yes, even you Clare.” Naruto said, and adding the part at the end just to tease the hot-blooded one of the group with a grin. To her credit all Clare did was close her eyes and shake her head before redirecting her eyes ahead of her… and without anyone seeing, Clare felt her cheeks heat up. She liked the attention, as she was still a little girl at heart, but did he really have to do that?!

“Keep that up and they’ll jump you,” Flora joked, though she was all for letting them have a piece of her boyfriend. After all, as he said a long time ago, they’re only human and are so very lonely… it’ll be a matter of time before he beds him without her having to goad him into doing it, after all.

Little did she know his clone has his way with Luciela, Elda, and Agatha during the two days they were in Rabona. And that Cynthia knows.

Naruto knew he was going to regret saying this… “They’re free too,” but he did anyway and straight up told Flora and the others with a shrug.

At that Flora brought her hands to her lips and let out a pleased gasp as she stared at her boyfriend with a proud look on her face. “Oh! I finally got you to crack! How wonderful~!”

“Yes, dear; you goading me into fucking all these beautiful women for the past 7 years has gotten to me.” Granted he did fuck a few of the girls before they hid in the frozen North. Lucia, Miria and Flora being the prime three before that point. And then Elda followed suit shortly after she found them. But Flora had been goading him to fuck all the other women - except Clare for obvious reasons - for the past. Seven. Years. It was bound to whittle him down if she kept it up.

And it did. Now, instead of resisting her goading into fucking Miria and the others, Naruto was just...going to stop going against her and go with her.

Jean let out an adorable squawk when she felt Naruto feeling up her ass, and as a result, she blushed madly. “I think I’ll start with you… I won’t screw your brains out right this moment… because we’re still making our way to Lacroa. But I think getting a little ‘hands on’ with you won’t impede our progress to the town too much~”

What was it that Jean said sometime after he rescued her? Oh, that’s right: she owes him her life for what he did and would be willing to compensate him in whatever way she can. Naruto knows she remembers it too and knew the woman would be all too happy to repay that ‘life debt’ she thinks she still owes him, even when he told her she didn't owe him anything.

Jean bit down on her bottom lip and partially closed her eyes as pleasant tingles raced through her butt and up her back as he gently kneaded and squeezed her buttcheek through the fabric of her skirt. By the Twin Goddesses that felt good!

As for Cynthia she couldn’t help but look at the young man with growing anticipation! She had been wanting him to make a move on her for a very long while now! And now that his reluctance has finally been whittled down the young woman just couldn’t wait for it to be her turn!

Yuma, on the other hand, was rather glad she had her hood up. No one could see the reddening of her cheeks and she was thankful for that. But she too was rather eager for Naruto to make his move on her. Now that he was being less resistant, maybe it’s time for her to make her move? Flora was a very open woman and she has shown them time and time again that she was very open to sharing with him.

Clare, however, kept her displeasure and jealousy known and swallowed it down. She too was starved for attention and she will admit that Naruto is rather handsome. And exotic. And intriguing. He was many things to her, and while she and Raki had shared a kiss and managed to worm his way into her heart, - and unbeknownst to the others, had every intention of telling Raki goodbye as her revenge towards that one comes first before all else - she will admit seeing him and Flora together being all lovey-dovey made her very jealous. But she was also happy for them.

Of course, she looked forward to him teasing and flirting with her, but no one excluding herself would know of that. She’s human too after all and like all humans, she craved attention. Even if it was on the flirting and teasing side. There was just something… about him. Something that makes all their trust into him. It was very similar to how Miria manages to draw people to her.

They both have charisma. And while Miria is a brilliant strategist, Naruto is also capable of coming up with brilliant plans in the midst of battle. Though that tends to work only for him. Naruto and Miria were similar in some ways now that she thought about it. Clare could only imagine what they would accomplish if Miria was the one that got hooked to Naruto instead of Flora.

Fortunately, they would have to keep walking for a few hours until they reach the town of Lacroa… Clare blinked before her brow creased. Hang on; did she just sense a strong yoki aura within that town they were heading towards?


Lacroa was a bustling town with walls surrounding it. The settlement in question wasn’t quite a village and not quite a city. It was firmly between the two. The population of Lacroa was unknown but it had been estimated to be somewhere between 2,500 and 5,000. Not as big as Rabona’s but it was big nonetheless.

And currently, something was happening within Lacroa that certainly made the inhabitants gather round in both curiosity and wariness. That something happened to be Claymores. And what’s more is that there are three of them in one place; that alone surprised the inhabitants of Lacroa who had seen them as the idea of there being three claymores in one place boggled the mind. No one had been killed in Lacora as far as they knew! And their mayor didn't send the Organization for aid in killing a youma either, so what on Earth were these women doing in their town?!

Unknown to these civilians, five ex-claymores, plus The Youma Hunter himself, were there too as they were investigating the situation. And to not draw too much attention to themselves, all six of them had their features concealed behind their hoods and cloaks.

While the townsfolk were talking amongst themselves about the oddity of these warriors being in their town, Naruto’s group were quietly talking among themselves.

“Three claymores? Here? How come we didn't sense them?” Flora whispered to her boyfriend and friends; thankfully the chatter from the people around her had drowned out her voice, and kept it from reaching the three warriors dead ahead of them.

“They must be taking suppressants,” Clare deduced with squint eyes. “This is exactly what I was afraid of.”

“But why would they be taking suppressants?” Yuma questioned; she couldn’t understand their thinking. Why would they put themselves at risk of an Awakened One that is within their midst?

“...There’s just three of them,” Jean pointed out after she took a moment to subtly survay her surroundings. “That is too small for an Awakened Being hunt.”

“Yes… which means they’re probably not even aware of the Awakened One that is watching them among this crowd.” Clare stated with a subtle nod. She wondered what on earth those three were thinking though. Why would they put themselves at risk?

Naruto cocked his head underneath his hood before he looked to his right. He frowned and reached out to tap a few of the girls on the back, “Everyone, keep your heads down. We got handlers coming our way.”

“What?!” Yuma hissed as she bared her teeth and widened her eyes in alarm, with some of the others following suit. “What do we do?!”

“Keep your heads down and don’t draw attention to yourselves.” Naruto answered, and his cloak parted slightly as he reached up to readjust his hood. “The Organization still thinks you girls are dead, and with those ladies taking suppressants you’re completely invisible.”

Flora stared at her boyfriends back. Hard. “...What are you going to do, Naruto?” She quietly demanded.

Though neither of them could see it, Naruto smiled. “I’m going to do my nickname says: hunt a youma.”

As much as she didn't want him to go risking his life and wellbeing, Flora knew damn well that Naruto could take care of himself. He did have a point too; so far the Organization thinks they’re dead. There’s no need for them to know otherwise… unless push comes to shove.

“Alright… but you’d better be damn careful, you hear me.”

Naruto grinned at the motherhen like tone in his girlfriend’s voice. “Yeah, I hear you, Flora.” Then the blond split ranks and casually side stepped or walked past several people as he made his way up front.

Meanwhile the two handlers approached the three claymores. One of them, a middle-aged man with a balding scalp, asked them, “Did you find any sign of her?”

The one who answered, is a young woman by the name of Lina. She like all claymores before her had silver eyes. The woman had short, straight, platinum-blonde hair, and a round oval face; she had a fit physique befitting a warrior; thin but fittingly athletic, with a modestly sized bust, wide hips, and firm thighs.

Lina shook her head in denial. “There is no sign of her in this town.” she answered in an even tone.

The handler scowled out of frustration, “Damn it! The information we got regarding her came in too late. She’s probably long gone by now.” with a low growl he looked at the three women assembled before him. “Nevertheless, the three of you will be getting promoted, do keep this failure to yourselves.”

That was when Areth took notice of a hooded figure emerging from the crowd that had assembled around them. The warrior herself was a willowy beauty with a slender face, a sizable bust, wide flaring hips, toned thighs and a flat stomach. Her platnium-blonde hair was styled in a short, spiked pixie-cut, that was similar to Deneve’s only slightly longer.

The person she saw raised his hood slightly and she saw the horned forehead protector being worn underneath… the forehead protector, that the Youma Hunter had been described to wear by all warriors in circulation. She blinked several times to make sure her eyes weren’t playing tricks, before springing into action. “S-STOP RIGHT THERE, YOUMA HUNTER!” She cried out, pointing at the young man in question.

Her colleagues and handler nearly jumped out of their skin upon hearing her sudden shout. They turned to face him, but just as they did, he vanished… but not before giving them a cheeky salute. His swift disappearance startled them even more.

“What the ABSOLUTE FUCK?!” Areth shouted in genuine shock; where in the flying fuck did he go?! She, Lina and the other claymore wildly looked around for him, and quickly found The Youma Hunter standing a little ways off to their left. The hooded blond had his back to them.

Then the cloak covering him parted in front as he swiped his throwing arm out in front of him. Several projectiles left his palm and to the alarm of many, struck a fairly ordinary woman in many places… and instead of falling down, like many had expected the woman instead hissed in pain as purple blood spurt from her injuries. To the alarm of everyone, including the three Claymores and Handlers. The woman’s eyes abruptly changed to the familiar cat-like golden colour all youmas, claymores and Awakened Ones had whenever they use their yoki. The Awakened One quickly healed her injuries, pushing the projectiles out of her body, and at the same time a disgusting mass of flesh grew out from the back of her head, and body before that mass sprouted extra spider-like limbs that immediately attacked the Youma Hunter.

“What the!?” Lina shouted in wide-eyed alarm, “An Awakened Being?!”

The Youma Hunter stood his ground, seemingly about to be impaled in front of everyone! Then, suddenly, his image flickered before he disappeared just mere moments before the female Awakened One could run him through. The extra limbs smashed into the ground where he was, shattering the ground and sending smoke in every direction. The Youma Hunter reappeared again a small distance away from where he once stood, with his feet dragging against the ground. This time, the hooded blond had the front of his cloak parted, revealing what he was wearing underneath to everyone in the front and sides and had his trusty trench knives in hand.

“My, how rude,” the demonic woman huffed glaring at the hooded blond with narrowed eyes. “I wasn’t even hungry and you went and attacked me like that? Someone needs to teach you a lesson, boy.”

The blond smirked at her and skillfully tossed one of his trench knives in the air, where it flipped many times, before gravity took hold and he skillfully swiped it out of the air and held it in a reverse grip, “I could sense your ill intent a mile away. You were going to attack regardless. I merely took the initiative.” he shot back.

The partially transformed woman blinked at that. Then, she shrugged uncaringly and didn't bother trying to deny his words. It was true, after all. She was planning on attacking the claymores. They’re using suppressants and that made them easy pickings. Killing the Handlers would be the icing on the proverbial cake as far as she was concerned. Besides, the Organization was actively hunting them down now. As soon as they get so much as a word of any location of an Awakened Being they would send a Hunting Party to take them down! She had no idea how long they had been on those suppressants for, and thus planned to attack them before they had the chance to regain their ability to use yoki once more… she was being pragmatic.

And seeing as she had this young man in her way, it looks like she needed to get through him to get to them first. So that was what she proceeded to try and do. The partially transformed woman ignored literally everyone else as she sent more of her extra limbs at the Youma Hunter, and she along with the claymores were taken by complete and utter surprise when the young man actually met and deflected those jagged tips with the sharp end of his trench knives.

To say they were surprised would be an understatement. And none were more surprised than the claymores.

“What… in the actual fuck…?!” The third claymore cursed aloud; her name was Noma, she has neck-length, spiked sandy-brown hair with the tips curling outwards. She has a heart shaped face and is very pleasing to look at, with a generous bust, wide child-bearing hips, a toned stomach and a pair of firm looking thighs.

“He’s actually blocking her attacks?” Lina couldn’t help but voice her awe as she watched him use his trench knives to deflect, redirect, and even send back the extra limbs. Normally she would have gone right in there to help had it been anyone else… but the woman had been taken by surprise by the scene unfolding before her to actually act. The fact she can’t bring out her yoki also had a factor in it too.

“Not only that but he’s holding his ground against her.” Areth added with wide eyes and her mouth slightly agape. Is he truly human? Sure, in theory a normal human could block an attack from an Awakened Being...but blocking several at a time and maintain a quick reaction time to intercept them all in a quick time? That simply was not feasible… not for a normal human at least.

When she found herself unable to hit him the Awakened One grew more and more she transformed completely. Her clothes tore at the seems as the woman’s physique transformed into something inhuman; she gained six crab-like legs, but retained a humanoid and clearly feminine upper body with two extra extensions with jagged tips spouting from her back, just under her shoulder blades.

“Heh…” The Youma Hunter had to crane his head up to look at her. He gave her a smirk that was visible to the now crab-like awakened being. “There we go…”

He provokingly beckoned the female Awakened One to make the first move… and at the same time a visible blueish aura formed around his trench knives as Naruto infused wind chakra with them to increase their sharpness. The aura was like a second layer that mimicked the shape and size of the trench knives.

The female Awakened One was taken by surprise from the sudden glow that formed around the combat knives the hooded young man before her is holding. What was even more surprising to her was that she had not sensed any yoki being used… and that it was visible; which told her that thing around his knives was something else entirely. She didn't dwell on it any further however and instead lashed out at the so-called Youma Hunter before her with one of the two extensions on her back!

“GAH!” The feminine Awakened One let out a cry of pained surprise when that extension was severed with a scissor slash by the trench knives. She gasped as she saw her own blood squirting out of the stump. She couldn’t believe her eyes; that shouldn’t be possible! Her armour in this form was durable enough to withstand solid steel! How in the hell did he manage to not only cut her, but sever the extension?!

She snarled at him with enraged eyes, “Why you…” she hissed aggressively and menacingly. Her golden-eyes grew wide when she saw the other three Claymores finally taking action, despite them not being able to use yoki. She quickly moved two of her six legs back when Lina tried to slice them off from above, and quickly retaliated by trying to impale her through the back with her other spike-like limb. The feminine Awakened One came up short however when the Youma Hunter suddenly appeared beside the Number 14, quickly wrapped an arm around her waist and to the surprise and disbelief of everyone somehow kicked off of the very air itself.

Both Lina and the Youma Hunter landed outside of the Awakened One’s strike area, and the latter unwrapped his hand from around Lina’s waist. Unfortunately for the Awakened Being, Areth and Noma were already attacking with ferocity, though they were understandably a little bit sluggish and much, much slower than they would have been. Still, though, the two women were more than capable of taking care of themselves as the fight had proven. Within a matter of seconds, the Awakened One had last two of her six legs and sustained four injuries to her human-like abdomen.

“Tch!” With a snarl, the Awakened One decided the odds were against her and made the smart decision to bail. Her yoki spiked, and to the surprise of Noma, Lina, Areth, and the hidden women that are with Naruto, the Awakened One grew a pair of wings, and separated from her crab-like lower body to reveal a pair of humanoid-legs. With a mighty flap of her wings, the Awakened One took to the sky and flew as far away from the town as fast as she possibly could.

The Youma Hunter wasn’t about to let her get away scot free though. She was very much a threat and thus needed taking care of. And so, it was to the shock and utter surprise of his audience that the hooded blond leapt to one of the rooftops while he was standing in place. Very much like he had done in Pieta. He didn't stop there however; as his feet touched the tiles, the blond took a few steps head start before using a chakra enhanced hop to get himself up towards and above the winged Awakened One.

The Awakened One reared back with a startled, “Gha!” when the Youma Hunter suddenly appeared right in front of her face… the last thing she had seen before it all went black was his arms making a scissor motion.

Her headless carcass and disembodied head fell to the ground as gravity took told, with the hooded blond following suit as he stopped the flow of chakra into his trench knives and put them away in their holsters. The Youma Hunter landed in a crouch, while the head and carcass slammed against the ground with a sickening, bone-crushing thud. With a sigh, the hooded blond stood up, faced the still warm corpse and after making a few quick hand seals, he surprised the living hell out of everyone when he literally breathed goddamn fire onto the headless body, and the severed head at the same time!

It didn't take too long for Naruto to hear his audience murmuring.

“Did you see that?!”

“He killed that Youma so easily.”

“Is he a Youma too?”

“Should we try and kill him?”

Naruto scowled at that last one. But then an idea came to him. The hooded blond straightened himself up to his full height and allowed his lips to curl down into a dangerous frown.

“...You know,” he started, making sure his voice was loud and unamused, “unlike the Claymores you people are so afraid of, there is nothing stopping me from killing you. I am a trained killer. So, you know, bad mouthing the person who literally saved your lives is not doing you any favours...” he trailed off with his voice taking a warnative, and threatening tone.

His threat wasn’t necessary to shut them up. In fact, he could have just ignored it all. But he still felt inclined to make a point, here. To the villagers, he was by himself, and they have probably heard of him through word of mouth by visitors before dropping off the face of the Earth. But to the Organization, they still think the women they had sent to the North had died there. He had no idea if they knew he was in a relationship with Flora or not, but Naruto wouldn’t be surprised if they had known or had suspicions they were in a relationship…so coming off as short tempered after Flora’s supposed ‘death’ would make sense. At least it did in his mind.

His attitude towards Clarice’s team notwithstanding of course. But that wasn’t here nor there. Naruto’s threat did do its job though as the murmering quickly stopped. The blond could feel his girlfriend’s disapproval from where she hid. He guessed the threat he made reminded her of bandits. Which she hates. But, for now, he wanted to see what the claymores and the handlers were going to do. In the meantime, he went to collect his weapons he had thrown earlier. Getting to them had revealed that they were kunai, courtesy of Mount Myoboku; they were a major step up from the makeshift throwing knives he once used all those years ago. Those shivs were useless to him, but at the time he had no idea he could take stuff from Mount Myoboku, and because of that he made due with what he had.

Oh, well… the more you know, as the saying went. At least now, he had some better weapons on him. Better late than never as they say. Now that he thought about those claymores… what were they going to do now that he had shown himself? One of them did tell him to ‘stop right there’ after all. Looking behind him partially over the shoulder Naruto looked at the women.

The one who yelled at him to stop was looking at him warily, wisely keeping her distance with a hand on the hilt of her sword, as was the other two. Though she was prepared to attack him if he tried anything funny, he could sense no malice in her. The same applied for the other two women with her, though the apparent leader of their group looked far more worried.

Though, to be fair, who wouldn’t be? He breathed fire after all. And jumped on top of a roof of a building without taking a running start, and on top of that sliced through the Awakened One’s harder than steel-like armour with a pair of flimsy knives like a hot knife through butter, when it is put into comparison to their ridiculously sturdy swords. She had every reason to be worried. It certainly didn't help their suppressants is still in effect.

The two men in black who’re with them had gotten over their shock by now and were openly scowling at him. Naruto dismissed them however and turned around completely to address Noma, Lina, and Areth directly.

“So… are you three going to attack me or what?” He asked them while crossing his arms against his armour-plated chest. He could tell their stances were defensive, but he figured he might as well ask. Appearances can be deceiving after all, and it was actually a rather common trick to fool one’s opponent into a false sense of security with a defensive stance only to go on the offensive when their guard is down.

Lina, being the leader of this particular group slowly shook her head ‘no’. It was the right answer as Naruto uncrossed his arms and said, “Good. Then I won’t attack you either. As long as you don’t attack first that is.”

“That is acceptable.” Lina finally said, though she and the other two didn't sheathe her sword. It was to hopefully ward him off. Though the Number 14 had a feeling it wouldn’t matter anyway, but it helped calm her nerves so she kept it out.

Naruto nodded at that. “Alright, then in that case I’ll be heading off.”

Unfortunately, the Handlers were having none of that.

“S-stop him!” one of them shouted.

The girls flinched and looked reluctant to do so, but brought up their swords, nonetheless.

“W-we’re under strict orders to capture you on sight for questioning,” Lina declared, doing her best to mask her hesitation. It didn't fool Naruto in the slightest. “You’re coming with us, Youma Hunter!”

“...You don’t want to.” It was a statement, not a question. Naruto could see it in their eyes.

“Th-that’s irrelevant,” Lina insisted. “Orders are orders, whether we like it or not; it’s as simple as that! We will bring you in!”

Naruto gave her an unsettling smile, “Well, if you insist… why don’t you try it? See what happens? I can’t guarantee you’ll be alive by the end of it though.”

Lina and her teammates visibly hesitated. Regardless, they were just about to do precisely that, but then someone else decided to join the party.

“Now, now,” a new male voice called out. “There is no need to be so uncivilized.”

Naruto’s smile turned upside down at the vaguely familiar voice and he turned to look at him. “Oh. It’s you. The slimy git.” said ‘slimy git’ was a dark clothed man, who’s clothes looked like a black robe you would find in a desert, with dark glasses and a fedora. Naruto met him once before, a few days after he and Flora rescued Jean, Clare, and Galatea from Riful. Naruto’s tone showed he did not think highly of the man. And like before, the man had a smile on his face that irritated Naruto to no end.

In short, he was the textbook definition of a fuckface: a person whose very face made people - most notably Naruto - want to fucking punch him.

“Boy, do I have a bone to pick with you…” he growled at the man with a vicious scowl pulling at his lips. While it was an act, mostly that is, Naruto really did have a bone to pick with the man. He did send Flora, Clare, and Jean to the North to die after all.

Rubel smiled and adjusted his fedora, “Come now, there’s no reason for you to be hostile.”

Naruto’s scowl grew even more at that. “Oh really? I can think of a couple of reasons you fuckface. Let me give you one: you sent Clare, Flora, and Jean to die in the North.” He cracked his knuckles in a menacing manner, “I’d really love to hear what reason you have this time to stop me from killing you.”

“I sent no one, young man,” Rubel corrected with a shrug. “Their orders came from the Elder; I was just the messenger.” Not to mention he had a gut feeling that this was all an act. If the infamous Youma Hunter survived the Great Battle of the North, then it is entirely possible others had as well. Phantom Miria is not the woman who would just lie down and die like a dog after all. She would have had contingencies to get as many women out of that mess as possible.

Naruto didn't say anything for what felt like hours. Then, just when things got incredibly tense, the hooded blond let out an aggravated sigh, “Hnnnn… you do have a point… but first…” he trailed off before he suddenly slammed his palm against the ground. Rubel was taken aback, as were Lina, Noma, and Areth, when two pairs hands made from the earth itself literally grew out of the ground and grabbed on to the other two handlers.

“I’m still feeling rather vindictive.” Naruto continued, as the two men started to scream in both discomfort and pain from being squeezed by the overly large hands, “I may not be able to take it out on you, but there are two other men from the Organization here. They’ll make good substitutes.”

Rubel looked at the giant pairs of hands with intrigue. It seems Clarice’s report on him was indeed true. He truely can manipulate the earth. Rubel’s lack of concern for the men in black made Naruto damn suspicious of him though.

“Indeed, they would; but what good would that do?” Rubel politely asked him.

“Handler Rubel, what are you doing?” Noma questioned.

“Just talking my dear,” the fuckface said with a small, arrogant looking smirk. “I suspect the Youma Hunter isn’t here by sheer chance. And if he was here, it is entirely possible he overheard you talking.”

Naruto scowled at that but then wiped it off his face when he saw an opportunity. He didn't have much information to go on but it was certainly worth trying. “...I did hear that you people were looking for someone. Who is it?”

Rubel’s smirk grew bigger at that. Bingo. “How about a trade?” the man gestured to the other two men in black who were still immobilized by the giant hands, “You let those fine and respectable men go, and I’ll answer any questions you have to the best of my abilities.”

Naruto didn't need to even think about it. As soon as the last four words left his throat the hands were already sinking back into the earth after letting the two men go. It was a good trade off in his eyes.

“Alright. I’ll bite.” he relented.

“Good. Follow me if you would. We don’t want the common folk to eavesdrop on us, do we?” Rubel was apparently confident enough that Naruto would follow him, as he turned around and didn't bother waiting for him.

With a shake of his head and a small, throat curtling growl Naruto followed after the fedora clad man. He subtly looked past the crowd still watching him and saw Flora, Jean, Clare, Cynthia, and Yuma all shadowing them. He felt a little more at ease knowing his girlfriend and friends were watching his back from the shadows. If this was an attempt to ambush him, then at least he had them to back him up.
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