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Chapter 32

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Lost in a strange world riddled with demons and with no way to get back home, a mighty warrior catches the eye of the Organization. Co-Written with Drunkmansquawkin.

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Now that he was at a more ‘private’ place, Naruto stared at Rubel from the wall he was leaning against. The smug-looking man had his hands in his pockets as he took in their surroundings. Naruto looked past the man and wasn’t at all surprised to see Noma, Lina, and Areth there. They must’ve followed them here - either to make sure he didn't do any harm to Rubel or to make sure no one would intrude. It seemed they haven’t picked up his companions yet, which was rather fortunate.

He didn't see the other two men though. After the squeezing, he gave them with those earth-made hands it’s not that hard to assume they were recovering elsewhere.

Naruto brought his gaze back onto Rubel when he heard the man announce, “Yes. This will most certainly do. Less company here.”

Naruto snorted and lowered his hood, allowing the man to see how he looked without the mask. He got a couple of googly eyes from the claymores after they got a good look at him. Though that quickly turned to disbelief when they realized just how young he looked. Naruto had aged well during those Seven Years of hiding. One would say he looked a carbon copy of his father…if he had longer hair and not have the whiskers like birthmarks on his cheeks.

They were expecting the Youma Hunter to be a man in his late thirties to early forties! They never thought him to be in his early twenties! Which meant he was practically a child when he first got on the Organization’s radar!

Naruto exhaled and crossed his arms against his chest, “Alright, let’s start with the obvious: why are you lot here?”

Rubel smiled his condescending smile at the question and promptly answered, “Straight to the point? Very well. We are looking for one of our own. You’ve met her seven years ago. The one-eyed warrior, Rafaela.”

“Hard to forget about her,” Naruto stated with a deadpan look. That woman was rather pretty… but she did have some baggage on her. Like he told Luciela before, it was like the woman wasn’t even living. It was as if she was pushing forward because she had one last thing to do. One last mission. “What happened to her?”

“She disappeared in the West and has suppressed her aura to the point even the keenest of sensors can’t track her. The Organization has mobilized a small part of its forces to look for her. The three behind me,” he gestured to Noma, Lina, and Areth who were listening in with rapt attention, “are part of it. There are more but they are currently searching other towns further in and around Lautrec.”

Thanks to Miria and the others, Naruto has long since learned that ‘aura’ is another way to say ‘youki’. After how many women say youki instead of aura though, he figured they just preferred to call it youki instead of aura.

“So that’s why there’s so few of them. And why their youki is suppressed.” Naruto said in realization. He knew they were looking for someone but until now the blond didn't know why they were on suppressants.

“How do you know our youki is suppressed?” Lina asked.

Naruto looked at the Number 14 and with a casual shrug he answered with a tone to convey he didn't find it to be a very big deal, “I can sense it. It’s how I was able to find that Awakened Being and it’s how I am able to find Youmas.”

That got the three surprised women to exchange looks and look back at him. Rubel was clearly intrigued but didn't voice it.

“How is it that you’re able to sense them? Can you tell us?” the Number 14 asked and this time she was unable to keep the curiosity out of her voice. She really wanted to know! It was one of the biggest mysteries the Youma Hunter had! Quite literally no one in the Organization knew how he was able to do the feats he is able to do. And there are rumours going about that he confronted Riful of the West and bailed the Number 4 Audrey’s team out of trouble when they had the misfortune to run into her!

“Windcutter Flora asked me a similar question seven years ago. And so, I’ll tell you what I told her back then: if I told you, I’d have to kill you. ”

The warriors and Rubel looked displeased to hear that, but none of them pried any further.

Naruto shrugged at the look he was getting from them. “I’m an assassin. It’s to be expected I would keep my skills to myself. What I can say though is this: there’s more than one of me.” He was being quite literal, because, Naruto can make more of himself. But they didn't need to know that. He was being vague enough to let them make assumptions but not giving them any vital information about himself in particular.

“I see…” So there are other people out there in the world with his skill? How come the Organization never caught word of them? Were they really that well hidden from the world? Nevertheless, this was very interesting information indeed. Rubel filed that tidbit of information away. This could be useful for later use.

Naruto was quick to get the questions back on track, though. “Enough about me though, where was Rafaela last seen before she vanished?”

“She was last spotted near the border of Toulouse and Lautrec. Shortly afterwards we lost contact with her. I don’t have any definite theories, but I do suspect she deserted.” Naruto kept a straight face at that. Desertion is one of the rules that must not be broken in the Organization. Breaking it is essentially a death sentence. Rubel shrugged and took one hand out of his pocket to slightly raise it, “Of course, that is mere speculation on my part. It’s not definite. Rafaela could be looking for her sister for all I know.”

“Luciela of the South.” Said Naruto, and that had taken Rubel by complete and utter surprise. It had taken the women behind the black-clad man by surprise too. They didn't think he would know of her!

“How do you know her?” He couldn’t help himself but he simply had to know!

Naruto gave him a look that told him he was stupid. “I was travelling with Flora. She answered a lot of questions I had. I met a couple of other warrior women as well when Flora and I were travelling together.” he shook his head and with a chuckle, he asked the man with a bewildered look on his face, “Did you seriously not think I wouldn’t learn as much as I can from them?”

He had a history with Luciela; they were good friends even, but they didn't need to know that. Oh, yes, they most certainly did not need to know that.

“I see,” was all Rubel said. It made sense. The Youma Hunter had been with Windcutter Flora for quite a while before he had relayed orders for her, Jean, and Clare to make their way to the Northern Region to join the task force there. During that time Naruto would have most likely asked her questions about the Youma, Awakened Beings, and about the Claymores themselves. And if there were any questions she had been unable to answer, then he could have simply asked any other warrior they came across.

Naruto had been seen with Eva and Miria at one point as well, and he would likely have asked them questions. The latter was especially knowledgeable about the past generations. Frighteningly so. It had been one of the few reasons why the Organization sent her to the North to die. His reason to try and kill off Miria, along with Clare, Helen, and Deneve, was because she along with the aforementioned women are partially awakened.

While the Organization is trying to create monsters that can be controlled, and partially Awakened Warriors would be a step to achieve that goal, Rubel had his own reasons to eliminate them before the higher-ups were to take notice. Reasons he kept very, very close to his chest.

Suddenly, Naruto partially turned halfway around to look behind him making Rubel curious. “Is there something the matter, Youma Hunter?” he asked with a single quirked brow.

“Just thinking is all.” Naruto answered before he turned back to look at him, “Seeing as you told me all of this... what exactly do you want me to do?”

Rubel chuckled and spread his arms out, “Why, nothing of course. Consider the information a little ‘thank you’ for sparing the other two handlers.”

Naruto didn't believe him for a second. His gut told him the man wanted something from him but he will take Rubel’s word for it. Though he didn't trust the man as far as he could throw him.

“Alright,” Naruto said with a nod towards Rubel’s way. “Then, in that case, I’ll be heading off now…” But before he would go on and leave Lacroa, the blond looked towards Noma, Lina, and Areth and knew he needed to apologise to them, and that was what he intended to do.

“But first…” Naruto trailed off before he made his way on over to the three women who were watching his approach to them with wary eyes. Once he was before them Naruto surprised the three women by bowing, “I owe the three of you my sincere apology.”

“U-uh…” Lina uttered stupidly. She blinked owlishly for several seconds, completely dumbfounded by this. It was something she had not been expecting from the infamous Youma Hunter. A quick look towards both Noma and Areth showed they never expected it either as they were equally surprised.

“Wah-why are you apologising?” Noma asked him.

Naruto straightened himself up with a sigh, “For what I did earlier. Towards the three of you specifically. I shouldn’t have antagonised the three of you. You were just doing your job. I can respect that.” Then he leaned in and winked at them as he whispered, “Besides, I wouldn’t have really killed you… you three are too beautiful to kill and it would be a crime to mar your beauty. I simply would have knocked you out.”

That made them do a double-take. Was...was he flirting with them?! To be fair, it did make them feel good about themselves - they did get crude remarks from men here and there - and not only that he was doing it in a non-slimeball way. It was honestly refreshing. And flattering.

They felt traces of a smile growing on their faces before they could stop it. And Naruto saw said smiles, however faint it was, and smiled back at them. “Well, this is where we must part.” Naruto told them as he took several steps back from them, adjusting the cloak as he did so. “Who knows… if you’re lucky you might see me again.”

With one last wink, and having nothing over his head, Naruto bent his knees and in a feat that defied gravity, took a mighty leap to the rooftops. He was out of sight before they knew it. None of them knew how to feel about this young man, now… but if nothing else, the interaction was far more pleasant than what they had feared.

“He was… nice.” Areth stated in a disbelieving tone, but she was very happy he had apologized to them. A person like him was sadly rare in the world. Noma and Lina agreed wholeheartedly with her. Naruto was nice. It was the very first time someone had treated them like they’re human. Granted, he didn't fear them - and obviously for good reason - but the way he treated them just now made them feel… normal? It was hard to describe.

While they were obligated to bring Naruto in for questioning, they were hoping their next encounter with the Youma Hunter would be on better terms.


Naruto had rejoined with Jean, Clare, Cynthia, Yuma, and Flora in another part of town that was far, far away from Rubel, the Handlers and Claymores. Standing on the flat surface of a rooftop Naruto was busy keeping a look out just in case someone happened to spot them.

“We’re not going to be staying here are we?” The answer was obvious for Yuma but she felt it was a question that needed asking anyway.

“No. We’re not. We would draw to much unwanted attention to ourselves if we do.” As much as Clare didn't want to admit it she had to let them know. Staying in Lacroa for any longer was too risky. They can’t even ask the locals here any questions regarding Raki and it frustrated her.

“Then in that case we should delve further into Lautrec. We still have a trail to follow.” Naruto stated to them as he turned his head halfway around to look at them. “Since you know him best, where should we go next?” he asked, directing the question to Clare.

It took a moment or two for Clare to think and when she finished she let out a disgruntled sigh and said, “I… I don’t know. There’s plenty of places he could be right now.” her tone with filled with annoyance and exasperation. She really wanted to see him again, she really did, but there was a lot of ground to cover in Lautrec.

“Well… in that case… why don’t you go to all the places you and Raki had been at seven years ago?” When she and Raki had been travelling together they would have been to plenty of places. Personally, if he was in Raki’s shoes, then he would go to all the previous places he had been with Clare in the hopes of running into her again.

Clare blinked and gave him a questioning look and gestured for him to continue. Naruto scratched his chin and with a sigh, the blond elaborated, “Well, if I was in Raki’s shoes and I had been separated from you for seven years, the first thing I would do is go to all the places you and I had been to in the hopes of running into each other again. It’s a long shot but it is likely that Raki is doing just that.”

Clare scrunched up her face in thought. That...was a good point now that she thought about it. “Well, in that case I would go to the town of Doga first. That place is where Raki and I first met. There’s a desert about a week away from it, if my memory is right. If he’s not there then I would go to the town of Egon next, because that is the town I brought him too when I found him unconscious in the desert shortly after I finished an assignment in the town of Stora.”

“Well, that means we have two locations to search!” Naruto declared as he made a fist and drove it into his open palm.

“What about Rafaela? What are we going to do about her?” Cynthia asked as she had felt they were forgetting about her. After Rubel led Naruto to a secluded place to talk she, Yuma, Jean, Clare, and Flora all shadowed after them to make sure nothing was going to happen to Naruto. They heard the conversation Naruto had with the man, and the apology Naruto gave to Noma, Lina, and Areth.

“I’ll be keeping an eye out for her too,” reassured Naruto, “Since her disappearance is recent Rafaela hasn’t spent the last seven years making her yoki suppressed to the point of being invisible. She’s using suppressants to help with that, and it will give me some time to look for her. So, once we’re at a far enough distance from this town I’ll make a few clones and have them spread out and look for her before she does something stupid.”

Like tracking down and trying to kill her sister.

“Now that we got a plan of action we should get going.” Cynthia told them. “The longer we stay here, the more we risk of being discovered.”

Naruto nodded with wholehearted agreement at her instruction. “You heard her ladies, let’s get moving.” He told the other four with encouragement and soon enough the six of them were now making their way out of Lacora and proceeded to delve further into Lautrec once they were out of the town.

Clare was feeling rather dejected though, because she hadn’t been able to do what she intended: get information on Raki’s whereabouts. But they had two new destinations now, so despite the setback they had it wasn’t all bad. And as Naruto promised, once they were at a far enough distance from Lacroa the blond quickly made a small group of Shadow Clones and had them dash off in different directions in the search for Rafaela. Naruto, on the other hand, kept moving on towards Raki’s hometown.

Well, they won’t be getting any more delays at the very least. Clare quietly thanked whatever god or goddess was watching down on them, because that cloning ability of Naruto’s is so damn useful for things like this!
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