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In the Kingdom of Shrin, Amethyst King and others try to discover and make their way through the revolution of the century. An orphan queen unlocks the gift that was possessed through her heritage ...

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There was once a kingdom that was made up of the most amazing and unique individuals. The kingdom was made up of all creatures, all of which were different in size, stature, and race. The only thing it didn’t consist of was humans, in the stages of evolution humans have become extinct when intertwining into the other breeds and races of creatures. The races did have different classes in the society that they had created with many years of hard labor. The highest ranked individuals were the witches, a hybrid being consisting of human, Valkyrie, and Imp. They were technically known as mutants, due to the strange combination of different races dna being mixed, but earned respect and highest power ranking when one of the first borns (Gaia King) exhibited great power and control when the War of Chronos took place. The order of power went as such:
The Witches (Hybrid. Highest ranking official)
Elf (High ranked officials, but no interference with gene pool)
Demon (Hybrid of before times demons, humans, and scylla. High Ranked official)
Mermaids (Hybrids of basic mermaids and oracles, Above average ranking official)
Pirate (Some DNA has mixed with mermaids but many have stuck to human form or been mixed with shapeshifters.Average ranking official)
Vampires (No DNA disturbance, Average ranking official)
Nymphs (Low ranking official, but no DNA disturbance)
Medusa (No DNA disturbance, Low ranking official)
Centaur (Low ranking official, no DNA disturbance)
Humans (No rank, extinct)

The kingdom stayed intact due to the Witches being able to control everything but time itself. The lower ranking class stayed far away from the higher ranking ones. The Elves and Demons hunted the Centaurs and Medusas for sport. The Nymphs, Vampires, and Pirates were more or less known as ‘working’ class to the higher ranking officials. The pirates handled imports and exports. The Nymphs were used as servants. Being one with nature and having a sweet personality made them great for serving higher ladies and lords. The vampires however were used for more cynical or demeaning work. They mainly were used for catching food (killing animals) and for assassinations if the reward was sweet enough, due to only being able to travel around the land when it was night time. Mermaids were their own entity itself. They were more of the wise beings who could predict the future or deliver messages at a fast pace. It was very hard to find a loyal mermaid though and one who could keep proper secrets away from the people who could destroy the peace with the unkempt knowledge they would seek out.
However, this story is not about how this kingdom came to be. It is merely a prologue to explain all of the people that came to be where they were when this story began. Now, this story takes place in the year 1092.
The original Witch mentioned before was known as ‘The Empress’. Her name was Gaia King. She originated the power of the Witches when she extracted her own sword made out of a blue fire from her hands. This power was undocumented from any creatures ever to come into history, and was a rare breed of...well anything that had ever come into existance or power. Gaia King was the first of the Witches, and her descendents would be the only ones to follow suit. Many of the other races tried breeding to create some hybrid to match the power that first originated within the Empress, but nothing could match it. Gaia King stopped the war of Chronos in the year 995. She went on to have three sons and two daughters, who had different variations of the power she had first created or come to possess (it was never determined). However, when her children attempted to procreate with any other races besides Elves and Demons, the power seemed to dwindle and grow weak. The hierarchy of the Kingdom was then created due to power ranking and capability in the lives of all. Gaia named the kingdom after her first love, Shrin, and it has forever since held that name. Gaia’s firstborn, Eros King, took over after his mother’s passing, but due to old age when he took over the kingdom, his daughter took over instead. Gaia’s children were (in birth order): Eros, Adonis Adrasteia, Hera, and Argus. However, Eros and Adrasteia were the only ones to survive their entire lives and control the gift their mother possessed. Hera died in childbirth when her son couldn’t contain the gift due to the man who would have fathered the child, Adonis was killed in battle, and Argus couldn’t handle the gift due to his father’s DNA as time went on. Gaia proclaimed that the Witches could only procreate with certain races and created the ranking chart to keep her children and descendents from meeting an unfortunate fate. The Kingdom of Shrin was ruled by the witches, demons and elves took the names of dukes, dutchesses, lords, and ladies to keep the high ranking status high. The rest of the creatures in the land fell into place as time went on.

When King Eros passed, his daughter took over as Queen. Her name was Rhea King, married to Helios Ruby (a high ranking Demon), and gave birth to a daughter, Amethyst King. This is who this story is about. Amethyst King was Rhea’s only child and eire to the Kingdom. Rhea had only one sibling and one cousin. Eros King was father to Rhea King and Evander King. Adrasteia King was mother to Europa King. Europa was named a princess and Evander King was named a prince after the passing of Eros and Adrasteia. Evander King found love with a pirate named Perseus. He moved to the sea and went to spend his life with his husband soon after they met, later having a son of their own who was given the name Ransom. Europa King, Adrasteia’s child, disappeared after her mother’s passing and hasn’t been heard from since. However, one night in 1087, Queen Rhea King and her husband were killed in a fatal accident. This left Amethyst the single eire to the Kingdom and made her Queen at the age of 12.

The names that are faded mean that those family members are deceased.

Now, I should explain a bit about the other races and the people that will be in this story. The Elves were a very highly respected race due to their wealth and the precious gemstones they collected. However, this race was extremely snobbish and had little to no respect for any other race besides Demons or the Witches. The elves were one of the only races to keep most of their bloodline to themselves, the only time they procreated or went to another race was only for the sole purpose of trying to recreate the power the witches held. Sadly, at least for the elves, their DNA didn’t mix too well with the Witches. It held a good amount of the power could be held by an elf and witch child but it wasn’t as powerful. That’s where Adrasteia, Adonis, and Europa King were dubbed lesser titles in the royal family because the flame was weaker for them. Elves remained to themselves but would gladly accept the invitation to be apart of the royal family and bloodline.
The demons were a high ranking race too. With the great power they obtained over years of experimenting with DNA was powerful enough to handle the gift. Most of the witches were paired into arranged marriages due to the Demons being the only race that could contain and produce the same, if not stronger, power that the King family held. This is where Eros and Hera proved that demon and witch blood would prove to be the most powerful combination. The Empress then made the order for the direct descendent to be named the ruler must procreate and marry a demon to keep the highest ranking and most powerful witch in the place of power. This decision was smart to keep bloodlines strong but it was also flawed in the place of true love and making it a safety risk for the kingdom’s ruler to be in power and public.

The rest of the kingdom was more of a working or lower class to the higher ranking races, except for mermaids. Mermaids were essentially the only race that tried to keep little contact with any race besides the Witches, and occasionally demons or elves. They tried to keep their knowledge to themselves and keep their realm safe from the wars that would go on above the water. Only few were reachable to anyone and show up in hidden locations that were difficult to find if you weren’t shown the way.
That’s all that you’ll need to know about the kingdoms for now. This story is about the lives of the people who lived in 1092, and what they did in Shrin.

The person who you’ll grow to know is Amethyst King; Daughter of Rhea King, Great granddaughter of Gaia King, and ruler of Shrin. She took over the Kingdom at age 12, after her parents were assassinated. She found out that someone had paid an assassin to do so, and vowed to hunt down both. Amethyst is 17 in the time that this story takes place. She is engaged to Damon Phoenix (a high ranking demon) and isn’t too happy about it. Amethyst King has always had a different interest that her uncle, Evander King, is a supporter of. Long story short, she was gay and not at all attracted to the arrogant demon that she was set to marry. Amethyst was a tall, slender, and fair looking girl. Her hair color was true to her name, purple and flowing like the gemstone. Her skin bore several pink and purple streaks due to the power her DNA and the gift, but it only made her look as if she were a strong leader. Which she was. For a majority of her life, her mother and her trained on how to control and use the gift in their blood. Once her mother was gone, she spent days on end training, trying desperately to become powerful and strong enough to avenge both her parents. By 17, she knew what she was doing and how to make any foe of hers crumble at her will. Her personality was brutal, snarky, and nobody dared to even talk back unless they matched her ranking. The only people she trusted at the time where this story starts were Ransom King, Cassandra Opry, and Iris Azalea.

Damon Phoenix was the Lord and commander of the Demons. He was an arrogant and bratty man. He felt entitled to anything and everything he saw or thought of. His only goal in life was to marry Amethyst King, take over Shrin, and create a bloodline that would bring his bloodline and demons into power. He never saw the issue with his ego and the problems his plan would create. Even though every member of Shrin respected and praised the Witches as the rulers, the Demons began to plot against them once Damon came into power after promptly killing his own father. Nobody knew of the treachery and malicious will he had except the vampires he paid to do his dirty work and one mermaid who knew all of his life. He possessed very powerful and dangerous powers that he had obtained through his demonic ancestors, which made itself known in a red mist when he used them in the physical world. He wasn’t someone to be messed with or pushed around, yet Amethyst only pressed on and disregarded his status.

Ransom King was the cousin of Amethyst King, son of Evander and Perseus, and one of the lesser holders of the gift. He never cared to use it though, unless it was to get himself out of trouble. Ransom took much after Perseus, he became a pirate. A pirate who would mainly steal and cause mischief wherever he went, but a pirate nevertheless. He visited the main part of the Kingdom and his cousin very often, they would steal and embark on dangerous ‘missions’ together. It would mainly be trips to the elves’ part of the land or the demons, to steal and learn the secrets. If Ransom was ever caught or seen, he would usually flirt his way out of it. He was quite the charmer and a charismatic man. Being bisexual and a troublemaker would lead to some of his more fun missions if he got caught, and he certinly wasn’t complaining. He was a bit short, his hair was a messy bundle of red, and he wore very stereotypical pirate clothes to math the description of the very title he went by. Amethyst and Ransom were quite the scary duo when they were together and got into some trouble,it only added to the fear and power of the family’s name.

Cassandra Opry was a mermaid who was trusted by Amethyst. She was a neon pink haired, shapely, and wonderful girl. She was a kind spirit who tried her hardest to help the Queen obtain knowledge about her life and the events of her life. Her loyalty was to Amethyst and Castor. Her and Castor were close, almost like siblings. She would usually help him if he was on boats or by the water when he set out on his ‘missions’. Cassandra could transform into ‘human’ form if Amethyst or Castor helped her, that way she could spend some time on land if she pleased, but it could only be for 5 hours at a time or she cold become deathly ill. When on land, her arms, legs, and face hold some pink and red scales. She would mainly stick to the color scheme with pink or red, liking the way it looked with her eyes and hair. A power she had was water manipulation. She could move it, bend it, and use it at her will. It came in handy when they needed it in dangerous missions.

Iris Azalea was a nymph who was the right hand man to Amethyst. She was a dark blue haired women who served the Queen happily. After Amethyst and Iris grew up together, they become close friends. Iris was sweet, but brutally honest and not afraid of anybody. She was intelligent beyond belief, single handedly teaching all of the younger nymphs and being able to write countless stories without fail. All nymphs are female and there has never been a documented male nymph before. She was the eldest sister to many. Fern Azalea was her younger sibling, closer to Amethyst’s age. Fern was a lighter haired nymph who controlled the growth of flowers (mainly water lilies and orchids). She was a shy, sweet, and gay. Iris knew and was the most supportive sibling once she found out. Fern was a talented young girl with a secret that she kept hidden from everyone, including herself. Iris kept her sister hidden away from everyone, including Amethyst. She was a secret that was kept well, but wouldn’t be kept for much longer.
The only other names you’ll need to know for now are Castor Mast and Nyx Aria. They’ll show up later on.

This is where the story begins. The Kingdom of Shrin is no place to be messed with and is full of secrets within it. Enter it if you dare to do so. And good luck.

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