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Amethyst King isn't weak

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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Mentions of Violence and Death. Amethyst King has trained her whole life to prove that she is strong and ready to take on the world. This chapter also talks about who she is and her...

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Amethyst King was born on September 3, 1075. She was born daughter to Rhea King, granddaughter to Eros King, and great granddaughter to Gaia King. She was the next in line to become Queen of Shrin, being the first born and only child of Rhea. Amethyst was raised by her parents, Rhea King and Helios Ruby. The family was loving and accepting of all kinds, fully supporting their daughter. However, it was her duty from birth to marry the highest ranking demon lord that was next in line to keep the King bloodline strong.
Amethyst spent most of her life by her mother’s side. Rhea King was a natural born leader, making sure to train her young prodigy well and in the best way possible. Amethyst trained with her mother every single day, trying to gain power and better control of the gift their bloodline blessed them with.

To inform more on what the gift was, it was a special type of fire. This fire came from within the heart. To invoke it, an emotion so strong and powerful must strike so that way the holder of the gift can begin to unlock its secrets. The fire, when it is finally possessed, can be used to harm, defend, or manifest other material things. This is how most of the King family would find their prefered method of fighting. For Gaia King, it was a bow. For Rhea King, a staff. For Amethyst, a sword. Something else about the fire, the color matched the person’s personality or physical attribute of theirs. Amethyst’s was purple, true to her name and hair color. Ransom's was red, and his weapon was a sword, which was very close to him as he was a red-head pirate. The strongest holder of the gift was Gaia, after her Hera and Eros, and then it was Amethyst. So long story short, Amethyst was not a weak girl, nowhere close to it.

The girl was happy in her life, she was ready and excited to rule the kingdom one day, but wasn’t sure about making the choice if it meant marrying someone who she didn’t love. She had come to the conclusion that she only felt some ways for men, but for women? She knew she was different. Many people in the kingdom looked down on those that weren’t attracted to the ones they were expected to marry. She never knew how her parents felt about the matter, but she was scared her parents wouldn’t accept it. Her mind told her they would kick her out, banishing her away and stripping her of her royal title. She was terrified about it however, the only people she knew that were like her was her uncle and his husband. She went to them about it, and Evander was nothing but supportive. He talked her through what to do, suggesting that may be a Lady demon would be a suitable alternative to the demon Lord Damon. This was around age 12.
That night, Amethyst had a heart to heart with her parents. She explained everything she knew and felt. She felt so small and stupid, trying to explain that she had no interest in men, and was sorry for being a dissapointment to them. In the following moments, Amethyst never doubted her parents love again. Her confession was met with open arms and a loving set of parents. They told her it as okay, that nothing was wrong with that. She would always and forever be their child, no matter who she was or wasn’t attracted to. It was her life and her choices to make, and they would support her no matter what. Amethyst knew she would be okay. The moment her mother’s arms wrapped around her, she felt a weight was lifted. All she could feel was shock and relief, which lead to a few minutes of tears and ‘I love you’s.
Amethyst’s parents promised her to find a way for her marriage to be arranged to a women, hopefully demon, and to make her life an easier journey.

The following day, Rhea and Helios went to the Demons land, talking with the highest demon lords and ladies. They come upon an agreement for Amethyst and a high ranking demon lady would be set to marry instead of Damon and Amethyst marrying. The King family returned home to Amethyst with the great news, making the young purple-haired girl much more content and comfortable with her life. However, the demons weren’t the most trustworthy race, so word traveled quickly through their realm. Damon, only 14 at the time, become very enraged at hearing said news about how his fate was changed because of Amethyst’s coming out. He was mad, fuming and ready to ensure his throne.
In a convenient gap in time, Rhea King and Helios Ruby were murdered on the way home from visiting Evander King (Rhea’s brother). A vampire was hired to hijack the vehicle on their way home, causing a fatal crash and the untimely death of the previous queen and her husband.

The news reached the castle and Evander King first. Amethyst was immediately rushed to her uncle’s home, heavily guarded, protected by the strongest and most trustworthy members of the royal guard. When she came to know about the terrible fate her parents had suffered, Amethyst felt nothing but pure betrayal and pain. To know her parents death was no accident, it only fueled the gift that was resonating in her. She grew angry and vengeful. However, the decree that Amethyst would wed a woman was retracted, due to the party that argued the claim was dead and Amethyst was not of age. Damon was very content to find out the news, ready to reclaim his ‘right’ to the throne. On that day, Amethyst swore that she would become the most powerful Queen, and kill the people responsible for ending her parents lives too early. The last 5 years of her life have been training and learning how to make her powers gain more strength.

Today, it was the day she had been training for her entire life. Amethyst had been tracking down the people who killed her parents for several years. She had reviewed and gone over the crime multiple times, making sure not to skip a single detail of it. She knew it like the back of her hand, and every clue she found lead to the most secretive and notorious vampire assassin, Harbor Avese. He was a known killer, and a trained professional. He knew how to hunt and track down someone, how to learn their schedule, every move, and when to finally strike and eliminate the target. Amethyst knew he resided in the part of the vampire realm that was mainly forest.

The forest was loud, full of strange animals that shined in the daylight, she could only imagine how it looked at night. The Queen crept carefully around the desolate area, she knew it was empty because it was Harbor’s territory. His name and the threat of him being hired to come after you was scary as all hell. The demons would know. He made sure to strike fear in the hearts of anyone who knew his location, threatening to kill them and all their loved ones if a word were spoken about the grotesque place he called home. She slowly and carefully found the old rusted hatch that would lead into the lair of the man responsible for the worst day of her life.
The room seemed bare, practically naked and damp. It seemed like the place someone of his status would live. Amethyst could care less though, her mission was to find and prosecute Harbor.
She cautiously made her way through the bunkers dimly lit halls, watching every step to not make a sound. After searching around, finding carcuses of his left over meals and the many small pests that resided in the depths of the bunker, she saw what appeared to be a room with a red tinted light illuminating from it.

“Sir, I think there may be someone in my bunker, I keep hearing steps grow louder. It may be her, you know she’s been close to catching me several times.” A muffled voice came from the room. Amethyst knew it was him, and grinned as she knew he was aware that his time was almost up.

In one swift motion, the door was removed from its hinges and Amethyst stood in eyesight of the assassin. He looked at her, his face looking paler than normal vampires would. She knew that this would be an easy and swift revenge, but she wanted to make him suffer and regret the day he ever accepted the mission he was given that inevitably lead to this moment.

“S-sir, she’s found m-” He was cut off by her lunging toward him with a bright purple sword aimed for his arm. It was cut off as he tried to retract away swiftly but not quick enough to avoid injury. He yelped in pain, falling to the floor in shock as he knees buckled.

Amethyst grabbed the communicator that Harbor had been using to talk to someone, knowing it would most likely be the one who hired him to kill her parents. She spoke firmly and clearly into it, “I know you know who this is. So listen to me carefully, your assassin will be dead by the time you even get the chance to come rescue him or fend me off. I will find you as well, so make your choices carefully. I’m coming for you next, murderer.” She set the phone down, turning to meet the scared eyes of the vampire.

“P-please, your highness...I’m sorry for what I did. I know it must’ve caused you a great deal of harm these past few years.” Harbor tried to reason with her, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to get him out of this.

“Save it. You will never understand the pain I have felt. You took...everything from me.” She slashed off his other arm, not caring about the pain it caused him. “I would love to make you pay for everything you did but just letting you suffer from loss of limbs for the rest of your life. However, I know you’ll just regenerate them and continue to carry out your career. There is no way in hell I would let you continue to live after the heartache you caused me and the kingdom for years.”

“My Queen, please.” Harbor tried to plead. He knew his career was a shameful one. It did get him lots of ins with the higher ranked members of society and a wealthy flow of income. This was sadly the risk he ran by pursuing this. He realized that the Queen had been plotting her revenge a year ago, but hadn’t expected this for a few more years. “It wasn’t me who wished to do it, it’s my job. I had to. I’m sorry, please.”

Amethyst sliced a cut onto his face, “Silence! You have no clue the pain and suffering that you’ve inflicted upon me. My choice in who I choose to love and be with was taken. My freedom to relinquish my title, taken. My fucking parents, gone and dead. All of this was because of what you chose to do. You could’ve said no. You could have turned down the offer, but you did it anyway.” She struggled to get out her words. Her chest ached and her throat felt like a lump of coal were in it. Her grief had gone on for years, she wanted to take revenge and feel some sort of closure.
“You don’t deserve any love. You deserve to suffer, you deserve to feel like the monster you are. Yet….I’ll give you mercy.”

“Oh dear....thank you, your Highness. Thank you for granting me mercy.” The vampire thanked him, smiling and beginning to feel relief.

His relief was cut short when Amethyst’s blade sliced his head clean off. “I grant you mercy of a quick death.” She panted, feeling overwhelmed and relief flow through her body. Yet, she still felt the pain and memory of her parents. It quickly overwhelmed her, the purple flames swallowing the room whole and destroying everything in it. She wished for the memory of him to fade. The man who murdered them was dead, and part of her vow to avenge her parents was fulfilled.

After a few moments, she finally gathered the strength to leave. The purple flames destroyed every remaining part of the bunker. Every step she took through the bunker, the fire followed and destroyed every remaining trace of Harbor Avese.
She made her peace with this part of her past, knowing that this one death would be a sacrifice to any of the victims he had claimed. No creature, race, or animal would ever have to fear the man again. She had reclaimed a part of her past and her sanity with this action. It was only the beginning of a revolution she would come to lead.

Amethyst had felt lost and a bit empty as she had carried out a big part of the plan she had pursued for years. Absentmindedly, she had made her way to Evander’s home, her cousin answering the door.
Her expression said it all. Ransom knew that she needed a hand with getting through the night.
Within the night, her family listened to what she had done. Nobody said a word, nobody dared to criticize the deed. Evander was scared for the burden that this event might hold on her heart, but couldn’t have been happier knowing the bastard who killed his beloved sister was rotting in hell.
Once it got late, Ransom helped Amethyst relax and curl into the bed next to his. He sat next to her in silence, not knowing what to say. The silence was deafening and hard to endure.

“Am I a bad person?” Amethyst finally spoke up. Her voice sounded gravely and a bit weak. She felt a bit numb, and didn’t know what to do exactly.

“Not at all.” He replied, “You may be a bit dorky and stubborn, but I don’t thi-”

“Oh shut the fuck up!” She interrupted him and chuckled, she knew he was trying to help. Somehow, he always made her feel a bit better.

“Would you like to hear about the mission I’m planning?” He grinned, perking up a bit at hearing his cousin laugh.

“Oh god, what is it this time?”

Amethyst King was not a weak girl. She wasn’t a bad person either. She had dealt with one of the most difficult things in life and still held up. She was a bad-ass.
If she got through this, she could get through anything. Deep down, she knew that they loved her no matter what. It would be okay.

Meanwhile, Damon Phoenix sat in his lair with a grim expression. His most trusted assassin was dead. He knew who was killed by, and little did Amethyst know, a storm was coming.
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