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Castor Mast: Demon Pirate Lord

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AUTHORS NOTE: Some Violence and flirting, 13+ Ransom King, Amethyst's cousin, decides that sneaking on a feared Demon Pirate lord's ship is a good idea. He is mistaken and meets a new foe...or so ...

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Today, it was a momentous day in the life of Ransom King. Little did he know, he would soon be meeting a very important man who would become one of the biggest parts of his life.
Ransom really didn’t have any boundaries when it comes to intruding at the castle. It wasn’t like Amethyst really minded, she could care less about him being present. It was more so when he would steal her crown for a bit or when he was planning a ‘mission’ that was extremely dangerous and he refused to take caution. Today, it was both of those things.

“Listen, just hear me out, ok?” He started to reason with his cousin, he was planning a mission for himself that didn’t seem like the smartest plan. It was nowhere close to being a good plan. At least not to anyone with a proper functioning brain.
“No! You’re being reckless and I’m not really too fond of the idea of my cousin robbing a ship that is controlled by one of the highest ranked pirate lords, a demon pirate lord no less!” The Queen argued back with him.

“No. I don’t wanna hear it, Ransom.”
“I will beat your ass if you try.”
“Listen, hear me out, I’m gonna do it”
“Well I see your point, but hear my counter: No.”
“But they have cool jewels and outfits, AND they’re demonic!”
“I could ask my asshole of a fiance for stuff like that!”
“But stealing is much more fun.”
“What? Oh! Also, how does ‘my’ crown look?”

This went on for several minutes. The royal family cousins were a good pair and a bit of a mess, they seemed to act like brother and sister more than anything else.
Amethyst did have every right to be worried about her cousin. The mission he was attempting to go on was one that was a high risk for his safety, especially since he shared royal blood. He was attempting to go on a mission to rob the great ‘Mast Demon Lord’ Pirate. Mast was said to be a high ranking demon due to his mother’s DNA, but took a love of sailing and collecting valuables through his dad. The Pirate Lord was known to taking whatever he wanted, but would kill anyone who tried to disobey him or his word. The crew he had followed his word, doing whatever they were commanded to do. It was a very dangerous mission, especially when the main item Ransom was after was the Pirate Lord’s prized amulet. The whole idea of him going would sound crazy to anybody but him.

This was were Ransom King found himself in a bit of a predicament. He was doing well in his mission. Until his greed got the best of him, he tried to take the pirate Lord’s amulet, and awoke the sleeping man in the middle of the night. Almost immediately, Mast called for his crew to come and capture the intruder who dared to disturb his sleep and try to steal what was rightfully his. His crew grabbed Ransom by his arms, holding him down to the floor as Mast collected himself to confront the man that his crew had captured. This is where the story continues;

“This….is an act of unspeakable treachery. How dare you come into MY quarters, on MY ship, and try to steal MY amulet.” The Lord hissed through his teeth, practically seething with rage at Ransom’s actions. “What else were you planning? To kill me, to take my crew?” He raised his sword to the royal’s throat, pressing it against his neck firmly. It wasn’t only a threat, but a promise to kill him then and there if he was there under the premise that Mast had accused him of. He had every right to kill Ransom, passing onto his property and try to steal his belongings were a grand offence, especially to a high ranking lord or lady.

Now, Ransom had only heard of the pirate Lord, never seeing him. Nobody dared to mention his name, or speak of him. When he tried to steal the amulet, it was too dark to see him properly, but now the small room and ship were illuminated by torches and candles the crew had brought once they heard the commotion. Ransom had never expected to see what stood before him. In front of him, a tall, lanky, and rather good looking man. The Pirate Lord turned out to be a skinny young man, his hair matching the hue of the night sky and his eyes a piercing glow of orange. His temper was what seemed to make the Lord so feared. He had fangs and his ears were slightly pointed, showing off his demonic features in a very attractive manner. Ransom was shot. Not in the literal sense, more in the way of falling for someone within a mere second of meeting them. Ransom never felt this influenced by someone before, and for a moment, he was speechless as he stared at Mast in complete awe.

“Hello? I demand an answer. What were you doing? What were your intentions? WHO ARE YOU?” The Pirate Lord pressed, still waiting for the response to his questions. He pressed the blade closer, trying to make his threat sink in.

Ransom had been too far in thought about what the pirate lord actually looked like, he had completely blanked through the first set of questions.”O-oh..I wasn’t going to kill you, idiot! If I wished to, you’d already be dead.”

That wasn’t an answer Mast or his crew liked hearing. The sword was placed closer and much more firmly. “What were you doing then?” Mast started to grow impatient.

“I just wanted that pretty necklace. It looks nice and I want some of those nice powers you got there, ‘my lord’.” He snickered, knowing that he could press on and snark. If he didn’t get killed for the last comment, he wouldn’t get killed for others. He thought it was a good time to turn on the charm and use his flirting to his advantage. This time...he actually meant the flirting.

The last response made him grow angry in the beginning, but when the red haired man even dared to snark at him, it made his demeanor change slightly. The blade was pulled back a bit, and the threat was slightly less threatening now.
“Who the fuck are you then?”

“Oh darling, I wouldn’t dare tell you who I am in front of all these people. Too much exposure for little ole me.” Ransom snickered, not minding the playful nature that came to him naturally in dangerous situations.

Mast signaled for his crew to bind his hands behind his back, and leave them be for some interrogation. All Ransom did was smirk and wait for the other members from his crew to leave them alone.
“Now, what the fuck are you actually here for, you fucking rat? I ought to report you to the Demon Lord or the fucking Queen herself.”

“Ha! Oh, I’m a rat now, pretty boy? How sweet of you to say, I really appreciate the compliment.” Ransom snickered, not minding the threats at all.He knew that both Damon (the demon lord) and Amethyst wouldn’t do anything if Mast even did go through with said threat. “Also, bondage? And wanting me all alone? What do you have planned for me, huh?”

The Lord snarled, finding himself enraged at such accusations about his intentions. Yet, he couldn’t help but enjoy the back and forth they had going. “Quiet, peasant. You have no business being stowed away on this ship or talking to me with such an ego. I’ll feed you to the mermaids if you keep this up and continue to resist.”
“Feed me? To mermaids? They would probably enjoy that, I’m great eye candy after all.” The red-head laughed, letting all the snarky comments help keep up the act of being calm and collected through this endeavour. “Oh please!”

“You little…” Mast balled his fists in frustration. “Who even the fuck are you? How the fuck did you even get into my private quarters?!” He felt his chest puff out, feeling threatened by the boys cockiness and act.

“Oh, you don’t know? I thought it would be obvious. The names Ransom, rhymes with Handsome~” He smirked, winking at the ‘menacing’ man before him, “Much like you are.” Ransom couldn’t help himself. He was infatuated with the way the Demonic Lord in front of him reacted to his flirts and teases.

The Pirate lord was taken aback at such a forward comment. He couldn’t believe that the man before him was just...flirting with no remorse. He had tried to steal from him minutes ago, why did he change his intent?
“Ransom who? What race and family do you belong to, foul fiend?” Mast continued, trying to mask the flustered feeling that was slowly starting to weaken his strong facade.

Ransom grinned to himself, very happy with the outcome his flirting had. He knew he was being a bit too cocky when it came down to it. He decided he would tone it down after another remark or two. “I actually would watch the name calling you do there. I am actually Ransom King, great grandson of Gaia King. You know her?” He grinned at Mast, daring him to do something. Ransom knew full well that the Lord couldn’t do anything to him, knowing he was someone who possessed the gift.

The Lord sighed, releasing the royal blood from his bondage. He told his crew to send word for Ransom to be returned home safely and unharmed. “’re a King? That would explain the reason you would even dare to step foot on this ship.” Mast sighed, shaking his head and placing his sword away. He helped Ransom to his feet and let him sit on a small, rustic chair in the corner of his bedroom quarters.

Ransom hadn’t expected the Lord to withdraw his sword so quickly, or to send his crew away when they had suspected him for planning to murder the pirate Lord only a few minutes ago. He relaxed in his new seating arrangement, watching Mast with a careful but concerned eye. “So you’re just going to let me leave? No punishments, death threats, nothing? What if I actually do try to murder you?” He joked with him.

“It wouldn’t matter. You’re of King blood. I threatened to kill you. If anybody threatens to kill a King, that could result in execution. I was holding you as a prisoner for a moment, if I don’t let you go, it could result in banishment and being stripped of my rank. I wouldn’t dare risk that.” He explained, taking off the amulet and handing it to Ransom, not really caring. “Here. Take it. Think of this as an apology.”

Ransom was startled, he had only been joking. He never would have done that to Mast, or anybody for that matter. He was simply joking with him, but realized that his bloodline and actions could result in a bad fate for Mast. “What’s your actual name, Mast?”

The man was worried, feeling fearful at the question. He was worried that he was going to be sentenced to death, or reported to the Demon Lord Damon. “I-it’s Castor.” He swallowed, carefully setting his beloved amulet down in the prince’s lap and standing back at a respectful distance. He didn’t wish to be killed or exiled, especially not by Ransom. He had always known about him. He knew full well about the Prince, he just hadn’t imagined how he’d look in person. He knew his hair was red and that he took after his pirate father. That was all. Castor hadn’t expected a rather short, snarky, and charming thief. Of course he expected thieves to come now and again, just not one of royal blood and with a personality that made him feel such things.
Something that nobody would’ve guessed is that Castor Mast was in fact, gay. His crew had always seen him as a ladies man, joking about him bringing in all the ladies when they went to different parts of Shrin. He had always kept that apart of himself a secret from most everyone. This was scary for him, especially now since he feared for his life.

Ransom stood up, slowly approaching Castor with the necklace in hand. He could see the fear in the Pirate Lord’s eyes. He made sure to be calm and careful, but also smooth as he came closer to the tall man.
“Castor Mast, Demon Pirate Lord, I would like to give this amulet to you. For sparing my life, I thank you.” Ransom smiled, placing the amulet back around Castor’s neck. He took a step back, hoping the pirate would accept his amulet back and realize that there was no ill will towards each other.

“W-what?” Castor stuttered out, feeling even more flustered than he had only a bit ago. Now, he knew that he had developed a small crush on Ransom. He could feel his face heat up, his face betraying him by showing off his blush.

“There’s something else I have my eye on to steal now, anyway.” Ransom chuckled, stepping forward and making it clear that he could see Castor’s blush. He knew that this could go one of two ways. He was very nervous that the outcome would be a bad one, where Castor turned out to not be interested, but just embarrassed.

“What? W-whatever it is, I’d be happy to give to you. I wouldn’t wish to make you work for it or have us back in this situation again.” Castor tried to look anywhere but Ransom’s eyes.

“Oh no no, but this is something I have to work for. It wouldn’t be as fun otherwise, and it’s probably one of the hardest things of yours to steal.” The prince continued to be vague and teasing, just enjoying the steady red tint that Castor’s face was slowly changing as he became more nervous.

“W-what is it?”

“I’d like to steal your heart, if you’d let me.” Ransom smirked, finally stepping close enough to be an inch or so away from Castor’s face. “I would happily work for that. It would be quite the prize to steal and claim as my own. Wouldn’t you think? A Demon Pirate Lord’s heart would be the crown jewel of prizes for me.”

Mast was absolutely stunned, never before had anyone been so forward or cunning towards him. And now, a royal blood was flirting with him and practically asking to see him again, but in a better situation of course. “W-why would you ever want to do that?”

“I’ve always been fascinated with the stories about the great pirate lord Mast. He is quite the looker and sweetheart if I do say so myself. I would love the chance to see him again, and hopefully steal that heart sometime soon. If you wouldn’t be opposed?” Ransom fiddled with his fingers, starting to worry that he had made a mistake or made Castor uncomfortable with being in this situation.

Castor nodded softly, “I-I happy to take you up on that offer. If you’re free in the next two days or so..” He suggested, finally making eye contact with Ransom. He knew his face probably matched the same hue as the prince’s hair by this point, but decided to ignore it the best he could.

Ransom took a sigh of relief, feeling much better about the situation. “How about two days from now? The palace? Dinner and a tour around, if that would please you, my dear?” He took Castor’s hand, kissing it with a sly grin and a wink.

Mast nodded, feeling very embarrassed but not in a bad way. “T-that would be nice.” He smiled, feeling less tense and starting to relax around him. The ‘my dear’ certainly didn’t help the steadily growing blush.

The two men made plans for the night after next, making arrangements for transportation and timing. Soon after they had concluded with planning the details of their date, some of the palace guards had come to assist and ensure the safety of Ransom in order to make sure he got home securely. They both bid farewell for the next two days until Castor arrived at the palace. Both said their goodnights too each other, a sly kiss on the cheek and flirt slipping out of Ransom before, only to leave a rather flustered Castor alone and anticipating their next time together.
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