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the maelstrom of remnant

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naruto is banished from the elemental nations and comes to remnant follow him on his journey in a new world as he adjusts to what his now and certain Uchiha follows him there as well. will update b...

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While lost in thought the great forest of Konoha Naruto reminisced about his life. He was the toad sage of Mount Myōboku, the savior of the 4th shinobi war, child of prophecy, the 7th Hokage, 2nd sage of six paths, inheritor of the chakra of Ashura, husband of Hinata and Hanabi Hyūga- Uzumaki husband of Ino Yamanaka-Uzumaki father of Boruto Himawari Inojin and Chinami all now passed, Jinchūriki of all nine bijū, and finally the founder of the new Uzushiogakure.

Naruto honestly could not believe that in the years he served his nation and the shinobi alliance that this would happen.that all his sacrifices would be in vain. Still, he couldn't help but think that in some way by restarting his clans' village it would all be worth it in the end as with Uzu the strongest village allied with Konoha and Kumo the world could be safe in his absence.

Quit moping brat it isn't like you! Kurama snarled. You know I hate it when you do that. After all, you can’t change the past only keep moving forward.

Oh, shut it you overgrown hairball! Naruto pouted with his arms crossed. Anyways since when were you mister optimism.
Ha! I could say the same about you since when did you brood like the Uchiha?! Kurama chortled in laughter curling up into a small ball and yawning next to Naruto.

What! I don't brood as Sasuke Naruto huffed. Just thought that the other kage would be understanding about why I went against the alliance this time.

The four of the five kage of today are mostly politicians. Kurama said with disdain in his voice. they only look out for their own interest and they fear you. Even the good ones do. he said with a sigh.

“Lord seventh” a soft voice called out. “it's time”.
Naruto opened his eyes to see Sarada bowing. I sorry I couldn't be of more help. While looking down in shame at what her clan would have to do.

Don't worry its not your clan’s fault nor is this yours. Naruto expressed with a grin as he stood up. If Sasuke were still here he would have said I was just too stupid to see what the aftermath of my actions I just did what I thought was right. I saved those people from cruel and unjust punishment. And I did upset the balance by restarting uzu with them to give them a second chance.

I’m going with you. She said with determination in her mismatched eyes. Papa said when he gave me his eyes and power to look out for you no matter what. With one hand on her hip, she said. besides, I'm just like you now eternally young and immortal. the chakra you and papa gave me to save my life did this it just cost him more.

With sorrow in his heart; I’m sorry Naruto expressed as he hugged her.”She let out a long sigh” don’t be just like you .he lived as a shinobi should and died as a father would. For there child.we should head to the meeting. do you have a marker in the land of iron?

Naruto nodded his head and replied. We will talk about you coming later I can’t exactly let come with me and punish you too.

Smiling Sarada said. and what are you going to do to stop me from following you tie me up? while flashing her Sharingan at him.
Naruto responded with an “I just might and give you a spanking while I am at it”
A sputtering Sarada smashed him into the ground screaming pervert!

Later Land of iron five kage summit
We the five Kage are here to discuss the accused Naruto Uzumaki for the charges as follows:
For the charge of crimes against humanity
The destabilization of the world economy
Threats of force and violence
Allowing terrorist to start a hidden village under your name
Violating international policy
For these crimes, we shall put it to a vote on the punishment of banishment

I the Hokage vote not guilty said the youngest of the kage Itachi Uchiha
I the Raikage vote not guilty said the grandson of aye ay
I the Mizukage vote guilty said a portly man with balding blue hair
I the Kazekage vote guilty said a woman of auburn hair
I the Tsuchikage vote guilty said a pasty looking bald man
With a three to two vote, we the five kage of the alliance hereby sentence one Naruto Uzumaki to banishment to another world. So Naruto Uzumaki what say you.

The tension in the room from the silence alone was palpable. Then he spoke “I’ll go … under a few stipulations of my own---
An outraged Mizukage railed out a how dare you to make demands of us! Before Naruto could even finish his sentence.
Then a sudden violent and thick killing intent flooded the room as the doors were blown off their hinges. NO! HOW DARE YOU ! a sonorous voice roared as Kurama prowled through the room as if on the hunt.
You make demands of him! And expect him to not make a bargain of his own he growled out with two glowing red eyes.
Ehem… as I was saying my stipulations are simple and for most of them u really have no choice.naruto said with a straight face. first, the alliance will hereby officially recognize Uzu as a hidden village and anyone from Uzu caught violating any international laws must be dealt with on an individual basis. Second, the Biju will be allowed to come with me if they choose.

This is nonsense the Uchiha have the ability to subjugate the Biju and we still have some of the Sealing arts of old! that should be plenty to control what should be our property in anyway. the Kazekage dismissed out of hand until the same killing intent as before resumed with more bloodlust than ever felt before. And she fainted into a pile of her own filth.
YOU DARE TO PUT US IN CHAINS ONCE MORE!!kurama bellowed now the size ox of a with all of his tails loose and thrashing about damaging the room and shaking the building to its very foundations.

Naruto was about to try and calm down kurama when sarada stepped in saying with a glare to the remaining kage my clan has been forbidden from ever doing such a thing and what remains of your old seals will not work on them anyways.

T-the council accepts the stated terms the once prideful mizukage squealed out.
“Ha” cowards chortled kurama as he stalked out of the room.
My final demand is that itachi’s eyes be preserved by my clan in the event of a need for i to return outside of his lifetime naruto concluded

That is easily the most agreeable term yet stated the rest of the council.with that this meeting is now adjourned naruto uzumaki you will have 72 hours to have your affairs in order.

Then we shall go see to the rest of the biju and see if they wish to come.naruto stated as he left the room followed by sarada and itachi.

The rest of the day was a solemn affair as they traveled by to konoha then to mount Myōboku where naruto then asked the other biju if they would follow him into exile. To his surprise they all agreed.and the toads insisted that he keep their contract on the that maybe one day they would see eachother again.not only that but they would serve konoha and uzu so long as the toads lived.
With that they had a going away celebration for naruto that lasted 48 hours in uzu. as for an uzumaki family is everything and to an uzumaki the village is family.
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