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Chapter 2: a new beginning

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Chapter 2: a new beginning

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Chapter 2: a new beginning

Naruto and Sarada are traveling the streets of vale one with confidence in her stride the other mopping with a pout.
I can’t believe I am doing this.naruto grumbled as they approached the bullhead station. a chuckle Kurama replied with “I do believe it was the blackmail she has on you Sasuke sure is keeping an eye on you from beyond the grave.”

Whatever he huffed with disdain. As he kept pace with sarada.well, you shouldn’t have drunk that hootch that Gamakichi and Gamatatsu made! Sarada exclaimed with a menacing smile. Besides you owe me for when you mpphmphhmp.shhhhshhhhh, he exclaimed you promised that you wouldn’t talk about that it’s why I let you come with me in the first place. While covering her mouth with his hands.
During the ride to Beacon, Naruto reflected on how much time had passed. It had been about two years and in that time. Even their appearances changed in that time he now wore black pants a simple shirt with the Uzumaki spiral in the center covered by a new flak jacket and his high collared haori with the Uzumaki crest on both shoulders and back and shinobi sandals. And Kurama was draped around his neck like a fur scarf. Sarada while still wearing her glasses changed most growing out her hair till mid-back and tied in a loose ponytail. Now wearing elbow-length fingerless gloves with steel plates on the back a qipao style dress with short tights on fishnet stockings and shinobi style knee length open-toed heels. And several belts around her waist and a large medical pouch strapped to them now wielding her fathers chokutō and topping it all of with a vest. But her most noticeable change was the now complete Byakugō no In on her forehead. They had gone from not being able to even read to now having an information network and several informants and clones out in the world. To find out this world is in more turmoil then there’s was when he left.
With the Biju coming along at the very least the elemental nations lost a significant source of its conflict. And surprisingly four of the nine Bijuu agreed to be sealed into Sarada to look after her. It was the only way he let her come blackmail or not.when they split the Bijuu Kurama, Gyūki, Shukaku, Son Gokū, and Saiken. Where all sealed into him and Sarada had formed a bond with and had Matatabi, Isobu, Kokuō, and Chōmei sealed into herself.
A deep and shrill voice shouted out in Naruto’s head where here can we kill something now. Shukaku said positively brimming with excitement. Breaking naruto out of his daze.
Kurama grumbled how just how did you tame him? To think I am starting to miss the psychotic kill crazy little brother I had.
Naru please can we just a little we don’t even have to kill them all the way only a little maiming between new friends. Shukaku pleaded
Huffing naruto replied Shu you know we have talked about this.shukaku interrupted saying. I know I know just because I like murder doesn’t mean I need to even if it’s fun to get the bad guys.
Sarada yelled to hurry up, or we’re going to be late grabbing his hand and pulling him along
Making it to the primary office, they then met the intimidating figure of one Glynda Goodwitch.
Who glared at the two and let out a terse your late.gripping her riding crop she then said your four minutes late is this what we can expect from you as potential students of Beacon?

Sarada bowed and said we’re so sorry for being late forcing Naruto to bow with her by gripping his head and nearly slamming him into the ground with he considerable strength.
Follow me was the only reply they got in response.leading them to the elevators and taking the pair to the headmaster’s office.glynda then knocked on the door only to get no answer after a moment. She then opened the door only to seem more irritated than before.
Naruto then laughed saying there’s no one here only to stop when he heard the sound of the riding crop in Glynda’s hand as she bent it at an angle that was sure to break it. Glynda then let out the clipped I see that I WILL find HIM!grunting out a please excuse me at the end. And left to find the missing headmaster Ozpin. Departing the two to wait in his office.

Flashing her Sharingan around the room, Sarada then signaled to naruto who then nodded his head ever so slightly. Signifying that he knew as well and had sensed the hidden person the moment he walked in the building. Sighing Naruto said you can come out now. She’s gonna be pissed when she finds out that you were here the whole time.

Ozpin now thoroughly supprised pushed open the hidden compartment with is can and strode out to the pair greeting the pair with a hello and asking them to sit.
Complying and sitting in the chairs provided.
A moment passed before Ozpin spoke. I don’t usually do this accepting these late applications I mean especially ones that have no previous school records. But what exactly makes you think the two of you are worthy of joining these hallowed halls of Beacon?
Naruto then responded; first, it’s always been my dream to help people, and I know that the best way to do that is to be a Huntsman. To break the cycle of hatred that’s a dream that has been passed to me from my godfather and grandfather before him as well.
Excuse me Mr. Uzumaki but can u elaborate what you mean precisely? Ozpin asked.
Naruto then smiled and said. To me, the best way to describe it is with what my grandfather used to call it. He called it the will of fire it states that the entire village is like a large family unit and every huntsman with the Will of Fire loves, believes, cherishes, and fights to protect the people, as previous generations had done before them. In other words, love is the path to peace.heh the old man also would ask me if I knew what the king was, but I never did figure out that one until after he passed.naruto expressed with a melancholic look on his face.
Ozpin then said. Can you tell me what you think the king is then? And Naruto then said. Ya know thinking back on it now it’s kinda obvious is it not. The king is the future generations that we must protect. Ozpin then interlaced his fingers and let out I see with a barely noticeable smile on his face.
Ms. Uchiha and you? Ozpin said directing his gaze on her.
She then said while blushing. Ever since I was a child, there was someone I looked up to he always strived to help people and encouraged everyone to do there best while showing his will of fire in his own unique way by trying to make bonds with everyone even if they’re his enemies. I once asked why and he said to me everyone has someone precious to them. And hating someone just cause there and the enemy is a waste of time. It just means that’s someone who is not a friend yet. So I want to help people and make more bonds while I am at it.finishing her statement with a smile.
Thank you both that was very good both of you we will now move onto the aura and semblance test. Can the two of you show or explain your Semblance if it’s not dangerous? Ozpin asked while moving to open a drawer to pull out an aura scale and set it on the floor.
We both have a contract semblance with guardian spirits due to our families being distant relatives Sarada explained. Can you elaborate ms. Uchiha? Ozpin asked her while returning to his desk. Yes while similar our Sembalence has slight differences. While closing her eyes and opening them my family’s hereditary Sembalence gives me enhanced perception. I often find there is little I can’t see with these eyes of mine. It’s also rare for people of my family to have more than 2 or 3 spirits, but because of my high aura levels, I have four.she said while standing and placing her hand on her stomach. With a twist of that hand the four spirits Matatabi, Isobu, Kokuō, and Chōmei appeared. Each guardian reveals an ability to us over time and by how much we bond with them. Sarada explains while adjusting her glasses and deactivating her Sharingan.
Mr. Uzumaki, I can assume your abilities are quite similar to ms. Uchiha here? Ozpin asked directing his attention on Naruto. Similar yes my family was gifted with vast amounts of aura, stamina, and regeneration. I have five guardians, and the abilities I have gained from them are a bit much for our current setting. And standing and with the same motion Gyūki, Shukaku, Son Gokū, and Saiken appeared. Mr. Uzumaki, I only count four; the fifth one is? Ozpin questioned with a raised eyebrow. Only for what he assumed was a fur scarf to open its eyes and yawn before hopping off his perch. Trotting lithely over next to the other Biju. Well, that certainly is surprising. We can now move on to the aura measurement test Ozpin stated.
Just out of curiosity just what is the average score here? You know so I can see what I am going for. Naruto asked while rubbing the back of his head nervously. Mr. Uzumaki on average a first-year scores about any ware from 200 to 400 and upperclassmen will score from 600 to 800, and the average huntsman will score from 1000 to 4000.but you should not worry about your aura score it’s only a marker of where your aura levels currently are. Now to use the device you simply need to channel your aura into the device once you step on it. The device will do the rest Ozpin stated.
Alright, I can to this Dattebayo naruto exclaimed while stepping on to the scale only for it to immediately read error and start smoking. Panicking internally naruto thought to himself. Fuck fuck fuck what I do!what do I do! Umm, this scale is clearly defective!? He quickly said without thinking. This statement caused a mixed reaction from the Biju laughing hysterically and Kurama’s snarky comment; ha! You really should have seen this coming with all of us out that scale is reading all of our combined chakras. Of course, this would happen hahahahaha! To Sarada facepalming. To Ozpin’s sarcastic; yes I can see that. Getting up Ozpin walked over to the wall on his left and press on a panel that opened a drawer. Hefting a massive and ornate older scale from the drawer set it on the floor. He then asked Naruto to use the older looking scale.
Taking Kurama’s words into consideration, he then sealed away the other four Biju and suppressed his chakra to its barest amount then stepped on to the scale. The new scale then read 9500 points. Shocking Ozpin at the number. And causing Kurama to burst out laughing internally .cackling with glee Kurama and Shukaku said in unison.after all the decades of training and in chakra control and this is the best you can do. You nearly tripled the average score of a professional huntsman Huffing naruto Stepped off the scale for Sarada’s turn naruto then asked. Are you sure this thing is working right? Casually taking a sip of his ever-present coffee, Ozpin took it in stride and replied. Yes, Mr. Uzumaki, I can assure you it is working just fine. Ms. Uchiha if you would please step on to the scale.
Nodding Sarada sealed her four Biju then stepped onto the scale. With the perfect chakra control afforded to her thanks to her mastery of the Byakugō no In.the scale read a modest 950 points compared to naruto’s Ludacris 9500. Naruto still trying to come up with an excuse for his high number blurted out the first thing that came to mind.our semblance must affect the scale somehow.
Hmm, that certainly could be possible.” but if possible could your fox step on the scale? The professor asked. That sounds like a horrible idea a paling naruto stated immediately. “And why is that?” the professor asked.
Because he is a mass of energy and aura. And, I would hate for him to break your fancy scale.naruto said in an attempt to defend himself.
“Humor me.” with that before Naruto could respond Kurama hopped onto the scale then quickly stepped off. Now one might question why Kurama left the scale so quickly. When it took about 10 seconds for it to give a proper readout. But upon observation, the answer was quite simple.
The scale was on fire.
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