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Chapter 3: welcome to beacon

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Chapter 3: welcome to beacon

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Chapter 3: welcome to beacon

After leaving the headmasters office Naruto and Sarada let out simultaneous sighs of relief.heading to the room that the headmaster had given them for the night. Sarada spoke first." I honestly can't believe this. he actually let us into the school. I mean he was just staring at us then the next thing he said was.welcome to beacon Mr. Uzumaki, Ms. Uchiha and just gave us a keycard like he did not just have a freak of nature in his office." Letting out another sigh and crossing her arms looking to Naruto she said." you really suck at holding back you know that. Slouching and Grumbling to himself in response to the comment. "It's not like I can help it. I'm an Uzumaki kinda the point to have vast amounts of chakra." Naruto stated with a huff.
Reaching the room they had been given. Entering naruto and Sarada immediately checked for cameras before setting up privacy seals to talk more freely.
Resting on the bed naruto turned to Sarada. "Are you sure this is a good idea I mean coming here? We're supposed to be laying low and not attracting attention. "He stated." No, I'm not sure of anything Naruto. But I came with you so we can live our lives not hide out in some cave like a hermit contemplating on the unknown. I owe you and dad that much even you deserve a chance to make a new life."sarada said while sitting on her bed. Now let's get some sleep, and with that, the two soon fell asleep.
The next morning finds Naruto and Sarada perched atop one of beacons buildings overlooking the bullhead station while eating breakfast.watching the other potential students disembark the station. Finishing up his meal naruto stood up stretching. "I think we should get down there and meet some of them don't you think so Sarada." a grinning Naruto remarked.nodding they proceeded to jump off the roof and make there way down avoiding cameras and any would-be observer. On his way down he saw a small girl with black hair trip over luggage. Landing on the ground, Naruto started walking towards her to help. On his way to her, he saw another girl dressed in all white from her heels and skirt to her jacket. The only other color was the red lining of her bolero jacket.she was yelling at the smaller girl while shaking a vial of fire dust.noticing the now sizable cloud of dust. he used the power of his Tendō and pulled the cloud of dust to himself and compressed it into a small sphere about the size of a softball.walking up to the pair he said." you know that you could have exploded right?"
Only for the girl in white to blow up on him yelling out. "And just who do you think you are I had this handled. And that is SDC dust you know how to handle that right. "Sighing at the attitude. "Yes yes, I do know how to handle this, but more importantly, you were shaking a vial of dust fire dust to be more specific. Fire dust is highly reactive, and there was a cloud of the stuff, and the little one there was gonna sneeze." Naruto snarked back at the girl in white. The now red-faced the girl in white screeched out." Do you even know who I am well… A dumbfounded naruto had an epiphany at that moment. Oh my god, this must be how Sasuke felt when we were younger. Now I realize why he called me dobe all this time. Sighing Naruto looked the girl in white in the eyes. "Yes, I know who you are your dobe." Naruto exclaimed while grinning. "What did you just call me?" The girl in white screamed at Naruto. Now grinning like a fox naruto said, "dobe." A now sputtering and red-faced the girl responded."no my name is Weiss its Weiss Schnee Before heiress to the Schnee dust company." Before turning and marching off. Sighing he subtly took out a small scroll and sealed the dust away in one fluid motion Attracting the attention of a tall girl with a bow in her long black hair. Who glancing at the blond laughed to her self at what he had called the snooty heiress.
Turning he asked if the smaller girl was ok? " so you ok short stuff?" Pouting she mumbled softly .i'm not short. I drink milk, and I eat my vegetables.grinning naruto patted her on the head tussling her hair and introduced himself. "So what's your name red I am Naruto Uzumaki at your service." The now blushing girl froze and went blank for a moment before replying with a slight stutter."R-Ruby my name is Ruby rose."fortunately for Ruby and unfortunately for naruto Sarada had caught up with the pair. Adjusting her glasses, she then cocked back her fist and caught Naruto right in the ribs." w-why" Naruto wheezed out doubled over in pain.crouching next to him Ruby tried to see if he was ok. "Why did you do that? "Ruby said glaring at the newcomer. "he's Fine," Sarada replied. Grabbing him by his collar she started to drag him away. "What are you doing?" Ruby asked as she grabbed her arm.looking back at the girl Sarada said. "If I don't get this idiot here to orientation in the auditorium, we'll be late. He just can't help himself when he sees someone in need. My name is Sarada Uchiha it's great to meet you, but we really should get there now." Sarada stated now pulling the two along.
Entering the auditorium ruby took the lead. And guided the two over to an older girl with long blonde hair and purple eyes. Taking in the girl's appearance . Naruto saw that she was wearing a jacket that was cropped to bare her mid-drift,mini-shorts, and a cropped tube top, a belt with a sash and boots.
Taken out of his thoughts by the brazen girl as she spoke." so you like what you see?" she said posing with her hands on her hips.blinking for a moment and he immediately bulldozed thru her attempt to flirt.introducing himself. "My name's Naruto, and this is Sarada." Blinking the girl introduced her self. "The name is Yang. I'm Ruby's sister."
Moments later headmaster Ozpin stepped onto the stage catching everyone's attention. taking a breath, he then spoke." I'll...keep this brief. You have traveled here today in search of knowledge--to hone your craft and acquire new skills. And when you have finished, you plan to dedicate your life to the protection of the people. But I look amongst you, and all I see is wasted energy, in need of purpose – direction. You assume knowledge will free you of this, but your time at this school will prove that knowledge can only carry you so far. It is up to you to take the first are all dismissed please proceed to the ballroom." announced professor Goodwitch.
Yang being the trouble maker she was trying to get another reaction out of the whiskered blonde. "Soo does little Rubes have a boyfriend already?" she cooed. Ruby's face now matching her cloak in color turned and started banging her tiny fist against Yang's arms.
Yaaannngg! Ruby groaned.turning to naruto she noticed something off. What she thought was a scarf was yawning and staring at her….it wasn't a scarf it was a fox a cute fox with ears like a bunny!
Hey Naruto what did I miss? A Just waking up Kurama asked. You know you should be paying attention Kurama." naruto snarked back. Anyways blondie is Yang, and that's her sister Ruby. The dobe is the angry girl coming right at us.
"You!" Weiss screeched as she forced a book in his face. Then she droned ." The Schnee Dust Company is not responsible for any injuries or damages sustained while operating a Schnee Dust Company product. Although not mandatory, the Schnee Family highly encourages its customers to read and familiarize themselves with this easy-to-follow guide to Dust application and practice in the field. " Now done with her disclaimer Weiss nodded to herself as if she did some good and walked off to the ballroom.
With her attention back on the scarf, Ruby spoke out."Ummm… Naruto you have a pet?" "No, don't call him that fuzz but here is totally practical." Naruto responded with a grin. Only to receive several gashes on his face courtesy of Kurama.
"Gahh you bastard fox." Naruto wailed now attempting to strangle the fox. Wrestling on the floor the two dealt out to one another scratches, gashes, and bites. Until Sarada stepped in and broke the to up by clocking the two in the head.huffing Sarada bemoaned the fact to herself that despite how old the pair are they still act like children. With things now calm between the two."IcanIseeyourwepon." Ruby spoke out hurriedly. Naruto nodded and pulled a kunai from his pouch. "uhh... Naruto those small knives are not the only thing you have right?" Ruby asked. "What's Wrong with them!" He exclaimed looking at the red reaper."um n-nothing it's just won't you have a hard time killing Grimm with those things. They are kinda small you know." Fine, what is your weapon then short stuff?" He asked huffing and slightly irritated. Puffing out her cheeks like some adorable little chipmunk she pulled out her weapon witch in its compact form it looked like a large red rectangle.until it mecha-shifted into a Scythe. "This is my baby crescent rose she's also a high caliber sniper rifle." The girl now holding her weapon grinned as if to say beat that.only for naruto to pat her head ruffling her witch she started to lean into unconsciously like an adorable little chipmunk. "There, there he said you have an excellent weapon ruby." He said to placate the girl.
"So how did you meet whiskers her Ruby?" Yang inquired with all the grace of a bull. Causing Ruby to flush at remembering the incident outside. Calling back to when Naruto arrived she had remembered purple eyes with a ripple pattern of concentric rings and tomo if only for an instant.
Brought out of her thoughts by a voice saying. It wasn't much I just helped her with dobe and prevented an explosion.
"You almost exploded!" Yang said as she questioned Ruby. "And who is this dobe I keep hearing about?" "He means Weiss," Ruby explained. Hugging Ruby, making an oh face Yang mouthed thanks to the blonde. Who gave a thumbs up in response.
Letting go of the girl Yang stepped towards Naruto. Putting her hand on his chest, she teased seductively. "Thanks for helping my sister out. Maybe we can get together some time I do owe you one foxy."
Yaaanngg! No flirting with friends." The little reaper squealed pounding on the older girls back. Blinking and blank-faced Naruto said.
"You're flirting with me to see if I am interested in Yang the person or just your body." Leaning in closer naruto then whispered in her ear. "I can tell you now it’s both." Causing Yang to blush not used that kind of reaction. "Also, I just did what was right. I don’t like bullies. Never did, never will."
Nipping at his pant leg, Kurama pointed his tail at the door. nodding, "right ballroom" Naruto said. The group then left to gather their things and head to the ballroom.
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