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Chapter 4: first night at beacon

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Chapter 4: first night at beacon

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Later that night one could find naruto playing the song sakura blossom on his koto.while playing his song in remembrance of home. He didn't even notice the eyes on him from one amber eyed girl.
I remember when my mother would play me music like this .but I never heard this one before. She thought as she continued to stare at the blonde musician.
While caught up in her own memories, she couldn't help but realize just how bright the blonde is .it's as if he's the sun itself. She had seen him befriend the littlest reaper.he had even saved her from the Schnee heiress earlier in the day. She had intended to step in and help out the girl herself. But the blonde had stepped up and got there first. She then laughed to herself at what the blonde had called the Schnee.he had called her' idiot.' He did it in a way that implies that it was her alone was enough to get him good marks in her book.
Although what had turned interest into a fascination. Was the fact that when that brash blonde harlot came onto him as 'thanks'.and he acted in a way she did not expect.instead of gawking or acting in a macho fashion.he just played it off as a joke and turned it around on the harlot. Then explained that he would do the same for anyone.
At that time, she had wondered if he would do the same for her. If she had not hidden behind a bow.but then years of maltreatment had caused her near pessimistic view on life.when she was first raised she had seen the way people viewed the Faunus how her people had suffered it was what had caused the white fang to form after all.
And after all that she had lived through ...she just wasn't willing to put her trust in humans so soon again.
"Ooooh it looks like someone has a fan." Said a sweet voice in a bright tone. This caused the whiskered musician to lift his head staring in her direction. When their eyes met, it was as if she could see into his very soul. What could see was a calm ocean with a bright and sunny sky as if his very being where one with nature and was at was as if those that were caught up in the flow where all the better for it. And to her, it was as if her pain was gone if only for a moment.
"Yang, if you think every girl is an admirer you're gonna give me the wrong idea."naruto chuckled as he put away his koto.the black haired girl gave the harlot her harshest of glares while blushing.whether she noticed or not did matter as she strode over to the blonde. As she then draped herself over his back. With less than a few inches between them.
"Who said it was the wrong idea? "She purred in his ear with a blush.and in a motion mimicking Sasuke with a small smile he poked her forehead.causing the girl to scowl at him. Before giving a playful smile of her own and stick out her tongue. Before the two bursts with laughter
"Yaaaannngggg!" Came the now cross voice of the littlest reaper. The girl, now known as Yang, looked down at the reaper to receive the most non-threatening of glairs. Shen then tussled the reapers hair.and the reaper made an honestly sad attempt to get the older girl back.but was held at bay with just an arm.
"Sorry about that.those to maybe sisters but they go at it like animals at times." Spoke the whiskered blonde as he took a seat next to her. "My name is naruto by the way, and the girl with the glasses reading that medical textbook is Sarada.sorry about bothering you and all…"
"Blake, my name is Blake Belladonna, I'm sorry for what she said," pointing at the two rambunctious sisters. The older now pinning and tickling the younger.
"Maybe if we ignore them they will go away," Naruto uttered sarcastically.
Ha! Not on your life, Foxy. Yang exclaimed. Besides, once I see something I want, I take it. And you Foxy are mine. She explained with a grin.only to be tackled by the now free Ruby. Completely blowing the Aura of supremacy, she was trying to front. "No fair ruby!" She squealed to the other girl as she was being tickled."you... ruined ...the ...moment." She said between gasps of air. Now trying to get the deceptively strong girl off her and pin her once more. In response to this naruto facepalmed muttering, see what I have to put up with.
"So why do you hide the ears?" naruto questioned out of curiosity.causing blake to panic and reach for her weapon.with one hand he spun her around grabbing her weapon and hiding it behind himself all without anybody seeing the motion.raising his hands in the universal sign for peace.
"Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you. Must be a sensitive subject for you, right?" Naruto said, rubbing the back of his head abashed. "I'm not the greatest when it comes to a conversation. My friends back home used to tell me when it came to speaking, I was as dumb as a sack of bricks and as dense as one too." Only to get hit in the head by a balled up note from Sarada, that read you still are too. Who hadn't even glanced at him to make that shot? "See what I mean." he declared as he tried to throw it back only for her to move her head to the side slightly to avoid it.
"How did you know," she hissed back
I am a sensor, Naruto explained. "What do you mean by a sensor?" Blake asked. Explaining to her, he said. "It means I have the rare ability to sense Aura and have trained to refine the ability to the point I don't need to see to get around. So I can sense the Aura in your ears." Nodding at the explanation blake then noticed the whisker marks on his cheeks then to the sleeping fox.
"Are you a fox Faunus?" she murmured in a hushed voice. looking confused for a moment, he then dismissed the comment.
"Nah, just human. The Furball and I have history any vulpine characteristics I have are probably from his lousy influence." As if hearing what the blonde had just said the fox popped one eye to glare at him huffing at him and going back to sleep. The action was strange in her eyes and with one thought still in her mind.
"Is your fox sentient?" she queried quietly. "Well, I guess it's only fair since I stole a secret of yours you get one of mine in return. Yah he is if we were alone, I bet he would tell you himself."
"Foxy! How dare you flirt with another girl like that. How could you take my virtue and leave me like this." As nothing else had gotten to the blonde Yang had yelled this out to the whole room of people.causing naruto to blush red and sputters trying to wave her exclamation off. Gaining the reaction, she was looking for Yang cheered at her success.causing naruto to glare at her. And in response, she stuck out her tongue
"What are you reading," Naruto asked as he noticed her book. "It's called a man with two souls," Blake explained. "it's about a man with two souls; each one is fighting for control. " The current conversation caught the attention of the little reaper.
"I love books too Yang used to read them to me when I was little, there a part of the reason I want to be a huntress" Ruby explained.
"Why is that? Is it because you want a happily ever after?" Blake inquired with bitterness in her voice.
"As a girl, I wanted to be just like those heroes in the books... Someone who fought for what was right and protected people who couldn't defend themselves! So everyone can have their own happy endings," Ruby explained.
Unfortunately, the real world doesn't work like that, Blake said quietly.
"Then we have no choice but to change the world!" A voice declared with such confidence it was as if it would really happen. Blake looked to see the speaker, and sure enough, it was Naruto grinning at her.
You just can't change the world naruto it doesn't work like that. Blake exclaimed as she expressed her disbelief.
"Ha! just wait and see I'll change the world dattebayo," Naruto expressed.
And to blake if just for a moment she saw the world through his eyes.
Nice like it whiskers, Yang exclaimed punching Naruto in the shoulder playfully.
Will you please be quiet some of us are trying to sleep! The heiress exclaimed.
Naruto then turned to the voice only for the two to shout at once
Not you again! Groaning naruto looked at the glaring girl.
What do you mean not me, Weiss said. You should really be quiet some of us are- only to be cut off by blake blowing out her candles
In the dark, a pair of red eyes opened. Staring into a pair of silver, giving the puppy dog eyes to the owner. Huffing Kurama gave into the eyes of absolute submission and doom.gave up his perch and snuggled up next to the littlest reaper. Who cuddled the fox as she slept.before he went to sleep he sent a mental not a word to his container.with the usual threats of violence and doom.

Then next morning Naruto had awoken earlier than everyone else. To climb to the top of one of Beacon's towers. Avoiding cameras all the while to watch the sunrise. Perched upon the rail of the balcony, he sensed another person on trying to hide their presence.
Chuckling to himself as the weak attempt to hide that the girl made. He then decided to tease her a bit.standing up he jumped off the roof only to disappear.
This caused her to panic and run to the ledge and look over to see no one there.
You know u should always watch you back Weiss, Naruto said with a grin. Causing the heiress to jump out of her skin.
Punching him in the gut with a scowl. Naruto a hunched over gasped out. Ok, I deserved that one. "So what brings you up here Weiss, "naruto snarked back
"You actually know my name?" Weiss questioned him.
Look can we just start over, Naruto asked letting out a Sigh.
The white heiress only stared at him with her arms crossed.
Grinning, the blonde raised his fist towards her. My name is Naruto Uzumaki what's yours, the blonde said in an attempt to start over. Giving a small smile, she gave her name as well to bury the hatchet. My name is Weiss Schnee it is nice to meet you to naruto.she then raised her tiny fist to meet his. and when they bumped fists. She felt a surge of power flow through her if only for the briefest of moments. Then it was gone leaving her to question what it was she felt.
"... Eiss... Weiss... Weiss," he called out in an attempt to get her attention.when she was finally broken from her thoughts.
"You know you're adorable when you smile," Naruto said giving one of his biggest grins. Causing the girl to blush to match Ruby's cloak. And freeze on the spot.
As Naruto was Heading down the stairs to the locker rooms, he began the arduous trial of finding his locker when he bumped into a taller blond boy with white amour over a hoodie and a pair of jeans.
"Sorry," the two said simultaneously. Laughing naruto rubbed the back of his head." Heh sorry man I'm just trying to find my locker. Have you seen it?" Naruto questioned.
"No sorry, I'm in the same boat. The way they have this system is confusing," the taller blonde said to Naruto.
"My name is Jaune arc what's yours," the now named Jaune asked as he reached out his hand in an attempt to shake hands.
"Naruto Uzumaki, "the whiskered blonde replied, returning the gesture and shaking hands.
"Say you wouldn't happen to know where locker number 556 is? I swear it's a maze, "Naruto asked with hope in his eyes." you to huh," Jaune sighed shoulders slouching.
Well, I wish you luck in your search Jaune, Naruto said with a wave as he walked off to find his locker.
As he is trying to find his locker, he ran into Weiss and another girl. Who catches his eye. She has the most vibrant red hair. It almost like mom's hair, he remarks to himself.
Step up to the pair he notes her bronze colored armor, elbow length gloves, and skirt with a red sash. Only broken from his thoughts by a voice and a sharp pain in his shin.
"And what do you want!" a blushing Weiss said tersely. Not getting the response she wanted. Puffing her cheeks, she kicked naruto as hard as she could.but much to her surprise it felt like she kicked a brick wall.
Now screaming internally trying desperately not to cry.she directed her anger at the stupid blonde. For interrupting her time with the prizefighter.
Now on the floor holding his shin naruto groaned out" why."
"Because you were just staring like a creeper you dolt," Weiss criticized.
"But I was just looking for my locker you-." "If you dare, call me dobe I'll skewer you!" Weiss yelled at the blonde. Who just grinned his ever infuriating grin "tsundere" he said.
Blinking Weiss now redder than ever huffed and tried to ignore him walking back over to the prizefighter to try and win her over. Only to be interrupted by that same blonde.
"Look I'm just trying to find my locker have you seen it, Weiss?" Naruto asked the girl now exasperated. "Do you even know who this is I'm talking to? Weiss questioned the blonde.
"No, not a clue," the blonde conceded. "You don't know who the Pyrrha Nikos is? Weiss said with disbelief.ok how about the invincible girl?" Only to get a nope. "The four times consecutive winner of the Mistral Region Tournament? She's on the cover of every Pumpkin Pete's Marshmallow Flakes box!"
With the last bit of information catching his attention. "That cereal was kinda gross never even finished the bowl," Naruto explained.
"I must agree that cereal was too sweet and bad for you," the kind prizefighter replied. "And I believe your locker is over there three lockers down and on your left," Pyrra said with a smile.
"Four-time winner huh, and with a grin he said. You know I would like to fight you one day later, Pyrrha."Naruto said, walking away. Finding his locker and storing some items
For the four-time prizefighter Pyrrha, the experience was refreshing. To finally find someone who just treated her like a normal made her excited and much so that she wanted to know more about him.then one thought passed through her head you're mine challenge accepted.
And for the heiress, she stewed in her rage about how he just stared at Pyrrha.
But before she could come to any kind of realization .the PA system turned on.
Will all applicants, please head out to the emerald forest cliffs for initiation. Putting her thoughts on hold, she, along with the other potential students headed for the cliffs.

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