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Chapter 5: Chapter 5: trials of the emerald forest part 1

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the entrence exam begins and many hopefuls have their eyes on achieving their dreams at beacon

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Chapter five: trials of the emerald forest part 1 of 3

Now at the cliffs overlooking the emerald forest finds the group of Beacon hopefuls standing before Ozpin headmaster of Beacon Academy.

Taking a sip of coffee from his ever-present mug.looking at the children be for him.he cannot help but raise an eyebrow at one of his more peculiar candidates. One Naruto Uzumaki siting lotus on the launch pad meditating . as what looked like a little sand raccoon no it was not a raccoon a tanuki .the young man called it was playing in the sand? Where on earth did it get the sand from Ozpin thought to him self.the other he had his eyes on was one Sarada Uchiha who was reading a book. As if what was about to happen was an everyday occurrence to her.

As Glynda walked over to stand by his side, he announced to the group of students to be. "For years, you have trained to become warriors, and today, your abilities will be evaluated in the Emerald Forest."

As the headmaster finished his statement professor, Goodwitch stepped in" Now I am sure many of you have heard rumors about the assignment of teammates. Let us put an end to this confusion about that. All of you will be given teammates today.

"These teammates will be whom you are paired with for the rest of your time here at it is best if you were paired with someone will be able to work well with," Ozpin lectured.

Opening his eyes, Naruto noticed how nervous the little reaper was as she desperately looks to Yang, Sarada, and himself. Her eyes were practically begging one of them to help her, looking to the girl he gave a reassuring grin.sure that things would work out.

As Ozpin continued "that said your partner would be the first person you make eye contact with when land down in the forest.

Continuing his speech and not wanting to be interrupted," after finding your partner, your goal is to retrieve a relic from the temple north of the will find opposition in your path. Do not hesitate to destroy anything in your way or you will die.

"You will be monitored for the duration of your time in the forest and graded the instructors will not interfere" .taking a moment to let his words sink in he paused.

"Now get ready and prepare your landing strategies." now any questions?" Ozpin asked as he finished his speech

A hand then rose from the crowd." yes Mr. arc," Ozpin queried.

"What exactly do you mean by landing strategies," the nervous young man a person was launched into the air

"Its quite simple Mr. arc you will be falling," Ozpin responded after taking another sip of coffee as more students were launched. Now more nervous than ever, Jaune asked, "Do we get a parachute?

Seven more students were launched into the air, including yang and ruby. No, was Ozpin's clipped retort to the question.

Then Jaune himself was launched into the air screaming.

Naruto then stood up, raising a hand he then asked. "So Ozzy I was wondering like the gift I left in your mug?"

This question caused Ozpin to freeze midway with the mug of what he thought was just coffee to his lips.glaring at the blonde he was about to demand he tell him what the blonde had done until the boy's pad launched him into the air as well.

All he could hear as the boy was flying through the air was insane cackling and a "later Ozzy you'll enjoy your trip!"

Looking back to his coffee Ozpin sniffed it looked at it again shrugged .then deciding that whatever Uzumaki had done to his coffee was not bad took another sip.much to Goodwitch's looks of disbelief.little would the two know that later when his mug ran dry, and he went to get more all his coffee would taste the same again.

Landing in the forest the blonde took the trees surprising many of the students who saw him land in the trees he disappeared to all except one redhead.

While traveling in the trees at a speed that put most kage to shame, Naruto had the feeling that someone was trying to follow him.grining to himself still feeling like another good prank was in order he vanished in a blur.

While following her target, Pyrrha thought about how odd her current actions are. However, before she could get further into her thoughts, her mark disappeared. She was coming to the clearing where he had been. Pyrrha looked around for any indication of where he was. Taking a step forward into the clearing, her senses honed over the years telling her to run. Trusting her instincts, Pyrrha tried to turn and run away. As she turned, she felt her self getting heavyer.trying to get out of the clearing the sensation just got worse. Eventually, the weight was to the point that crawling was the only option. Then soon, she was immobile altogether. Panicking now unable to move at all she heard rustling in the trees above the clearing.

Naruto now just above the poor girl snared in his trap cackling with glee hopped out of the tree.

As the blonde was walking to the prizefighter, who was now kissing the dirt. Barely able to turn her head to look up at who was now standing in front of her Pyrrha thought the worst until she saw his smug grin.

"You know I never thought I would catch the invincible girl like this. Alternatively, do you make a habit of walking into such an obvious trap? Moreover, happen to like kissing dirt, Naruto remarked

Giving Naruto her most withering of glairs Pyrrha managed to grit out", Let me go!

A still grinning Naruto put his hand to his chin as if thinking about it before nodding, and said ok but after I get a picture. After all, it's not every day you get the invincible girl groveling at your feet I need something to remember this by.

"Noooo please nooo, Pyrrha wailed.almost on the verge of tears at the situation.

Now feeling bad at his teasing Naruto let the girl up having never taken out his scroll.

"How did you do that Naruto? Pyrrha questioned."

"It's my semblance, It allows me to control attractive and repulsive forces with myself as the focal point of the gravity manipulation," Naruto explained while giving her a hand up,

Pyrrha questioned while accepting the hand," so you control the polarity of metal too?

"Well, it's more like I can attract or repulse anything with my self as the focal point, Naruto responded.

"Soo my polarity is better, Pyrrha challenged now grinning herself.

With a sigh, Naruto huffed out," kami I tell you how it works, and this is what you get out of it."

"Sorry for taking things that far Pyrrha, we should start heading to the temple now.naruto said to make up for his actions.

With a bright smile and a nod of her head, the pair took off into the forest towards the temple.

While this happened, Sarada landed in a different section of the forest right into the center of a pack of six Ursa major. Jamming her Chokutō into the head of the first Ursa she landed on.she then channeled lightning chakra into the foul beasts head through the blade. Hopping off of the creature as it crumpled to the ground. The other Grimm immediately turned and attempted to pounce on her. Weaving through the pack, thanks to her Sharingan.she slid under a claw swipe and rushed to pierce right through the heart should be on another Ursa.

Noticing a flash of green coming right at her target, she dodged to the left and into the path of another Ursa which swung its paw down at her. With no time to avoid, her eyes morphed into the eternal Mangekyō Sharingan in her right and her left the Rinnegan. As her right eye bled the monster violently exploded into the black flames of Amaterasu as a spear of the fire impaled it, she whispered the name Enton: this happened three more shots rung out in rapid succession. Hitting one of the two in the chest. The other in the head and on the third, a glyph materialized on its head. With the glyph's appearance, a green-haired girl flew towards it and decapitated the Ursa. With what looked like a bladed bow. The green-haired girl slid into a landing spinning to take a shot. Only to notice it was already dead. Seeing the massive fist-shaped impression in the Ursa's chest, she took a step back.

Now noticing the other girl Sarada turned and saw one of the Ursa rising that the other girl had shot .acting quickly she imbued her sword with lightning and threw it. Moreover, the sword now coated in lightning struck the Ursa major in the now cracked and impaled the beast through its chest and lodged itself deep into the bolder behind the other girl.

The green girl then turned and saw the Ursa now decomposing rapidly and the gaping hole.walking over to the girl Sarada asked," you ok?

"Ah, yes, I am thank you, But your eye?" the green-haired replied. "Is ok, Sarada clipped out as she turned to the flames of Amaterasu. Using her abilities once more, she extinguished the fires.

Noticing her eyes continued bleeding, the green-haired girl walked over.

"Look I know your not fine your eye is bleeding!the green-haired girl said as she reached for her hand. Huffing at the insistence of the girl she wiped away the blood." look-see no more bleeding besides its a side effect.nothing is wrong with my eye.

"What kind of semblance has that kind of side effect ?" look that ability it strains my eyes, it was a lot worse before. Nothing is wrong we need to move now before more Grimm come. my name is Sarada by the way."

"It is nice to meet you Sarada mine is Vella;" she responded as the two started to run north towards the temple.

Witnessing naruto's landing a shadowed man hurried to follow him. Until like the other students he lost the blonde.smirking to himself he sniffed the air picking up the sent he dashed in the direction of the scent. A girl with a purple bob cut also seeing naruto land ran after him. Unable to find him, she unknowingly headed in the same direction as the the purple-headed girl ran to meet up with the hot funny blonde. She ran into another blonde and fell backward onto her rear.

"Ow, what did I run into," she questioned. "No your not the blonde I was looking for."

"Well, your not the one I was looking for, either." I was looking for the guy who smelled strong. I was so close to." the blonde boy grumbled. With a huff and a shrug of his shoulders, he helped the girl up and introduced himself. "The name is Lycan Arcadia" now noticing that she was wearing Wearing a purple and black sweater that extends to her knees, it's emblazoned with a black, wavy sigil. She complements her outfit with a white armband and a white scarf that bears her symbol, along with gray leggings and white heeled boots. A belt and ammo bag that held a clip for her weapon.

"Ragora Cinarum is my name partner, "she said as she was fixing her hat and dusting her self off. "We should get going do try to keep up Ragora!"

"Hey, wait up!"

Jaune was panicking and screaming as he tumbled through the air.wonderin how his life led to this moment. until a spike of ice hooked his hoodie and he wailed out "cold!"

Walking up to the now stuck boy on the pillar of ice was a girl of average height with black and white hair. Wearing She wears a black bolero top on her clavicle, above a white corset with double rows of silver buttons, over a white skirt with black trim. She wears black leggings, covered by shin and thigh plating, complete with white heels with feathered accessories that evoke a swan motif. Her arms are covered in black mesh, white gloves, along with bracers on her forearms, and plating on her biceps.

"Um can you let me down, please.its cold." a shivering Jaune begged. The girl extended one of her arms, and a hidden sword came out of the bracer with one swift strike the pillar collapsed. Moreover, predictably Jaune fell, but due to his inexperience, he nicked his arm on the way down.

The girl noticing this grabbed his arm" why didn't your aura protect you?" pausing and staring at the wound for a moment "you don't have your aura unlocked, yet do you?"

"What of course I do I have aura hehehe." sighing at his bluster and apparent lack of truth" look Jaune, right? With a nod in the affirmative, she continued," I'm Lysette, and I know you don't have aura so I'll help you since I am stuck with you." taking his hand into hers she closed her eyes and began to concentrate.

"For it is in passing that we achieve immortality. Through this, we become a paragon of virtue and glory to rise above all. Infinite in the distance and unbound by death, I release your soul, and by my shoulder, protect thee." gasping for air and taking a step back" there I just unlocked your aura, and it looks like you have a lot of it to.what you do with it is up to you now."

"Now let's get going Jaune the temple is this way."

"With that, the last of the pairs have been made. But I still don't trust that Arc boy he clearly is not qualified to attend Beacon." Glynda said as she inputs the pairs on her tablet. "Hmm yes but despite that, I find that he has potential just like Mr. Uzumaki.
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