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Chapter 6: trials of the Emerald forest part 2 of 3

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things heat up in this chapter as partners are found and battles are fought

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Chapter 6: trials of the Emerald forest part 2 of 3

While making their way to the temple Pyrrha and Naruto made idle chatter. Pyrrha thought how odd it was that they had not run into any Grimm yet. until Naruto had broken her out of her daze with a question. "So Pyrrha what was your home like ?"

With a smile, Pyrrha reminisced about her home for a moment before answering the question." my home is called Argus, it's the link between Anima and it takes its architecture from both. It's peaceful, and it's one of the largest trading ports. I enjoyed my time there its home, you know."

Taking in her words had reminded Naruto of the joys of his time in Konoha. Then the reformation of his clan and the restoration of his familial homeland Uzushio. While he was thinking of Uzu, he was broken out of his thoughts by Pyrrha.

"To...ruto...naruto hey naruto are you listening?" "uh... Sorry, Pyrrha I kinda got lost in my thoughts what did you say?" Naruto asked the girl rubbing the back of his head nervously.

Puffing out her cheeks and huffing, she repeated her question. "I said what was your home and life like?"

Grinning to himself and thinking back, he began to speak." My home was a small village outside the protection of the kingdoms called Konoha. It was nice. I think my favorite place was on top of the Hokage mountain where our leaders' faces were carved. On top of my dad's head from there, the view was terrific, especially the sunset. I always liked watching the sunset from there it gave me time to think."

As the pair continued to walk, they heard a voice in the clearing just before them.

"how about a cute little pony?" another voice replied, "whatever…"

Entering the clearing, they found that the two voices where Yang and blake.walking up to the pair and a wave naruto gave a greeting.

"Yo! Yang, Blake, how are you doing?"

Seeing Naruto yang jubilantly ran up to him and hugged him and said.

"What's up foxy did you miss me?"

With a grin, she then embraced his arm with her cleavage

Pyrrha noticing this grabbed his other arm and did the same without thinking in jealousy.

Noticing blake was standing there naruto greeted her and broke free of the other two girls and gave her a bear hug.

A now blushing blake panicked for a moment at the contact, calming down she gasped at his tightening grip. Getting desperate for air, she started to pound on his chest as her ribs were now feeling like they were going to break. She then gasped out. "N-naruto can't breath…"

Noticing her now blue face, he let her go and apologized with a grin on his face." sorry, blake, you just looked left out."

"It's okay just not so tight next time okay?" a blushing blake huffed out.

Pouting and then grinning at her new idea. Yang ran and jumped onto naruto's back, wrapping her arms around his neck and pressing her self into him." what about me, Foxy?"

Instinctively grabbing her thighs naruto caressed them using his husky voice he said." all you had to do was ask Yang.

Left speechless Yang blushed scarlet from head to toe she jumped off his back. Shuffling away quickly with her mind in turmoil, she desperately tried to come up with a response, but the pounding of her heart in her head was distracting her.

"Heads uuuppp!" a red blur screamed as it fell from the sky.

Noticing who it was Naruto raised his hand and intoned." Shinra-Tensei." instantly killing the momentum of the red blur only for a similar blonde armored blur to come flying in. Acting quickly, he raised his other hand and did the same just before the to collided. He then said," Banshō Ten'in." safely floating Ruby over to himself catching her as he cut off his power in a bridal carry.who then taking advantage of the embrace snuggled in closer." what's up Jaune how's it hanging?" Naruto asked with a cheeky grin on his face. "Umm you know just hanging out but could you let me down please?" and Naruto promptly just cut his power off and Jaune fell into a heap on the ground letting out a groan and thanks.

Yang noticing this act was about to jump into big sister until the sound of rumbling, an explosion of some kind and falling trees caught her attention and an Ursa plowed into the clearing in a heap with a girl riding on its back. "Aww it's broken." the strange girl said. "Nora! Nora, please don't ever do that again." a boy in a green tailcoat stumbled out from behind the corpse gasping hunched for air, looking up only to find that the exuberant girl was missing.

The now named Nora just seemed to appear at the relics as if the girl just teleported. "Oooh, I'm queen of the castle~ I'm queen of the castle~ I'm queen of the castle." Nora exclaimed as the girl grabbed the rook piece, placed it on her head, and danced around." Nora!"

"Coming Ren," she then disappeared and was next to the now named Ren.

"Hey, can we slow down please, Lycan?" one voice declared. Another retorted." and I offered to carry you we need to get a relic as soon as possible Ragora. When the two made it into the clearing. They two gained the attention of the group for a moment.

Before joining as two more pairs came into running the clearing one with a mainly colored dark bluish-grey with thick black hemming on the collar, sleeve cuffs. Bottom flaps, and the left side's outer edge, which is fastened by two silver cross clasps at the top and bottom to the right side. Light black jeans that go down into his pair of darker high boots, strapped with three buckles and colored the same grey as his jacket on the inside as well as the top of his actual shoes, with the rest of it colored brown and a different shade of grey under the soles.

The other a lighter grey bowler hat with a fringe sticking out from the side. For the rest of his outfit, he wears a sleeveless black jacket with a popped collar, dark symbols down the back that reach around the front, and short coattails lined with red around the lower edges, held together by rectangular silver clamps down the middle and open around his chest. Underneath that is a bright red dress shirt with a black bow tie and buttons, the sleeves of which come out from his jacket and are folded up to above his elbows, his forearms and hands were completely covered by long black-and-grey gloves. He also has dark dress pants over his legs and wears sneakers of the same color scheme as the rest of his outfit.

The other pair were chatting amicably to each other." are you sure your eyes are okay; I mean they were bleeding Sarada." I appreciate the concern Vella, but with that technique, it is normal okay?" "uhh okay if you say so."

Putting the little reaper down and giving her a head pat, he gave Sarada a wave and a greeting. "yo Sarada. "

The peace was broken once more when a girl dressed in white came running into the clearing with a deathstalker on her tail. this

At this point, blake just stated the obvious "Did she just run all the way here with a deathstalker on her tail ?"

As Yang's anger reached bursting she exclaimed "I can't take it anymore will everybody just chill out for like two seconds before something crazy happens." as her eye turned a brilliant scarlet red and lit her self aflame briefly.

Moreover, as if responding to her plea, the universe took a comedic pause for two seconds.

Ruby grabbed Yang's arm and pointed her attention upwards." uuuhhh Yang."

Hearing screaming caused the group to look up, and they saw Weiss hanging onto the talon of a nevermore. "I can't believe you left me," Weiss shrieked. "I said jump," Ruby responded.

As the group looked on, Blake said," she's gonna fall."

"She'll be fine," ruby assured the group.

"she's falling," Ren announced.

"I got her!" an excited Jaune exclaimed.

"Will I'm not gonna help," naruto pitched in.

Hearing this Sarada stomped on Naruto's foot and glared up at him." ow damn it okay."

Huffing to himself Naruto raised a hand as Sarada stepped back to give him some space.

With the one motion and a breath" Banshō Ten'in," Weiss went from a deadfall to flying like a rocket into Naruto's arms.using his chakra to keep his balance to slide back a foot.

"Ah, man," Jaune sighed out.

As Weiss opened her eyes, she realized that she wasn't falling anymore. However, was being held in someone's arms, looking up to see a whiskered grin staring back at her. She couldn't help but blush a little bit.

Seeing the look on Weiss's face, Naruto couldn't help but be a little cheeky. "You okay princess?"

In response to the comment, Weiss's blush grew, and she punched Naruto in the gut. Causing him to hunch over and drop the girl.weiss in an impressive motion managed to land on her feet.


Hearing the massive roar caused everyone to pause even the Grimm they were about to face.

Looking to where the sound came, then hearing the rumbling of the monster as it barreled its way through the trees and into the clearing. As the dust cleared, it was revealed to be a massive elder chimera Grimm.

"Great just great now we can all die together," Yang sighed out now thoroughly defeated by the current string of events.

ruby piped up, Wanting to prove herself to be a great warrior as everyone else." I got this!" As Ruby Charged forwards towards the Deathstalker, Yang cried out as she tried to reach out to stop her." ruby don't!"

Ruby rushed the beast intent on cutting it in two.only for the monster to knock her back with its claw.

Taking advantage of the opening, the nevermore flapped its wings and fired its feathers at the now downed girl. Acting quickly Naruto and Sarada gave each other a glance communicating their roles without speech. Sarada leaped in front of the deathstalker just as Naruto made it in front of the oncoming spear-like feathers. Acting in sync naruto raised both hands "Shinra-Tensei," repelling the feathers.shortly after this happened Sarada's eyes began to bleed as an ethereal rib cage and arm formed around her just in time to stop the stinger in its tracks.

Running over to help ruby Weiss began to tear into the girl." You are so childish. And dim-witted, and hyperactive, and don't even get me started on your fighting style." "Ehem, princess get to the point," Naruto said interrupting. Blushing Weiss continued," And I suppose, I can be a bit... difficult... but if we're going to do this, we're going to have to do this together. So if you quit trying to show off, I'll be... more agreeable."

Growing another arm out of the rib cage Sarada delt the deathstalker a devastating right hook turning to the pair. "If you don't mind moving like now please!?"

Quickly moving out of the way Weiss and Ruby make it back to the group they hear a roar of pain to there left. Where the chimera was to see a trench in the ground. Looking to the other end of the trench, they saw Naruto; one handheld outstretched Huffing deeply.

"D...Did you just kill that thing?" Weiss timidly stuttered out uncharacteristically.

Acting like he was catching his breath, Naruto responded. "No, but I did blast it a fair distance away we need to run. All I did was piss it off. And this clearing is a bad place to fight no cover."

As if to confirm his statement, they heard another deafening roar and rumbling coming from the same direction.

"Uh, Kid I've got some bad news." Kurama relayed through the bond.

"I know we got another one coming and it's growing more powerful as it approaches it must have sensed that last attack I used," Naruto replied as he and Sarada ran to the group.

As the group ran through the forest with the three Grimm on their tail and a fourth on the way. Naruto and Sarada glanced to each other nodded then naruto spoke to the group." alright I've got a plan, but none of us are going to like it.there is a fourth Grimm making its way here Pyrrha, broody boy, castle queen and I will run intercept on it.

"my name is ren, and this is nor-" ren tried to explain as Nora covered his mouth." shhh ren Castle Queen is fine." as Naruto continued to explain his plan.

"Right, anyways Ruby, princess(getting a blush from the said girl), Blake, and Yang take the murder bird. Jaune, jacket guy, bowler hat, and shield girl take the Sasori."

"You could at least get our names you know I'm Simin, not jacket guy, and this is Brandon."

Huffing at another interruption naruto gave in and complied." right the name is Naruto Uzumaki good to meet you Brandon, Simin. And you are my lady…"

With a small smile, she introduced her self, "I'm Lysette."

Sarada pitched in." Vella and I will take … um, I'm sorry, but I didn't get your names I'm, and this is my partner villa?"

The girl in purple introduced herself and her partner "Ah, I'm Ragora, and this is Lycan I wish we could have met under better circumstances."

a shrill inhuman scream was heard by all as they began to split up.

"Naruto what was that?" Pyrrha asked

"That was the fourth Grimm that's on its way here we're going to intercept it so it can't get any bigger," Naruto answered while searching his pouch for supplies.

Finding the explosive notes and wire, he gave the wire and tags to Ren." here take these when we make it into the next clearing set up a perimeter around us with the wire and tags with only one way in for it."

Ren, for his part, looked strangely at the notes and wire and nodded his head.knowing that they had a purpose.

"What do you mean it's getting bigger?" Pyrrha asked as she took in the information.

"I don't know what it is, but its power started really small, so I ignored it but its been seeking out other Grimm and I guess eating them or absorbing them because it feels bigger now."

This caught Ren's attention, and in an attempt to probe for information he asked." Naruto said you felt its presence what did you mean by that exactly?"

Stunned at Ren's perceptive question Naruto answered," I can sense aura and negative emotions. Its something I was born with and trained extensively. And the thing that we are going to ambush has been gaining more malice every time it comes across other pockets of the hate in this forest. Also, those tags are unique. Put them inked side up there explosives in case this thing tries to escape.

As they worked to ready the clearing, the grim was lashing out and ripping its way through the forest. Naruto signaled Kurama. "Are you sure we should be doing this Naruto? I mean using my killing intent will send it straight towards you and the brats."

"Yes Kurama we can't let it prey on the grim in this forest it's getting stronger, and soon the kids won't be able to handle this thing. If that happens, we will have to show more of our cards than we would like. I don't want to use your chakra or any other weapons I have yet. Do it! "

Naruto responded back setting up the last of the traps. And with a surge of chakra and malice, the Grimm changed directions and headed straight towards them. A surge of chakra caught his attention. Letting him know that Sarada's battle was underway. And theirs is about to begin.
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