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chapter 7: trials of the Emerald forest part 3 of 3

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three separate battles are wage and the hopefuls fight with their lives on the line

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chapter 7: trials of the Emerald forest part 3 of3

Watching as Naruto lead his team off in the direction of the fourth Grimm. Sarada's team turned and took shots at the Chimera Grimm getting its attention. Luring the creature off to another clearing with rocky the beast plowed its way into the clearing Sarada gave her orders." Vella keep your distance and distract that tail I don't want it getting any of us." "on it," Vella responded, taking off into the trees to get a vantage point. "Lycan, Ragora we'll hit it hard."

Sarada commanded as the two followed her lead and charged.

As Vella started to spray it down with covering fire. Lycan got to the creature first. With a mighty leap, he jumped over the beast first head angling himself towards the second head. Using his clone semblance, he pushed off the clone as his gauntlets mecha-shifted and his blades came out. Making a slash at its face grazing it as it jumped to the left. And right into the path of Ragora who's weapon mecha-shifted into its glaive form. As she was about to strike its flank, the serpent's head struck out and coiled around her. With fangs poised and dripping with venom, it was about to strike. When for bolts rang out and hit the snake in the head dazing it. Causing it to loosen its grip on Ragora.who dropped to the ground and rolled away from the trampling hoofs of the Chimera. Getting to her feet, she gave a thumbs up." thanks for the save Vella." taking another few shots at the Chimera she responded." no problem, but are you kidding me this thing armor is thick I was trying to take that thing tail off. I barely left a mark."

After hearing the remark, Ragora couldn't help but smile at the girl distracting the Grimm by showering it with rounds.

"Yah your right I can barely scratch it ." Lycan exclaimed ducking under a sweep of the tail as he tried to get in close from the rear." jumping back Sarada called to the others.

"I have a plan Lycan can you deal with that tail?" "yah I got just the thing." "right Vella I need you to pin it down can you do that it only needs to be immobile for a moment. I'll pierce that armor on its head, and Ragora can you finish it. Getting nods from the other two girls. Sarada sheathed her chokutō, getting ready to finish the battle.

Vella used her semblance, and a glyph appeared on the magazine in her hand switching out her ammo. She fired four rounds into the ground just in front of the Grimm. With another few shots fired into the soft flank of the Chimera imparted glyphs into the beast flesh. And it was pulled to the glyph markings on the ground.

Now immobile Sarada took the time to weave the hand signs for her father's signature technique Monkey → Dragon → Rat → Bird → Ox → Snake → Dog → Tiger → Monkey, she intoned (Chidori). And with that, the battlefield was filled with the sounds of chirping birds.

Taking off at high speeds, she cut a path straight towards the beast head counting on her team to cover her. As she was about to strike the head, the serpent poised to strike her down. Lycan moving quickly used a clone to take the blow as he jumped off it.using a second clone to enhance his blow the pair came down on the base of the tail reinforcing the strike with fire dust cutting off the tail at the base.

Just as Lycan made his move, Sarada made it to the head as the Chimera opened its maw to fire a ball of fire in desperation. Predicting this jumped using the snout as a foothold to strike the Chidori home at the base of its neck shattering the armor there. Jumping of soon after the strike

The grim now enraged Grimm started to thrash around violently. Straining Vella's hold." guys hurry up i can't hold it there forever." managing to turn its head to the now stationary vella.opening its jaws wide it fired a blast in her direction.just as it was about to hit a purple blur hit her square in the right side knocking her out of the way.leaning up on her side, "gahh, owww what hit me?" feeling a tongue licking the left of her face .turning her head she saw a floating ram head. "sorry Vella I couldn't get to you myself so I sent my familiar." Ragora called out to the girl dodging another fireball. Her familiar fired two shots at the beast giving cover fire as it made its way back to its master.

Panting the strain deeply was now showing on Vella's face no longer able to move on her hands and knees," guy's, please hurry!" she begged.

Ragora's familiar finally made its way to her and latched itself onto the back of her glaive. And began to charge energy. With her preparations ready, she ran towards the Chimera. Dodging to the left of a fireball she got in close to the neck of the beast. Dragging her glaive on the ground. With a manic grin on her face. She squeezed the trigger on her glaive as her familiar released its stored energy all at once. This action increased the already ludicrous power of the strike. Swinging her glaive upwards through the beast's neck. Decapitating the monster in one blow. Then she brought the blade down on the second head In the next blow. Cracking the ground with the strike.

With the Grimm now dead she began to sway and fall. When Lycan caught the girl," thanks, Lycan."

With the battle now done, Vella finally collapsed" yay we're done now right?"

Hearing this Sarada shook her head." no, we should go help one of the other teams there still fighting we'll rest for a bit then go help the others ."

With a groan, Vella rolled over onto the back, giving a thumbs up," kay."

Hearing the rumbling and with his team's preparation now done, he drew a kunai. Suddenly the rumbling stopped then the massive Grimm burst through the trees with an enormous roar. The Grimm was massive with eight heads with bone-like armor plating it from every head down to what looked like a mask of some kind with eight glowing eyes on its chest. Four massive legs and with claws that looked like they could shred a bus. Fangs dripping with venom. With speed belying its enormous frame, it struck first aiming to kill them all at once. Only to hit a wall of air as naruto acted quickly flashing through hand signs Tiger → Ox → Dog → Rabbit → Snake inhaling and exhaling a blast of wind and intoning to himself (Fūton: Daitoppa!). The blast of wind hit the beast head on stunning it.

"Pyrrha, Ren, Nora move now!" naruto called out as he moved in jumping he enhanced his kunai with wind chakra. And with years of precision cut one of the daiseds heads off. Avoiding a head that came at him while he was still mid air with skilled use of wind chakra. He landed on one of the other heads as two more were going to strike him from behind." eat this!" When the two leaders were hit with a pink explosion and destroyed courtesy of Nora.

Naruto then jumped off the head, rejoining his team. They saw the stumps bubble and hiss as they grew six more heads.

"We're gonna need more firepower guys I need a moment." naruto exclaimed as he pulled out a scroll from one of his many pouches. "right fearless leader," Nora exclaimed happily as she shifted her grenade launcher into hammer mode. Unfurling the scroll and biting his thumb. And with a puff of smoke, a small gourd appeared. The others seeing this grimaced slightly at the method of retrieval. "Alright I'm ready Pyrrha you with me we're going to restrain it."

Nodding her head, Pyrrha disengaged from combat running over to naruto." what do I need to do naruto."

Naruto's only answer was the popping of the cork on the gourd bringing forth an amount of sand that should have been impossible for the gourd to hold." Pyrrha this sand is special it as metal in it iron to be more specific we're going to use this to push it over to the kill zone."

"But it's going to be difficult for me to use so much metal. Naruto I don't know if I can do it."

With a grin, naruto grabbed Pyrrha's hand giving it a squeeze." don't worry I'm here it's not just you here it's you and me, we're going to do this together." with that, he channeled his power through Pyrrha boosting her own.

The sand surged forth, blocking a blow that would have killed ren as he shot the beast. Seeing the waves push the monster back towards the explosives he set, he grabbed the overzealous Nora pulling her back.

Each strike of the beast was blocked by the sand as it thrashed about. The very terrain was slowly shifting into that of a desert. With one last effort on naruto and Pyrrha's part, the pair pushed it into the zone. In a cacophony of noise and light, the tags went off. Thousands senbon pierced the beast flesh blinding it. Due to naruto's unique anti-personnel tags.

The combination of pain from explosives. The loss of its sight caused the hydra Grimm to go into a rage. Thrashing about with its heads lashing out on anything that got near.

"Naruto got any plans ?" Pyrrha asked now tired and gasping for breath.

"Well that was part of my plan next we crush the heads since we can't cut them off. Ren, pyrrha your gonna finish this thing off while we crush the heads. Nora, it's hammer time." with a squeal of glee, Nora took off a hammer in hand.

After naruto relaid his plan. The sand surged forth stopping one of the heads from crushing Nora. As the sand slowly consumed the head.naruto intoned "(Sabaku Kyū)," as Nora jumped and using the recoil from her hammer to gain even more height. At the apex of her jump, she came down on another head, crushing its skull in. Sand surged forth and surrounded the hydra as naruto made the ram seal he intoned "(Gokusa Maisō)."

Pinning all of the heads and the body with the sand. Running along one of the heads, Pyrrha jumped off, throwing her spear into the bone mask on its chest. Following her lead ren thrust the spear into the beast with a palm strike. Nora finished the beast by driving the spear through its core. With the blow of her hammer and its recoil. Driving the weapon clear through the hydra and into the sand behind it.

With the battle now over a jubilant Nora declared. "That was awesome! can we do it again?"

Hearing her caused her the group to laugh as they relaxed. Now done with there battle. Naruto felt out Sarada through the connection they have with the bijū. "Naruto, What's wrong?" Sarada asked through her link to him.

Through the bond, naruto relaid his intent. "My team is going to help the others we will be there soon." Nodding her head, Sarada gave her response. "Ok naruto we will head there when we can."

"Pyrrha, Ren, Nora, we need to make sure the others are ok." naruto announced to the group. The group then took off at a run.

When they got to the cliffs where ruby and Jaune's teams where Naruto couldn't help but be impressed at the display of competence of the groups.

Weiss has frozen the tail to the nevermore in place at the base of the cliff face. And they used blake's ribbon to act as a slingshot for ruby. As Weiss fired ruby like a human bullet at the Grimm. Weiss then used her glyphs to give Ruby a surface to run up the cliff and decapitate the nevermore landing on the top of the cliff.

The battle that did surprise him was Jaune's intuitive leadership and battle instincts. Despite the inexperience of the boy. His instincts were such that it reminded Kurama of naruto." oi brat the kid isn't half bad. He reminded me of you when you were younger." "yeh, but I wasn't that bad. I think we'll help him out and make him a power like no other."

Hearing this caused Kurama to laugh internally and glared at blondie with a sort of sadistic glee." oh this is going to be fun." he thought to himself.

(10 min earlier).

Jaune was panicking internally, he thought to himself. (shit shit shit what am I gonna do? I was not prepared for this.) Rolling out of the way of a giant claw. Seeing the others engage the deathstalker. All Jaune could do was watch. Lyssette was dancing around the creature trying to immobilize its legs. While Brandon was focused on its stinger shooting at the appendage. And Simin was trying to get in close for a head-on blow with swords he conjured from the dust inlays on his clothes. Then it came to him seeing their different abilities. "Guys I have a plan."

Blocking a blow from a claw with her shield, Lysette said. "if you have a plan, we're all ears Jaune."

"Uh… right Lysette, Simin I need you to freeze that thing as best as you can." acting immediately on the orders Jaune had given. Lysette ran to the left side of the deathstalker as Simin ran to its right. Channeling her semblance and ice dust through her wrist-mounted blade tapping the ground with the sword and a wave of ice covered the beast.

Simin followed her soon after channeling the remaining ice dust he had into one massive spear that he threw at the monster. When the spear lodged itself in the ice, it exploded into a shower of freezing rain hardening and strengthening the ice. Leaving Simin gasping from the effort

"Ok, Simin I need you to use your fire dust to shatter it.

The ever calm Brandon spoke up." I can help with that my semblance let Simin rest."

Stepping in front of the frozen deathstalker, he mecha-shifted his gun into its sword form, shifting his stance, his sword began to glow a cherry red. Then white as he focused his semblance. Taking a breath, he took off dashing towards the monster. Swinging his blade, he cleaved the Grimm and ice in halving horizontally. It then started to crack and then shatter. Brandon dropped to one knee gasping for air.`` God… remind me next time I volunteer to do something like that not to. As a matter of fact, hit me next time."

Naruto and Sarada made their way down to the groups. "good job you guys, but we should probably get back to the relics and grab some for ourselves because I counted my students than relics." hearing this they all paled and ran to get a relic.


After managing to get a relic, Naruto finds himself on a stage in the auditorium. Casually listening to Ozpin announce the teams.

"Russell thrush, Cardin Winchester, Dove Bronzewing, Sky Lark the four of you retrieved the black bishop pieces, and together you shall be known as team CRDL (cardinal) lead by Cardin Winchester."

Watching team CRDL walk off the stage as Ozpin announced the next team.

"Jaune Arc, Lysette Atratus, Brandon Charbonneau, Simin Megistus the four of retrieved the black knight pieces. Together you shall be known as team aacm (alchemy). And you shall be lead by Jaune arc."

This announcement of the leader of his team had shocked Jaune to his core. As he lamely walked off the stage speechless as Ozpin continued to name the final teams.

"Sarada Uchiha, Lycan Arcadia, Vella Moisia, Ragora Cinarum together you collected the white bishop pieces and together you shall be known as team SLVR (silver) lead by Sarada Uchiha." as clapping was heard throughout the auditorium. Naruto couldn't help but think of how proud his old friend would be if he could see Sarada now. And it reminded him of the promise he made to always watch over the girl. Watching them walk off the stage as Ozpin continued.

"Naruto Uzumaki, Pyrrha Nikos, Nora Valkyrie, lie Ren you collected the white rook pieces, and you shall be known as team NNPR (Nephrite) led by Naruto Uzumaki." now walking onto the stage himself Naruto couldn't help but grin to himself. As Nora hugged ren and Pyrrha playfully punched him in the shoulder. He habitually rubbed the back of his head bashfully and walked off the stage to the applause of the audience.

"Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, Yang Xiao Long you collected the white knight pieces, and together you shall be known as team RWBY(ruby) … lead by ruby rose."

While the formation of the team did not surprise anyone. The announcement of the team leader, however, did it was met with shock from ruby and Weiss. Indifference from blake. Yang was the most vocal of them all as she hugged her sister. "I'm so proud of you."

Ozpin's last words were mostly for himself as congratulated the ladies personally they, however, where heard loud and clear by the two shinobi and one kitsune." It looks like this is going to be an interesting year."
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