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Chapter 8:living arrangements and the first day

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it's moving day at beacon

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Chapter 8: living arrangements and the first day

Walking down the hallway with a giddy Nora. Naruto, Pyrrha, and ren made it to there room without incident. Surprised that teams RWBY, SLVR, and AACM all had rooms nearby. Upon opening the door, naruto immediately had issues with the place. It was too small for all their things, sighing at the headache this was going to cause. He walked in and removed a scroll from his vest.

Opening the scroll on the nearest desk caught the attention of Pyrrha and Nora who hovered over him. Biting his thumb caused them to grimace as he smeared the blood over a seal containing his supplies.

With a puff of smoke, his Fūinjutsu supplies came out." naruto, why did you do that, and what are those brushes for?"Pyrrha questions him as the smoke cleared.

Naruto picked up a book that came with the supplies and tossed it to her called Uzumaki Fūinjutsu for dummies an essential guide to Fūinjutsu and its many uses. "Hear read this Pyrrha start at chapter one for beginners and skip to chapter 20 I highlighted the sections to make it easier to understand. Now before you unpack, please step outside while I am working. I really don't want to make any mistakes."

Nora raised her hand like an exuberant child asked," what do you mean by mistakes?"

In response the question, naruto said." well it could be anything from splinching, to turning the whole school into a giant bomb. Or my least favorite becoming stuck in the space between spaces."

With that, naruto pushed them out of the room, not letting them get any more words in. sticking a sign that read." work in progress do not disturb!" on the door and placing a tag on the below it for good measure

About an hour passed with Pyrrha reading the book getting paler at the section she was reading. seeing how disturbed she was, ren looked over her shoulder." what's wrong, Pyrrha?"

The pale girl looked at him and grimaced.`` I just got to the part about what could go wrong in there, and splinching is what happens. When anything that has to do with time-space Fūinjutsu goes wrong. And that's one of the better things that can happen to you."

She then handed the book over to ren, and he read the definition of splinching: is the result of a malfunctioning seal matrix or the result of an error in seal matrix design involving space-time Fūinjutsu. Symptoms of splinching are as follows: dismemberment of any kind. Disembowelment, loss of hair, turning inside out, or death. Upon reading the description, ren was glad that Naruto had kicked them out.

About thirty more minutes had passed, and a teacher had come upon the trio sitting in the hallway. Nora was now napping in ren's lap as Pyrrha continued to read. "Good evening students I am professor port. Can you tell me why you are sitting out here in the hallway? you're not in trouble as classes don't start until Monday and there is no curfew on weekends."

"Ah, yes, our team leader is "working" on our room," Pyrrha answered.

Scratching his head at the vague response professor port knocked on the door to try and get a clarification on the situation from the source. After no response, he decided to open the door only to fall over with a yelp unable to move.

Panicking and recognizing the effects from one of the tabbed pages. Pyrrha knocked on the door of team SLVR hoping that Sarada was still awake.

Waking up to pounding at their team door, a disgruntled Ragora answered." what you want!"

"We need to talk to Sarada it's urgent. It's about naruto," Pyrrha relayed to the drowsy girl.

Sighing to herself Sarada got out of bed her Sharingan active to help her see in the dark of the room walked to the door. Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, she looked to Pyrrha," naruto?"

Nodding to the implied question, Pyrrha directed the two to the paralyzed professor.

Staring dully at the professor Sarada looked to Pyrrha letting out a sigh." he touched the door didn't he?" getting another nod as an answer Sarada let out another sigh." he'll be okay it will wear off in two or three hours. That tag is an Uzumaki special he just got hit with a paralysis tag don't let anyone open the door, or it will get worse. I'll stay here make sure dumb-dumb here doesn't choke on his own drool."

After another forty minutes, they could hear the distance taping of a cane and clicking of heels on the floor. Turning their heads to the sight of professor Goodwitch and the headmaster of beacon himself. " good evening children you wouldn't have seen a professor port have you?

Ozpin said sipping on his ever-present mug of coffee courtesy of one blonde Uzumaki.

Lazily Sarada pointed in the direction of the professor. Propped up against a wall drooling on to his suit and floor. "He's stuck like that for now. He has about two hours left."

As amusing as the whole situation was he could not help but question how a member of his staff wound up like this." miss Uchiha if you could clarify things for us."

With a groan, she got up and went over to the locked door. "The professor touched this despite the sign."

Before he could inquire more Sarada handed him a copy of the same book Pyrrha was currently reading. Questioning to himself where she could have had it as she was now wearing a blue silk nightgown.

Skimming through the section on the tags briefly to assure himself that Peter was going to be was about to ask more questions the door in question opened And naruto walked out. Turning to the young man noticing the tired look on his face and the fact that he was rather pale. Worried for the young blonde overtook him." Mr. Uzumaki are you alright?"

Nodding his head naruto raised a finger to postpone any further turned and kneeled down on the floor and bit his thumb and placed his hand on the odd circle of characters.

Ozpin fascinated at the script that scrolled the walls. As it was slowly disappearing. No not disappearing shrinking and condensing itself into the ring on the ground.

With a twist of his hand, naruto finalized the seal. Standing up, he closed the door, removed the tag and channeled chakra into the door and opening it.

After opening the door What was once just a simple door room. Was now a long hallway with several doors.

The flash of light had attracted the attention of team RWBY and the rest of team SLVR who were all dumbstruck at the new room. Before anyone could ask how. Naruto had walked down the hallway where he turned a corner. And disappeared and a door was heard closing.

The dumbstruck group rushed after him save Sarada who turned and walked back to her the door close the group tried to open the door, but the door would not give. They then tried Knocking on the door only for no one to answer.

Pyrrha noticing the small script in the top left corner flipped through the book she was given. Finding the section, she read it. Fūin Kekkai: is the incorporation of barriers into techniques. Essentially these techniques allow the users to manipulate Barriers. The user can erect barriers that can be used to protect themselves or to trap an opponent amongst other various uses. She then spoke up," headmaster, according to this book, nothing we do will open that door."

Not believing her Glynda used her semblance to try to open the door from the inside the door rattled violently for a moment but stayed shut. Huffing at her failure to open the door. She stalked off to get answers from the only source currently not there.

Skimming through his copy briefly Ozpin found the same section after reading it." it turns out is correct just let know to see me tomorrow. I do believe that it is safe for you to look around Good Evening."

After the headmaster left, they decided to take him up on the offer to look around the new dorm room. Going back around the corner came upon a living room with an attached dining room, and just beyond that was a massive kitchen.

Blinking blankly at the sheer impossibility of the sheer magnitude of what naruto had just done. They quietly moved on to the next room. To find it full of books and scrolls of all kinds, the number of books impressed one bow wearing black haired girl in particular that she left the group and secluded herself in the corner of the room to read.

After about an hour of exploring, they came back to the hallway with the four of what they now knew to be the other teams deciding to get their answers from naruto when he woke up they left.

The next morning a now refreshed naruto stumbled out of his room down the hall to he started to make the others got up they a delicious smell began to waft its way into there by the smell of food they stumbled their way into the trio naruto, with a wave greeted the trio.

"yo, guys sit down the food will be ready in a minute I gotta go get a straggler and teams RWBY and SLVR."

Heading to the library with a mug of coffee in hand. Naruto walked in and headed to the corner to find blake asleep tucked into sectional couch surrounded by books and scrolls.

Finding that the book in her hands was the one he had written about the sage of six paths and the moon goddess. He couldn't help but smirk a bit to himself.

Naruto leaned over to wake blake up, grabbing blake's shoulder to arouse her gently."hey there sleepy head time to wake up and smell the coffee."

Blearily opening her eyes the first thing that came to blake was the smell of spikey blonde hair as he handed her the mug of coffee." naruto, What's going on?"

"Well you're in my library, and I can't believe your team left you behind here. Or is it that you just broke in here to see me and got lost?" Blake tried to hide her blush at naruto's comment to no avail.

"Come on you must be hungry I'll take you to the kitchen and then get the other two tea-"

Before he could finish his statement, there was a ringing heard from the seal on the front door. "I'll be right back," naruto said as he left blake in the library.

Reaching the front door soon after he opened it to see teams SLVR, RWY, AACM all at his door which meant that rumors about the dorm room would quickly spread. Letting them in he gave them all a greeting and had them follow him to the library to pick up the B of RWBY. Heading into the kitchen. He had them all take seats at the dining room table as he started to take out the food. Setting out the platters with eggs, bacon, pancakes, and a fruit salad. And with coffee, tea, orange juice, and grape juice.

After setting the table, Naruto sat at the head of the table next to Sarada. "So it appears you have some questions for me," Naruto stated as if he had no doubts about whether they had questions or not it was if it was fact.

In the silence that held the air ruby spoke up, "Is this apart of your semblance?"

"That would be a yes and no, it's an art learned by my clan it's known as Fūinjutsu or sealing Techniques the book I gave to Pyrrha is a basic explanation of what it does. As for my semblance its the ability to sign contracts of sorts with guardian spirits."

Raising his hand, Jaune asked," how many do you have?"

Coming to a quick conclusion, Naruto nodded his with a glowing palm he placed it on his stomach and turned the seal. "These are my partners Gyūki, Shukaku, Son Gokū, and Saiken, and you have all met Kurama. but he's kinda lazy and likes to sleep.

Nodding to the answer blake went next with his question "you said that you were apart of the Uzumaki clan? In the book, I read it mentioned the Uzumaki clan is what happened to your clan real? And if so is the story about the two brothers true as well?

After a brief moment of silence, Naruto sighed," the stuff in that book is valid for the most part it was used as a way to get the younger members of the clan to know our origins from what I was told. And yes, the story of the two brothers is true if you guys want to know more about what you can borrow the book. Also, I am the last Uzumaki, so I keep the traditions of my clan alive by preserving our history."

They ate as they digested the information when Weiss came up with a question." naruto I kind of understand how you but why where you so tired looking?

"Ah, I'll give you the second book on sealing. But the basic gist of it is to make powerful seals a master needs to use their own blood in a special ink that we then need to channel our aura into. And for something this big I had to use a lot of ink, blood, and aura."

After they finished eating naruto started to clear the table, and much to his surprise all of team RWBY and Pyrrha rushed to help. Seeing the look he was giving them, " what is with that look you cooked we can help clean up," Weiss stated.

Naruto just walked away grinning and never said a word. Causing Weiss to huff.

After they finished the dishes naruto headed for his room with Weiss and yang hot on his trail. Opening his door, he turned, "can I help you two."

"Well, I wanted to see your room foxy. But I don't know what lurid intentions princess has here."

A now blushing and sputtering Weiss tried to get a word in, but naruto just patted her on the head. And pushed her in the room.

The room was reasonably large with a bed and bookshelf on one wall and a desk on the other with a closet of average size. A restroom with an attached bath and a weapon rack that held seven swords of different a massive broadsword as tall as a man with two cutout sections. What looked like a large sewing needle. To a sword wrapped in bandages. Taking note of the odd weapons, Yang noticed the one covered in bandages and tried to touch it.

Naruto grabbed her hand, just shy of touching the blade saying. "I wouldn't touch that one if I were, you might get hurt." as spikes came out of the grip in response.

Nodding, in response to this, Yang, took a step back.

"So if your done snooping yang is there anything else I can help you with?" naruto asked leaning on the wall. " cause if not I am going to go see Ozzy the man obviously wants some answers. Then I need to go do some training."

The two girls soon left the room after and he changed into a black and orange copy of his old jumpsuit and started to leave. Seeing the others on his way out, he let them know his intentions"I am heading to see Ozzy. Then I am going to go train if you want to join me for a light work out meet me at the emerald forest cliffs around 9:30."

Hearing this put a smile on Pyrrha's face and ren nodded stoically as ever. While Nora was sleeping on ren's lap. Looking forward on how to explain things to Ozpin, he headed straight to the tower. After riding the elevator up. Naruto knocked on the headmaster's door." enter," hearing this naruto opened the door and entered the room. "Come in please sir we have quite a bit to talk about."

Sitting down in the chair, Naruto directed his gaze towards the headmaster. "So what do you want to know?" naruto asked the headmaster.

Surprised at the blunt and direct method taken by the young man in front of him, Ozpin quickly schooled his features." if you're going to be straight with me then. I read that book, and I understand the basics of these sealing arts as your clan calls them but what I don't understand is how it's possible for something like this to exist and yet no one has heard of your clan."

The room was suddenly filled with a sense of loss and dread when naruto looked into Ozpin's eyes. Letting out a sigh naruto told him about the basics of his clan. " what the book does not tell you is the history of my clan it starts with a man and his two children. The man had a powerful semblance that aspects of it were inherited by his two suns. The eldest inherited his eyes and the youngest his vitality and power. As time went on, the two grew up, and their father was dying. So he chose a successor. Of the two brothers, the elder of the two was a prodigy who devoted his time to gaining power and would do anything to get it. The younger was not as gifted and struggled and worked hard for everything. And found his strength through his bonds. The father chose the younger of the to as his heir. This enraged the elder who tried to kill his younger, not wanting to kill his brother tried to resolve it peacefully. Eventually, this feud attracted the creatures of Grimm who claimed one of the younger wives. The two had founded the Senju and Uchiha clans, and their semblances became two met in battle one last time, and the elder fell to throughout the ages the two clans killed each other. Until eventually two factions broke off and left the feuding Senju and Uchiha to die at the claws of the Grimm and each other. The one of the two clans wanting to leave the past behind renamed themselves the other to honor the dead kept there name of Uchiha as to never forget their history." pausing for a moment to let this sink in naruto continued."eventually the semblance of the Uzumaki evolved as they took on new peace never lasts and the surviving Uchiha from the feud found where the Uzumaki hid. They enlisted the aid of other clans and bandits and laid siege to the Uzumaki, and the grim came scattering the Uzumaki killing most. But a few found the village where I come from Konoha. that happened to founded by other surviving Senju that had made peace with the Uchiha that had broken off years far as I know I am the last Uzumaki alive since my mother was the only survivor of my clan to make it to Konoha as far as I know."

After naruto had told his 'edited' history to waited for Ozpin to speak. For Ozpin this revelation about clans as powerful as naruto's clans was unheard of in all the millennia he has lived. But the young man did say that the clans hunted each other into extinction. With most likely, the young ms. Uchiha and Mr. Uzumaki as the lone descendants of the two clans. Another thought came to his mind about this village Naruto had mentioned." you mentioned a village called Konoha. Just where is it exactly?"

Hoping beyond hope that he could gain more resources in the fight against Salem and her ilk. Ozpin hedged his concerns on the village was still there based on the caliber of the young man before him he would like more of the sort of warrior.

" it was destroyed not long after Sarada, and I left to travel." was the answer naruto gave Ozpin. The exact answer Ozpin did not want. Internally grimacing to himself he debated on what to do next if there could be survivors looking for them would be like trying to find a needle in a stack of that most powerful fighters had fallen with the village.

"If that is all you needed Ozzy I think I should go."

Hearing this Ozpin deciding to leave off the conversation on a lighter note asked."One moment Mr. Uzumaki, I would like to know one more thing. I would like to know exactly what you did to my coffee?"

Grinning at the question naruto smirked." nothing really I just replaced that swill you call coffee with an Uzumaki family blend I also left you months supply in a seal on the bottom of your mug if you can figure out how to open it. Later Ozzy!"

Then naruto ran out the door before Ozpin could get in another word.

Not believing him ozpin cautiously looked to the bottom of his favorite mug. Sure enough, there was a small, almost unnoticeable seal on the bottom of the mug in the center. Letting out a sigh, he grumbled about his now missing high-end name brand black ivory coffee that had cost him 500 lien per pound. And on how there would be many sleepless nights of studying to break he cried a bit on the unfairness of just how good the coffee was in comparison to his name brand knowing he could never go back now.

Naruto then took the scenic route to he was walking along the path he ran into the littlest reaper who plowed into him like a bull trailed by the Schnee princess. "Naruto I finally found you!"

"So Red, princess what can I help you with?"

"Uhh... I was wondering if you could make our room like yours?" Ruby asked using her infamous puppy dog eyes that had plied treats from even the most stubborn of foes.

"And I was hoping to watch I am interested in your seals they seem similar to my glyphs."

Wiess added her request.

Setting the young girl back on her feet while she gave him those damned eyes Naruto couldn't help but smirk. As the only weakness of the puppy eyes was a parent. And he was going to do the same for their floormates. "I was going to do so anyway, but I need some time to recover. I'll do so next weekend."

Ruby just happy that naruto agreed nodded her head and smiled. Weiss, however, caught on to the length of time needed to recover frowned a bit.

Seeing the look on Weiss's face, naruto came up with a devious plan. "Weiss do you remember what I said to you on the roof you look better with a smile." he then grabbed the girl and took off yelling to ruby before she could say anything." hey red I'll race you to the cliffs."

Seeing the challenge ruby took off at a run too. As naruto adjusted Weiss onto his back, speeding up. The trio raced all the way to the cliffs. Naruto slowed down just a bit to let the younger girl win." yes I win," ruby cheered while doing an odd dance. He put down Weiss down and walked over to his team." you guys ready?" naruto asked his team.

Getting nods from and his team was about to take off ruby piped up and asked."are you guys going to train can we join you?"

"Of course ruby today we are just doing an endurance training." naruto said as he patted the girl on the head. "So we're going to be doing tree running. We will be making a loop through the forest, you don't have to worry about keeping up today is all about seeing where your stamina is at." naruto explained then he jumped off the cliff. Weiss for her part thought to herself"how hard could this possibly be." not knowing that by the days end she like many would come to know naruto as a taskmaster who would be a sadist when it came to training.

In the first hour alone Weiss had struggled with her heels catching on roots and the unfamiliar territory of training known as tree running. Even though she had done many things in heels. Making their way back to the cliffs, she was surprised that the infuriating blonde had not yet broken a sweat. However, almost everyone was gasping for breath, and her ribs were hurting. But what had caught her off guard was what he had announced next.

"All right I have seen where you are at so next shirts off I need to draw some seals."

"...uwawa why!" Ruby squeaked out now turning red.

"I am going to draw on some resistance, gravity and weight seals for training you can get your sister and blake to come by later to get theirs I just need access to your backs and your arms and legs. It won't take long." naruto explained, unzipping his jacket and taking off his mesh armor to show the seals and some scars. The most noticeable of them being the ones on his chest where his heart is and a circular scar around his right bicep. Channeling his chakra to make the seals appear showing the intricate and ever forming spirals that met on his back.

After getting them to agree naruto began to work starting with ren who has gained three rings on each limb that were just the beginnings of spirals meeting on a smaller seal on his back. Norra excited about the whole thing had almost stripped naked only stopped by ren and had gotten four on her legs and six on her arms. Repeating the process for Pyrrha, she had gotten four on her legs and five on her arms.

Turning to the other girl's naruto noticed how uncomfortable they were with the whole thing "I can turn around while you both get ready and Weiss you can take my jacket." taking the jacket the two girls then covered their fronts as best they could. As he drew the lines on Weiss, she jumped when he made it to her back, making two lines on her wrist and three on her legs. He repeated the same process to ruby, giving her three on her arms and four on her legs.

When he was done he channeled his chakra to each of the seals to finalize them and showed them how to turn the seals on, and everyone was dressed and wanting to know more about seals Weiss "Hey naruto what's wrong with these seals I don't feel any different," staring at where the seal had once been before it disappeared.

Not noticing the grin naruto had he formed the half ram seal and suddenly they all collapsed to the ground. Struggling to move as naruto walked off the jacket in hand."don't forget training after class tomorrow later." were the last words naruto said to them as he disappeared.
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