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Chapter 9: the sunny dragon makes its move and the first day of class

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class starts and moves are made

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Chapter 9: the sunny dragon makes its move and the first day of class

After a prank well played and a trip to the dorms for a shower. And a change of clothes Naruto headed to his library to get some casual reading done. A few hours later, Kurama walked in and hopped into his lap. "Brat we need to talk." Kurama communicated through their bond. Naruto waited for the fox to continue as he got comfortable. "I know you sensed whatever was in that bunker it felt like the other three signatures we felt when we came to this world, but this one is fading. I would say that this person has about a year or two left at best. What do you want to do about it? This could be the time to complete one of the projects you were working on."

However, before Naruto could give his answer, the door was blown off the hinges by a furious blonde dragon. Running over to Naruto, she lifted him by his collar. Cocking her arm back for a blow. with red in her eyes, she growled." explain what you did to my sister now!"

"Ah, you mean the seals I used or do you mean the training because I don't understand what you're so mad about."

Yang was about to punch naruto for his answer when a red missile tackled into a book shelve the enraged dragon yelling," Yang no it's a misunderstanding!"

"gahh, Ruby, what do you mean!" Yang wheezed out ribs now hurting due to the slight girl's impact. and the books that fell on the pair.

Seeing the mess, he would now have to clean up and lamenting the fact that he could not use his clones lest he shows even more of his hand. Naruto let out a long sigh and slapped a seal on the two using his chakra with just a touch. Quickly using the halve ram seal the girls found themselves sitting in seiza hands behind their backs and unable to move. Naruto Pinched the bridge of his nose. He was determined to get to the bottom of this as the rest of team RWBY walked in.

Naruto pointed to the only level headed ones in the room." explain now please the princess."

"Well, when we finally made it back to our room after learning how to walk no thanks to you again. Ruby explained her haggard state to Yang and what seals you put on us and how you applied them. But I am betting she stopped listening at the point where we had to strip our tops. And that was when Yang stopped listening and came after you like a bull seeing red. And we followed trying to stop her." as Weiss continued to explain the situation Yang had time to calm down and realized that she was in the wrong. Cursing her protective streak after seeing the damage to the door and realizing that she had kicked in the door to get in here in the first place had most likely damaged the door and wall as well.

Letting out another sigh naruto turned to the pair and said." look this is just one big misunderstanding, and I am going to let you go ok don't worry about any damage I'll fix it later."

Getting nods from the two he added." since the two of you are here, I can give you the training seals as well so what do you say blake, Yang?"

"ok, sure."

Leading them to his room to get his supplies, he showed them to the bathroom so they could get towels to cover themselves and had blake lay down on his bed first. "Since I don't know what your stamina and strength are at, I will only be giving you my standard three rings."

As he drew the interconnecting rings around each of her wrists Weiss was hovering over him analyzing the design of the characters as the went up to Blake's arms and lead to a sigil on her back then he connected them to seals on her legs placing a bloody digit in the center sigil on her back. He finalized the seal, making the script flow back into three interconnected rings like spirals. On her arms and legs and the sigil morphed into Blake's emblem. Repeating the process for Yang as he added four circles and the control sigil on her back. Now with questions, as he left the room, Weiss followed letting the girls get dressed in peace.

"Naruto I have a few questions about your seals. And I was wondering how they compared to my glyphs? "

"Well, Weiss how exactly do your glyphs work? Do you have to assemble them yourself or do you think it and bam your aura does the rest for you?" thinking on the questions that naruto had asked her Weiss paused for a moment then answered. "For ones I am most comfortable with, I can summon the effects without much thought. But for more complex ones they take time and practice. I also need time for experimentation for new glyphs then there is the different effects dust has on my glyphs." her eyes widened a bit at the implications of how similar the two abilities where.

"We're going to have to talk about this later we have so much to go over naruto." Weiss then left muttering theory to herself.

As blake and ruby left Yang was standing there nervously," hey i-is there anything I can do to help?

Walking up to his desk, he pulled out his sealing supplies. "this won't take too long to fix that the beauty of seals, although this is a temporary fix. Would you like to watch then we can make dinner and get the others."

Walking down to the door, he started his work as Yang looked on in amazement. In about ten minutes, the wall and door were back to normal.

After walking into the kitchen, naruto started to pull the ingredients out from the fridge. and wanting to be useful, Yang asked. "what can I do to help?"

"Well you can put on the other apron and wash the rice there is a rice cooker over there in the cabinet to your left."

With a smile, Yang did as instructed as he pulled out a whole salmon and started to descale and debone it in just minutes. Getting more instruction, she began to work on the miso soup as he quickly diced and shredded cabbage and pickled radish and carrots for a slaw. As they finished, he grilled the fish and asked Yang to get everyone for dinner.

By the time that Yang had arrived with everyone. The plates where set and food was on the table again. With everyone eating and had a good time all around. The food was so good Ruby was stuffing her face like an adorable chipmunk. After finishing dinner, Yang went to help clean up. Soon after finishing the dishes, Yang pulled Naruto off to his room as everyone was hanging out watching tv or in the library playing a board game.

Noticing her stiff posture and the fidgeting the girl was doing.” Yang what's wron-." before he could finish his question, Yang pulled him down and kissed him. Instinctively he deepened the kiss and held her in his arms. Making out until the need for air became overwhelming and the two separated for air. "Naruto'' I love you. You treat me like a woman rather than some trophy. And I have never felt this way about anyone el-." before she could say anymore naruto interrupted her.

"Yang we cant you don't even know me, and there are things about me you don-."

Angry at the rejection, she kissed him to stop Naruto from speaking. "Yes, there are things I don't know, but I don't care. And I won't care even if you were my dad's age. You should know by now I'm greedy and(kiss) I take what (another kiss) I want and (kiss) I never let go. So foxy you're stuck with me!" grinning as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Taking her arms from around his neck, Naruto closed his eyes and let out a sigh. "there is no way for me to talk you out of this is there?"

"Ha not on your life Foxy!." Yang chirped going in for another kiss before naruto stopped her. Pressing his two fingers to her lips, he looked her in the eyes and said. "If you want this then there is something you need to know first." walking over to his desk Naruto moved the chair out of the way and pressed his hand to a seal underneath the desk. He Retrieved a large scroll. Setting the open scroll on the counter. He turned to her and took her by the hand and led her to the scroll.

"This is my clans scroll it shows every member of my clan since before it founding as an official clan it automatically updates itself showing my relation to the sage." pointing to the line on the scroll that shows his relations. Then he showed her his name on the scroll. "this is me and these where my wives and children."

Taking a step back at the revelation, Yang tried to come up with a logical answer for the information naruto had given. "ok so you're like a thousand years old or something. And you had three wives?" "I'm 157, and I had three at the same time due to clan laws and politics," Naruto added.

"Right so three at the same time because of politics and rules. Heh, I certainly know how to pick em. Like I said earlier Foxy your mine even if I have to share. They will have to be mine as well." Yang surged forwards, her lips found his. They soon broke apart, and the grinning blonde took a step back, putting her hands on her hips and made her intentions clear. "even if you don't love me yet. Naruto Uzumaki your mine and I'll have to make you fall in love with me! It just looks like I have to make some plans of my own."

Yang then strode out of the room, leaving a dumbstruck blonde behind.

Later that night in team RWBY dorm after Yang snuck back in.

"I know your awake Yang." turning over in her bed; Yang came to face the princess of her team. "You were alone with naruto for a long time. What did you say to him?" Weiss questioned the blonde. Grinning to the snowy-haired beauty, she got out of her bed and crept over to Weiss's bed and told her. "it's simple I just told him how I feel, and I am guessing you feel the same if so your not going to have much luck. But for what it's worth may the best woman win!" she then leaned down and kissed Weiss knowing that a challenge would only prove to entice the girl into rash action and drive her insane slinking back to her bed, leaving the stunned girl speechless. unknown to the pair a blushing raven-haired bow wearing girl had heard everything.

The next morning found teams RWBY, AACM rushing to class as Ozpin and Glynda stood by.

Now in professor ports class, Grimm studies as the man droned on about stories from his youth. All Naruto could get was "in my day blah blah blah blah scary grim dead now blah blah." to him it was more like the man liked to hear himself talk. Before class had ended the professor had asked his students," now who among you feels that they have what it takes to be a true huntsman?" raising her hand in response Weiss declared," I do sir!"

"Excellent step-down and meet your opponent." stepping down to the front of the class, she saw the rumbling cage containing a Grimm of some kind. After prepping her self and drawing her rapier Myrtenaster.her teammates cheered her on "fight on" Blake cheered waving a little flag and Yang cheered "go, Weiss," and ruby exclaimed, "yah represent team RWBY." Annoyed at the cheering, "Ruby, I am trying to focus!" Weiss yelled. As the professor's ax came down on the lock breaking it and unleashing the Boarbatusk Grimm. Now free it began to charge Weiss who dodged out of the way and made a glancing blow to its flank as she avoided .rushing in for a frontal assault she clashed with the tusks of the Grimm. Getting her rapier stuck in the tusks, hearing ruby cheering again Weiss lost focus and was disarmed and thrown away as she was separated from her weapon. As the beast charged at Weiss, she jumped out of the way running for her sword as it hit one of the desks. as she reclaimed her sword ruby had exclaimed," Weiss goes for its belly there is no armor there!"

"Stop telling me what to do!"

Setting up one glyph in front of her and above herself as the Grimm made another rolling charge. It rammed straight into a glyph that reflected the beast. And Weiss jumped on the glyph that turned black, and she shot herself forwards impaling the Grimm on her sword. Killing it leaving it to disintegrate into dust as class ended. And Weiss left without saying a word.

Making his way out of the classroom naruto caught the tail end of the argument between Weiss and ruby "- Ozpin made a mistake." Weiss then walked off. Walking up to the now distraught reaper naruto comforted the girl. "Its ok ruby it's only been a day, and I am sure you will grow to be an excellent leader. Weiss wasn't made the leader because she doesn't know how to lead; she was not made leader because she doesn't know how to follow. Like you will grow to be a leader, she will grow too in her ways. I've got to go now red" patting ruby on the head. Naruto handed her off to Sarada and her team. Then stalked off to find Weiss. Ozpin hid just around the corner, listening in on the conversation and was impressed at what the young man's insight. Knowing that the two would now need more investigating.

After a brief search, he found Weiss in a stairwell leading up to a balcony. Following her up, he walked out onto the balcony sneaking right beside her he said, "it's a nice view is it not."

Hearing his voice when she had come up here to be alone had Weiss nearly jumping out of her skin. "Ahh… do you have to do that?!"

"Weiss we need to talk about you and ruby. And I just need you to listen to a story of mine. I'll do anything you want after ok?" noting the lack of the nickname she had grown fond of since they had started over she simply nodded her approval.

"Weiss, you and Ruby, remind me of the relationship I had with my best friend, Sasuke. We were rivals to the very end. Pushing each other to be our very best. You wouldn't believe it, but at first, we were like you and ruby. He was a skilled prodigy, and I was the idiot who didn't have much more than pure grit and determination," naruto said with a sad smile.

Looking out towards the sunset, naruto leaned on the rail and continued his tale.

"You know we had our ups and downs a lot of downs. But I know that I would have given my life if it meant that he could live even another minute longer. Just like he did for me, there was an attack on our village and to save the village and my life he chose to die in my stead. So I could help push back the attackers. That day his sacrifice saved many lives. The point of this story. Is that I don't want you to end up like my godfather and his team. The first was a prodigy who became so obsessed with the knowledge that he became a criminal delving into the darkest of depravity. The medic of the team became a drunk who gambled away fortunes due to loss after loss. My godfather became so obsessed with his work and finding his best friend turned bitter enemies that he never visited me until I was thirteen."

My point is that we all have choices to make, and you need to give ruby the chance to make them and follow. I am sure that you are a good leader but have you ever had to follow. Or make a tough choice? It's only been a day to give her time.

Nodding in response

"So you said you would do anything I asked right?"

"Y-yea I did," naruto said cautiously trying to figure out what the girl wanted from him.

Blushing up a storm Weiss made her demands thinking to herself." I won't let Yang beat me! fortune favors the bold." taking her first step to winning she stood up one hand on her hip and pointed the finger at Naruto and declared, "I want a date naruto just like yang, and I want you to be mine."

She then lunged forward to kiss him, and in her haste, she tripped over her own feet. And headbutted naruto as he caught her in an attempt to readjust for another kiss. "so next Friday after class I'll take you to vale?" naruto asked, holding his nose.

Panicking with embarrassment Weiss tried to check his nose. After assuring that he was ok, she blushed from head to toe as he kissed her forehead." later princess its a date then." Naruto left the girl frozen in shock and headed down the stairs.

Walking far enough that he would not be overheard. Kurama came and lept on to his shoulder.


"I made it down to the source of that power we sensed and it's a person. I don't like that man he's hiding something."

Sighing Naruto frowned not liking the situation.naruto sent a message to Sarada through their bond." Sarada oz is hiding things from us, and it's not looking good."

"... ok, what is our response going to be ."

"We will wait and watch for now ." after giving his mental affirmation, he continued his walk down the stairs Heading to the dorms to study.

Getting a knock on his door naruto got up from his desk and opened the door." how can I help you Yang." not saying anything she just grinned and pushed him into the room and closed the door. "can you do that thing to the door you did last time? I have a few questions." in response naruto formed the halve ram seal the room flashed briefly and was sealed in a privacy barrier. "There we can talk freely." naruto said after leading her to sit on his bed.

Nodding Yang began her questions." so what exactly are you?"

Naruto grimaced, Thinking about how to answer this simple question made his head technically he was human. Deciding that the best course of action was to start with the beginning.

"Well, to start with to understand what I am is simple yet extremely complicated. I am human, yet I am so much more. The book Blake was reading from my library is an extremely edited version." and so naruto began his tale. Telling her about his childhood, the origins of chakra, Biju, his past since he became a shinobi. And about the sage of the six paths and finally his best friend and brother Sasuke. Then finally how he was banished.

"So no aura but something called chakra. And your an alien to. And oh yay the most potentially powerful being is an extremely lazy fox .who I might add he likes to nap and is doing so in the corner." as Yang continued to complain about how unfair it was that she had such a complicated boyfriend. Naruto silenced her by kissing her and pulling her into his lap as they made out.

"I'm still not happy about more work, but I could get used to this."

"If it makes you feel any better, I am independently wealthy." blinking in disbelief, she asked." how exactly?"

Ah well you know how I said my godfather was a perv well he wrote books, and when we came here, I published the series here. Icha Icha Paradise is the name of the series, and it's under the pen name Gama Sennin." naruto said nervously.

"No way! My boyfriend is my favorite author." Yang squealed and tackled him and began a heavy makeout session.

The two stayed cuddled like that for about an hour before Yang spoke again. "So did the princess make her move yet?"

Naruto froze looking at her gobsmacked an eye twitching." I didn't think anything of it at the time, but it was you who put her up to it wasn't it."

With a cat that ate the canary grin on her face, she just kissed him again. And chirped, "yep" before hopping out of his lap and walking towards the door. Knowing she had to go, he released the seal, and she opened the door, and naruto escorted her to her room. "You know that I will be forced to get you back for this," Naruto whispered in her ear before nipping the lobe and running his hand down her back. Sending shivers down her spine. She sulked, knowing that she would need a cold shower now grumbling to herself on how unfair it is to get her all revved up like this and just leave.
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