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Chapter 10 the arrogant cardinal and the lion cub

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Chapter 10 the arrogant cardinal and the lion cub

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Chapter 10 the arrogant cardinal and the lion cub
Naruto was sitting in the combat class looking utterly disinterested in the current fight between Sarada and one of the team CRDL fuck-tards.thinking to himself and trying to remember the name of the cannon fodder." What was his name again Bissel no uhh... Thistle, ah Russel that's his name." and calling this a fight was an exaggeration. But for her part, Sarada gave the boy her attention. Stepping into his first strike, she stopped the blow from his right with a palm strike to his elbow. Catching him mid swing and delivered a single punch to his solar plexus. Modulating her strength to knock him out of the ring gasping for air and a few bruised ribs. The match had lasted only a minute, and she was really unimpressed at the standard of fighters here. In Konoha, she was already a seasoned Jounin by the age of seventeen working her way into becoming clan head and on the path to ANBU. From the stories that Karin and Jugo had told her about her father after his passing. Had he not left the village when he did, he would have made it to ANBU captain like his brother at sixteen. She was so deep into the thought that she was only broken from them when Glynda had announced her victory." ms. Uchiha is the winner of this fight. Russel, please do remember not to make such wide swings with your weapon they leave you wide open. You have a knife you should use it to your advantage."
Checking the time and knowing that she had time for one more spar. Glynda decided that she should get on with Ozpin's orders to observe and report any findings to the headmaster. And try and get a feel for the actual skill of two of the three enigmas in class. The third was not an enigma in the sense that he had any power or training whatsoever. It was just one of those things she would have to chalk up to Ozpin's eccentricities as his fascination with the arc heir was odd, to say the least as the family had not been fighters in two generations.
"Naruto, please come down, and your opponent will be Cardin."
From the look on the young man's face, he did not want to do this. As he walked down to the stage as slowly as possible." this match will be a one on one spar using the tournament rules. And you may continue until your Aura reaches the red, a ring out, or I call the match due to imminent harm or surrender."
After seeing the glimmer of hope in the eyes of the blonde Glynda could not help but get a sense of glee when she crushed his way out. "Only if your Aura reaches the yellow."
Crouching down grumbling to himself on how unfair when Glynda yelled at him." Naruto the match is about to start is you ready?!"
"I honestly don't see the point in this it will be over in a moment anyway. And I'm sure you will make up some arbitrary reason for this farce to continue. and make me beat up a guy who uses a whisk as a weapon."
Taking the mockery of his choice in weapon poorly Cardin growled out. "I am going to pound you into the ground!"
Naruto Deciding to take a page out of Kakashi's book. Digging a finger in his ear, he said. "Hmm did you say something?"
Sighing to herself at what she knew was an oncoming migraine. Glynda, for the first time in her career as a teacher, understood why Qrow was a daytime alcoholic as she began the match." fighters ready, start!"
Cardin rushed to wipe the smirk off the blondes face. He had only made it three steps before he was flung bodily from the ring. As naruto had raised a hand and his eyes flashed purple for a moment. The overhead screen then read out RING OUT! Stunning everyone in the audience at the speed at which the match had ended. But what shocked everyone, even more, was the snarky tone naruto had taken with the professor. "There see I won Glynda can I go now." griping her tablet in a white-knuckled grip she snarled. "no! It seems as if you have an unfair advantage mr.uzumaki so you will not be able to ring out your opponent. And as Cardin can still continue, he shall be your opponent again."
Looking to Cardin, ``she said." Mr. Winchester, I would suggest that you think out your actions more had you anchored yourself down you could have forced Naruto to expend more power to dislodge you or tire himself out."
Walking back to the edge of the ring, Glynda gave the two the starting count." fighters, ready… begin!"
With a sigh, naruto resigned himself to the pointless fight and sidestepped the downward strike from the fuck-up known as Cardin.striking him in the temple and released the sand from his seal. As a raised Cardin stepped back, he failed to notice the sand at his feet that climbed up his form. Struggling pointlessly to free himself as the sand soon covered him from head to toe and all he could do was glare at the shinobi.and as Naruto raised a hand he started to make a grasping motion. He turned to the professor. "So are we done now or…?"
Now gripping the tablet so hard that it bent in her grip as Glynda gave him her iciest of glairs. letting out a clipped," winner naruto."
She then let out a sigh after realizing the blonde's goal was to rile her up. She looked at Cardin's impromptu tomb. "I don't suppose you can release him?" with a wave of his hand, naruto released the boy from his sand in response to the question. He walked off stage and back to his seat with his team to get his things, Glynda announced to the class.
"That is all the time we have for today's class and remember that the Vital festival is only a few months away so keep practicing.and have a chance to participate.only the top 6 first-year teams will be allowed to enter."
As the group of students ate lunch while Nora told a tale. "So, there we were, in the middle of the night..."
"It was day," ren corrected.
"We were surrounded by Ursai…" Nora added.
In response, ren added, "they were Beowulf's."
"Dozens of them," Nora cheerfully replied.
"It was two of them…"
"And together we made a killing selling Ursa skin rugs!" Nora declared animatedly.
Sighing ren added, "She's been having this recurring dream for nearly a month now."
Lyzette noticing just how down Jaune looked asked." Jaune, are you ok?"
Trying to answer reassuringly, he said," oh what I'm fine."
Not convincing anyone of his friends. Out of concern for his well-being, Pyrrha added." Jaune, stop he has been picking on you since we started school."
Naruto, hearing this and tuning out Jaune's response asked in a tone that brokered no negotiation." Jaune, why did you not tell any of us this?"
. "Well I-I just though-" Jaune tried to explain when he was interrupted by Brandon
"You try to keep everyone out of your problems Jaune and handle them yourself." before another word could be said they all heard a shout." ow-please stop that hurts!letgoletgo!"
Turning to the commotion in question, they saw team CRDL taunting and bullying a Faunus girl with rabbit ears. With Cardin yanking on her ears harshly.
Before more could be said about the situation, naruto had snarled and leapt over the next table and charged Cardin. Grabbing him by the wrist and applying a large amount of force, he started to warp the metal of the vambrace in his hand. He snarled out in his fury. "Let her go!"
Trying to put up a robust front Cardin laugh at naruto and tried to yanked his arm out of the grip. All he got for his actions was the grip to tighten and the metal of his vambrace to buckle.then the sensation of pain as his wrist was slowly crushed. Soon he released the girl and dropped to the floor in pain. The other members of CRDL in an attempt to help their leader jumped into action. When a force acted on all present and separated everyone.
With the tell-tale clicking of heels and her riding crop raised, Glynda walked up to the disturbance.
Naruto was Severely pissed at the disturbance as he lamented at her covenant appearance.
"Of course someone shows up now!"
"You know that fighting outside of the arena or sparing is strictly prohibited don't you gentlemen. "The blonde professor said as she was glaring at her students."
Absolutely livid at the timing of her appearance, the actions of team CRDL, Naruto sneered." oh but I take it that out allow harassment and discrimination? Cause I don't see you trying to stop them from hurting that girl!"
Stunned at the harsh rebuke, she knew that if she said the wrong thing now, then her credibility would be shot.
"Be that as it may, this situation would have been handled without the need for you to step in."
Clearly not satisfied at the handling of the "situation." naruto flared his chakra and exerted such force that he cracked the ground. As he released himself from whatever held him in place and stormed out of the cafeteria.
Shocked that a student could free himself from her hold left Glynda speechless for a moment. She then quickly composed herself as she adjusted her glasses, and gave the leader of team CRDL her most withering of glairs. "MR. Winchester, you and your team, will report to the headmaster's office immediately am I clear?!"
"But what about-"
"AM I CLEAR!" Glynda growled cutting off Cardin mid-speech. She then released them and turned to leave after checking on the girl.
As team CRDL left the cafeteria, it exploded with gossip, And rumors began to spread.
The group of teens was left unsettled by the anger that naruto had displayed. As they had never seen him act like that in the few days that they had known him.
As they got up to leave Pyrrha and Weiss went in search of the blonde as the rest left to head to there rooms.

When the sun set and the moon rose was when Beacon came to life. Being so far from vale that the stars shine brightly in the night, giving it an elegant glow. Many of the teachers or students could be found on one of many high towers taking in the view or meditating, or even taking an evening stroll.
Naruto found himself perched at the cliffs of the emerald forest. Immersing himself in nature lamenting on how few times he had to just bask in its glory. Sighing, he broke his connection to the energy of the world. "I know your there blake you can come out now."
Surprised that he had sensed her, she stepped out from behind the tree that hid her. "How did you know I was here?"
Patting the spot next to himself, motioning the girl to sit.with a grin, he tapped his nose as if it explained everything. "the nose knows, so what brings you here?"
Taking the offered seat. Blake had debated on what she should say when without thought, she blurted out the first thing that came to mind. "thank you!" flushing with embarrassment at her sudden outburst. Understanding the outburst for what it was, Naruto reached over and patted her head. Seeing her flush when he hit a sweet spot and she started to lean in and purr. He couldn't help but snicker at her reaction.
Picking up on the snickering beside her. Blake felt her embarrassment rise further as the blonde shinobi patted her head like she was a child. And she caught herself purring. "Noo stop, please!" she grabbed his hand and jerked away from it. Taking a minute to calm down, she collected her self. "you know everyone is looking for you?"
Nodding in response to her question." yeh I know I was just too pissed to be anywhere with people at that point, so I came out here," he said.
Leaning back to look at the stars and taking in the crisp air naruto let out a sigh. "I don't suppose Ozzy would be inclined to give me a pass?"
Blake couldn't help but giggle him in response." no, we were told to let you know to see him in the morning," she relaid.
Sighing, he stood up and offered his hand to help her up. He was not looking forward to that meeting tomorrow. But for now, sleep was in order.
The next morning found naruto sitting in the headmaster's office glaring at the headmaster. "Naruto I am going to be quite blunt with you. While officially, I cannot approve of your actions and must remain neutral in this. I, however, believe that I have a solution to our little problem here. You and team CRDL will have a match, and the loser will have their privileges to go to vale revoked for a month and three weeks of detention. Of course, this is if you do agree. If not, then both parties will have to suffer…"
Hearing the message loud and clear naruto gave one of his most predatory grins." when is the match?"
As ozpin took a sip of his ever-present coffee. Then he gave his answer," this Friday."
...Naruto immediately paled this Friday was the Friday that he was supposed to go on his date with Weiss. Naruto slumped in his chair he was trapped he could either take the match and win or not and lose his date with Weiss… well, this just was not fair at all. Hopefully, she would understand and would accept that they would have to reschedule.
Hiding his smirk behind his mug, he asked." is everything alright Mr.Uzumaki?"
Naruto huffed "you got me in quite the bind with no real choice I guess I'll have to fight."
-Later that same day-
It was a bright and sunny day after class that found one Weiss Schnee quite suddenly abducted from team RWBY. by their blonde brawler in the most hilarious of ways. When she spontaneously hoisted the girl over one shoulder and ran in the opposite direction. As she yelled to the others. "I'm borrowing the princess kay bye!" leaving the others in the group speechless asking themselves what they just saw. And for good measure gave her a good spank on her rear when the girl tried to struggle. She soon lost the will to fight when Yang whispered in her ear. "so I hear you have a date with a blonde." her response was to flush to the roots of her hair. Making a somewhat comedic scene as the Schnee heiress was carried like a red and white sack of pouting potatoes.
After making their way to an empty classroom, Yang set Weiss down and locked the door.
Crossing her arms and tapping her foot. Weiss desperately trying to get to the bottom of how Yang of all people knew about the date that she was looking forward too. Sure that Naruto did not tell anyone.
As Yang was just standing there staring at her in a clash of who would break first. Weiss knew that she would win in this battle until Yang gave her a smirk that said I know more than you do. That was when she snapped "(arhg…. That Th-that gahh… that stupid fuckin smirk)spill it now dammit."
With her victory in hand, Yang couldn't help but grip her belly and breakout with cackling laughter. Upon seeing the look on Weiss's face, Yang sobered quickly and got straight to the point. "Look, Weiss, I know you like naruto." upon seeing the other girl try to speak, Yang raised a hand to forestall any objections.
Running a hand through her hair, Yang took a moment to collect her thoughts. "Weiss let me finish first ok?"
Getting a very cautious nod from the girl Yang continued." like I was saying you love him. And so do I and I'm not going to back down. If you want him to yourself then…"
Adjusting her stance and grabbing her other arm at the elbow with her face flushed. Yang never felt so vulnerable before like she did now. Be for she hardened her resolve and looked Weiss in the eye to show how serious she was. "Then you only have two choices: fight for him to have him all to yourself or you can share him."
For Weiss, the statement truly stunned her to her core. Taking a step back with her posture rigid and arms at her sides fist clenched. And her eyes shadowed by her hair. When she whispered," why…"
It was whispered so softly that Yang almost missed it. She knew that this could push the princess too far. For her plan, this was needed to help her with her feelings and break her out of her shell. So with her plan in mind, she strode over to Weiss and told her, "I'm greedy girl Weiss when I see something I want. I take it. Now I want you to. And for once I am willing to share for a price..."
She then gently grasped Weiss by the chin and wiped away the tears and asked, "So are you willing to share?"
The girl immediately flushed and nodded. Not willing to fight with her due to her insecurities. But hoping beyond hope that she could do this.
Yang grinned then griped Weiss's head in her hands and kissed her on her the pair left the room Yang said, "So why don't we go see our boyfriend and get you ready for your date." as they left hand in hand.
That night naruto watching the sunset from one of Beacon's many balconies. When the door behind him. Knowing that this would eventually happen Naruto couldn't help but smirk at who was approaching him.
"I just wanted to say thank you," Jaune said as he sat down next to him.
Still smirking to himself knowing this was only the opening gambit. But getting tired of the silence Jaune soon spoke up, "I'm going to be honest naruto becoming a huntsman is my dream. It has been since I was a kid.i was so desperate that I forged transcripts to get into Beacon I'm a fake but I want to be like you. And your strong so damn strong." trying to get his thoughts together he ran his hands through his hair. "Damn it's hard to say it, but I want to be strong like you I want your help to make me strong."
Naruto stood up and started to walk back towards the door. Before pausing in his stride. "Jaune I'll help be prepared for pain, terror, and if you survive by the end of this, you will hate me with a passion. Oh and be at the outdoor track at 5:00 A.M in the morning and after your team practice. Or I'll send Kurama he hasn't had a toy in a while."
Naruto then left the boy on the roof high on his joy until reality would eventually come crashing down on his head.

Opening the door to his room, Naruto was immediately pulled in thrown onto his bed and pounced upon. By a yellow missile, she then straddled his waist and kissed him senseless. When they broke for air, a very puzzled naruto gave Yang a look that said what the hell is going on. "so not that didn't enjoy that but what is going on yang."
With a grin, she kissed him one more time before standing up and waving over Weiss. "well, dear princess and I talked, and we're going to share."
Giving her a deadpan stare and a sigh, naruto accepted Weiss into his arms. "I'm not getting a choice in this am I?"
The only answer to his question was Weiss in an unusual act of boldness kissed him, Before flushing red. Naruto proceeded to kiss her brow then lifting her chin he kissed her full on the lips and deepening the kiss he made out with her until she fainted into a pile of blissful goo.
Yang took a step back at the display, not knowing whether to be impressed or disturbed and maybe a little scared. When she saw the look in naruto's eyes as he stood up and stalked towards her.
Yang turned to make a run for the door. But before she could even make it afoot, she was pulled back bodily towards naruto. With a squeak, naruto caught her and was bent over his knee. "n-naruto what exactly are you doing?"
"Naughty girls get spankings, Yang. Have you been a naughty girl?"
Left speechless at this point, Yang started to Struggle to either free herself and shaking her head desperately to get him to release her. Trying Think desperately for anything to convince him to let her go.then the first blow came, and she blanked and squeaked. A moan went with the second blow, and with the third, his mischievous blonde bombshell realized that it was her plotting that put her in this situation. And by the fifth, sixth and seventh she came hard and soaked herself in one long continuous orgasm. By the time the tenth blow had come Yang was a twitching mess of blonde goo. When naruto propped her up in his lap, she could vaguely hear him speaking but only caught parts through the haze."… I suppose good girls get… too." he then started to kiss her deeply while caressing her bottom, leaving a trail of love bites up and down her neck. Then he began to work his way down to her navel and worked his way back up and kissed her into dreamland. Where she promptly passed out.
He then tucked Weiss and Yang into his bed and pulled out his futon, and for the first time in years, he went to sleep without worries.
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