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Chapter 11: revelations and the match

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Chapter 11: revelations and the match

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Chapter 11: revelations and the match

Ruby woke up early the next morning hopping out of bed and getting dressed quickly. Giddy about the fight today between naruto and team CRDL. She ran to the team NNPR's room. Using the seal to open the door, she ran down the hall to naruto's room. Bursting through the door, she jumped onto the bed, yelling." good morning, Naruto!"
Only to receive two very feminine shrieks of a surprise when she landed on the bed. She was pushed off the bed by an angry Weiss and shocked Yang. "Uh... Ruby, what are you doing here?" Yang asked, stretching and rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.
"Yang, Weiss what are you two doing here this is naruto's room," Ruby replied, posing her own question.
Before the situation could devolve any further. Naruto walked in with a tray with mugs a kettle for coffee and tea. "Uh, what's going on Yang, Ruby?"
After setting the tray on the table, Naruto turned to the group to wait for the answer. After a moment of awkward silence and the girls looking to one another before Yang huffed and spoke up," well I guess that you came to see Naruto right Ruby." getting a tentative nod from the reaper who fidgeted nervously. Ruby Looked to Yang and Weiss than Naruto before pursing her lips, working up the courage to ask.
"Yang, why are you two in Naruto's room?"
Running a hand through her hair, Yang tried to figure out how to explain her relationship to her little sister. Something she honestly did not want to do. "Well, you see the thing is-"
Seeing how Yang was struggling to answer Ruby Naruto, interrupted Yang. "Ruby the truth is that they are dating me."
"Oh, I see," Ruby said.
Seeming to take it well that her sister was in a polyamorous relationship naruto let out a sigh of relief. "well now that that is done I cleaned your clothes, and you can use the shower, and I'll get breakfast ready there is coffee and tea here." naruto then left for the kitchen leaving the girls alone.
Ruby stared at her sister with a stern look in her eyes. As if to determine how serious her sister was about this new relationship they had. Nodding as if she had her answer, she stood and walked out the door after she was done. As she headed to the kitchen thinking that there was a blonde she had to talk to.
Upon entering the kitchen, ruby got herself a cup of coffee and sat at the table, waiting for the conversation to start. Naruto set the last of the plates on the counter he turned to ruby. "So what do you want to know?"
Looking naruto in the eyes, ruby let herself be severe for the first time in a long time. "this thing you have with my sister are you serious about it? Cause if you aren't then my best friend or not we're going to have problems of the particular violent kind." bearing down on him with her silver gaze as if to say pain is in your imminent future if I don't like your answer.
With her statement, clear naruto had let a chuckle slip. "You should know by now when she wants something she doesn't ask. The girl will just take it. I tried to get her to back down, but I failed. So yes I am serious about her and Weiss." naruto said shrugging.
Walking over to Ruby, he leaned over and whispered into her ear. "honestly, I think that she is using me as an excuse to get what she wants."
Blushing furiously Ruby started to stutter," y-y-you mean this is-"
Nodding naruto said, "yeh this is all her doing to be fair I would have been happy with just her. but I told her about some of my clan traditions, and she came up with this scheme of hers."
"Well, foxy, we do have to maintain your clan traditions since you are the last male. And I do like pretty things. Bye, the way where is Kurama?" Yang said in a sing-song voice as she hopped into his lap and gave him a kiss.
"Ah, he's out helping the little cub become a lion with intense training."
Ruby seeing the interaction between her sister and naruto made a part of her heart clench.
"Honestly, Yang, one would think that you have more manners than this. Weiss said as she sat down at the table. As they ate and made idle chatter while waiting for the others to join before class.
After class, that day Weiss had managed to sneak away pulling Naruto with her. Leading him to the balcony where they started over. "So what's up Weiss," Naruto asked, noticing how closed off and nervous the girl was.
"I really like you, you're the first one to treat me like just another girl. Not the Schnee heiress and that matters to me. I just wanted to let you know that. Ok?"
Naruto gave Weiss a hug as she started to relax in his embrace. He gave her a chaste kiss. "you were never Weiss Schnee next head of the SDC to me, you know. You were Weiss, the brave girl who decided to enter Beacon, not for recognition but to prove to yourself you have what it takes to accomplish your goals. And to me your perfect just the way you are. "
"Weiss, there is something I want to show you." naruto then held her in an embrace. And in a flash of yellow, they disappeared from the roof and reappeared in his room.
Disoriented from the method of travel Weiss stumbled back and fell on his bed. The room felt like it was spinning to her. Weiss made her displeasure known with a mostly toothless threat. "NARUTO! When this room stops spinning, I'm going to skewer you!"
"Well, it was the fastest way to get somewhere. So I can show you something important to me."
Walking over to the wall, he unsealed his family scroll and told her his tale.
"So your really old practically immortal the last of your clan. Which forces you in your old world to marry multiple women to try and save your clan. And you told Yang about this, and the first thing she does is try and get you a harem."
"Well, Weiss when you put it like that it sounds like this is just an excuse for her to start her own harem."
Weiss then walked over to the seven swords looking at them. "so are you going to use any of these in your match today?"
With a snort, naruto answered with, "Nah, I won't need those for those jokers."
Naruto walked over to Weiss. And held her in his arms as she rested her head in the crook of his neck. "You better win naruto I would hate for you to miss our date tonight."
Naruto then let her go and grabbed his pouch and holster strapped them on. Weiss then tugged on his collar to pull him down and kissed him. "for luck."
The two then headed out of the room to the battle arena.
There was quite the crowd in the stands. At the stadium as the rumors had spread. And have come to see one of Beacon's rising stars. Naruto was joined by teams NNPR, SLVR, RWBY, AACM as they headed into the entrance to the arena.
Knowing that this 'exhibition' match was nothing more than an excuse to see just how skilled naruto was. Naruto prepared to show only the minimum of his skill.
The group stopped as they made it to the fighters entrance to the main arena
Yang grabbed him by his collar, staring him directly in the eyes. "You better win Naruto." she then kissed him on the cheek then ran head laughing the whole way.
This display caused varied reactions from Ruby's full-body blush to Pyrrha leaking out killing intent.
As they left naruto headed down the hallway to the ring, naruto was stopped by another group. "hey your Naruto right." a smaller girl in fashionable clothing call out to him.
"Yeah, that's me."
Noticing the girl, he helped the other day naruto gave a wave. "The name is Coco we of team CFVY would like to thank you for standing up for our adorable bunny."
"Coco!" the bunny girl whined.
"Anyway this is velvet, Coco said smacking the girl on her ass. Making her jump and stumble in front of naruto." come on, Vel, do what we came here for." Coco yelled at the girl.
"umm... iwaswonderingifyouwouldtradescrollnumberswithme!" velvet blurted out all at once.
With an Exasperated sigh, Coco decided that she would help out her bunny. "Our bunny is a bit shy; I believe she meant to ask for your scroll number."
Nodding emphatically the very shy velvet couldn't help but agree.after trading numbers naruto started to finish his walk down the tunnel. Before the upperclassmen left his hearing range, he heard, "damn he has a fine ass. Vel you should hurry up and steal him or I will." "Coco!" The shy girl shrieked. "what maybe he likes chocolate-covered bunnies cause I'm willing to share." one of the boys on team CFVY groned. "great you made her faint again." Naruto was unable to hear the rest of the conversation over the crowd.

He stepped onto the stage just as the Glynda spoke. "This exhibition match is between Naruto Uzumaki and team CRDL." looking to naruto and CRDL she did the customary ready check. "Mr.uzumaki are you ready? Team CRDL are you ready? And getting the conformations from both. "Ready begin!"

Naruto just stood there looking bored as ever. Infuriated by the lack of anything from the blonde Cardin tried to taunt him. "well well well boys, it looks like the filthy animal lover is too scared to fight."
Letting out a sigh, Naruto knew that anything he would do just draws more attention to himself. Putting him in a rather foul mood. "fine, I'll show just a bit." naruto grumbled to himself.
And like that his entire posture changed. As he drew a kunai. He threw it into the center of there formation. Then with speed, he hadn't displayed before he disappeared.
Desperately looking around for the blonde menace Cardin began to think that this was a horrible mistake and that they should have just taken their punishment and been done with it. That was his line of thought until he felt a searing pain in his side when said blonde reappeared delivering a right hook into his left flank. Sending him a reasonable distance out of the formation.
It was no surprise that the others reacted quickly Dove and sky were the first to respond. Dove shifted his sword into its gun form leveling a shot at naruto as sky swung his halberd in a horizontal arc.when naruto dropped to the floor retrieving his kunai and wrapping a length of wire around doves leg. As Dove shot sky in the chest.
The members in the audience stunned at how he was leading the other team around." yeah Naruto break their legs," Nora cheered.
"I knew he was good for a first-year, but this is rather impressive," Coco commented from there seats.
With a lunge Russel overextended himself in his attempt to strike Naruto, he had an arm bound by a wire connecting him to Dove. With a tug of the cable, the connected two stumbled. And where off balance. The pair were thrown with the use of his semblance. Russel was pinned to the floor by a thrown kunai. Dove managed to cut the wire as he was pulled along sliding back from the force.
Dove quickly went about freeing Russel. Cardin now taking this fight more seriously than before started to bark out his orders. "surround him! Dove, Russ flank him from the rear sky we take him from the front.
Seeing the smirk on Naruto's face, Sarada began to panic, "uh oh, he's smirking."
"Why is it bad when he starts to smirk," Yang asked.
"It usually means he's about to do something either incredibly stupid or dangerous maybe both," Sarada said in reply.
As team CRDL closed in, he sighed at how lackluster this fight has been so far. Deciding to end the battle here and embarrass Cardin all in one go.he got into a stance of the Uzumaki clan taijutsu he developed over the years. Without looking, he slipped into doves guard redirecting his sword and delivering fist to his chest, imparting his chakra into the boy at the brief contact.
The specialty of the Uzumaki might have been sealing arts. But through looking at their sister clan they Hyuga he made the Uzumaki Uzuken is meant for breaking bones, tearing flesh and destroying Tenketsu. Using the aspects of his clan that they were known for vast amounts of chakra and vitality. In this case, with Aura bruising four ribs and shattering his Aura.

"Did you guys just see that he just took out Dove in one blow," Ruby exclaimed.
"Yeah," Yang sighed with a look of lust in her eyes and a goofy grin.

"Damn dove is down Russ, Sky fall back!" Cardin yelled as they immediately backed off.
Letting out a sigh and scratching the back of his head, "man I hate being the bully here. But if you won't come to me, then I'll just come to you." and with a grin, he started to run towards them and just before he got into their range he disappeared from sight.
Then next thing sky felt was pain, unimaginable pain when he was blindsided by an upper-cut to his jaw and was out like a light too as he flipped ass over teakettle.
Trying to respond to the assault of their teammate Russell broke the impromptu formation. Rushing in an attempt to strike Naruto from his back.
Ready for this strike naruto intoned to himself "Shinra Tensei," forcing the two flying back near the edge of the arena. Not giving rustle the time to respond naruto lifted a hand and thrust Russell out of the ring without any preamble. In the same motion, he pulled Cardin in for a close-line, dropping him to the ground. Next, to the kunai, he had thrown at the start of the fight.
Leaning over Cardin as he applied more force with the Shinra-Tensei and drained his Aura slowly. "Submit now," naruto said in a curt tone that brooked no argument. Truly disappointed in the performance of the team. They were so weak that he couldn't even have a bit of fun. By enacting his grand plan. Before he could get an answer, the match was called by Glynda," the winner is Naruto Uzumaki."
Disappointed at how pointless this match was he just grabbed his kunai and walked off to the locker room.

" well at least it wasn't dangerous," Sarada said as she lamented to herself that he showed too much of his hand.
"Wow, that was so awesome right, Yang," Ruby cheered. Looking around for her missing sister who was just there a minute ago." hey have you guys seen Yang?" unbeknownst to their group of friends she had snuck off to get herself some Naruto time. Pyrrha however upon noticing the missing blonde had gripped the railing so hard that it started to creak and they began to step away." Really then I think we should go find her." Pyrrha said with the iciest of smiles on.
Grinning to herself as she snuck into the locker room, she made it to the showers where naruto was. Quickly taking off her clothes, she jumped into his back in the shower." way to go Foxy! I think you deserve a reward."
"Yang, you need to behave. I don't mind you being here, but the others will be here in about 15 to 20 minutes depending on foot traffic."
Pouting at not getting the reaction she wanted, she chose to get more aggressive. With a grin, the blonde beauty began Rubbing her breast on Naruto's back, as she started to reach lower. "if you want me to behave you're going to have to make me."
Grabbing her hand, he spun around and pinned her to the wall of the stall. "if that is what you desire naughty girl." he whispered in her ear.sending pleasant shivers down her spine in response
Naruto dragged her out to a bench sitting her down there. And placed a palm on her head channeling a seal onto her with his chakra he then put his hand on the floor channeling chakra there as well. When she tried to move, she found that she was unable to move. He walked back to his shower to finish.
She started to panic when their friends walked in early. And she was unable to move completely naked. Her heart beating a fast rhythm in her chest. Nipples getting harder with each passing moment even when they walked right by her. And the puddle she made on the floor with the juices running down her thighs. From her weeping core.
"That's odd I expected Naruto and Yang to be here," Ruby said.
"Maybe we just missed them we should try the dorm."
Letting out a breath as somehow had not noticed her starkers she couldn't help but thank whatever gods there were. Despite the thrill, she had from her exposure. Until fingers ran up her back. Making her jump only to flail pointlessly and fall face first. Picking her back up, naruto bent her over his knee. "so are you ready for your punishment, Yang? my dear naughty girl."
She let out a squeak. But before she could even answer, Naruto had given her a hard smack to her rear. Her heart started to race at the thrill letting out another squeal at another blow. She felt herself getting wet by the third spank and she cum really hard on the fifth spank as he started to rub her weeping pussy. By the seventh, she came to the realization that she enjoyed getting spanked as he probed her depths. Even if she wasn't ready for more than kissing and petting yet as he added another finger. And then he started to play with her little bud. After the fifteenth blow, her mind was blank. And she was continually cumming with a goofy grin on her face as he fingered her between each spank. After the twenty-fifth, she only had three things on her mind As she passed out. How much she loved him and soon she would be ready. How good he made her feel. And she can't wait to play with others like this.
With their playtime over. Naruto picked up his beautiful dragon and took her into a shower with a bench. Where he started to clean her and heal the welts on her rear with his yang chakra.
When Yang came too, she awoke to the sensation of running water on her back, and what felt like the best massage she ever felt. Her thighs and back and rear felt especially good as the rough hands passed over her. She let out a groan of approval when he hit a particular sweet spot, and she shuddered. "well, it looks like my naughty girl is awake." naruto said as he rubbed another sweet spot making her shudder more.
Not wanting to part with naruto but knowing that it was time for him to go as she shuddered again and let out another groan." hmmm… if you keep this up your going to miss your date, you should go. Just remember I'm next kay?" she said with a smile. "Of course, Yang."
Struggling to prop herself up to get to her feet once she could feel them once more. Naruto helped her sit up and kissed her before turning off the showerhead and handing her a towel and leaving to dry off and get ready for his date.
As he left her, Yang couldn't help but think to herself." man I'm really a lucky girl. Now if only my legs would work." supporting herself by gripping the rail on shaky legs, she stumbled out of the stall To go get dressed. Giggling to herself about the revelations made today," man I can't believe I got off on spankings and exhibition." as she got dressed. Yang had a pleasant goofy smile all the way to the dorms and never telling anyone why.
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