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Chapter 12: the date and troublesome meetings

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Chapter 12: the date and troublesome meetings

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Chapter 12: the date and troublesome meetings
Naruto met up with Weiss at the docks to the bullheads. He paused to take in her beauty... She was wearing a form-fitting sleeveless bodice that wrapped around her neck.and a ruffled skirt that had coattails that extended to her shins adorned with her crest on the tails. And a pair of opera gloves. And blue stockings and a pair of heels. All in hues of blue and white. "Weiss, you look amazing."
Smiling at the compliment she looked him up and down seeing that he had left the vest behind and now wore a black jacket with the sleeves rolled up and his chest on the right sleeve and a pair of orange pants with the same open-toed sandals. "so are we going to get on a bullhead Naruto?"
"Nah, I've got something better," Naruto said, pulling her to the side of the building. In a flash of light, they were gone. They reappeared in an alley a few blocks from the center of Vale's commercial district.
"Wow, just wow that was… a lot better than last time." Weiss said Stumbling slightly from the disorientation when naruto caught her by the arm. Left grasping for straws at trying to describe the sensation of her second teleportation.
"Yeah, you get used to it," Naruto said while holding her by the arm to keep her from falling.
"So where are we heading Naruto?"
"it's a surprise Weiss, Naruto said with a grin. As they started to walk down the street. Weiss started to notice the upscale buildings that they were passing. Until they turned the next corner. Weiss was stunned Pausing at the front door looking up at the letters on the signboard. It read LUX. As in one of Vale's most famous upscale restaurants. The same restaurant that had a year-long waitlist. Escorting her into the restaurant and walking up to the podium with the Maître d'. "can I get your name, sir?"
With a smile, naruto answered," it's Uzumaki."
Upon hearing the name, his eyes widened "right this way, sir," and the Maître d' immediately lead them to a private room in the back. With a table for two and a mini grill and prep tables.
After leading her to the table, Naruto took off his jacket and draped it over his chair. He reached into his back pouch, and grabbed two small scrolls, set them on the tables and grabbed the apron. Seeing all this Weiss was dying to get answers out of the blonde." naruto what is going on here?"
"Ah, right, I own this place. you would be surprised what you can afford to do once you set up an international information network and are an international bestselling author. After all you need to have several legitimate businesses." Rolling out the scrolls, he pulsed his chakra into them, unsealing his ingredients and a menu. "H-how," she questioned, unable to believe naruto.
Setting the menu on the table in front of her naruto gave his answer. "well smut sells Weiss. Also, I believe that I told you I'm old, far older than you. With age comes experience. I came to this world about two years ago. To hide and not draw attention to myself. Sarada and I almost literally took over the information apparatus of the world and for most of the organized crime in Vale and Mystral. In short, a lot of people answer to me."
Seeing the look on her face, he continued before she could start to speak." don't get me wrong I don't precisely control the organized crime in Vale like some kingpin I just set some ground rules to reduce crime and punish severely any who step out of line I really just act like an information broker. But they know that I can crush them anytime I want, so it's like I am a boogie-man to them."
Nodding in understanding, she gave her order." can I have the lobster risotto, beef wellington with potato puree, glazed root vegetables, red wine demi-glace."
Making his now-signature hand seal two clones popped into existence. And started to help cook within 4 minutes he had the appetizers ready than not long after that they were eating a full course meal paired with a finely aged wine. Making idle chatter and having a good time. "So princess tell me about the real Weiss Schnee."
"Well, I am the heiress of the Schnee dust company as many know. But what many don't know about me is while I want to take over the company. I want to restore the honor and reputation of my family's company." taking a pause to sip some wine to get her thoughts in order.
"I also like to sing. My greatest desire is to live up to my family's legacy and become a huntress," she said with a smile.
They were having a good time until a waiter came in a handed naruto a note. That read "need to meet soon its urgent. -R.T.- "
Sighing he incinerated the letter with I burst of fire chakra.
"Naruto is anything wrong?" Weiss asked worried about the look on his face.
"No, I just have a meeting I have to take care of later. Now, let's go do something fun," Naruto said with a grin on his face.
The pair soon left the restaurant with Weiss on his arm. Soon they were heading to the city gates when she quirked an eyebrow and asked." and just where are we going, mister?"
"Well, I'm going to show you how shinobi really date it's going to be fun."
"And just how are you going to show me that."
As soon as she asked the question. Naruto picked her in a bridal carry and took off out of the gates. It wasn't long before he began to pick up speed and took off like a rocket into the forest. Weiss holding on with a death grip.skidding to a stop once he made it into a clearing far from the city he set her down and crouched down." get on." he said motioning to his back. Complying Weiss climbed on. Standing up, he lept into a tree then started leaping from tree to tree. With a final jump they were consumed by a golden aura. Closing her eyes after the jump expecting to be falling blinked her eyes and had to do a double-take. Because they were flying.
Allowing the truth-seeking orbs to form with his cloak he positioned one under Weiss. Landing on top, he set her down. With a smug grin, he said," see this is fun right."
Weiss couldn't help but nod as they started to ascend higher and higher. Soon they broke through the clouds and could see the stars in the night sky. Stunned at the beauty of the night sky, Weiss couldn't help but utter," it's so beautiful."
"The only thing that makes it better is you, Weiss."
Hearing what naruto said she flushed red, making a lovely contrast to her hair. "I think it's time to get you home now Weiss it's almost time for curfew." naruto said and in a flash, they were gone and reappeared in her room. "I had a great time naruto." she then pulled him down for a chaste kiss blushing. And with the flash, he disappeared, leaving her there.
Reappearing in one of his flats on the outskirts of Vale. Naruto changed out of his outfit and walked over to his armory and started to put on his Anbu armor. Affixing a tanto to his back, he tapped on the Anbu tattoo on his shoulder with three quick pulses of chakra he sent a summons to Sarada. After putting on his kitsune mask, she soon appeared bleeding out of the shadows already in Anbu garb of her own with the Ryu mask and their hair shifted from blonde and black to red. Taping his tattoo twice, he sent out a message that they were on there way to the meet.
As soon as they left the building, they faded away into the night.
After scouting out the meeting place at the warehouse, the two listen in on the conversation." roman do tell me why we are here?" a sultry voice called out. "If you must know I called for a meeting with our 'benefactor'." the now-named roman said. Taping the ash from his cigar.
Noting his posture and the lack of utter fear that she instilled in the man when they first met. The sheer lack of respect he was showing angered her considerably. Cinder thought to herself that she would need to remind him that this benefactor of his could not save him. That by the end of this meeting, this so-called benefactor would be nothing but ash, and he would know his place as one of her pawns.
Noting the guards in the building naruto nodded to Sarada by his count there were sixteen of them not counting the skilled pair behind the woman called Cinder. Signing to Sarada to take them out non-lethally. She nodded, and she set to work while he dropped from the ceiling behind Cinder and her associates soundlessly. The only one to notice him immediately was neo who looked to him, and he motioned for her to play along. And she went back to her scroll. Signing to Kitsune, " fine but you owe me ice cream." naruto could only nod.
Standing there, he waited for them to notice the next to notice was roman due to his clear line of sight. Seeing the grin on Roman's face, he spoke up. "now roman why exactly did you call me? You know I don't like to be disturbed unless it's urgent."
Stunned that someone could sneak upon them, the trio turned to attack but found that they could not move. "What did you do," Cinder snarled despite the situation. His only response is to look down an action that they were forced to mimic. "You see that your shadows are connected to mine. It means I have complete control of your actions like this. I think that's all I am going to explain to you." he said to them.
"Now to business Roman."
"Yes, Boss."
"Roman," Kitsune growled.
Unperturbed by the killing intent sent his way Roman continued to speak.
"Let us be serious for a moment may call yourself an information broker but for all intents and purposes you are the boss just proved that with your entrance. Even if you don't take any of the proceeds from your ventures. I mean for me your the best boss I've ever had we can do what we want as long as we don't step out of line and break your rules. I mean there fairly simple no killing civilians. Don't attract the Grimm. maintain the status quo and the biggest one of all you have don't under any circumstances mess with Beacon."
After his little speech, Roman took a smooth drag from his cigar. Revealing in the fear coming off to the brats behind Cinder. With a smug grin, he knew now that all he had to do is wait and this metaphorical mess. With that bitch, Cinder would be cleaned up. Even if he would need to hire new minions to clean up the literal mess with a mop and bucket.
Looking to Cinder Kitsune freed her alone with an errant thought. As if to show just how powerless she is in the shinobi's presence. Kitsune walked over to the crate next to neo and sat down. Forcing the two bound by his jutsu to mimic to the best of their abilities. In this case, they walked over to the space parallel from him and fell on their collective asses.
After sitting, Kitsune directed his full attention to Cinder. "Explain now!" the shinobi sneered at her.
At this point, Cinder was absolutely furious with the man in front of her to the point that for the first time in a long time, she acted without thinking things clearly. And made to use her semblance to send a spike of glass into his chest. The only thing that stopped her was the blade at her throat. With some kind of energy flowing through it, making it vibrate and generate a slight ringing sound. But what really caused her to stop was the blade cut through her aura like it wasn't there. The blood blossoming from a small wound. She came to the revelation that the only reason she was not dead yet was because of the skill of the owner of this blade. Turning her head to come face to face with another masked individual with a dragon mask and armored similar to Kitsune.with hair as red as blood only long and flowing down her back.
"Ryu you can stand down for now," Kitsune said.
Nodding Ryu stepped away and faded into the shadows.
Taking the time to recompose herself, Cinder took the reprieve to run through all her plans. Coming to the realization that without her maiden powers. In all likelihood, she would never leave this warehouse alive. if it came to it and either way, she wouldn't make it out unscathed. Not wanting to reveal that trump card just yet. She knew that the best way out was with words. And hopefully, he could be persuaded to her side by the end of things. So a halve truth it is then she decided.
"Well, for now, my goal is to steal as much dust as I can. But that only part of it I want revenge on a particular man."
"Why?" naruto asked, now curious about her reasoning and taking note of her posture. She lacked the confidence she had earlier. And it was evident that there was something that she was hiding. Then her blatant desire for revenge and the willingness to do whatever it took to get that revenge. And based on what he had sensed. The excuse that this was all because she no longer wanted to be weak and desired power above all. Else was to him utterly false. This situation reminded naruto too much of Sasuke and Itachi for comfort.
Crossing her hands underneath her bust to emphasize her beauty and regain some confidence.
"He killed someone significant to me," was her short answer. But to Kitsune, it was very telling how she maintained this facade of superiority. The act of careless abandon towards her companions. Cinders posture said it all for him.even if it cost her life the two he had bound would be her first priority. They were not just simple pawns.
With his mind made up, Kitsune stood up, and the pair mimicked him, and he walked to stand parallel to Cinder. And released his control over the couple.
"Provided that you do not step out of line you won't meet me again, Cinder. If you require information, I expect you to go through roman. You will only receive this one warning if you have stepped out of line we won't be having a conversation am I clear...." after making his stance clear, naruto started to step back into the shadows when Cinder called out to him.
"Wait! Would you be willing to help me? is there anyway at all to get you to join me?"
As he slid back and into the shadows till only his face remained, he responded." at the moment no, the path you walk is very wrong. And your master will care not when you fall. It will only end in your death Cinder fall the next fall maiden." he slipped into the shadows and disappeared.
"So that was rather enlightening don't you think Cinder." Roman snarked to the stunned woman who was left speechless.
While all she could think was that this Kitsune and Ryu know everything. So stunned, she missed Romans last cutting remark as he left. "ha, you came here and tried to play with a stacked deck. And you forgot one simple rule the house always wins."
After making their way back to one of the flats to store their armor. Naruto and Sarada made their way back to beacon separately on his way to the dorms. Naruto was stopped by the headmaster. "Mr. Uzumaki a word if you would in private."
Following the headmaster up to his office, Naruto waited for the man to speak.
"Mr. Uzumaki Ever since you enrolled here at Beacon, you have gone above, and beyond my expectations, you have gained my attention. And I would like to know what do you know of fairy tales. More specifically, the story of the seasons."
Now more alert than ever naruto extended his senses to encompass all of Beacon in an instant. Before zeroing in on the headmaster after determining no one was listening in on their conversation.
"Headmaster, if this about some nonsensical story where four girls get an incompetent wizard to pass his responsibility to them. I think I'll have to pass."
Without being excused naruto turned to leave. But stopped with his hand on the door. "headmaster if you're wondering what I think about that story you should ask yourself why was a man of such great power in hiding in the first place."
Leaving Ozpin to question the further growing mystery that was Naruto Uzumaki.
Naruto slipped into his room and after shedding his clothes and putting on his nightwear. Shifting into his bed to find a shock of blonde hair and lilac eyes staring back at him. "yang, what are you doing here?"
"It was cold in my room."

"You could have turned up the temp."
"Naruto "
"shut it, you have a hot girl willing to use you as a pillow. besides, I like to cuddle."
"You could have cuddled with blake."
"Your better."
The two soon fell into a blissful sleep.
-Location atlas -
"Dr. Weller, how is project Gen: lock preceding?"
"Yes, general ironwood the project is having some success we just need candidates. However my variant project P.E.N.N.Y. is already operational honestly she is astounding and may surpass Gen: lock. As it stands, she is compatible with Gen: lock."
"Understood we shall begin a trial run on Penny while you look for candidates. I will have transport sent to the anvil."
Ending communication, the general turned his chair to look out the window of his flagship the Prydwen.thinking to himself over the information of three students of his. Pulling up the files on his display readout: Pyrrha Nikos possible candidate for Maiden inheritance, Sarada Uchiha likely candidate for Maiden succession pending further investigation, Naruto Uzumaki optional recruit allegiance unknown. "Damnit oz just what are you playing at ."
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