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Chapter 13: the invincible girl falls, and the cub begins to grow

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Chapter 13: the invincible girl falls, and the cub begins to grow

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Chapter 13: the invincible girl falls, and the cub begins to grow

It has been two months, and naruto and his group of friends had adjusted to going to Beacon well. If anyone would ask what the hardest part of going to Beacon was. They would tell you that school was easy. No, the hard part was the training that one Naruto Uzumaki put them through. Especially for one Jaune arc.
His day started with running (for his life) under the guidance of a very enthusiastic Kurama. Who enjoyed making him sprint for eight miles every day.
Then came his team training, where he learned the importance of blocking and dodging.
"Come on, man keep that arm up," Naruto yelled striking Jaune's shield over and over.
"You have the most aura on your team which means your the only one who can take hits like this and get back up. Focus on your footwork and remember. You don't have to take every blow.
You are the vanguard. To do that you need to learn when to take hits for your team and when not to."
"R-right, Jaune stammered after taking a somewhat hard hit to his shield but managing to stand his ground.
"You're doing much better soon we'll begin to work more on your sword and shield play. But we're going to call it a day for now. Don't forget to increase the weights by one bar each." naruto said as he tossed a food pill to him," here take this it will help restore your aura. We need to head to the dorms and get ready for class."
The two rushed off to get ready for class.

While sitting in professor Ooblecks class as the man zipped about during his lecture. Asking questions to the class. For once Jaune was paying attention in the course and was able to answer the question he was given correctly despite Cardin's attempt to disrupt the lesson. For which he was held back when class was let out. And they headed to the locker room to prepare for combat class.
Quickly entering the combat class as the bell rang. Naruto sat with his team and waited for his time to be called down to fight. Wich as of recently has been more and more frequently for both him and Sarada. Not minding fighting in the slightest as it was entertaining to see what handicaps they would be given.
After the demonstration that one Naruto Uzumaki had given in that exhibition match against team CRDL. Glynda was not happy with her current orders from the headmaster as she thought to herself. To find out just how strong Naruto and Sarada are. So far, everything she had done to see how strong the pair where had failed in her opinion, the only way to truly test the children would be to bring in Qrow and fight them together. But right now her desire to inflict that drunk upon the children. Was about as much as her desire to fight a leviathan grim without the use of her semblance. She had to grimace. In fact, the Grimm would be preferable. After the boy did what he did to his floor of the dorms by modifying all the rooms, it effectively made it impossible to spy on the young man. So they were reduced to this. And at her wit's end and only one possible match for his skill, she selected the first matchup of the class and put it on display.
-Naruto Uzumaki vs. Pyrrha Nikos-
Stunned by the matchup as they don't usually have teammates fight each other Pyrrha just walked down to the center arena robotically. Naruto had a different reaction as his eyes narrowed on to Glynda. As he stood up and walked down his eyes, never leaving her. Knowing that this was Ozpin's doing.
Closing his eyes and counting to three naruto calmed himself down. Not wanting to get himself worked up over this issue resolving to deal with the headmaster later.
Looking to Pyrrha and seeing how nervous she was even if she did not show it. And wanting to break the tension naruto gave her one of his biggest grins and said, "well Pyrrha it looks like we are going to have that match I promised you a bit early. Let's just have fun."
Taking a deep breath, Pyrrha slapped her cheeks and smiled in the face of the daunting task of facing her leader and partner." you know when you said that I did not expect it to be in a class of all things."
"Hah, I know, right. I expected to fight you in one of our team spars."
Glynda stepped up and started to give them the rules of the match," alright the rules are simple for this match no ring outs or surrenders. You will continue this match until one of your aura meters reaches the red or by submission. And naruto I don't want you to use your semblances."
Stepping back, Glynda gave the starting count, and the match between the invincible girl and the maelstrom began.

Sipping on a cup of coffee and observing the current fight, Ozpin thought to himself with a small hidden grin. The odd pair that was Uchiha and Uzumaki. Aside from being superb at fighting the couple was clearly experienced in leading and teaching. Even if they tried not to show it the concern they had for their current group of friends was telling. And if anyone could get the young man to show more of his hand than he was willing, then it would definitely be miss. Nikos. Ozpin just hoped that they could help hold the line in this perpetual war against Salem. For what was needed to win would be no less than monsters in human skin. Something like that has not graced the land of remnant since the purge of silver almost a millennia ago.
When the warriors of silver were sacrificed. To steal the relics from Salem and sealed away, and Ozpin himself went into hiding to keep the keys away from her. The same keys that would birth the maidens ironically sapping the majority of his own power. That started this wretched cold war between them that has lasted since the schism of the Pax Romana and the fall of the order of the Sol Divines almost five hundred years ago. Since then has just been proxy war after proxy war resulting in that deaths of billions. With the most recent being major conflict being the great war ninety years ago. Since then it has been smaller skirmishes that have been bleeding his resources dry. And the loss of his most significant asset a descendant of the tribe of silver and maiden of spring. One summer rose almost thirteen years ago. And more importantly, neither of her daughters did inherit the power of the maiden and the implications. Therein of the loss of a vital asset. That was not able to be replaced until now. Seeing this as an excellent chance to observe his current hope to maintain the status quo. He took another sip, thinking, "now let us see just what you can do Mr. Uzumaki…"

Once the match began neither moved. Waiting for the other to show the weakness of any kind. Then at once, Pyrrha took off like a rocket firing shot after shot at naruto. Who seemed to be dodging the gunfire by the smallest of margins. As she closed in and shifting her gun into spear form to make a series of thrusts. Forcing naruto to dodge lest he is impaled on her spear.
Pulling a kunai from his pouch, he deflected a trust opening up her guard.taking full advantage of the opening naruto spun to deal a devastating roundhouse kick that she managed to block with her shield by dropping her spear. And leaping back to take the blow mid-air to let it carry her away from naruto.
Falling to her back into a roll, she leapt to her feet. With determination in her eyes.
"Did you guys see that...," Ruby exclaimed in utter shock at the display of the two fighters.
"I knew they were good, but this is amazing," Blake stated.
Completely accepting this as normal Nora simply stated. "Nah, this is more of a warm-up for them when they spar you guys haven't seen anything yet."
True to form naruto had grabbed the fallen spear from the ground as Pyrrha made it to her feet and threw it at her. Letting her weapon slip past by the narrowest of margins Pyrrha used her semblance to slow it down to grab it out of the air as it flew by allowing the rest of the momentum bleed off by allowing it to pull her back several feet then mecha-shifting it to rifle mode and cracking off four shots as she slid to a stop.
Forcing naruto to move from his spot for the first time. Naruto took off like a rocket reaching into his pouch, grabbing several shurikens throwing them in rapid succession.
Using her semblance to force the blades to just miss her by a hairsbreadth she charged to meet him mecha-shifting her rifle to sword form to clash blade to blade. Blocking a knee from Pyrrha naruto made a jab with his right hand at her face that was blocked by Pyrrha's shield. Acting quickly, Pyrrha swept his legs out from underneath him. Jumping over the leg sweep and pushing off her shield naruto gained distance and threw another shuriken that missed her and threw several more that reflected off of the first thrown shuriken forcing it to come in from her rear. Dodging by a small margin once again.
Feeling pressed more than ever before reaffirmed Pyrrha's belief in how strong naruto was. Breathing deeply, Pyrrha said," wow… your strong naruto."
Dropping his stance and rubbing the back of his head. "Yeah, I guess I better not let you down.
With a mere glance, Pyrrha could tell that his relaxed posture now was just an act. The moment that she would try to do anything, he would be able to respond with ease.
Looking up from his perch, Kurama was surprised at the joy he could feel from the bond. "Oi, brat getting a little bit excited are we?"
"Mah mah, Kurama you know that this is the best fight that I've had in a long time even if I haven't begun to use chakra yet it's still fun."
"Ha, you just haven't been able to fight for fun that did not involve the Uchiha."
Refocusing on the fight, he mumbled to himself, "a little more."
He took off almost seeming to disappear from sight. Stunning everyone as he reappeared right in Pyrrha's guard. It happened in practically slow motion for Pyrrha. Naruto delivered an uppercut to her shield that took her off her feet once she was airborne an ax kick sent her tumbling back down to the ground and a surprisingly soft landing. When she opened her eyes, she saw that she was caught in a net of some kind of thread. Upon a closer look, it was not a new but a web of thread anchored by the shuriken and kunai that naruto had thrown that bound her and made her unable to move. The netting tensed when naruto landed on the web. The whole room was silent at that moment. No one expected the invincible girl to lose like this. Then all at once, the room erupted into cheers for the match.
After Glynda regained control of the room, she announced naruto the winner.
Naruto cut Pyrrha down and helped her down from the threads. "you did good Pyrrha."
Smiling and still coming down from her battle high Pyrrha responded, "Yes, naruto but not as much as you, I honestly can't wait for a rematch." while Taking the ten minutes to help naruto recover his weapons.
When they headed back to their seats, they were congratulated by their group of friends. When Yang lept from her seat hugging naruto. "you were great naruto." looking over to Pyrrha and seeing the look on her face she quickly added, "You did a good job two Pyrrha." pulling naruto to sit next to her while waiting for the next spar to begin.
After putting the results of the match into the computer and sending her notes to Ozpin. Glynda looks on the board for the next matchups after scrolling through the list she came upon Jaune Arc and Cardin Winchester. Putting the names on the screen, she had a sense of satisfaction. She knew about the young Arc's dramatic improvement in his fighting abilities. The only thing he is lacking in confidence. Unlike Cardin and his team riding on his family name and not training much since his arrival here at Beacon. And what was worse is the fact that he was a racist bigot.
She had to raise a brow when Mr.Arc was stopped by naruto who whispered something into his ear, Patting him on the back and sending him on his way to the arena.
"Ready for another beating Arc? Man, this is going to be so easy," Cardin sneered.
Following naruto's advice, Jaune took a deep breath and let it out slowly. He then peeled back his sleeve and released his seals. The sensation of walking through wet concrete with an Ursa on his back lifted. Jaune let out a sigh of relief and nodding when Glynda asked him." Mr. Arc, are you ready?" taking note of his odd actions.
On the screen overhead, it displayed their names.
-Jaune Arc vs. Cardin Winchester-
"Fighters ready?" Glynda called out and getting confirmation from both she began the match.
Acting cocky was Cardin's first mistake. Expecting Jaune to just be the same easy kid to fight that he was at the beginning of term six weeks ago. Taking the same approach, he did the last time they fought a direct charge. Hoisting his mace above his head as he charged, leaving him completely open.
An opening that Jaune saw and took advantage of. Blocking the downward strike with his shield and delivering a haymaker to Cardin's flank. Winding Cardin as he stumbled back and drawing his sword and bashing Cardin's face in with his shield. And finishing the match by taking his legs out from underneath him by clipping his knee with his sword. And holding him at sword point. Breathing deeply and blinking in amazement. And for the second time that day everyone was speechless. As one of the worst students in terms of skill just beat Winchester and it had only taken him less than five minutes. Something like this dramatic improvement was unheard of.
Blankly going through the motions, Glynda declared Jaune the winner of the match and proceeded to call for the nurse to check on Cardin before he gets more blood on her lovely clean floor.
The rest of the class had passed by without anything of note. For Naruto as the rest of his friends were not selected for a fight. Before class ended, Glynda announced to the class." please be aware that next Friday we will be heading to Forever Fall to harvest sap for dr.peach"
After classes let out for the day, Naruto was pulled away from the group by Weiss and Yang. Fortunately saving him from her method of celebrating of Jaune's win an all you can eat pancake buffet at ren's expense.
After directing him into an empty classroom and locking the door. Naruto now curious about what this was about asked, "So what can I do for you, ladies?"
Looking at each other and taking a breath, Yang took the lead on this part of the conversation. "During your match, we talked it over, and we decided to ask you for help we want to get stronger, a lot stronger than possible ordinarily."
With her peace said Weiss took the lead. "We have goals, and we also have people we want to protect. And we also want to stand by your side proudly and say no matter what happens, we won't be a burden."
Taking them seriously, Naruto's whole demeanor changed at that moment. It was like a switch in his head was flipped. And what was left was the shinobi that was always lurking just beneath the surface. As his eyes hardened like glaciers, he took note of their resolve and was impressed that they did not back down.
It lasted for only a moment but for an instant, but Weiss and Yang felt completely naked under naruto's intense gaze. Before he smiled at them and gathered them both in a big hug. In that one action, they welcomed all the love and compassion that he could express for him.
Leaving the embrace, he started to rub the back of his head feeling a bit bashful. "so I do have something I have been working on in my spare time it's mostly for Weiss."
Yang started to pout when naruto delivered the news to them but perked up when he continued on." I'm going to be honest, Yang I have a method for you to get stronger, but you're not going to like it, in fact, neither of you are."
The two girls paled at that statement and the look on his face.
"But enough of that let's go celebrate Jaune's win with Nora's pancakes, and I've got a dozen bowls of ramen with my name on them." with a grin on his face he leads the two out and to the cafeteria with the rest of his friends to celebrate Jaune's win.

Sitting in his room after activating his lockdown seals, he pulled out two scrolls one labeled Shiroi kiji the other Jīnlóng. Opening the first, he reconfigured his room into the forge configuration. And set to work on the forge pouring high-density yin-yang release chakra from both himself and Kurama and the other bijuu.into the metal that he was working into eight fin-like flechettes and a cylinder for a revolver.using his chakra to inscribing a compatible seal matrix directly into the still cooling metal. Etching the runes and inscriptions into the metal. To the point the script was. Overflowing off the forge and onto the floor and into the room. All while pouring chakra into the metal still changing the metal drastically bending it to his will. To quench the metal, he poured water nature chakra into the metal forcing the metals to cool and the etchings to bleed red. As they pulled in the inscriptions slowly into the newly made chakra metal. When finished each piece of metal had nine branching paths etched into them. And to finish each matrix, he poured his yin-yang release chakra to use the Banbutsu Sōzō no Jutsu. To form crystals in the settings made of pure chakra. When it was all done, he was utterly exhausted, and after resealing the new weapons and shifting back the room, he passed out on his bed. His last thoughts before sleep claimed him was that one of the tools that would help his loved ones survive in this world was done.

While naruto was working his forge that night, a revelation was occurring in another room. Between the former invincible girl, the princess, and the dragon.
In the awkward standoff between the three Pyrrha broke the silence first.
"So I would like to know what is going on between the two of you and my partner?"
Weis and Yang shuffled awkwardly looking between each other. Knowing that this was probably going to be one of their most unpleasant conversations. Wanting to frame this conversation, so it did not devolve into violence or ruin naruto's relationship with the red-head.
So with that in mind as if on some unsaid queue. Wiess pursed her lips and spoke for both of them. "We are both interested in pursuing a relationship with naruto and have made our intentions known to him.also..." as she spoke, she had gotten progressively redder and eventually stalled mid-sentence. Devolving into mumbling incoherently and fidgeting awkwardly pressing her index fingers together. Forcing an equally blushing yang which was rubbing her arm to speak up and take over. Knowing that when she had this conversation with naruto, it was easier then than now. Mostly because her embarrassment was blunted by the joy she felt in expressing her feelings.
"We both agreed to share rather than fight for him.
Pyrrha, stunned by the admission and a little jealous at the two for getting to naruto first. Grit her teeth in frustration and had to count to ten and remind herself that she never staked a claim on the blonde. And would most likely have to work in this new dynamic if she wanted to pursue a relationship. The fact that she had been crushing on the blonde when they had first met. Then that attraction had grown over the weeks that she had known the whiskered blonde. To the point that she had fallen madly deeply in what she could now call love. Not lust, admiration, or a meer attraction. She was utterly absolutely in love with one Naruto Uzumaki. And this revelation was something challenging to get past. The way she was raised was one of a monogamous family unit taught that it should be man and wife, not man wives. Making it very difficult for her to come to terms with the concept of a polyamorous relationship. Taking a moment to calm herself down, Pyrrha looked the two in the eye hardening her resolve on what steps she would need to take next. "I love naruto to, and I just won't let you have him. I will make him fall for me and me alone."
With her stance clear and the line in the sand drawn as it were. She was taken aback by the smirk on Weiss's face. When she simply ignored the declaration of war. Strode forward in an act reminiscent of what had happened to her. When Yang had confronted her about her own feelings. And kissed Pyrrha full-on making use of her surprise to use tongue and deepen the kiss. And pull away, leaving the girl with a parting statement. "May the best woman win." pulling the speechless Yang away with her to bask in her victory with the blonde.

After leaving Pyrrha to her own devices, Weiss walked hand in hand with Yang. With one destination in mind. When Yang in all her provocative glory, spoke up with a Cheshire grin, "So either I am rubbing off on you or you where the naughty one this whole time. And need a bit of corrective spanking." causing Weiss to stumble and almost fall on her face had it not been for Yang she would have.
"W-w-what no it's just…" unable to finish her sentence and getting redder by the second. Yang decided to spare her the explanation. "I get it; she is challenging our relationship, and you don't take well to someone in the way of a goal. Something that you and I don't like and you wanted to make your stance clear to her that we can share. But still, princess what I would like to know is how much tongue did you use?"
Breaking out into cackling laughter as she ran away from her flustered teammate. Who gave chase as they made their way back to naruto's room.

Opening his door and seeing naruto haphazardly passed out on his bed. One leg on one-off and still in his clothes covered in dirt and grime smudging his face and body.knowing that he can't sleep in that state. The two nodded to each other, agreeing to work together.
"I'll go set up a bath if you wake him up and we can coax him to bathe. Yang said knowing how to reconfigure the seals in the bathroom to the large bath setting. And was pleasantly surprised that it was an onsen style bath just like the ones in Mistral. Pleased that there was not much to do to set up the tub. As it was already filled, she just had to turn on the heater. After doing so, she went to check on Weiss and Naruto.
The scene she walked in on was not one she expected.weiss was pinned underneath a sleeping naruto. With her skirt riding up to show her he snuggled into her chest.unable to stifle her snickering at the comical scene Weiss started to glair. "Don't just stand there help!" Weiss exclaimed, now thoroughly tired of being pinned and used as a body pillow by her boyfriend. Not that she minded the groping. It was just that she would prefer for him to be awake to do the groping. Maybe a little make-out session and a bit of petting.
She was rudely broken out of her fantasy when Yang snarked back as she helped her with naruto. "So did you get distracted with waking up naruto or are you considering a change in life goals to be a body pillow?"
"Haha, very funny yang." Weiss deadpanned, rolling her eyes.
After pulling naruto off of Weiss. The two managed to rouse naruto into a semi-awake state. And led him to the bath. Yang took the lead and striped first and then helped strip naruto. She was very amused at the reaction she got from Weiss in her attempt to subtly check out naruto. Getting a full look at his abs and the many scars. She started to lick her lips as she began to look lower. In her admiration. She couldn't help but drool thinking," yummy, mama likes.
Her daydreams were once again interrupted by Yang. "You know I'm beginning to think that I'm not the perv here. I know Naruto's yummy, but he's practically unconscious."
"S-shut up," Caught in the act and sufficiently embarrassed, she started to take her own clothes off. as Yang just smirked and started to walk away from helping guide the semi-conscious blonde into the bath.
Weiss walked covering herself in a towel in as Yang guided naruto to a stool and started to rinse him down. Completely red-faced with embarrassment and feeling inadequate when she compared herself to Yang. Looking herself over thinking disparaging thoughts. When compared to Yang taking note of her long flowing hair. To her perfect curves and ample bust and perky despite the size. It was at the mounting negative thoughts that naruto woke up fully. Sputtering when he was sprayed in the face with water.
Coughing and clearing his thought, he stood from the stool and strode over to Weiss. To hold her in his embrace as if to will away the negative thoughts. Whispering into her ear, "you should know I'm not with you for your looks."
Nodding into his shoulder, Weiss began to relax. "So you know you don't have to hide anything from us, Weiss," Yang said as she looked at the pair with a small smile.
Leaving naruto's embrace, she took a breath and untied the knot holding her towel up. With renewed confidence, she sat down next to Yang, allowing the two to take in her figure. From her significantly smaller yet no less beautiful breast with perky pink nipples. To the curve of her hips and long toned legs and stomach. That lead to a nice but. And her long flowing hair and perfect pale skin that contrasted beautifully with pale blue eyes like diamonds.pouty lips and a button nose. And a completely smooth hairless pubic mound. To her perfectly toned arms and the hands of a swordsman. All said her beauty told the story of a woman who was not just her looks. But a woman who was dedicated to her goals and dreams.
Taken aback by this step, both Naruto and Yang caused to exclaim," your beautiful" at the same time. Reassured that Weiss partners saw her for the woman she is. Rather than just her body and the scars that at one point, Weiss believed marred her beauty. Weiss could say that she no longer felt plain when compared to others because Naruto and Yang loved her for who she was.
After washing the trio enjoyed a soak in the tub for a while. Appreciating the time they had with each other before getting out and going to sleep. With the knowledge, they cared for one another.
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