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Chapter 14: the thing about contracts and new knowledge

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Chapter 14: the thing about contracts and new knowledge

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Chapter 14: the thing about contracts and new knowledge

Waking up in the morning to find a warm body next to her. Was something Yang could say she wouldn't have gotten used to before coming to beacon. But now it was a joy to find naruto or Weiss in her bed in the morning. So to find nither in bed when she woke up. Made her feel a bit empty inside. A feeling that was soon replaced with amusement when she got out of bed to find the two where talking. While naruto was writing in a large scroll. "So, this is called a summoning scroll?" Weiss asked curious about the implications between it and her semblance glyph summoning.
"Yea, I've been working on this for two years trying different formulae if this works I will have a major asset back," Naruto said as he continued to inscribe the new formula into the scroll. Hoping that with this his oldest allies, the toads will be at his side once more. Finishing the section with a flourish and biting his thumb to sign his name in blood and chakra to finalize the scroll. With the scroll finished and rolled back up, the only thing he had to do was test it and get a pass from class for the next few days.
"Morning," Yang said as she draped herself over Weiss's shoulder, looking at the rather large scroll. "So what ya working on?"
With a grin, naruto delved into the explanation of his new summoning scroll. How if he gets this right, then he would be able to modify the toad summoning contract and have a piece of his old world back and an ally.
With a grin that only spelled mischief, Yang said. "well, I'm going to shower care to join me?" then bound into the shower, leaving her clothes trailing in her wake cackling as she saw the looks on their faces when she poked her head out the door.
"She's going to be the death of us, isn't she," Weiss said looking at naruto with a bit of trepidation. "Yea, but at least we'll have fun," Naruto said with a mischievous grin of his own. "Race you!" he exclaimed, throwing his shirt in her face and running in the bathroom after Yang. "Hey! No fair," Weiss yelled, following in their wake.
Walking up to the tower with Kurama at his side. Naruto was not looking forward to getting a leave of absence from the headmaster when the man already had his eye on him. And was digging into his background. Knowing that just asking for this favor would put him in Ozpin's debt and under even more scrutiny.
Sensing his partner's apprehension through the bond, they shared Kurama gave him a nudge." oi, brat you, and I know you have to test the contract now if you miss this full moon you'll have to wait another year for the celestial bodies to realign."
Crossing his arms as he waited in the elevator, Naruto huffed," yea, yea, I know it's now, or it might as well be never on this scroll, and I don't like using the Chikushōdō it's just wrong. Let's just get this over with.

Ozpin noticed immediately upon Naruto entering his office that the conversation they were going to have. It would be interesting. Taking note of his stiff posture, it was clear that Uzumaki had no desire to be here. That he only need to wait, and the young man would tell him what he wanted, and hopefully, there would be some gain he could get out of this.
After a moment of silence, Naruto spoke up. "I need a few days off from classes two at most."
"Your coursework is excellent, and you're at the top of your classes. So I don't see why we can't bend the rules a bit in this case. So long as you don't make this a habit," ozpin said, taking a sip of his coffee. "Although I am interested in why you need a few days off? And if you're going to go on an unauthorized mission, I am going to have to say no."
"Thanks, it's not a mission that I am going on. I just need a few days to work on an old Fūinjutsu scroll. It was passed down through my family. It's more of a right of passage to solve one to complete mastery." naruto explained to the headmaster.
"Well, if that's all you need to do, then I don't see why we can't accommodate you, Mr.Uzumaki."
Naruto turned to leave when ozpin cleared his throat," emhm, Mr.uzumaki, I do believe there is something else you need to supply."
Naruto tossed him a scroll labeled coffee with a grin as the elevator doors closed.

After letting his team know of his plans for the next few days. Impressing the need to work on this alone and getting a tentative approval by explaining it as a rite of passage for his clansmen. He set off at top speed, quickly slipping into the night, leaving no tracks to follow.
After making a clearing just outside of Vale, Naruto set to work under the light of the full moon. Taking advantage of the power that a celestial body provides.
Unfurling the scroll in its full-length Naruto bit his thumb drawing blood and allowing it to drip onto the scroll. While channeling chakra, causing the script to shift on the paper within the scroll. Causing it to crawl out and spread like serpents until it filled the clearing. His preparations were done. Naruto took a breath and looked to Kurama. "Wish me luck, Kurama."
Snorting in response, Kurama just gave him a look that said as if you need luck.
Naruto then began to flip through the hand seals for Kuchiyose no Jutsu: (Boar → Dog → Bird → Monkey → Ram). Slamming his hand down on the scroll, he disappeared in a puff of smoke.
When she heard of Naruto's plan to go into the forest, she could say that with certainty, this was probably one of the worst ideas he had. And not wanting him to go by himself, she trailed after him. Stepping into the clearing just as he had slammed his hand down in the matrix. The next thing she knew, she was coughing from the smoke that clouded her vision. When the smoke cleared, she got the distinct feeling that she was not in Vale anymore. The first thing that clued her in was the fact that in the sky. There were two suns in orbit and a planet in the distance. The fantastic scenery from the waterfall to the giant panther on top of it.
Yet she had no more time to take in the view. For there was a massive panther at least thirty four meters tall standing in front of her partner. Panicking and reacting on pure instinct, she drew her weapons Miló and Akoúo̱. Shifting Miló to rifle form and taking aim.only to freeze when she heard a growl of warning behind herself. Followed by an unexpected pleasant voice coming from behind as well. "Child, I would recommend you put away your weapon. Lest you become a snack for the younglings. A fate I assure you is most unpleasant."
Turning slowly to come face to face with another giant of a panther. This one, however, was surrounded by smaller panthers of varying sizes. When the largest one spoke again, the other panthers that surrounded her started to back off. "Greetings flame of victory I am an elder sage of the panther clan of Wakanda Bast. And your arrival here was expected. You have no need to fear us. Not while the Maelstrom of Uzushiogakure no Sato is here."
All she could do was blankly nod, looking blankly at Naruto. Who turned around looking annoyed. "Pyrrha, just what are you doing here," Pyrrha flinched when she heard his tone. Before she could give a response, Bast spoke up in her stead.
"Do not blame your mate inheritor of Asura's will; this is something that we have foreseen. As it was meant to be. Her arrival here was inevitable. The alternative would have been most severe. now come we have much to discuss before we sign a contract."
With a panther pushing her along the panthers lead the two an opulent building with the motifs of a massive ethereal panther covered by shadows, a caring lion tending to the sick and injured, a powerful and mighty gorilla working a forge, and lastly a cunning crocodile leading an army painted on the walls of the throne room.
Sitting on a large raised dais was an elderly panther. "Greetings, Maelstrom, Flame of victory I am the elder panther sage Nyami. And your visit has been foreseen since I was but a mere cub a long time ago.
Naruto looked to the elderly panther with a look of disbelief. "Look, if I hear anything about another prophecy, then I'm gonna tell you right now I'm done."
Nyami just laughed at naruto's defiance. "No, nothing of the sort while we see into the future we don't give prophecy. It's more like we predicted the odds of you coming. However, we do have a warning about the future for you, young Maelstrom. To save the Ash of Autumn, you must gain her trust to seek out the truth behind her revenge. And you will need our aid young summoner. Yet you must prove yourself to gain the allegiance of the nation of convince us of your true worth Maelstrom of two worlds."
"Naruto, just what is going on here?" Pyrrha asked, grabbing his hand now terrified. Due to not understanding the situation and only getting half of what is going on.
Though his ability to sense emotions, Naruto could feel the confusion and terror. And in a moment he decided his course. with the same determination that had gotten him banished in the first place, he voiced his decision. "alright, no more hiding."
With that, he took Pyrrha's hand and lead her over to a table, and the two sat as he began the story of his life.
While it wasn't tricky to sneak out of beacon without Naruto, it was time-consuming for Sarada. But thanks to the use of shadow-clones, it was possible. This was why Sarada found herself running across the rooftops of Vale at top speed to get to a white fang rally that Roman had tipped her off to. Since Naruto was out and that left things to her.
Slipping into the warehouse through an air vent. And using chakra to stick to the ceiling. Sarada's job was simply to see what cinders forces were up to since they now had info that the white fang and cinders faction had joined up despite their warning not to involve civilians. And actively seeking out a group of terrorists is doing just that.
It meant that she clearly brushed off the warning. Once they had an idea of what was going on, Roman and Neo would be pulled from their service. And depending on their choices, they would have to be made to submit or be put down.
While listening to the inconsequential speech of the grunt that was chosen to speak. Sarada had to frown as it wasn't anything impressive that caught her attention. Until they dropped the banner with the symbol of the fang on it. Several military-grade firearms and ordinance were on display. While they were something to take note of. The thing that had her undivided attention was the Atlassian paladin mech and the platoon of drones behind them. The damned mech was terrible on its own. But the fact that there were at least fifty of the fucking drones. Behind it meant that a message had to be sent. A bloody and violent message that this would not abide.
So after waiting until the civies left. Sarada donned her mask and dropped down from the ceiling right on top of a guard tanto drawn and wreathed in lightning, severing the brachial artery and piercing the lung. The man would die in minutes. Before his two allies could react, they fell as well to two thrown kunai. Coated in wind chakra cutting through their Aura and gouging deep into their eyes, the men were dead before they hit the floor. After a quick glance, she counted seventeen more men.
In the moment of silence between the deaths of the three men. And the next man to fall to her blade, she spoke. "It's nothing personal, but Vale has been under the protection of Uzu for two years now, and many of you know this. But whatever you are planing, I don't personally care, but you will be made an example. Your plans end here!" with speed and strength, belying her frame she cut clean through the next man's head as she passed him. his head rolling onto the floor before they could respond, making the total count drop from seventeen to sixteen. Then the men of the fang moved. Attacking just like a squad of trained huntsmen. But that was their first of many mistakes this night. One of the many things that Naruto and Sarada learned when they came to Remnant was the people here are too reliant on their Aura to keep them alive. Just like these men, it was why it only took a single anti-personnel tag slapped on one man's shoulder when she blocked a sword strike. She then kicked the man into a group of four men. And the note detonated spraying the five men with senbon killing the four with the senbon, and the man died in the blast. Charging into the remaining men with her sharingan active letting loose for the first time in a long time was honestly a thrill. Ducking under a swing of a club and slapping his flank as she passed with a chakra scalpel lacerating his internal organs. Dodging a bullet by a hair's breadth. Throwing her tanto coated in lighting into the man's skull. Bringing the count from sixteen to nine in just three minutes. Even though she had just killed eleven men in under ten minutes. One of the remaining grunts got brave because she had no weapon. "Ha, just what do you think you can do now that you don't have that fancy sword."
Sarada merely made eye contact with him, trapping him in a genjutsu that drove him to take his own life. That changed the whole tone of the fight, and the grunts turned to run. Completely put out by the cowards running, she flashed through the hand signs Snake → Dragon → Rabbit → Tiger intoning (Katon: Ryūka no Jutsu). Incinerating all of the men but one who managed to dive out of the path of the conflagration. Leaving nothing but a shadow behind where they stood. Trembling like a leaf and unable to do anything else, he shit himself from fear.
Sarada walked up to the man. Who averted his eyes when she looked at him. "so I suppose you deserve some congratulations your the last one left. Do you know what that means?" she said. The man looked at her with the slightest glimmer of hope that he might yet live. Making the mistake of looking her in the eyes for the briefest of moments. In the mear moment, it was all Sarada needed to put him under a genjutsu with precise commands and then implanting the Tensha Fūin: Amaterasu inside him to activate once he met one Adam Taurus. Per the instructions of the genjutsu. It would be a very pointed message true, but once they found this man, but that was the whole point of this massacre. It was quite simple, really cross us at your own peril. For a war in Vale would not be tolerated. As the man walked off, Sarada had to huff in disappointment. Just when it was looking like she would get the chance to cut loose a bit. They fail utterly at the task and turn and run like cowards.for most huntsman Its a simple fact in this world of Grimm and huntsmen they struggle to survive. Yet to shinobi and those trained by them are apex predators in this cruel world. She then turned to the weapons and the corpses left on the ground, knowing that she could leave the bodies here. But doing so would be more trouble than it's worth. Making the horse hand sign and molding a massive amount of fire nature chakra in her chest she intoned ( Katon: Gōka Mekkyaku) breathing a wall of white-hot flames so hot that the metal sublimated into gas and the bodies fatty tissues caught fire and the bodies carbonized to dust. She then quickly left the now burning and melting warehouse via Shunshin no Jutsu. Heading back home to get a night's sleep in a beautiful bed.
The test that the elder sage was looking for was one of wisdom and truth, not one of power. As she observed the shinobi in front of her. Someone how was trained and bred to do anything to win even lie, cheat, and steal. So when she had given him the test that so many Summoners before failed a test, that was rather simple. To gain the allegiance of Wakanda, all the Summoners need do is tell the truth. But not just any truth but a profound personal truth that may have repercussions to another. The test of Wakanda is unique that instead of just the summoner coming to their realm. It is always with another close to the summoner. And when the Maelstrom told his partner everything without even knowing what the test was. She could not help but burst out with laughter. "hahaha, this is perfect Naruto; you have gained the allegiance of Wakanda."
Utterly confused by the elder's outburst, Naruto had no idea what was going on. Then it came to him the words of the elder. The unusual reverse summoning taking not just himself but Pyrrha as well. They took both of them in the summon. It's so clear now so much so that he joined in the elder's amusement. "haha, you know it's not every day you can say that you tricked an immortal into revealing his secrets."
"indeed naruto god you have no idea how hard it is to act that cryptic all the time when Summoners come to us. I mean, if we didn't have the test, we would have people trying to get our contract all the time, but now that we are aligned with you, we no longer have to worry about that." Nyami said, completely relaxing and leaving the red-head speechless. Looking to both for answers after that significant info dump.
After a while, desperate for an answer, Pyrrha meekly raised a hand," um, can anyone please tell me what is going on?"She asked.
"Ah, Pyrrha, it's simply the reason you were summoned was because it was part of the test I just passed. It was a test of my character." naruto explained to the red-head.
"If you ever require us oh Sage of six paths, you just need and summon us, and we will give you aid just like the previous sage of six paths. Now you may be well on your journey, young sage." the elder panther said, eyeing Naruto.
The two were escorted back to the center of the city in front of a fountain. With an unmistakable oil inside. Where Bast was waiting with several jars and a young cub playing about her paws.
"hay grams when is big bro going to get here." amused by the young cub's brash attitude, Naruto had to hold back a grin. "and just who is this big brother of yours is supposed to be a young lady." Naruto said, getting her attention, and she leapt into his arms with a cry of, "big bro."
Without fail, Naruto caught the young cub who happily introduced herself devolving into the native language spoken in the elemental nations. "hi onii-chan, I knew I would meet you if I came here early. My name is Margiela. my sister is here too, but she's a bit shy." When he looked around for another cub but was unable to find one and his senses where muddled. With all the natural energy in the air. But he had to pause when he concentrated on himself and noticed something not right. There was another source of chakra in his shadow. Had he not been a sage, it would have been impossible to notice. Turning slightly, he looked towards his shadow and said, "you can come out now."
A small, timid cub emerged from his shadow. "H-hello I'm Shuri," she mumbled
"Before you leave, you should know that in Wakanda, it is tradition to have our Summoners care for some of our young. That act as familiar and bring knowledge back to the clans. These two Mageela and Shuri will be your familiars, please take care of them. this sage oil should help you in their training when they are ready." Best explained to them.
After marking the scroll as the new panther summoning scroll in preparation to leave naruto handed Mageela off to Pyrrha and picked up Shuri and began to make the seals needed to send them home. In a puff of smoke, they were gone.
When they arrived back in Remnant, it hadn't taken them long to make their way again to beacon. With the cubs resting in his shadow. And despite the awkward glances his way from Pyrrha. He did not sense any truly negative emotions from the girl, just a delicate apprehension and a cautious skepticism. Knowing that she just had her whole world view broken, he opted to give her time. So when they retired for the night, Naruto hoped that she could accept him for who and what he is and represents.
Naruto was a bit surprised to find Weiss in his bed when he slipped into his bed but took it in stride too tired to care. Knowing that answers could wait for the morning. Wrapping an arm around her with the cubs resting at the foot of the bed.
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