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Its Been 5Ever

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Idk why I'm updating this, but I am! Heyho I'm alive!

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Hey y'all (if anyone is actually here anymore)

Its been AGES! I remember I lived for this site when I was in middle school and high school. I made this account in 8th Grade but it's been forever.

Am now Senior in College

Am old now. Anyways, thank you, every single one of you, who has been significant in my presence on this site. Life caught up to me and I am endlessly busy everyday, but I do still think of everyone (Not gonna name names at the risk of excluding people). But thank you so so so much for letting me into the little, big circle that was/is this site. This was the highlight of my teenage years (am also now 20 years old). My fondest memories are of me on my Kindle Fire, hosting a little chat party on this blog, eating pizza on a Saturday night. This was the absolute best of times. Bar none. This little site was such a big, fantastical part of my life. Thank you so so so so much. Even that doesn't do it justice. I remember being so eager to get home my first year of high school so I could talk to y'all.

Thank you so so so much.

- Jen/AJ :) (if y'all couldn't guess it, but still call me AJ cause it's the only thing that feels right on this site)
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