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Is Anyone There?/Update

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Category: Humor - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama,Humor - Published: 2016-05-22 - 153 words

Hey, it's AJ! Remember me? No? Okkkaay tough crowd

But hey, wow, it's been an incredibly long time. I just wanted to reach out, maybe catch up with people that used to come on here and used to come to these little "parties".

I've been pretty good. I've fought most of my demons, been a lot happier, and have gotten to be really outgoing. Who would've thought? I was just thinking about where I began writing and wanted to come back, especially to the days of Ryan The Pushy Virgin(ABSTINENCE) and our hormone fueled, imaginative, incredible stories. Those really are the days I keep close to my heart. Thank you all for that, even if there are people who aren't gonna come back. We all had our demons and, I hope that wherever you guys are, it really did get better.

Feel free to reply or email me. AJ out mic drop
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