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One Year

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It's already been a year.

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It's been one year since My Chemical Romance broke up.

It was a heartbreaking day, but I'm so glad they ever brought us(Sam, Ash, Lauren, Ellie, Ryan, Jazzy, Allie, Penina, Hozzy, Mir and more that I can't remember! Sorry!)together.
I miss everyone and I certainly miss them, but I will always be grateful for my first real friends. my first Internet friends, my first diverse family. The memories we've had were real, even though they were virtual.
They were the realest things to me and everyone here inspired me to be the best person I can be. They molded me into the person I am. Now I have real-life friends that I actually hug and high five as I walk down hallways! Isn't that crazy?
Craziest thing is:
I don't stop talking/thinking about you guys.
I always think of our parties. I always think of the jokes and memories made. I always mention Mir, Ellie, Lauren, Ryan, everyone in general.
I adore you guys for the life you've given me, for the memories you gave me, for the inspiration, hope, and peace of mind you've all given me. I will never forget you guys. We'll ALL meet one day.

So, thank you.

Thank you, FicWad family.

Thank you, My Chemical Romance.

Thank you, FicWad.
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