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It had only been a week since the champion fiasco, and other than most of Gryffindor, the other houses wouldn't talk to Harry civilly, except a few like Luna. He was almost certain mostly everyone thought he had entered himself, and he had to take care to watch his back, which was why his ward hack was the greatest thing ever. He had stolen the idea from the Marauders Map when the twins had given it to him the year before, and it was finally complete, as he was finishing the upgrade. He had integrated it into his glasses, and though it had one or 2 bugs; they would be sort out in the coming weeks.

Other people's magic was just so easy to play with; nobody seemed to have a clue what real security was in the school, even teachers. Some of the wards were so powerful in areas that hacking them allowed him to almost use certain spots like cameras. The picture wasn't great and he still hadn't gotten them to give him much in the way of sound but that just left him with some hack seals to create so that he could make adjustments to those wards with no one the wiser.

His old glasses had overloaded when he added the map hack to them, so he had to do something new, so he made them like a blu-tooth device and linked them up to a magical enhanced muggle device that could store so much more. However, he still couldn't use more than one function at once without overloading the glasses with too much stress, which meant map or scan and hack. However, he did have plenty of other things if he really needed to do multiple things at once. It was just lucky it didn't take much to switch from one function to the next.

He was in the common room just looking at his smart phone as he made some adjustments to the programme file and placed it in his magically locked belt pocket on the side of his left hip when the red haired nearly 17 year old Weasley twins dropped down either side of him.

He had seen them coming on the map, and timed everything perfectly as he was the only person in the common room, even though he had already hacked the paintings so they could never see him or pay attention to anything he did when he was with other so they wouldn't tell Dumbledore anything. He was still trying to fully hack them; they weren't alive, and if he could control them he might be able to use their eyes like cameras, which would be the perfect magical hack, but they were tricky as they could think for themselves.

"What was that thing Harry?" one twin asked; that was Fred according to the map.

He shrugged, amused that they were more observant than they looked. "Nothing for you guys to worry about," he replied. "So, can I do something for you guys or is this just to chat?" he asked, curious.

"Come on Harry, we know you didn't put your name in the goblet even though we also know you could have if you wanted too," George continued before waving his wand, silencing the area. "We also know that you can get anywhere in the school, and can procure anything that the school has to offer if you wanted, and that has nothing to do with the map we gave you, so we were hoping you could help us out?"

"It will cost you a no-questions asked favour at some point in the future!" Harry agreed while they nodded quickly.

"Well, you see, umm..." Fred began while they both blushed. "You see, we got cocky with some plans for a secret pranking project and Snape confiscated them. They have magic to hide what they're really for, and we have a copy; so we just want that copy to either disappear or to get it back, but he has it in his private quarters. Well that's where the tracking charm led us, and it's impossible to get in as you have to be over eighteen to enter a teacher's quarters, and then it has tons of other alarms too."

"So you want me to get you in?" he asked reasonably.

They both nodded quickly. "Yeah, pretty much, come on you have to help us out here, mate!" George agreed. "If he figures out what illusionary spells we have over our blueprints we're done for. The only reason we've lasted so long is because of plausible deniability, and even though we've learnt occlumency he couldn't say anything without admitting he illegally enters people's heads against their knowledge, which could end him in jail no matter what Dumbledore says."

"Okay," he agreed thoughtfully. "But you'll have to distract him, McGonagall, and Dumbledore," he replied. "Once the wards are, let's say – temporarily open – alerts will go off for all three of them. They won't know what they mean until they return to their offices, but once back in place I should be able to rig it as a false alarm. At the same time one of you will need to enter the apartment and snatch the blueprint before escaping. I can give you maybe five minutes to enter his quarters and get out safely, but I can't tell you what might lie within because of the extra warding and I have never had reason to investigate before."

Harry Pulled out a blue plastic card from nowhere and handed it to George. "Whoever enters takes this with them, squeeze the two red side clips together to activate it, and the card will flash red to show its working. Return the card to me after you have finished your mission and we're even, deal!"

"What does it do...?" Fred asked looking at the matte plastic.

"No questions asked, remember?" he replied, amused as they made zipping motions with their fingers across their lips. "The time is now one thirty pm," he said looking to his watch. "So we'll do this at dinner, tonight, six thirty!" he said while they both nodded in agreement. "Which one of you will distract?" he asked and Fred pointed to himself. "Okay then, Fred, at six thirty you need to make a large commotion, make it look like the Slytherin's were involved so that no one notices George and I aren't in attendance, but I'll get us a backup alibi. We should need no more than ten minutes for George to get in and for us to get clear."

"Well later guys!" Harry said happily while he left them to their own vices until time. He left the common room for a little wander. The map showed that Luna was in the library doing whatever odd thing she did when not with him doing something odd, or making out.

Therefore, he headed in that direction and switched from map to scan and hack so that doors pretty much opened for him, which meant he could take short cuts that otherwise would have been off limits, stopping crafty doorways from transporting him to the other side of the castle or having to wait for stair or have them move on him, and what not, which had been known to happen with a couple doors he used, but plenty of times with the stupid stairs, nearly getting him into trouble a few times.

He had just entered a corridor where green-to-red scanners zeroed in on several people in between him and his goal of the library, and that seemed to be harassing that Weasley girl who sometimes stared at him for hours instead of doing homework. He didn't mind; it was probably hero worship or something as he did save her life her first year at Hogwarts from that odd fragment of soul that was trying to steal her life force, and he was pretty certain she was Luna's best friend because he saw them together plenty of times, but Ginny just squealed when he went to join them and ran off bright red in the face.

Harry internally groaned as he realised it was that jerk brother of hers, Ronald Weasley and his friends. Which were all of the 4th year Gryffindor boys except him, even poor Neville had been dragged along with him, looking as if he was trying to find a small hole to crawl in and die rather than be doing whatever it was they were doing, which was likely douchy seeing how upset the girl seemed to be.

Thinking, she was quite cute with her long red hair and brown eyes with freckles dotted underneath and over her small nose. He listened in to Ronald for a moment while he was still hidden away around the corner and didn't like that boy's attitude or bastardry.

"... You're not going to the library to join Loony Lovegood!" Ronald hissed out spitefully. "That freak girl is friends with that cheating freak Potter!" he declared, which was pathetic considering he wanted to try cheating Dumbledore's age line. "Even then, no sister of mine is going to hang around some stupid crack pot, girl!" he said laughing with all of the boys but Neville.

"Hey Neville, hey Ginny!" Harry greeted as he had had enough of listening to the fool. They were the only 2 people he remotely liked out of all of them. He completely ignored the others as if they weren't worth his notice. "You guys heading to the library too, right; come on then!" he said thinking it would be nice of him to save them and make allies out of them. "You're both more than welcome to join me. I think Luna will be there too, so we'll meet up with her and-."

"A cheating scum bag like you isn't going anywhere with my sister or Neville!" Ronald declared with a smirk as he and his friends drew their wands, and they each glared at Neville for keeping his in his pocket and stepping away from them.

Harry took a deep breath to calm himself because Ronald was the most annoying, insensitive and selfish person he knew. "Really, I honestly expected this, Ronald," he said, shaking his head while Ginny was staring at him with red cheeks. "Well, I'm just going to walk away, and Ginny and Neville are coming with me; if you attack me or either of them I shall call the auror department and have all of you arrested for assault!" he said calmly taking Ginny's arm, and though Ron didn't move the others reluctantly let them passed.

"What are you guys doing!?" Ronald demanded his friends, which he would eventually lose because they would realise he was just a stupid prick. "The aurors won't do anything for this cheating moron-!"

"T-that's w-where you're wrong Ron!" Neville said as he quickly moved over to Harry's side. "T-the Potter name carries a lot of political weight behind it. Y-you kept trying to force your friendship on him before this, but if you knew anything about him you would know he didn't put his name in the Goblet of Fire, as someone like him the tournament is a waste of his time!" he said while Harry watched amused, and surprised that Neville was that insightful. He led them passed, and into the library where Luna looked up with a beaming grin to see them approaching her.

It was less than a moment later that the swing doors were barged open roughly. "Potter you attention seeking freak, I told you to stay away from my sister!" Ronald roared out while Harry looked over his shoulder as the foolish boy went to fire. The double doors were still swinging open before they suddenly stopped abruptly as they were close to slamming into the walls, opened to their fullest, and then they slammed back at full velocity which should have went against the ability of the magic that slowed them from banging closed.

Even the librarian had winced as she went to try and stop the loud boy as the doors shattered Ronald's wand, hand, arm, and nose, throwing him back out of the library, and crashing unconscious into the wall opposite the doors with a trail of blood.

Neville and Ginny just stared in awe while the librarian rushed out to see whether he was okay, and Harry sat nonchalant and gave his girlfriend a quick greeting kiss. "Well, looks like the doors didn't appreciate his manhandling," Harry commented offhandedly. "Sit you two!" he ordered. "Who cares that he freaking hurt himself while trying to hex me?!" he said, and they sat, sitting opposite Harry and Luna, looking nervous.

"He's must be cursed by Hack-sitters!" Luna said airily giving Harry another kiss with an amused look in her eyes.

"Yeah, I bet you're right," he agreed, laughing. "So what are you working on there?" he asked his girlfriend, amused by her joke and trying not to let Ginny see him notice the way she was looking at him again, but it seemed odd she didn't look jealous of Luna until he remembered he hadn't stamped her yet.

"Oh, nothing much," Luna said waving it off. "I was just reading this," she said, gesturing her large dark blue leather bound book. "It's called the big book of really stupid, pointless, and useless spells, people should probably avoid!" she said smiling sweetly.

"Cool!" Harry said looking over her shoulder, awed.

"W-why are you reading it then Luna?" Ginny asked quietly, confused. "If people should avoid these spells...?"

"Of course they should avoid them!" Harry agreed, rolling his eyes as if that should have been obvious, and it should have as it said that in the title of the book. "I wouldn't want to get hit by let's see..." He looked at a spell in the book. "A hex to make you giggle at inappropriate times, or a jinx to make you sing about going for a poo!" he said laughing about how funny that sounded.

"It's a shame lots of them seem so easy to counter with a finite!" Luna said with a sad pout, "but then again, our enemies don't know that, and then there are some that would be a little harder to dispel."

"So the people should avoid bit isn't about the book, but avoid getting hit by the spells!" Neville whispered in awe. "How many people realised that and signed the book out?" he asked, curious.

"Oh, only Lily Evans," she said, showing them her name stamped in the front to Harry's surprise. "That's Harry's mum if you didn't know," she said to the other 2. "Anyway Harry, do you think the alarms would go off if I chose to steal this as an 'heirloom'?"

"No, I don't suppose they would," he said while the other 2 watched as she slid the book into her book bag, nonchalant.

"Luna, you could get into trouble!" Ginny said, looking worried. "There are alerts and wards that stop you from just taking books you know!"

"Stick by us," Harry said thoughtfully as he seemed to pull out 2 very detailed booklets from out of nowhere and slid them over to the pair.

"'How to stop dirty old men and greasy haired bastards from raping your memories, Occlumency the ultimate guide to protect your mind'...!" Ginny read the top line with wide terrified eyes as she trailed off; she flicked through the pamphlet, which was 12 pages long and was a stupefied version of a huge book that went on for ages about so much crap they condensed it down to 12 pages being all any master occlumens needed to know.

"Yeah, we plan on spreading the wealth, just to amuse ourselves by handing out these," Harry said, smirking. "But don't let the old man find out."

"Harry is trusting you both," Luna said smiling. "So don't let anyone find out yet, and nobody is allowed to know Harry and I made them. It's really quite a lot easier than it might sound the way we wrote them! If you tried learning from the book, most people wouldn't have a clue what to do or where to begin its so overly complicated, which is why they get away with legilimency, so they won't like this pamphlet as it just gets down to business."

"Of course...!" Neville said, scandalised at the thought of betraying Harry. "Harry's always been good to me, and Ron is just a user, dragging me after him as if I wanted to hang out with him when I have other friends I would rather hang out with, though at the moment I don't know what they really think about you Harry. You did kind of admit to it, but then I saw those looks; they believed it was you straight away anyway, and I doubt you could have convinced them of anything but you being 'guilty'."

Ginny nodded in agreement. "He saved my life; I owe him, but I wouldn't anyway, so, umm..." she looked at her pamphlet. "No looking into either Snape's or Dumbledore's eyes until we can trick them into seeing what we want them too."

"Well, let's just get out of here!" Harry said leading the others out and passed where the librarian had managed to get the nurse, and they were dealing with Ron while his friends were hovering around looking worried.

"I can't believe the alarms never went off!" Ginny whispered in awe.

"Just a warning," Harry interrupted. "The paintings are all controlled by the headmaster, so be careful what you say in front of any. Well, anyway, almost forgot," he said looking at his watch. "I have something I need to do, so I'll see you guys later," he said stealing a quick kiss from Luna and hurrying off before they could say anything.

"Oh, that reminds me!" said Neville with wide eyes. "I forgot to go and get my toad Trevor back from Hagrid. He wasn't looking too good so I asked if Hagrid could look at him for me. He said I should come and see what's wrong for myself!" he declared before rushing off quickly without another word, now worried about his pet.

The girls looked to each other, shrugged and giggled.

"Luna," Ginny said after a few moments of walking together in silence, gaining her attention. "Why are you and Harry always doing that kissing thing?" she asked, befuddled by the whole thing.

Luna smiled. "Don't worry Ginny; I'll give you the ward stamp... well, Harry will, I still have to practice it some more. If you want then maybe you'll get it!" she suggested reasonably to her friend.

"Ward Stamp?" she asked, checking to make sure there were no paintings around.

Luna smirked smugly. "Learn occlumency and then we'll give it to you before I tell you what it does... or I have this device I was working on. I'll get Harry to test it out first though and then maybe we could get this done sooner; it should also help you learn occlumency faster," she said happily taking her confused friends arm, hugging it squished to her body, and leading her away.

Meanwhile Harry had made it to the dungeons and held his smart phone, making some calculations and altering some settings while outside the Slytherins dungeons since that was as close to Snape's quarters he wanted to get without assurances that the grease ball wouldn't be nearby. It was a lucky job too as he picked up some kind of signature based ward outside that corridor that would likely alert Snape to an unknown element near his apartment.

He casually placed his phone back into his belt when he sensed someone had snuck up behind him and switched on his map. It was green outlined on black, sitting in the lower right corner of his eye. He relaxed a little as he realised it was no immediate threat.

"Good afternoon, Astoria," he said, smiling as he turned around to see the blonde Slytherin in her black and green robes with her hair long to her waist, standing with her arms folded across her chest staring at him in suspicion. "Or do you prefer to be called Tori?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

She glared at him coldly with her grey eyes. "What are you doing here Potter!?" she demanded. "I know lots of my house thinks you're some kind of buffoon because Snape thinks you are, plus they're idiots, but my sister isn't stupid, and she's in the same year as you; says Snape's an idiot if he thinks you're a fool, so you're up to something nefarious aren't you. Daphne says that only a complete imbecile would mess with you; says you're dangerous!" she said, snorting. "You may not be stupid, but you... a Gryffindor – dangerous, don't make me laugh!"

Harry chuckled, shaking his head. "Yeah, how could a Gryffindor be dangerous?" he asked, laughing with her, which made her pause and stare at him while his laugh turned into a grin. "So, you going to tell all of your moronic friends you saw me down here?" he asked, curiously.

"You know what?" she asked with mock sweetness. "I think I will, and that way you won't get away with whatever you're doing; Professor Snape might even use it as an excuse to give you detention," she said smirking.

Harry laughed, shaking his head and clicked the fingers on his left hand. She paled as the wall entrance to Slytherin common swung open with no one the other side. "I do hope you sleep well tonight Tori, and don't let the lion cub bite!" he said laughing as he walked brushing against her side as he passed, having freaked the out girl.

"Umm... Potter!" she called and he looked around. "Err, yeah, I don't remember seeing you around here."

Harry smiled, "so do all Slytherin's know occlumency or just a few?" he asked out of curiosity as he had several probes gently caressing her shields and she hadn't detected them.

However, she started putting more effort in and he left her alone. He had only started practicing legilimency within the past few months but because of his occlumency it was coming along faster than normal and he had been practicing nothing but probes, (many more than Dumbledore or Snape would send, so he could attack multiple positions at once, and scout for weakness while Snape and Dumbledore go in for bulldozers), so hadn't gone as far as seeing memories yet. That was a main reason that he wanted the school to learn occlumency because he wanted to learn to hack through people's shields, and to be adept at that he needed multiple different types of people, with different imaginations; it was just to prove his superior mental prowess.

Astoria backed up from him slightly. "It's kind of a normal pureblood ancient family thing – w-well for dark families at least," she answered, concerned, and finally realised why her older sister thought he was dangerous.

"Good to know," he said, smiling. "Be a good girl and side by me, and we'll all be happy!" he said, turning back around and leaving her by the entrance to the common room.

She had been standing still by herself for several minutes, shocked when her sister turned up with her best friend Tracey. Daphne was like a slightly taller older version of her while Tracey was a blue eyed brunette. They both looked her over until Tracey snapped her fingers in front of her face, startling her out of her shock.

"What's the matter?" Daphne asked, showing some concern.

Astoria quickly looked around, closing the common room door after dragging them in and up the girls staircase and into her room, using some charms to silence the room and to alert her if anyone came near. "Harry freaking Potter was just here doing something!" she said in a hushed whisper.

"That boy is cute I know," Tracey said in a patronising tone, "but there's no need to freak out over it. Anyway, he's with that Lovegood girl, and they seem to like each other's company a lot so I don't know what you would have to do to get him away from her and marrying you instead."

"Tracey!" she complained, rolling her eyes. "That isn't what I was talking about. He was up to something when I caught him. And Daphne, you know when you said he was dangerous?" she asked and she nodded. "Well, I said I didn't believe it, and said I would tell everyone he was up to something, and Snape would give him detention. He clicked his freaking fingers, and the Slytherin secret entrance opened, and he hoped I had a good night!"

"You messed with him!" Daphne said, rolling her eyes. "I told you there was something dangerous with him. He knows the Slytherin password obviously, and tricked you; he is a very tricky boy!"

"With a hot and strong body, so he'll make great kids!" Tracey agreed grinning.

"Hey girls...!" Harry startled them as he had returned without even opening the door. "Do you want to do me a favour?" he asked with a wide grin.

"No!" the 3 of them answered together.

"How the hell did you get through all of the freaking wards?!" Astoria demanded, stepping back. "Boys shouldn't even be able to get up here!"

Harry smiled, amused. "I came baring an offer... or should I say, asking a favour, this little trick is just to prove I can; I left you a present in your left pocket!"

Astoria reached in and pulled out a grey card. "W-what is it?"

"Quite clever of me I suppose, but one use only and short range!"

"Astroprojection...!" Tracey said as the plastic card was lit up white and moving it made Harry fizzle slightly like bad reception.

"So, okay... what do we get if we agree?" Daphne asked, taking the projector and placing it carefully on a bed as she was highly impressed, thinking that his blood would be a good mix to make powerful children someday to continue her family blood pool and improve it.

"What do you want?"

"What does that thing on Lovegood's wrist do?" Astoria asked. "I noticed it when we were in joint transfiguration; she said it was a present from you. But now it's covered by a silk scarf tied around her wrist. I think it does something, but I don't know what!"

Harry shrugged innocently. "If you girls do me a favour I'll get you each one, but I really do think I should start putting them where nobody would see!"

"What do they do?" Tracey asked.

"Hmm... let's see... what do they do...?" he replied whimsically. "There's a charm in the wards around the girls dorms in all four houses that stops girls from being sexually aroused, so that your pathetic pure-blooded men don't have to try very hard to keep you as nothing more than breeding stock, and my seal is the cure and counter measure!"

"That's bullshit!" Astoria said shaking her head when she found Harry's wand in her face.

"Well, if that's the case," he said, shrugging. "I could really care less whether you told anyone you found me here, but that secret cannot get out because Dumbledore, Snape, and a whole bunch of ignorant women and their controlling men will stop you, and my plans will be set back. This device can transmit my magic as long as its systems are attuned for that spell, but this long distance; I don't know what it would do to your memories.

"But you shouldn't worry girls," he said with a wide grin. "I've done this a few times, face to face, but... it won't hurt a bit, I think! And there was me from my observation thinking that the three of you wouldn't want to become breeding stock, or relief adds for pathetically weak men-!"

"You've been watching us?" Daphne interrupted quickly as she eyed him, wondering whether she would risk dying to break the card before he activated a potentially mind erasing spell. He had no hesitation in his eyes and was moments away from erasing their memory and possibly leaving them brain dead to protect his secret, which showed in his eyes; she believed him.

"Of course," he agreed, shrugging. "I watch all of the interesting students at Hogwarts!" he said. "You see. I want to slaughter every last pureblood supremacist in the wizarding world. If they attack muggles or muggle-borns, or let them die like Dumbledore and his filthy mongrels and cultist; they need to go!"

"So what would we call you?" Tracey asked, semi-amused. "The Anti-Dark Lord!?" she suggested humorously before she realised from the look on his face he was serious.

"I want to at least kill one Malfoy!" Daphne said after a few moments. "Preferably Draco!" she added coolly. "That boy is the most annoying ingrate in the world!"

"Why are you even telling us now? Why not wait longer?" Astoria asked, concerned.

"Because the longer I wait the more set in your little bubbles you become, and because of this stupid tournament. I saw the opportunity, and I took it, so you either choose a location for the stamp or I erase this from your memories, or whatever this thing will do. Not to mention I have a feeling that we're going to have a dark wizard problem very soon, and I would much rather strike before the iron even starts to warm up."

He frowned a moment later as his image flickered away and the card of the bed burnt out blackened. Daphne picked it up looking at it before placing it in her pocket. "I think he was bluffing about that memory charm thing," she commented, curiously. "Well come on, let's go find Potter and see if these stamp things are really worth joining him for," she said, walking to the door.

"Just like that, you're going to side with, Potter?" Astoria demanded angrily.

She rolled her eyes but it was Tracey who answered, "it's either join Potter, or become minions of the Dark Lord to become playthings to filth like Malfoy, or join Dumbledore's marry band of losers, and die horrible deaths after the Death Eaters have used us as playthings."

"Point taken!" she agreed, following her sister and their friend out of the room. "Master Harry it is then; though I think he needs to take a name that has a more edgy ring to it!" she said, and the other 2 could only nod to that in agreement.
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