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Snape Hacked

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Snape... something... or whatever.

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Daphne felt squirmish after Harry had placed on the Release Stamp. She had chosen to have it high on her left inner thigh, near her panties, and at that time it hadn't embarrassed her much. She was a cold girl by nature, or survival instincts, so it didn't bother her at the time, but after that. Well, she felt weird and warm, and she didn't realise how much of his looks and body she had overlooked about him, especially in this new, sense, or these new feelings.

They had found out that Harry was bluffing about being able to erase memories long distant through his astral-disc, which made them feel better when they agreed to join him. But they did each appreciate his bluffing talent as they were each convinced.

It was odd that it only took half an hour, just her, her sister, and best friend, hidden away in an unused classroom for it to sink in that Harry hadn't lied about all of the suppressed feelings, and apparent biology that was catching up with them since they were passed 'that' age. Just thinking about where he touched, where his wand trailed – well, it made her feel odd, but in a good way. She had only chosen that location because no one would ever see it there, so the enemy, whoever that could be couldn't stop them because by the time they realised what was going on they would have hopefully lost.

Well that was nothing to the blushing her sister and Tracey were going through. Tracey had actually gotten her breasts out and he placed it on her right breast even though he warned her she would feel the embarrassment thoroughly within 20 to 30 minutes. He was right about that, but at least Astoria only chose the location just above her butt as she had said she had secretly seen a tattoo there on muggle girls in a magazine some Hufflepuff girl was reading that she peaked at, so she had practically shown Harry her bare butt in her eagerness.

"S-shall we go and complete our task now or wait a little while until we're feeling – well, less damp?" Tracey asked reasonably. "He did say to give it a couple hours for us to get used to the new sensations, and to find him if we need to talk about it and he would introduce us to Lovegood to help us!" she said as they each had a blue plastic card.

"What do you suppose this thing does?" Astoria asked twiddling her card, ignoring any need for support from the odd blonde Potter might get them, and trying to concentrate on it while each girl was trying to not sit too close to each other as they felt like they might try to rub themselves on each other's thighs, and that would be naughty, and more embarrassing; they could try that thing with Harry, bribe Luna to let them or something.

"Don't know," Tracey replied thoughtfully. "But he wants us to turn them on inside Slytherin, and take them everywhere in the house, and then carry them around Slytherin only parts of the dungeons; places he wouldn't want to get caught going snooping around; places which no one would give us a second look wandering around."

"So do you think they'll, umm...? I don't know," Astoria said thoughtfully. "Maybe they'll scan the wards around the school so he could tear them down in the future so we can conquer Hogwarts easier," she said while the other 2 gave her a look, neither having a clue how close she was with her guess. "Yeah, I suppose that is farfetched, so..." she shrugged unable to think of anything else.

"They might be designed to leave magic in our wake; some kind of spells," Tracey suggested thoughtfully before she realised how close the 3 girls had gotten to each other while squirming before they quickly moved apart, each with plans on asking Luna Lovegood (without Harry Potter finding out) how she dealt with her stamp releasing her naughty urges like they were feeling because it felt near overwhelming.

Meanwhile, 3 teachers in the Great Hall were trying to escape the chaos caused by a huge practical joke that caused several boys at Gryffindor table to start vomiting violently. Ginny nearly ran and was on her best friends lap at the Ravenclaw table as her moronic youngest brother and his friends were puking all over the place. She had only mentioned to her twin brothers that Ron needed to learn some manners; that was the opposite of manners, and McGonagall was blaming Slytherins while Snape was trying to blame Gryffindors.

She didn't know what to think really, but she was still certain it was her brothers, but she could only see 1 at the Gryffindor table, which was odd, and she couldn't even partake in Harry watching because he wasn't at the table either. She just sat back while her best friend cuddled her tightly to her lap, protecting from all of the vomit, which seemed to be making people who hadn't been poisoned sick too, but then some of them had been puked on, even in the face.

Severus Snape was trying to get away as it had to have been his rooms' alarm wards that seemed to have failed and quickly gave Dumbledore a look and he nodded, so Snape fled the scene quickly enough. If he found out that Malfoy had poisoned those Gryffindors he wouldn't have to worry about McGonagall wringing his scrawny little neck after he got through with him; that boy was more trouble than he was worth.

He had never met anyone quite so whiny in all of his life. Malfoy got his arse handed to him, and instead of trying to get even he cried to him, or worse, daddy. Then when he did 'try' to get 'even', or as normal people put it started the trouble, depending on who it was, lost and then cried to daddy. The worse thing was Lucius would always run out to stick up for the pampered little cry-baby.

Hating Potter was a great hobby of his, but Potter didn't run off to no one, no, the little git won; all the freaking time, and didn't even try to half the time. Sometimes Severus wasn't completely sure whether Potter even realised he had been attacked, especially when it was one of those idiots' Draco Malfoy or that stupid Gryffindor, Ronald Weasley.

Snape had seen them both trying to get Potter at the same time once, so he sat back and awaited a good show, and Potter hadn't even noticed them screw up their own game plans. It was getting infuriating.

Oh, Severus had watched, yes he had seen it all, and he observed, so he knew Potter wasn't the great 'good' everyone thought he was. He knew every time some moron attacked him; he countered it with ease because he was always ready. Dumbledore had believed that poor guardians such as muggles would make him weak, but he knew Petunia Evans, and she was smarter than she let on.

He had always hated how she called him a monkey. The more she discovered about the magical world, the more primitive she thought he was. She hated that her sister had become a 'monkey'; she said that Lily was better than that, but at the time Lily had been enchanted by the wonder of magic, and he would agree that she had been changed back then. However, over time Lily had started changing from the awestruck little girl she was, to the disillusioned young woman she became.

Severus saw it. His friend had opened her eyes to something she hadn't liked, and he couldn't see what because he was just another stupid puppet. He couldn't understand why she would think wizards were primitive, but now. Her son looked at wizards with a superior expression; he didn't think they were fools; he knew they were; he was worse than she ever was because he wanted to change them. Harry Potter, the wizarding worlds own saviour pitied them. But no one saw that but he seemed to see passed the superiority, and it drove him mad with anger; he couldn't help himself.

How dare Lily's son look at them like that? They were a proud people; superior to the muggles and muggle-borns in every way! Why would anyone think they were beneath the muggles? Why? How? Harry Potter knew nothing! He was just a foolish child! But then he had to ask himself why the ignorant child riled him up so much he could barely hear his own thoughts and reasons over his own anger and hatred.

He had hated the boy's father, true, and that had been good enough reason to hate the boy, for him at least. Then the boy made a mockery of him while he was trying to insult the boy's father. He didn't care. He didn't know his father, and so he never cared what anyone would think of him. Why should he? He wasn't ignorant. He was the smartest boy Snape taught, untouchable because he truly understood, deep within his being that words of insult were harmless annoyances.

Severus shook his head as he was just entering the dungeon when Potter and the second Weasley twin exited the basement door not too far from where he was heading towards the dungeons. He realised that he had been moaning in his head for so long that he hadn't noticed the alert to his quarters had stopped, so chose to call out to the boys when he did.

"Weasley...! Potter!" he interrupted their casual stroll with a drawl. They stopped and stared at him in surprise. "Where exactly have you both been?" he quickly demanded.

"Oh, Myrtle was just showing me something, and George bumped into us on his way to dinner," Harry said, shrugging, and Snape hated that he could never tell whether that boy was lying, and though Dumbledore laughed it off; he knew the boy was an occlumens of the highest degree. "He said something about Peeves stealing something or something...? I wasn't paying attention!" he finished, shrugging, leaving the lie so vague that a lesser mind like the Weasley boys could make something up, and he could go along with it easily.

"A likely story-!" he tried to say but stopped as a Ravenclaw ghost of a pretty 16 year old girl with pigtails floated through the closing basement door, sliding up to Harry, draping herself over him, and he didn't even shiver as she kissed him gently on the lips, giggling.

"Oh Harry," she said breezily. "Don't forget to visit me, and I'll be sure to come and see you," she said giggling more as she floated up and through the ceiling.

Harry shuddered. "Yeah, the ghost has a crush on me, okay!" he said, glaring at Snape and George, and Snape had to grit his teeth as Harry was too good at covering bases; the blasted boy had even gotten himself the help of a school ghost. "And I'm too nice to say anything to her about living and dead relationships not working, but then, I suppose I could start studying necromancy or something. I suppose that is something to think about, hmm," he mumbled as he wandered off towards the Great Hall, and Severus just chose to let it go or suffer the headache of trying to fight. "Yeah, maybe then that jerk Peeves would have to be good or I would force the jerk onto the other side!"

He smiled as Snape never called him back as he growled and continued rushing off into the dungeon forgetting about them to check his wards. He reached his quarters and frowned as he tested the wards around the frame. They were in perfect condition, and he spent several minutes checking inside and out but nothing seemed to be wrong. He went and found the monitor stone and read the magical readout with a translation charm with a large frown marring his face.

"Severus!" Dumbledore called, sticking his head through the open lounge door and the Potion Master waved him in. "Is everything okay? I take it since you were rushing off too that it was your wards?" he asked politely.

"Yes," he said with a sigh, "according to the reading it seems to be some kind of power surge. It must have been my fault when charging it before term started. I do get distracted every so often, and I don't like to let others use their magic for me. Then I have to worry about those troublesome Weasley twins, and not forgetting Potter secretly plotting against everyone; what I have no idea!"

Dumbledore chuckled, shaking his head. "Yes, he may be up to – mischief, but that is only him taking after James, but I must admit he has his mothers' intellect, so if he ever has pulled any of the pranks you've blamed on him or the twins for he is crafty at not getting caught, or leaving evidence."

Snape snorted, rolling his eyes. "Yeah, okay, he's not an idiot, but you really don't see that cunning spark in his eyes. You said it yourself! The hat offered him Slytherin and he would have taken it if you hadn't made sure he went to Gryffindor!"

"Nonsense my boy!" he replied, chuckling as he walked to the door. "Harry is a born Gryffindor, and he excelled at all of the challenges I set out for him," he finished before leaving Snape to his own thoughts.

"That boy would have had my house on their hands and knees by now if you let him have Slytherin!" he muttered to himself, flopping down onto his study chair. "That boy is far from your misbehaving little puppet old man, and it will be a fine day when I get to tell you that I told you so!"

Harry was quite grossed out when he went to dinner, George hot on his heels. They decided wisely that they didn't want anything to eat and glared at Fred while he joined them with a shrug. "Hey; it was last minute and it caused the mess you guys needed!" he defended himself while George handed Harry the blue card.

"Well nice doing business with you gentlemen!" Harry said with a mock bow. "But I must take your leave as I see two fine young ladies who I must hang out with as they're much easier on the eyes," he said while he joined Luna and Ginny, while they waited for him by the Ravenclaw table and led them out of the hall.

"So, Harry, are you going to stamp Ginny sometimes today...?" Luna asked, with eyebrows raised as she tapped the collar Ginny was wearing around her neck. It was white leather with twin rings. They were faintly luminescent electric blue rings around, running the length each side.

"Oh, right, okay," he agreed, grinning. "Where do you want the stamp?" he asked sweet red haired girl.

"I convinced her to have it very low down on her tummy, practically on her pubis," Luna said smiling while Ginny looked blank.

"She doesn't know where that is does she?"

"No, no she doesn't!"

"Amusing girl aren't you Luna?"

"Why yes, yes I am!"

"You plan to have me tell her, don't you?"

"Indeed my love!"

"... Because you are blonde, and therefore you are stupid?"

"Yes, you are absolutely correct! You shall have to give her THE talk, and I shall deal with those other girls you left in the lurch!" Luna said rolling her eyes as she wandered off pulling a smart phone from her pocket, leaving Ginny in Harry's 'capable' hands.

"What's THE talk?" Ginny asked looking at Harry in hope. "You will teach me about the talk? And, I'm a little, well a lot confused!"

Harry sighed, shaking his head. "Okay, so Ginny, in here," he said leading her into an abandoned classroom. "So when a man and woman like each other..."

It was a few hours after Harry had to give Ginny the talk, and she kept asking embarrassing questions, and Luna had given that same talk to the Slytherin girls when Luna found herself alone. Harry had gone off to do whatever amusing thing it was he liked to do with Ginny in toe as she was still freshly stamped, but Harry was too nice to take advantage.

Luna had her smart phone out and fiddled with some of the functions when she was interrupted with another redhaired girl from Hufflepuff. "Lovegood?" she asked as Luna made sure she couldn't see what she had been doing with her phone. The cute looking Hufflepuff had been with another girl; another Hufflepuff girl with blonde hair and blue eyes.

"Luna!" she greeted again as they met in a hall free from paintings.

"Susie! Hannah!" she said, greeting the redhead and blonde respectively. "I thank you for meeting with me, please!" she said as she led the girls into an empty classroom. "As you're not idiots you know that Harry is innocent of entering himself in this silly little tournament no matter that he could have if he so chose!"

"Of course!" the blonde girl, Hannah replied. "Harry's a great guy and we know he never wanted to play in the tournament! You would have to be complete idiots not to see that!"

"Yeah...!" Susan agreed. "We tried to get the others in Hufflepuff to see reason, but they can't! All they care about is house points and whatever!"

"That's okay!" Luna replied with a sweet smile. "You are close friends! I shall have to get Harry to use the seal on you both, and then things will be better! But for now I do have a plan for you both! You want to help, Harry, right?" she asked and they nodded quickly. "Then we have to start discrediting Hufflepuff to help Harry! We have to start making Cedric look like the fool he is! Harry didn't ask for this crap, but we will make him into the greatest champion ever, understand girls?"

"Yes ma'am!" they both replied together, saluting.
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