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Sibling Rivalry

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Spike finds himself in a pickle, when he falls for two ponies at the same time. The worst part? They're sisters.

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Sibling Rivalry: Chapter One - Night

There comes a time in every young dragon's life, when thoughts turn to love. Within dragon society this time is full of celebration and joy, as they find their first mate and, in some cases, settle down for a lifetime of happiness. Conflict in this department, while common, is quickly quashed among them, as one of the core tenants of dragon society is to save your strength for the real fights. Time and energy is too precious to waste on lover's quarrels. Rules clearly set out how to resolve romantic disputes. Unfortunately, for one dragon, these rules are an unknown, a complete mystery. Which is a real pity for him, because this week, if anyone would need those rules, it's him.

The sun was just beginning to set in Ponyville, as a young purple dragon named Spike was getting ready for a major event in his life: His first date. He applied a bit of cologne he got the day before, not too much, he didn't want to smell like a rose garden; wore a simple red bow tie and dinner jacket, after all, it wasn't supposed to be too formal; and for his date, a simple, purple rose. He was looking forward to this since he first asked the mare out just a few days ago.

It was a sunny day in Ponyville, as Spike was helping a purple maned, white unicorn named Rarity in her dress shoppe: Carousel Boutique. She had elegance and poise, and Spike was quite in love with her.

In the middle of the Boutique, a young, orange pegasus was sitting grumpily on a dais. Her name was Scootaloo and she was getting ready for a trip to Neighton with her family. Which meant she needed a dress that she could look good in, for all the fancy parties her parents would inevitably drag her to.

Rarity was busy tailoring a dark purple dress onto her. One that was actually worn by Scootaloo's mother a long time ago, but was in really good condition and best of all, was the right colour to bring out her eyes.

"Hmmm," said Rarity. She looked at her subject. Something was missing... "Ribbon!" She declared.

Spike was working as her assistant that day, helping her out in any way he could. He rushed over with a basket of ribbons.

Rarity looked through, horn glowing, trying to find one that matched the colour of the dress. A purple ribbon eventually emerged, encased in a blue glow, she tied it around the filly's waist, making sure to get under her folded wings.

It was at this moment Spike noticed something: Scootaloo's eyes were closed. It looked like she was sleeping. On her feet. He didn't think anything like that ever happened, ponies falling asleep on their feet, but it gave him a great opportunity. All day he was looking for the words to say, and as time went on, he got more and more nervous. But now they had privacy... somewhat. He wasn't going to get a better opportunity.

So, as Rarity was tying a bow onto Scootaloo's back. Spike began talking.

"So, um... Rarity..." Spike asked.

"Yes?" she responded.

"Well, um... I was wondering... if..."

Rarity was done with the bow and was moving to the hem at the bottom of the dress which glowed under Rarity's magic, as she kneeled down to get a better look. "Could you get me that pin cushion on the bench there?"

Spike ceased talking and ran over to the bench to get the pin cushion. He used the time to think what his next words would be.

When he arrived back at the dais, the cushion was suddenly encased in a blue glow, which then levitated over to Rarity. As she took a pin out and stabbed the bottom of the dress with it: "You were saying?" She asked.

"Oh! Um..." It was too late to turn back now. He decided at that moment to just come out with it: "If you're not busy this Saturday..."

"Uh huh."

"I was wondering if you were free for dinner... just the two of us."

The dress was stabbed one more time. Rarity's eyes went wide. The cushion dropped as her magic died down.

"Oh," she said, "um," she continued. She got to her hooves before continuing, "well, Spike, I didn't have plans that day, but..."

Spike knew what was coming. But he knew that if she was going to reject him, at least she wouldn't be mean about it.

"...well... that is to say..."

Now she was stalling. He lowered his eyelids in exasperation.

" well... where exactly-"

"Oh, for the love of Luna," turns out Scootaloo was merely resting her eyes. "It's a yes or no question, just answer him already," she said in a tired, deadpan voice, eyes still closed.

Rarity looked at Scootaloo, then back at Spike, who was still looking at Scootaloo, and was startled when he saw her looking at him.

"...yes," she finally responded with a smile.

"Great, I know this little Kitalian place on the edge of town, I hear it's nice."

"Sounds lovely."

It would be. Spike knew that.

He grabbed the rose and proceeded straight down the stairs leading from the main living quarters he shared with his boss: a purple unicorn named Twilight Sparkle. They both ran, and lived in, the Ponyville Library which was built into a very large tree in the middle of town.

Actually, it would be more accurate to say Spike ran the library, and Twilight wasted time studying random things or hanging out with her friends. Not that Spike was resentful or anything.

As Spike headed down the stairs he noticed his boss. There she was, in the middle of the library, reading one book while surrounded by piles and piles of other books. It was as if she was trying to learn by osmosis.

"Twilight," Spike said, "I'm going out."

"Yeah, yeah," she responded, fully immersed in the text.

He walked out the door, the sun had already set, and the night air chilled him just a bit. Immediately after he closed the door, he could hear Twilight behind it go, "Hey Spike, murmur murmur sandwich."

She didn't even notice he left. He walked away from the door in the direction of Carousel Boutique. He was a few feet away when he could hear the door open behind him.

"Spike!" he heard Twilight scream behind him.

He turned around. "Yes, Twilight?"

She hesitated for a second. "Have a good time," she said with a smile.

"Thanks, I will." He waved as he started to walk away, "I'll see you later, Twilight."

"Goodnight!" She said.

A purple glow encompassed the door as she closed it behind her. Tears were in the unicorn's eyes, her little Spike was growing up.

Carousel Boutique wasn't what one would call a large store-front, but it was spacious enough to accommodate several customers at once. Along the walls were ponikins adorned with all sorts of wonderful creations. Rarity showcased some of her best work here, as well as examples of her made-to-order dresses, where customers would give general requests, and she would design something around it.

Right now, all that space was getting well used, despite the 'Closed' sign hanging in the door. For you see, Rarity could have worn a hole in the floor with her pacing.

It wasn't like this was Rarity's first date. She's had experience with colts before, but this was different. She's never had a 'first date' with someone she knew so well before.

She thought back to why she agreed to this in the first place. She certainly didn't feel the same way for Spike that he felt for her. But he was a sweetheart, and he deserved a change to impress her, if nothing else. She had little to nothing to lose, so she agreed.

Of course Spike and Rarity did spend time together in the past, but the context was different this time. Which could be all that's needed to change her feelings for him. At least she hoped, because if she didn't feel anything more by the end of the evening, there wouldn't be a second date. That was probably her biggest fear. How could she turn him down romantically while keeping his friendship?

Her wardrobe this evening was simple: A white dress, ruby earrings, and baby blue slippers. It was perfect, but the truth was, she could have worn nothing and Spike would have been impressed. In fact, that was how they met. She didn't have to put much effort into her appearance, but she felt like she needed to. Partially because of her personal reputation, and because this was supposed to be a real date, where one is supposed to put some extra effort in any way.

Three raps on the front door brought her out of her trance.

She walked across the room, and magically opened the door. Standing in the doorway, was a young purple dragon wearing a bow tie and dinner jacket, and holding a simple, purple rose.

"For you milady," said Spike, holding out the rose.

Rarity took the rose and said, "Oh, Spike, it's beautiful." She then sniffed it, before biting off a single petal and eating it. "...and delicious."

Spike chuckled at that and said, "I guess we should head to dinner."

"Yes, let's," Rarity closed her shop's door and trotted next to Spike. The two began walking down the boulevard. It was a peaceful night, the sky was clear, the moon was shining bright, and Rarity kept thinking that this was the perfect night, they couldn't have picked a better one. Perhaps Spike bribed Rainbow Dash, the chief weathermare, to clear the sky specifically for them. If he did, that would certainly be impressive, but she doubted it.

"So," Spike asked, "how's business?" He wasn't sure if it was proper date-talk, but he had to say something. The silence was killing him.

"Oh, it's going fabulously," if she thought it was uncouth, she didn't show it. "I just got a big order from Modern Aesthetic in Canterlot. They've been very anxious to display my work in their store."

Canterlot, Spike's home town, he began to think. "Modern Aesthetic? That's a pretty classy shop."

"I know, so many ponies will see my work, it's a grand opportunity."

So far so good. At least she seemed happy.

"But enough about me Spike, how have you been?"

"Things have been going good, they've... been good," he couldn't think of what to say, after all, it was such a general question. They haven't even gotten to the restaurant yet, and already he was blowing it. At least, that's what Spike thought.

Rarity just smiled, she began trying to think of a more specific question, perhaps she could ask about one of his hobbies... unfortunately, Rarity didn't know what they were, and she was too ashamed to ask.

Thankfully, at that moment, they turned a corner, and saw the restaurant before them. The sign at the front of the large wooden building was clearly labelled: Cappelletti's.

It didn't seem busy at all, which certainly made Spike happy. They could have a quiet dinner with no interruptions. At least, he hoped.

As Spike was munching on the bread that came before the meal, he wished something would interrupt his date. Perhaps a kitchen fire, or maybe someone would try to rob the place, and he could defend Rarity from some evil... anything. Then again, who would rob a restaurant?

He noticed Rarity ate another petal from the rose, and an idea sparked in his head.

"So, you really like that rose huh?"

Rarity was a bit embarrassed, she was in this fancy restaurant and was munching on a rose Spike gave her. He probably didn't appreciate it that much. That would be like Rarity giving him a gem and him gobbling it up. Actually, she remembered he did do just that a few times. Then again, she did give it to him for that purpose. Was that why Spike gave her the rose? Knowing she would eat it?

"Of course Spike, it's delicious," Rarity said. "Where did you get it."

"Oh, from the flower box outside my window," he replied. "That was one of my favourites, always gave that bush a bit of extra attention, I always thought it was the perfect colour"

"Really?" She was more embarrassed now. She was eating his favourite rose.

"Yeah, that's why I grabbed that one, I figured somepony should appreciate it before the season ended."

"I... see," so... it was going to die soon, and he had no pony else to give it to?

"I would have given it to Twilight, but she wouldn't even eat it, she would just swallow it like she's starving... and she most certainly isn't."

"Spike!" Rarity was aghast, "That's not a nice thing to say." But she was smiling, in fact she was chuckling just a bit. Twilight wasn't exactly the lightest of her friends, everyone knew it. Partially because she stayed at home most of the time, studying. So it wasn't a lie, but it was still mean, but it was also hilarious.

"You're right," Spike said. "I'm sorry."

Rarity giggled softly, which caused Spike to smile.

Just then the waiter came with their dishes.

"For the gentleman, the Fettuccine Alfredo, with Larkspur, Chrysanthemum and Sapphire," Spike's large pasta dish was lowered onto the table within an orange glow. Normally they didn't serve dishes with gemstones, so Spike was glad he called ahead.

"...and for the mare, the Mushroom Steak and Aster Soup," her dish was also lowered to the table.

As Spike's empty glass was taken by the waiter, he interrupted him, "Could I have another?"

"Yes, sir."

"...and Rarity?" Spike pointed to her nearly empty glass. At the bottom was a small amount of amber liquid. They had quite a bit to drink. But at least they weren't tipsy yet.

Rarity levitated the glass to her, finished the drink, and moved it towards the waiter, who grabbed it from her as she said, "another, please."

"Very well," He walked away with the glasses.

The two started eating, and as Rarity levitated a spoonful of soup, she realized something. "You enjoy gardening?" she asked.

Spike slurped up a noodle as he looked back at Rarity, and smiled.

Spike and Rarity were walking back to the Boutique which served as her home. It was much quieter now, but this time, Spike didn't mind. It wasn't an awkward silence, it was a peaceful silence. A silence that came from the fact that they didn't need to say anything. It was such a beautiful night anyway. No words needed to be said.

As the two approached the Boutique, Rarity turned to her date. "I had a lovely time tonight, Spike," she said.

"So did I," Spike replied. He wasn't sure if it was the best response, but it was true. "Perhaps we can do this again?"

Rarity didn't hesitate in responding. "Definitely, next week?"

Spike wasn't expecting such a definite response, but he rolled with it. "I'll clear my schedule," he said with a smile.

"Fantastic," she said. "Goodnight Spike," she leaned down and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Then proceeded into the Boutique.

Once within, Rarity could hardly contain her joy. A mile-wide smile appeared on her face, as she lied down on the floor. She began kicking at the air, laughing! She was smitten!

As the door closed, Spike walked away. Correction, he did not walk away, after all there was only one thing to do at a moment like this: Strut.

He flipped up his collar and strode down the street with purpose, as a funky guitar riff played in his head.

This might have been the best night of his life, he managed to win the heart of Rarity, the mare he's loved for the past two years. That would make any dragon hard... metaphorically.

He proceeded down the boulevard towards his home... and walked straight past it. He was too psyched to go to bed just yet, and he knew the moment he got home, Twilight would insist he went straight to sleep, but that simply wasn't happening. So, he continued walking. He had no real destination in mind, he just kept walking.

Eventually, he found himself in Ponyville Park, just on the outside of town. It was very late this night, which meant everything was quite peaceful.


Well... almost peaceful. Spike turned to look at the source of the high-pitched voice. There was a small grouping of bushes to his left, he saw a strange pink glow coming from the bushes, which quickly died down.


He decided to go investigate. As he peeked through the bushes, he could see a young, white unicorn, sitting on the ground, with a rock in front of her. She closed her eyes and concentrated, her horn glowed pink, and so did the stone. The stone shook just a bit, the unicorn opened one of her eyes slightly to look at her progress, all it did was shake... and shake... and shake. Then the shaking ended just as quickly as it started. The glow dissipated and the unicorn began panting, from loss of energy.

"Oh, this'll never work," she said, exhausted.

"Didn't look too bad," Spike said, parting the bushes and stepping forward.

"GAH!" the unicorn was startled. She wasn't expecting an audience.

"All you need is practice," he said, his voice dripping with confidence. "Need some help?"
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