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Banding Together

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Pre PP "Oh my gosh." "What is it?" I ask. "Oh my god." "Danny, what is it?" I make sure I sound even firmer. "You guys can't come up here!" Danny says, only making us curious. We start climbing up ...

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“Danny!” Sam screams as I crash to the ground. The earth cracks beneath me and a grunt escapes my lips.

“Give up yet?” the darkness asks. Its voice has a mysterious echo.

“Nope!” My new bipolar friend fires an ecto-blast from the Fenton Bazooka at the ghost. The ghost turns intangible and the green ecto-energy crashes into a building behind her, toppling it to the ground.

“You didn’t really think that you could defeat me with that, did you?” She snickers at the girl’s foolishness and the brunette stares at the ground.

“Yeah, I did.” The girl looks down at her feet in embarrassment as her boyfriend shakes his head.

“Oh, Jullie,” he mutters.

I weakly push my hands on the gravel trying to get up. The jagged asphalt cuts my hands and I wince in pain.

“What’s wrong, Danny Phantom?” The ghost mocks me, smirking at my pain.

I don’t answer, trying to get up without transforming to my human self. I know if I do I won’t have enough energy to change back.

“Too weak to fight?” the ghost taunts me.

Well, no duh! That’s what I think in my head, but out loud I say, “I will always be strong enough to beat you,” even if my brain won’t believe it.

“Is that a challenge?”

Is this ghost stupid or something? “Yes,” I voice.

“Bring it on!” The ghost then leaps on me, charging a deathly ecto-blast.

I’m too weak to turn intangible!

“Any last words?” she asks as I scream.

“DANNY!” Jared, Jullianna, Sam, and Tucker have looks of terror on their faces as the energy is launched at me.
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