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Got Talent?

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Jack enters himself, Jazz, and Danny into America's Got Talent. Will any of them win? Will secrets be exposed? Read to find out. Rating subject to change.

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"Dad, are you sure you want to do this?" My dad is about to go out and make a complete fool of himslef... like always.

"Of course, son! This is going to be my big break! It will be amazing! The judges will never see it coming! But, before I go on, I need to tell you something."

"Yeah?" I ask nervously. This doesn't sound good.

"I need you to tell your sister that I signed both you and her up for an audition and she's after me and you are after her."

"WHAT?" I scream, choking on a piece of spit.

"I need you to tell your sis-"

"I know what you said! Dad, why would you do this? We don't have anything practiced!"

"Well, neither do I and you don't see that stopping me."

Perhaps I should explain. See, Jazz, Dad, and I are at the America's Got Tallent auditions in New York. Dad was going to do a singing audition where he would be singing about ghosts and Jazz and I were supposed to be his support group (Mom was too embarrased to come. I don't blame her.) Dad is the next up and we are waiting in the greenroom to be led backstage.

"Jack Fenton?" the stage manager calls out for our dad.

"HERE!" He runs up to the stage manager and I feel bad for the guy. I also feel bad for the judges, for they have no idea what's coming.

"Hello, what's your name?" Sharron Osborn asks my dad.

"JACK FENTON!" is his bellowed responce. He doesn't even need a microphone, so why did they give him one.

"What is your ocupation?" Howie asks this question.

"I am a ghost hunter!"

Jazz and I facepalm simotaniously as we watch our dad make a fool of himself on the TV in the green room. "I can never go to school again," I mumble.

"Oh really," Howard has a look of disbelief on his face. "And what are you going to do for us tonight?"

"Please say leave, please say leave," Jazz and I silently pray, hoping he'll change his mind. No such luck.

"I am going to sing a song about ghosts!"

"OK, good luck." Jack doesn't hesitate one bit.

"I like ghosts and you like ghosts," he starts off key.

"Jasmine Fenton?" The stage manager is back, this time calling for my sister. I keep my attention on the screen.


Sharron and Howard hit their buzzers at the same time.

"We all love ghosts!"


Hovie hits his buzzer. The music stops, but that doesn't stop my dad.

"She likes ghosts and he likes ghosts!"

"Uh, Jack?" Sharron tries to tell him to stop but even with her mic, she can't speek over him.

"I loves ghosts and ectoplasm! We will hunt them for eturnity! We all love ghosts!"

Two guys from security walk out now. They start to drag him off the stage. He doesn't seem to notice.

"WE ALL LOVE GHOSTS!" He's then stripped of his mic and led out of the building.

"Well, that was, uh, interesting."

"I would but rather get my teeth yanked out with no pain stopper."

"I vote no."

The judges words are all mixed together, but it is clear my dad won't be winning the million dollars.

I sigh. Jazz is up next.
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