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Forsaken Emotions

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Liam comes to terms with his unrequited attraction.

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'What the hell was that?'

Summer paced her room quickly, not even feeling her feet touch the floor as she went. Her breath came out in rapid clouds due to her anxious hyperventilation. The temperature was still below anything remotely comfortable, but her senses had dulled. The scene from ten minutes ago was still playing through her head. Covering her face with her hands, she could feel her face was still hot from the encounter.

'Are you jealous of Kat-ya? Because that's what it sounds like." Law said, smirking that damned smirk. Unfortunately, his words conjured up an image of Kat dangling off of Law's arm, raising one foot daintily off the ground like a tramp. In her mind, Law smirked and leaned down to Kat, his lips finding hers…

She scoffed, more so for her own benefit than his. Nevertheless, she could still feel a bit of heat rise to her cheeks. "No way in hell would I be jealous of her." She poured every ounce of her conviction into her sentence, hoping to convince Law of her statement. She didn't look at him, but watched him out of the corner of her eye.

Obviously it didn't work because his grin only grew wider than it already was. "Is it the special attention I'm giving her? Do you feel neglected?" He was mocking her, and she sure as hell didn't appreciate that.

She began to panic internally when he stood and walked closer to her. He stopped a mere few inches away from her face. Schooling her features was easier said than done, but she held off the urge to scramble backwards on the examination table. That would only show that physical closeness was a weakness, and she didn't pride herself on showing weakness.

"Like hell I do." His hands were rested dangerously close to her legs, but she forced herself not to shove them away. If he thought he had some power over her, he was about to be disappointed. At least that what she told herself.

"Stop lying to yourself."

"Quit trying to inflate your oversized ego." She shot back. Keeping up the indifferent exterior was becoming near impossible. She could feel his breath against her face, hot and slow. In the next second, his eyes lowered down to her lips and her facade began slipping away.

'Oh my God...What do I do? He wouldn't actually...' She felt her lips part out of surprise, and there was nothing she could do. She found she couldn't move, she was rooted to the spot. Her mind was screaming to get away, but even as she tried to move herself out of his reach her body wouldn't let her.

'Do it. Lean forward.' A small part of her urged her forward, to just do it and be done. And that part scared her. Such strong feelings of attachment spelled out a certain danger that she wasn't sure she was ready for. Feelings brought about pain and regret later

Her heart was pounding loudly in her chest, and she was surprised Law hadn't pointed that out in an effort to tease her. Her gaze found his and she saw he was in deep thought. An internal struggle waged through his mind, and Summer found she couldn't look away. His eyes were mesmerizing. They pierced into her core and held her prisoner.

Whatever he had been debating seem to have been resolved because his eyes took on a clarity that signified he was focused solely on her.

"Hmm…" He muttered. Her eyes widened, noticing his lips were slowly getting closer to her own. Trying to school her features had been thrown out the window at this point. He broke through her defenses effortlessly, and she didn't put up a fight.

And then Liam showed up.

Summer shook her head, still pacing the small amount of empty space in her room. The entire episode had her freaking out. Clawing at sections of her hair, she forced herself to stop moving and calm down.

'It didn't mean anything, he was only teasing. It went too far and nothing happened. Why the hell am I so scared about this!? Stop panicking and sit down!' Shuffling over to her bed, she threw herself on top and stared up at the metal ceiling.

Closing her eyes, she attempted to make sense of her scrambled mind. Taking several deep breaths, she delved deeply into the farthest crevices of her brain and searched. Searched for anything that remotely pertained to the situation and examined it.

Much as she didn't want to, the first thing she admitted was that she had felt disappointed, almost irritated, that Liam had entered the infirmary when he did. She could interpret her emotions fairly well, so the feeling itself was not the issue. It was why she had felt it. Shouldn't she have felt relief? Happiness?

The next thing she acknowledged was that yes, she had been jealous of Kat. The image of her leaning against Law was enough to illicit hatred towards the dim-witted woman and a strange protectiveness over the pirate captain. Her response to his question made that blatantly obvious. Jealousy was a normal response, she told herself.

Yes, Law was attractive by any standard. Kat had happened to become attached with Law's pretty face and had become close with him. Summer didn't deny that she found him physically appealing, she would have been lying if she had.

'Maybe you love him.' A part of her thought. She shook her head, dismissing that idea as soon as it had presented itself.

'Impossible. I can't love anyone.'

Deciding that sleep was the best option at the moment, she changed into some sleep shorts and climbed under the covers. Curling up into herself, she squeezed her eyes shut and waited for sleep that wouldn't come.

"Welcome to Nix, Commander Mona." The mayor bowed respectfully on one knee, but was stopped by a hand on his shoulder. Looking up, he saw the tall woman's face scrunched up in concern.

"Don't worry about all the formalities. Please, stand up." He did as she asked and brushed some loose snow off of his pants. He openly admired the marine in front of him. It was amazing how beautiful she could look even with the wind whipping her hair and clothes all around her.

"What brings you here, Commander?"

"I received a report that the Heart Pirates were on this island. Their arrest is my top priority." She peered around at the harbor, as if the crew's yellow submarine was just outside of her field of view. The mayor shook his head.

"If they are, I haven't heard about it. Are you sure your report was correct?" Mona dug a snail phone out of her pocket and gazed thoughtfully down at it. A small sigh escaped her. Putting it back in her jacket, she was about to thank them for their help.

"They were here, Commander." A new voice brought both of their attentions to the left. The mayor recognized the innkeeper and tilted his head curiously.

"How do you know that, Paul?" The older man shook his head slowly.

"They stayed at my inn for a few days. Noisy bunch, they were." He muttered the last part mostly to himself. Mona stepped forward with a new found interest.

"Did they have a female crew member with them?" She sounded desperate. The innkeeper thought for a long moment, a hand stroking his chin.

"Yeah, I believe they did. She was one crazy lass, I tell you. Never seen a girl so worked up before over nothing." Mona rushed forward and gripped the man by the arms, not in a crushing hold but strong enough to get his full undivided attention.

"Where are they now?" The innkeeper shook his head once more. He hated to be the bearer of bad news, especially to a ranked marine.

"Their log pose set yesterday and they set sail." Mona sighed deeply and released her hold on the older gentleman. Stepping back she made to pull out the snail phone again and call headquarters, but Paul spoke up again.

"I believe they were heading northwest from here. I could be mistaken, but I'm sure that's where they went." Mona gave an appreciative smile and walked quickly back to her ship. The rest of the men were standing along the bow. She ascended the plank way and informed them that they would be setting sail.

While the rest were rushing back to their positions, she brought out the snail phone once again, dialing the number for headquarters.

"Marine headquarters." They said. With one more glance over the snowy landscape around her, she turned her back and walked towards her personal quarters.

"This is Commander Mona, currently in pursuit of the Heart Pirates. We have been informed that they are on the move, sailing towards the northwest. We will continue to follow. I will call with further details when we have them."

Liam numbly shut his door and shuffled over to his bed. The room was pitch black but he could walk this room backwards and upside down if he had to. Climbing into the soft bed, he sat with his back against the headboard.

For a moment, he just sat there staring at the blackness across from him. He wasn't sure exactly what to do now. Unconsciously pulling out the bird necklace from his pocket, he felt its shape in the darkness in silence. Closing his eyes, he leaned his head back against the wall.

Seeing Law so close to Summer had left a hole in his chest deeper than he had ever thought possible. Thinking about it, even now, sent a stabbing pain of jealousy and hurt through him. A single tear slid down his face and he allowed himself that one small moment of weakness.

He had imagined Summer's face when the moment came when he would give her the necklace a thousand times. Each one had ended with her bright and infectious smile only meant for him. Each one featured only the two of them. One of these days, he had told himself, he would work up the courage to actually give her the necklace. One of these days, he would allow himself a chance with her.

That chance was gone forever.

Pressing his lips together in a thin line, Liam reached over to his bedside table and opened the small drawer. Placing the necklace inside, underneath several magazines, he closed the door and tried to forget that it was even there.

He would forget his feelings for her, immediately and completely. He loved Law as his captain, and he would never wish to change that, but a tiny part of him hated him. Hated what he had and what Liam could never obtain.

At the same time, he knew Summer was a very capable, responsible woman. He didn't think she would let Law force her into a situation she didn't want. Which only meant that she wanted to be that close to Law…

Squaring his shoulders and wiping away the tear from his face, he vowed that he wouldn't get in between the captain and Summer regardless of his feelings to her. Summer deserved happiness. If Law was the one that could bring her that happiness, then so be it. That was all that Liam wished for Summer. To smile a real smile every day and for every reason.

Who was he to take that away from her?
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