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Bargains and Bastards

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A deal is made between Viper and an unknown party.

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/A few days previous/

"I believe I told you before, your contract isn't up yet. Until the time stated in the contract has passed, you still owe me your services." The male voice said on the other end of the den den mushi. Viper gave the men standing in his quarters a venomous glare and watched as they hastily retreated into the hallway. He walked over to his desk and plopped down into his comfortable chair. His cocky grin returned and he dug in his ear to relieve a scratch.

"That may be true, but here's the thing about pirates. We don't like to be hindered by worthless pieces of paper. Our word means nothing." He chuckled deep in his throat, enjoying the man's silence on the other end. It was obvious who had the upper hand in this conversation, and Viper was going to take advantage of that. He would be stupid not to.

"I am well aware of the way pirates do business." The man said, his voice as level as ever. Not once in his entire time dealing with him had Viper heard him speak in anything but a calm and collected manner.

"Then you wouldn't be surprised to hear that I've made a deal elsewhere for the girl's capture?" There was no hesitation in the reply, much to Viper's disappointment. He had hoped the uncertain silence would continue.

"No, it does not surprise me in the least. But do tell me, does your other contact know anything about the truth about her? Do they know of what she is?"

"I didn't tell them nothin', but he did offer a pretty penny for her scrawny hide." An itch on his backside made itself known and Viper reached down to scratch it without much care. Personal hygiene was not his top priotity, nor had it ever been.

"Whatever it is they're paying you, I can double it." He leaned back in his chair, taking a long even breath before answering.

"They offered twice her bounty if I delivered her. That's quite a sum if you think about it." There was a dry laugh on the other end.

"That's all they offered? Well, if money's all that you seek I can easily provide you with a greater reward than 390,000,000 beli." Viper's ears perked up at the man's words, and his body leaned forward of its own volition.

"What kinda numbers are we talkin'?"

"How does 500,000,000 beli sound?" Viper's grin widened, if that was still possible at this point, and he inclined his head while rubbing his chin. Oh, the things he could do with such a wealth…

"A number like that sounds pretty persuasive to me…" He muttered, chuckling a little louder than he had intended. "Alright, it seems we have a deal."

"Oh, but we already had one. I just needed to reaffirm that it was still in effect." Though the man was on the other end of the call, Viper could hear the man's cold smile.

"I assume I'll take her to the same place as before?" He asked, picking his nails idly. The answer really didn't matter much to him in the least. It wasn't much difference where he took her as long as there was half a billion beli waiting for him when he got there.

"No, things have become much more dangerous than they used to be. I've heard reports that the Heart Pirates were heading northwest of Nix and-"

"Where'd you hear a report like that?" Viper interrupted. A heavy sigh came from the other end, obviously irritated that his explanation had been stopped.

"Like you, we also have the technology to intercept communications. Now then, they were heading northwest from Nix, and there are only two islands to choose from when taking that course: Argyre and Elysium. Your best bet of finding her will be one of those two places."

"I've found her before, I can do it again." He said hotly, feeling as though his ability to do his job was being questioned. The man on the other end seemed to sense this and chuckled lowly.

"Oh, I am fully aware of that Mr. Viper. I'm only giving you some advice. She won't come willingly, so you'll have to be cautious with how you proceed. Don't make a big commotion. I know you enjoy those kinds of jobs, but this is not one of them."

"Yeah, yeah. I've got it." The sun was now low over the horizon and Viper had to squint from the harsh light coming from his window.

"I know you won't disappoint me." Came the reply before the call ended. Viper hung up as well, leaning back with a smug look that hadn't been there before. Picking the phone up once more, he dialed another number.

No one picked up for a long time, and the snail phone continued ringing in the now illuminated room. His eyes narrowed in disapproval as the receiver still hadn't been picked up. He knew she was there, she always had the den den mushi with her. Finally, the other caller picked it up.

"What do you want?" The woman answered, obviously angry that he was calling. Ah, she was in one of her moods. Viper's smirk didn't fall, however.

"Nikki, my dear. It's wonderful to hear your voice again. It really has been too long." He could hear her take a long drag of her cigarette before blowing the air out again.

"It's disgusting when you compliment me. Go to hell." He chuckled.

"Well, you certainly haven't changed. Didn't I tell you before those cigarettes will kill you one day?" There was shouting in the background and he heard Nikki's sharp 'Fuck you!' directed towards whomever it was that was talking.

"What the hell do you want? You only call when you want something done." Her voice cut through the snail phone like a whip, discouraging any form of skirting around the subject at hand. Straightening up in his seat, Viper got straight to business.

"I need you to head to Elysium. Be on the lookout for The Red Hunter, and bring her here to me." She took another puff of her cigarette before speaking.

"I saw the damn paper. I've already put things into motion, but seriously. Why do you care so much about that whore anyway? She should've died in that shithole of a prison if you ask me."

'Now, now. That's no way to treat family, my dear. She's just as important to me as you and your sister and everyone else is." He didn't need to be in front of her to know that his words had put a scowl on her face.

"You call this a family? Some family of bastards we are." She muttered.

Her response only made her laugh. "My, still as hot-headed as ever." His comment didn't ilicit a reply, other the sounds of the woman's long drags off her cigarette.

"The Red Hunter can bring me lots of beli." He reminded her, trying to get back to the subject, to which she sighed.

"You and your damn money..."

"So you have things taken care of?" He said. An exaggerated sigh followed his question and he chuckled.

"Yeah, old man. If my idiot of a sister can't take care of it, I'll get your shit done myself. Now leave me the fuck alone." She hung up the snail phone abruptly and he set it back on the receiver. He leaned back in his chair and stretched out his arms. The sun had gone over the distant horizon and the sun was no longer in his eyes.

Things were definitely going his way.
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