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Falling apart

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Supergirl (Kara Danvers) known for being a happy, always smiling person, but when she's home alone then she's breaking down , cutting herself with a kryptonite knife. Alex finds out and Would do a...

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Lena's pov

„I can't do this, Kara" I can't look in her eyes cuz I know she's crying right now and I can't stand her like that. Kara is there in front of me, sobbing. I've never seen her like that „you said you'd love me" her voice sounds broken, I did this to her. hell I want her, I want her so bad, I love her more than anything in the world. But I'm a mother is gonna kill her, she's gonna be in even more danger. I can't let that happen even if it breaks my heart

„Kara" I'm taking her beautiful face in my hands, I can't see her like this. I'm kissing her softly, her mouth opening for me so our tongues are fighting. it's a long passionate kiss and I'm so sure about my feelings for her, she's my world. I'm kissing her forehead, „I do love you, I love you more than anything, Kara Danvers"
A tear is rolling down her cheek while I'm basically drowning in her ocean blue eyes, there is hope in her eyes „then why can't u be my girlfriend?"

she's collapsing into my arms, crying into my shoulder „because I'm a luthor and you're a super, I can't because I don't want to bring you in even more danger" she's falling to her knees crying „but Lena I love you, I would do anything for you, anything!" her voice is broken, I've done this to her...I'm breaking the love of my life right now. „Kara" she's looking down, not reacting „Kara" I'm trying again but still she's not even looking at me. „Please look at me" that's it, now is the moment i can't hold back the tears anymore, I burst out in tears next to Kara. She's holding me tight she picks me up and carries me into the bedroom laying me down on her bed „Lena- I'm always gonna love you, I- I'll wait for you" she's handing me a oversized t-Shirt that i could wear.

i want her now, I need her. „It's gonna be worth the time Kara, I'm gonna be yours." there it is, it's weak but it's there, that smile. I love to see it, I'm never getting tired of it and I'm never getting tired of this beautiful woman. „Please join me" I'm saying, tired of crying. She's cuddling up to me her arm resting on me when I was slowly drifting to sleep in Kara's arms.

[3 hours later]
I'm waking up because of Kara crying, it's like 3 am and it's my fault that she's suffering right now. I'm turning around to face her, kissing her cheek and placing her head on my chest so she could listen and feel my heartbeat, I know she loves to do that even when she has a super hearing, that's how she loves doing it the most. She's smiling in her sleep. „I love you kara" I'm saying before falling asleep.

Hi! Sorry this is short and messed up but I promise It's gonna get better! There's gonna be a lot of the Danverssisters bc- I just love them
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