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My cousin had to visit.

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Danny's cousin, Zalia, comes for a visit.

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Danny expected to wake up, go to school, be interrupted in the middle of school to fight some ghost, get bullied, fight ghosts, get bullied, leave school, fight ghosts, go home, maybe go somewhere with Sam and Tucker, fight ghosts, do homework, go to bed. He didn't expect his mother to wake him up early and to be going to the airport at four in the morning with the whole family.
"Mom, why are we even up at this time?"
"This is no complaining matter, Princess."
"Is there a ghost thing?"
Jazz and Danny turned to each other. Their dad was serious about something not related to ghosts? Was the world ending?
They arrived at the airport by crashing into the wall. Danny wondered how his father didn't get tickets or jail time from his parking job. They sat in the car for a while before a family of three walked over. Even in the dark, Danny could recognize them.
"Diane, hi!"
"We're so glad you can take her for now. Zalia, be good for your aunt and uncle."
"Okay, Mom." Zalia replied.
"Zay, how are you?"
"I'm fine."
"Why are you staying with us?"
"Mom and Dad have to go to Afghanistan and didn't want me to come along. I'm Maddie and Jack's as well as your problem now. Isn't this going to be fun?"
"Oh no."
"My thoughts exactly. Hey, is Sam still here?"
"This makes everything much more fun." Danny sighed. The last time she was at their house, she and Sam had become friends. Two strange minds plus the bully from 2nd grade (no, not Dash)had equaled the house looking like a war zone, the bully in an Indiana Jones styled trap, whipped cream in everyone's faces, and the two girls making up their own occult to summon Satan. Jazz looked over at the two.
"Zalia, try not to get in too much trouble."
"No promises here, Jazz."
"Well, at least try out some of my ideas." Jazz said, smirking after their parents' backs were turned.
"How many do you have?"
"Plenty." Jazz and Zalia doing their own plots were just as dangerous as Zalia and Sam's. Danny almost feared if he teamed up with the three girls that they would end the world. Screw turning into Dan, this would be the end to all humanity and the largest middle finger to vandalizing the universe will ever see.
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