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Miracle change

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Miracle change the term used during transformation. Those who earn the ring must take the responsibility to fight against the odds for this earth and restore the global peace.

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"Good morning mom" himari said as she was walking down stairs but suddenly bum she fell down "ahh it hurts" Himari said, you heard sound of laughter and it was non other than you older brother rachi. "Mmo rachi why did you do that" Himari said while rubbing her butt "hahah sorry i just felt like " Raichi said while rubbing his head,"food is ready " Her mother yelled "coming eomma " Raichi and himari said.soon raichi and himari sat on the chair and had their breakfast "yummy" Said raichi " Yes mom 's food is always tasty ". Soon raichi and himari got ready for school and headed outside to reach school
Arrived at school and went to their respective classes himari met her best friend aoi "Aoi so what are your plans for today" Himari asked "well a new shop has opened where you get tasty donuts" Aoi said
Himari nodded and said " Sure well will go together over there". Soon the teacher came and took the lesson, as time passed by the school ended and everyone was going back home
at Dount shop
Aoi: wow dounts looks so yummy
Himari: wow WOW YUMMY
AOI laughted
Man : hello ladies what would you like to have
Aoi: we would like chocolate donuts
Man: sure coming
One thing in the shop attracted himari was the rings in the cabinet they looked different and unique she felt herself drawn towards the ring a weird urge came to fight againt something but what that something is that she doesn't know.
Himari: can you show me the ring
The man's expression changes he didn't look that happy go lucky but smiled and said tomorrow come after school to meet me i will tell you everything about the ring.
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