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The real story

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After months of working on kaisaya fanfics this one is set to be my longest and most original piece pls enjoy!

Category: Vampire Knight - Rating: R - Genres: Humor - Published: 2019-12-23 - 162 words

“ Isaya sama !! get out of there already!!! “
“kaien-kun “

he arrived behind him. like a shadow.

“are you ready for our walk ?”
“yes sir. “

“come along then. “

it wasnt always like this. at time kaien really wanted isaya to die. we’ll get to that later. but now they could meet and talk to each other like friends.

"How is your school. Or should i say Day job going?"
"Its going well. nothing of interest to report. "
"thats nice"

"so would you like to train today ? " isaya asked.
"Thats ok. for now id like to spend time with you"
"thats nice of you. i dont get many people to hang around with. "
"you know what. you should come to a ball next week! i would love for you to come."
"that- id consider it an honer"
"haha dont be so formal "

( This is my first chapter about kaisaya but with the original story that kaien is not president of the hunter society yet )
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