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Life is Life!

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Isaya meets with juri

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Isaya arrived at the ball extra early to find his friend juri.

“Juri! its so wonderful to see you again”

they hugged and smiled.

“How are you .”

“im great. in fact waiting on a friend this evening”

“you have friends”

“ofc i have friends “ he got annoyed but understood this as her nature
“who are they”
“kaien cross”
“the next vampire hunter in line for president !? “
“the next head. Hah. I doubt that. Hes actually not anywhere near being president. Not when im done with him. He’ll never be president. Not while im around.”
“Youre right itd be a disgrace to have him as a president. “

back in those days the president had to be someone who understood diplomatic situations between vampires all over the world. they were the peacekeeper of the human world. Haruka was the peacekeeper of the vampire world.

And kaien was the total opposite. Reckless. Unprofessional. Young.

And the massacrer of many women and children vampires. He had no remorse for any of them, It was disgusting. Yet the vampire was friends with him. he simply understood that came with the job. of course he would scold him if they had not turned to level e’s.


“They werent even level e’s yet” he sat over the dusted bodies.

“They were vampires “

“ Life is life !!!!! “ he yelled.

“My dear friend if you do not stop this killing spree in my town. i will end you”

“try it” he knew he couldnt. he couldnt stop him. he had a vampire weapon. How could he? and super healing powers it would take ages to kill him.

He simply.

Gave up .

but he promised not to kill recklessly in his town.

that was the most he could do.
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