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The killing

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Kurans Had been the heads of the family forever .

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They introduced the Head of the hunter society. Jules. he was over 400 years old. He like kaien had powers, for now he was the eldest they ever had.

Only isaya juri and haruka were at the ball. This was alot. Some thought it’d be a ruse to isaya to claim the throne. It wasnt. That would happen later.

Kaien stared at isaya and his friend juri they were laughing.

he thought he would introduce himself.

he moved around the party towards them.

“Kaien My friend” isayas hand waved at him.

“isaya-sama” Juri looked impressed. from before he would call him isaya shoto. or bastard.

“This is juri. Shes.... the fiery type. “

“What does that mean” she asked curiously


kaien failed to understand too


they looked over to the beautiful man Haruka Kuran.

“This is my new friend. Kaien Cross”

“ its nice to meet you” haruka shook his hand nicely.

They all talked and got on with the party. All hunters were shocked at the fact kaien was hanging around the purebloods so warmly.

It was the beginning of something...


“Everyone Stay back: especially you haruka-san” Isaya said.
They had juri held by the neck and dagger near her heart.
“I never thought you had a weakness till now, i guess i didnt want it to come to this also...”

Kaien was helping in the ‘killing’ of haruka and juri kuran.

What happened?
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