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i hope you can read it right lol .... i hope i made it ok

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As the music played he danced along with juri till. She whispered in his ear

"Stay away from isaya san. "

Then haruka pulled her away from the scene

Should isaya ever ask him to take the throne with him. He would not allow it to happen he would even kill him now if that meant he wouldn’t.

The music got louder. The dancers faster.

He stood in a crowd of people truly wondering what his friend was like till the France horn came. And swept his worries away the music grew quieter.

He starred at the pure blood on the belconey.


He wore a simple white dress shirt.

He removed his tie. ‘Kaien im simply getting too old for this. I can feel my life getting shorter. Not longer. ‘

‘That’s why I must ask you...’

He paused.

Kaien thought for a second. What was it?

‘Never mind. We’ll see next time.’ He watched the couple leave his house.

‘It’s gotta be black and white. not gray. ’

What did isaya mean?


Isaya was in the mood for drinking and introducing his friend Kaien to juri and Haruka was over...

He sat and watched kaien stuff down his second drink.

“Yuck- you enjoy this stuff?” kaien said.

Isaya sat by himself. watching...

“Drink another “ he ordered.

Kaien was drinking the liquid of life:: a simple drink made by vampires.

“So when do you think this will start affecting me?” Kaien asked

“One was enough- here; have another,”

Kaien gulped down another and was feeling woozy. the world spinning.

Suddenly the vampire jumped up with excitement-

“Okay that should be enough-“

He took the last drink that was in his hand and pulled him up to face him.

“Know of vampire powers Kaien My dear..?”

“ I know of them “

“ well my quick ness or speed should you say will make the average human sick= while: you” isaya pointed “are already intoxicated .. get on my back and I’ll take you some where you haven’t seen before-“

Kaien and isaya had been friends long enough that he trusted him even while intoxicated. so he agreed.


Puke fell to the ground but Kaien was rather calm about it

“Kaien- “ isaya said from afar in the bushes “are you alright ?” They walked together as one, The sun was rising. it was nearly 4 in the morning...

“This is the place I come to the most.... say when I’m missing my wife or anything ...really” he nervously smiled. And fiddled with his hair

“I suppose this is the spot for me to do this...”

Kaien was a bit confused but not hostile...

The vampire gently held his right shoulder while a kiss was shared between the two....

Kaien were rmained silent wondering why this was happening it was not unusual but simply odd ? it wasnt a real kiss.

Till he said it

“I knew you’d be a good apprentice"

" pardon? i cannot think straight right now isaya-san"
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