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A Thousand Words: A Story Of Seasons Fanfic

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Holly moves to Oak Tree Town to become a farmer and meets a poker playing chicken, a hyperactive neighbor, and the love of her life, among other things. This is an account of my Story Of Seasons ga...

Category: Harvest Moon - Rating: PG - Genres: Humor - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2019-12-26 - Updated: 2019-12-26 - 551 words

First, let’s introduce a few characters to our story. These will be ground characters. You may not meet some of them in the first chapter, but they’re in town. I won’t have all the townsfolk, but I will have the majority.
1. Holly. Holly is our protagonist. The story will be told from her point of view. Sweet, naive, and VERY playful, Holly is a very amusing part of the story. As she’s our main character, I will leave her inner nature for you to discover.
2. Guy. Guy, unlike Holly, is NOT our protagonist. He’s a bit of an idiot, but has the best intentions in mind. A farmer with little farming knowledge. Should help make an interesting story.
3. Nari. Nari is a total playgirl, but not for no reason. There are simply too many good-looking bachelors in Oak Tree Town for her to choose. Right? Right.
4. Eda. Eda is a kind old lady who looks a lot like the grandma emoji.
5. Fritz. Fritz is an optimistic farmer. His best friend is his pet chicken, Emily. The duo are rarely seen apart. Fritz has a big heart, but a bit to blundering to succeed in his kind actions. Fritz considers Mistel a friend, and Mistel couldn’t be more unhappy about that.
6. Emily. Emily is a chicken. She’s an excellent poker player. And she loves nesting in Mistel’s hair. Enough said, right?
7. Mistel. Mistel runs the antique shop in town. Gentle and playful like Holly, it’s amusing when he’s angry. Mistel is Iris’s younger brother, but she raised him like a son.
8. Iris. Mistel’s sister with a seemingly motherly bond to him. She’s a bit overprotective of her little brother, which annoys him deeply. She’s a novelist, and good friends with Klaus.
9. Klaus. Klaus is friends with Iris. While rumors say that they’re dating, the duo denies it wholeheartedly. Klaus’s profession involves the making of perfumes. He is the only bit of formal dignity left in the otherwise hearty town. Well, except for Giorgio.
10. Giorgio. A self-centered, biased jerk. Has a love for his flower farm and himself. Loves nothing else.
11. Giorgio’s flower farm. The flowers love Giorgio too.
12. Veronica. Veronica is the guild master. Raised a child on her own after tragedy struck her family. Has been afraid to love since.
13. Angela. Angela is a nurse who works with Jay, the doctor. Her father died when she was very young, and was raised by her mother, Veronica. She seems strict, but she’s very caring- not to mention sweet- once you crack through her shell.
14. Jay. Jay is a ball of pure sass, 100% concentrated sunshine, and organic energy. She zips around the clinic, mending broken bones and severe illnesses in seconds. Helped out by her trusty sidekick, Angela, who checks in on the patients after Jay works her magic.
15. Elise. Elise is a spoiled farmer. In fact, can one even call her a farmer?
16. Raeger. Raeger is from Paris, but he moved to Oak Tree Town to help his grandfather with his restaurant. His grandfather passed away, and now Raeger runs the restaurant. A terrible liar and an entertaining character, Raeger will pop up in amusing ways throughout the story.
Ready? Now let’s start!
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