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Wedding continued

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As Benji and Robyn was dancing clearly they was lost in the moment lost in each other. As he held her close and they moved slowly to the music. Not one other person even moved during the dance all eyes on Benji and Robyn lost in their moment. Benji and Robyn didn’t even notice anyone else lost in each other’s eye as if having a conversation with just their eye contact.
Benji and Robyn’s mom’s was looking on both with tears of happiness and pride for their children.
“aw look how in love they are.” Linzi gushed
“I know right so intense.” Kelly said.
“just look at the look in their eyes.” Sally smiled.
“those two have some thing so special.” Erin added.
“those two have some thing most people don’t even get to experience on the level they do.” Dan added.
“Ok so soppy moment coming but don’t get used to it.. with all the shit life has thrown at those two it makes me so happy to see them find such happiness together.” Paul said sentimentally.
“I couldn't have said it better myself.” Joel smiled agreeing with Paul patting him on the shoulder.
As the music came to an end everyone clapped and cheered Benji and Robyn stayed in their embrace. Robyn was a little emotional as a few years ran down her face but clearly she was happy and overwhelmed as they was dancing thinking of all they’ve been through to get to where they are now. Everyone couldn’t help but watch as they seen Benji mouthed ‘I love you so much’ to her. She placed her hand on the back of his neck to pull him in for a kiss just lips to lips but so passionate and loved filled. Reaching down to hold his hand with her other hand. As they pulled apart smiling still lost in each other’s eyes he lifted his spare hand to run his thumb over her cheeks to wipe away the few tears that escaped then they almost just remembered where they where and that all eye was on them they looked round smiled and joined the others.
“mate I know I having always been your biggest fan but truly from the bottom of my heart thank you for loving and looking after my sister the way you do.” Karl said to Benji as they shook hands and pulled into a genuine guy hug. Unmistakably everyone had a look of relief in their faces after all the trouble that had gone on between Karl and Benji over the years. Karl and Robyn then hugged and kisses on the cheek.
“guys seriously any more and our mom’s are going to need another box of tissues.” Joel smiled with a laugh at both their mom’s smiling and crying tears of happiness and pride for their children.
“Ok come on everyone drinks all round.” Josh said handing out drinks to everyone with the Lovato’s. Everyone started to mingle, chat, laugh, drink and dance. Benji and Robyn mingled together still hand in hand chatting with everyone as they all wanted to chat to them and congratulate them.
“Benji may I have the pleasure of a dance with your beautiful wife.” Jimmy asked courteously.
“of course.” Benji smiled knowing the more Robyn danced with everyone else more less she was likely to mither him to dance.
Robyn gave them both the eye as if ‘don't I get a say in this’
“my lady?” Jimmy held his hand out with a slight bow making Robyn smile as she took in and let him lead her to a space on the beach to dance.
“not that I’m complaining but its not like you to be the dancer in the group.” Robyn smiled to him as they danced pretty well she noted having not seen Jimmy dance ‘properly' before.
“well for one it’s a special occasion and two selfishness I just wanted you to myself a moment.” He grinned at her knowing what that could imply but both knowing the other well enough to know they was defiantly just friends well close friends now a days but didn’t always get the time to spend with each other.
“well now you have me.” She smiled with a wink as he twirled her.
“oh now where to start.” He smirked playing along as they laughed. “but seriously congratulations you look obviously beautiful but you have beamed and radiated beauty all day your love and happiness is infectious and I wish both you and Benji all the best.” He said sincerely as they continued to dance.
“wow getting really soppy their Sullivan.” Robyn grinned eyeing him but clearly his words meaning slot to her.
“like I say special occasion.” He smiled. “we can’t all be a hard ass all the time.” He laughed insinuating her.
“thank you.” She smiled softening eyes welling up, getting emotional again. “oh my god see this is why I need to be a hard ass.” She laughed wiping away a tear that escaped quickly as Jimmy pulled her into a hug wrapping his arms around her tightly still in a friendship, you could even say brother sister way as they carried on dancing in a hug.
“it’s ok to be soppy it’s your wedding day.” He said into her hair as they hugged.
“aw Jimmy I mean it you have been the best rock for me at the times when I’ve needed it most. At the times when the people I'm supposed to rely on have let me down you, You’ve just known perfectly what to do. Thank you.” She said into his shoulder.
“it’s been and always will be my pleasure your a very special person just keep being you no matter what.” Jimmy smiled as the leant back a little to look at her.
“that I can do.” She grinned with a laugh they carried on dancing for a minute in silence.
“so I guess I should also thank you for introducing me and Seraya.” Jimmy smiled. Robyn’s face lit up.
“go well is it?” Robyn grinned.
“sure Is, best wing man.. woman ever.” He laughed.
“aw I’m so pleased for the both of you she’s an awesome girl and obviously your a catch too.” Robyn winked and smiled.
Sat over on the beach Johnny Matt and Zacky was sat watching with a few others.
“wow I never realised how close Robyn and Jimmy where as friends.” Johnny noted out loud as everyone was talking and watching the beach the sea and each other.
“hmm they’ve found a weird so of bond between them they’re both on the same sort of level or craziness I think.” Matt said and laughed as everyone around looked on nodding with a laugh.
“as if she’s some how actually managed to get him to dance.” Zacky laughed.
“it was actually Jimmy to ask Robyn to dance.” Benji added with a laugh.
“no way!” Brian laughed in disbelief.
After Robyn and Jimmy danced their second song Karl got up and interrupted as he wanted a dance with Robyn.
“mate is there a queueing system to dance with your missed.” Tony laughed.
“I’m not complaint the nore everyone else dances with her the less she'll mither me to have to dance.” Benji laughed relaxing with a beer.
“good plan.” Paul high fived him.
“oh I love watching Robyn and Karl dance they’re almost like professionals.” Erin said and Linzi and Kelly agreed.
“oh but they pretty much are." Mrs Copeland said over hearing the conversation. Everyone looked a her confused.
“yes they used to compete in a few competitions... Did very well too might I add.” Mrs Copeland smiled proudly as everyone looked in shock no one knew about Robyn and Karl dance history. “oh yes of course they didn’t ever tell anyone, I have no idea why.” She shrugged in a let the cat out the bag way. Everyone Sat and enjoyed watching Karl and Robyn laughing and dancing together in the own little sibling bubble.
“I think this is the longest that I’ve ever seen Robyn and Karl together without fighting or even bickering.” Billy said.
“well don't take it too much for granted it never last too long." Mrs Copeland laughed.
“right come on ladies let’s have a girly dance.” Linzi said pulling up Kelly, Erin, Sally and Seraya and spinning Robyn back around as she was about to leave the dance space with Karl.
“right that’s enough I need a sit down.” Robyn said after a few dances with the girls.” Robyn said sitting down next to Benji with everyone.
“drink.” Brian said handing her her favourite gin.
“ooo yes please.” She smiled gratefully taking it from him as he winked at her knowingly. After a little while of chilling chatting and drinking Benji stood up clearing his throat getting everyone’s attention.
“Ok guys I'd just like to say thank you all for being here to celebrate today with us and also thank you to this amazing, smart, beautiful, witty, strong and brave lady I am now lucky enough to call my wife.” Benji said. Robyn eyed him suspiciously with a smile as his little announcement was unplanned. Benji caught her eye and smiled at her before carrying on.
“I fell in love with Robyn from the very first time I saw her..” Everyone’s attention was on Benji as he spoke smiling fondly at the couple. Robyn was smiling at him still unsure of where he was going.
“you saved my ass from a beating and it defiantly wasn't the only or last time. I was never brave enough to tell you exactly how I felt and to be fair we already had a lot to deal with at the time. You got me through so many tough times, We've dealt with so much together over the years my love for you only grew, yet I never plucked up the courage to admit it.” Benji continued every gushing at them and giving them ‘aww's'.
“Then just over a year ago we almost lost you..” Benji said as his voice cracked a little clearly emotional. Robyn blinked sympathetically with a smile. Benji continued with a sweep breath.
“..and I’d never told you how special you are to me. When I got that phone call it’s was as if the whole world just stopped every moment I had with you flashed before me and I regretted not cherishing them more. Those 48 hours where the hardest if my life. I could have lost you with out you ever knowing I loved you. At the time as most are aware we wasn’t even in good terms.. well in fact I was sure you was still mad at me. I just knew I couldn't loose you with out ever making things right...” he paused you could hear the emotion and tears in his voice. Robyn blinked with tears beginning to roll down her face she reached out tongue his hand a squeeze. Benji’s mom handed Robyn’s mom a tissue as she was crying, Karl looked over come with emotion too as well as everyone else. They was all close to Robyn and her accident and the seriousness of it initially hit them all hard. Benji cleared his throat to continue with what he wanted to say.
“I know this past year has been a particularly tough for you the hurt and pain you’ve gone through both physically and mentally, I wish I could just take it all away for you. But now we’re here and I couldn't be happier, you've worked through so much in your recovery and still are. You are so strong, a fighter and you’ve got this.” Benji concluded proudly with a smile blinking back his own tears. As there was hardly a dry eye in sight at Benji’s raw emotional speech. “And now she’s probably going to kill me now for make her cry again today.” Benji joked with a laugh to lighten the mood. Robyn got up to pull him into a tight hug. Karl walked over to them and wrapped his arms round both Benji and Robyn in a hug as they was hugging. Mrs madden was consolidating Mrs Copeland.
“I love you guys.” Karl said sincerely as they released each other from their three way hug. Karl kissed Robyn on the cheek and have Benji the guy hand shake hug.
“Jesus Benj where the hell did all that done from.” Robyn said as she composed herself wiping her eyes trying to do damage control to her make up.
“I'm sorry I know we don't talk about all that much but I just felt like it needed saying.” Benji said.
“come here.” Robyn smiled pulling him into an embrace kissing him.
“Robyn darling come over here and give your mom a cuddle.” Mrs madden called her over as Robyn’s mom was still emotional after hearing of the crash again.
“oh mom come here.” Robyn smiled walking over giving her a hug. “I’m fine, I’m here there's no getting rid of me that easily.” Robyn laughed.
“I couldn't be prouder of you sweetheart.” Robyn’s mom said realising her from the hug.
“and Benji such beautiful things to say, thank you for taking such good care of my daughter.” Robyn’s mum turned to Benji giving him a little hug.
“it’s been and always will be my pleasure.” Benji smiled.
“right come on enough of all this emotional stuff, I for one have done far too much crying today. Let’s have a drink, turn that music back on Tony.” Robyn announced. Tony grinned and nodded turning the music back on and Brian who was closest to the drinks table handed Robyn a drink, she accepted smiled and nodded a ‘thank you.’
Everyone started getting back into the party spirit. Benji was in conversation with Dan Josh Sarah and Sally. Robyn went over to Joel who was sat doing nothing in particular.
“sooo do I get a dance with the birthday boy aka my new brother in law.” Robyn smiled at him he smiled back.
“well how can I decline when you put it like that.” He smiled taking her hand taking her to dance.
“so have you still had a good birthday, I know we kind of stole your spot light with the wedding.” Robyn said as they was dancing.
“consider spotlight there to be stolen, I couldn't think of a better way to spend the day than watching two of the most important people in my life have one of the happiest days of theirs.” Joel smiled.
“oh Joel don’t you’ll make me dry again.” Robyn laughed.
“I’m sorry.” Joel laughed spinning her round.
“who’d have ever thought I’d be so emotional.” Robyn laughed.
“I think it's allowed on your wedding day especially with all what you guys have been through.” Joel smiled.
“yeh we’ve got a fair bit of baggage between us.” Robyn joked.
“you’ve got through it all, together and look where you are here now. I’ve never seen anyone more suited for each other.” Joel smiled.
“right seriously now Joel your going to have me crying again I don't think can cope with any more after Benji’s spontaneous speech.” Robyn laughed to try and control her emotions.
“Did you not know he was going to do that?” Joel looked at her surprised.
“no not at all. We don’t really talk about all that in depth to be honest. I was just as surprised as anyone else.” Robyn said.
“full of surprises our Benj.” Joel laughed.
“sure is.” Robyn laughed.
Once Robyn and Joel had finished dancing they joined some of the other guys sat on deck chairs.
“Robs you know that’s the wrong madden.. you married the other twin.” Johnny laughed clearly very drunk along with most other people by now.
“oh really? Was it not buy one get one free?” Robyn joked back faking shock.
“so is there a waiting list to dance with the new Mrs Madden or can anyone have a whirl.” Tony asked with a cheeky smile.
“come on then Lovato let’s go for a Whirl seen as you asked so nicely.” Robyn laughed. Robyn and Tony provided some entertainment laughing and joking around dancing.
“Benji oh my god what where you doing to us with that speech jeez the island nearly ran out of tissues.” Sally said going over sitting with him.
“I know tell me about it, it was beautiful, emotional but beautiful.” Linzi added.
“I felt it so I thought what better time to share it.” Benji said slightly embarrassed as both him and Robyn didn’t really talk and share the things they’d been through it was very much a private thing between them the two of them what each other had been through and helped the other through to that extent anyway. Even between themselves they very rarely verbally discussed it but just knew by being around the other having an understanding of the other and the reactions to each other they didn’t need to say it out loud because they just simply got what the other was all about.
“well we feel privileged that you did so open and honestly.” Sally smiled. “I know neither of you are big talkers.” Sally added more quietly just to Benji.
“I know it’s not our forte maybe we should maybe we shouldn’t talk more openly but ya know..” Benji said with a shrug.
“I think your both doing just fine exactly how you are, whatever your doing it works. I’ve never seen anyone more in love.” Sally winked and smiled.
“right that's it now I’m on strike for a while.” Robyn announced slightly out of breath coming back from dancing with Tony to perch herself on Benji’s lap putting and arm around his shoulders.
“does that mean no more dancing for the night.” Benji asked hopefully/cheekily.
“for now.” Robyn smirked eyeing him suggestively.
Paul noticed and started to laugh Billy Linzi Joel Dean Benji and Robyn looked at him questioningly.
“sorry, sorry guys I was just thinking for once it’s not me in a room or well hit closest to you tonight of all nights... it’s your mom Robyn!” Paul laughed. Everyone else laughed too Benji’s and Robyn smiled humouring him. “didn’t think that one through did you.” Paul grinned.
“clearly not.” Robyn laughed shaking her head.
Everyone chilled out on the beach having a good time chatting, laughing and drinking. Karl walked over to Robyn grinning with a smug look on his face.
“I managed to persuade mom it would be a good idea for her to have a ‘sleep over’ in Benji’s mom’s hut.” Karl winked intending to whisper to Robyn but being so drunk it was loud enough for most people around them to overhear. Robyn looked at him laughing shaking her head as they high fived.
“just consider it my wedding present to you guys.” Karl smirked. Everyone else let out a laugh.
“what is it they say if the huts rockin don't come knockin.” Linzi laughing clearly very drunk by now
“oh here we go sex crazed linz comes out now she’s had a few drinks.” Robyn joked with a laugh causing Linzi to blush slightly and pipe down.
“right on that note I think you’ve had enough to drink let’s go to bed.” Billy said innocently not meaning any innuendos behind it. A few people smirked obviously thinking of a more x rated term.
“ey up linz your on a promise there.” Robyn blurted out with a laugh unable to control herself as a little pay back for all the time a Linzi has had out bursts about Robyn and Benji's sex life. Linzi looked half mortified half ‘what ever I’m drunk’ and Billy gave a little blush and laugh.
“sorry, sorry Billy I couldn’t help it.” Robyn apologised trying to keep a straight face but failing especially as the others where laughing.
“on a serious note do you want a lift getting her ladyship back.” Robyn offered.
“it’s ok we'll help, we're heading back too.” Erin said as herself and Paul stood.
“light weights.” Tony called after them.
“hey I’m just enjoying a night of not being kept awake by those two dirty bastards.” Paul laughed pointing between Benji and Robyn.
“night night Paul-y sleep tight.” Robyn said cheesily to which Paul jokingly flipped her off.
Most others followed shortly after back to their huts leaving just Jimmy, Brian, Johnny, Matt and Tony as the hard-core drinkers and Benji, Robyn, Josh, Joel and Kelly sat chatting aimlessly. Robyn was still sat on Benji’s lap he had one arm around her hips and the other slowly tracing circles on her thigh. She had and arm around his neck matching the circles he was tracing on her thigh on the back of his neck. Neither wanted to still be sat there really, they could both think of other things they’d rather be doing... to each other... alone but felt they should stay with everyone out of politeness being ‘their party’ however they wasn’t really contributing much to the conversation going on.
“you should go.” Kelly said quietly leaning over to Robyn and Benji with a knowing smile. They both looked at her slightly confused not catching on at first both lost in their ‘thoughts’.
“It’s your wedding night you’ve been polite long enough get going.” Kelly laughed earning the attention of Joel and Josh too who looked over to see what was going on.
“on that note I totally agree with you.” Robyn laughed jumping up pulling Benji up too. Benji smirked then out of no where scooped her up, threw her over his shoulder as she let out a squeal and a laugh. He carried her down the beach to their hut at the end as they got some wolf whistles and cheers from the drunken bunch.
As they got into the hut Benji put Robyn down and locked the door.
“finally alone.” He smiled.
“come here mr madden.” She smiled stepping closer to him kissing him.
“I love you so much, Mrs madden.” He breathed between kisses. He slowly slid the zip of her dress down as they was kissing as she unbuttoned his shirt and stepped out of her shoes shrinking a few inches as her dress fell. He lifted her up swiftly and she wrapped her legs round his waist for stability never once breaking the slowly, sensual, passion filled kiss. He turned so that her back was against the door, as he kissed down her neck holding/pinning her hands against the door as their fingers entwined. He certainly knew how to drive her crazy. She breathed out a little moan head leaning back against the door and he continued his attack on her neck and collar bone. He loved how beautiful and sexy she was especially as he knew how to tease her. She decided it was her turn for a little pay back. She place her hands on the side of his face lifting his head as she was supported pinned between his body and the door. She pulled him into a deep kiss she he loved playing with her tongue piercing as she gently sucked and bit his bottom lip it was his turn to be moaning at her touch. He decided enough games and moved them over to the bed where they consummated their marriage several times.
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