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Sixty nine

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Wedding day

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The next morning Robyn was up early she had coffee and croissant for breakfast then had a shower. She came out of the shower dried her hair put on her wedding underwear and dressing gown she would put her dress on last thing. Linzi was still passed out sleeping off her hang over. Robyn went over to give her a nudge.
“come on linz wake up.” Robyn said. Linzi groaned and opened her eyes briefly then close them again once she seen daylight.
“don’t make me pour water over you.” Robyn laughed.
“alright alright I’m up.” Linzi said without moving.
“still think those extra shots where a good idea now?” Robyn teased.
“no defiantly not what was I thinking.” Linzi said rolling into a sitting up position rubbing her head.
“here drink this then shower get ready and then you can do my hair please.” Robyn said. Linz looked as if she’d only just remembered it was the wedding day.
“shit what time is it?” linzi said jumping up.
“ten thirty.” Robyn laughed.
“ok I’ll be so fast and then make you look amazing.” Linzi said taking the glass of water and running in the shower.
Whilst linzi was in the shower Robyn did her makeup and poured herself a glass of bubbly just as she did there was a knock at the door or was her mom and Karl.
“morning.” She smiled letting them in.
“starting early." Karl said eyeing her glass.
“just the one.” Robyn smiled.
“aren’t you going to offer us a glass?” Karl grinned.
“help yourselves.” Robyn said as Karl poured himself a glass but their mom declined. “I’m surprised your not still drunk from last night.” Robyn laughed.
“darling you’d better get a move on getting ready you don’t want to be late.” Their mom said.
“I’m on it hair time.” Linzi said rushing out of the bathroom to Robyn's surprise linzi was completely ready and looked pretty sober too. There was a knock at the door their mom answered it.
“hey.” Robyn smiled as Benji’s mom walked in.
“you don't mind me popping in to see how you are .” Mrs Madden smiled.
“not at all come in have a drink.” Robyn said whilst she was sat for linzi doing her hair.
“don’t mind if I do, are you having one Jane?” Mrs Madden said to their mom.
“oh well go on then.” Their mom smiled. Karl poured them both a drink.
“Robyn this place is so beautiful.” Mrs Madden gushed.
“thank you it’s amazing isn’t it.” Robyn smiled.
“Jane you must be so proud of her you've raised such a strong caring beautiful lady.” Mrs Madden smiled Karl snorted when she said lady Robyn flipped him off behind thier moms back to which he returned but got caught by thier mom.
“Karl you may be need to learn a but from your sister.” Their mom scolded Robyn and linzi laughed.
“darling you’ve looked after my boys so well especially Benji I’m so happy they have you in thier lives.” Mrs Madden smiled sincerely.
“oh it’s nothing I give as good as I get.” Robyn brushed off.
“no really I am thankful especially through those though years when they was in school the boys finally told me all what you did.” She said a little quieter to Robyn moving closer to her taking her hand giving it a squeeze.
“really it was no trouble I'd do it all over again anytime.” Robyn smiled Mrs nodded a little emotionally smiled giving Robyn's hand another squeeze before letting go.
“ok pretty much done, how’s that?” linzi said showing Robyn her hair in a mirror.
“linzi it’s fab thank you.” Robyn smiled admiring linzi's work. It was half up half down loose curls with lots volume.
“oh Robyn it's beautiful well done linzi.” Her mom said. Karl jokingly roles his eyes and mimicked people making complements to Robyn again.
“anyone want another drink?” Karl sighed playfully.
“don’t be so jealous its her wedding day she's supposed to get all the attention.” Linzi said to him giving him a nudge laughing. There was a knock at the door.
“come in.” Robyn called and Joel appeared.
“hey honey look at you in your suit.” Mrs Madden smiled proudly.
“thanks mom.” Joel said.
“and of course happy birthday.” She smiled at him.
“happy birthday Joel, want a drink.” Robyn smiled going over to greet him they kisses on they cheek.
“thanks and no thanks I just came to let you know they're pretty much ready down there. There's a car outside that can take us now and then one coming in about ten minutes for you and Karl.” Joel explained.
“Ok well if your ok sweetheart we'll head down.” Her mom said.
“yeh I’m fine I’ve only got to put my dress on.” Robyn smiled.
“do you want help putting your dress on?” linzi asked secretly just wanting a sneak peak at her dress.
“it's ok I’ll manage.” Robyn said.
“are you sure?” linzi said knowing she struggles with her shoulder.
“yeh it’ll be fine Karl can do my zip.” Robyn smiled for Karl to pull a face.
“ok well see you down there.” Linzi laughed giving her a quick hug. “come in my madden for the day.” She said linking arms with Joel as he was best man he would walk down the aisle with linzi maid of honour.
The four of them left and Karl finished his drink off whilst Robyn got her dress on. She came out holding it up for him to do the zip. He looked up and almost choked on his drink.
“what’s up?” she said slightly worried.
“holy shit Robs look at you.” He said doing her zip up “you look stunning.”
“thanks.” She smiled. Her dress was white shirt mid thigh length material fitted with chiffon starting at the waist at the front growing longer at the back into a small trail and pearl detail on the thin straps and under the busy band. Simple stylish and classy.
“dad’s seriously missing out.” Karl said looking proudly at his sister.
“I’m sure it still wouldn’t be good enough.” Robyn rolled her eyes. “anyway don’t bring him up today.” Robyn said doing a final check in the mirror before a horn outside signalled the arrival of the car.
“ready?” Karl said to her. Robyn took a deep breath.
“I’m so nervous.” She said.
“nervous? You, never.” He laughed.
“really I am look.” She laughed holding out her shaky hand.
“well are you sure it’s the right thing to do?” he asked thinking back to their conversation the other night.
“yes defiantly its just the doing it in front of everyone.” She explained.
“oh come on you’ll be fine it’s only friends and family.” Karl laughed he'd never seen Robyn looking nervous and well not her usual confident self.
“on sec.” She said pouring a drink and downing it. “Ok let’s go.”
“feel better.” He laughed.
They made their way out to the car that then took them down to the beach where the wedding was. There was chairs lined up with an aisle down the middle, flowers on the end seat to every row and petals down the aisle. At the front was an arch of flowers lined with white chiffon. Everyone was seated and ready and she could see Benji stood under the arch talking to Joel. As they seen the car arrive Joel gave Benji a pat on the shoulder and went over to the car with linzi.
“hey are you ready?” Joel said through the window.
“oh my god look at you.” Linzi smiled at Robyn.
“ready as ill ever be.” Robyn laughed.
“Ok well let’s get going everything will be fine and you look beautiful by the way.” Joel smiled.
“good luck not that you need it.” Linzi grinned. Joel and linzi walked over to the start of the aisle. Karl got out and went round open the door for Robyn. Helping her out the car and fixing her dress. The music started queuing Joel and linzi to make their way down the aisle then Karl and Robyn to follow.
“this is the proudest moment of my life, I love you little sis.” Karl beamed kissing her on the cheek and taking her arm.
“wouldn't do it without you. Love you too.” Robyn smiled and they made their way down the aisle. Everything became like a blur to Robyn. Karl left her at the arch shaking Benji's hand before sitting down.
“wow.” Benji mouthed to Robyn as her eyes met his and she smiled.
The wedding official started the ceremony Robyn didn't really hear much of it as it was all still a bit of a blur and she doubted Benji did either as they couldn't take their eyes off each other.
“an now a reading from Joel the best man.” The wedding official announced. Joel stood up and stepped forwards.
“He’s not perfect
You aren’t either
And the two of you will never be perfect
But if he can make you laugh at least once
Cause you to think twice
And if he admits to being human and making mistakes
Hold onto him and give him the most you can
He isn't going to quote poetry
He’s not thinking about you every moment
But he will give you a part of him that he knows you could break
Don’t hurt him
Don’t change him
And don’t expect for more than he can give
Smile when he makes you happy
Yell when he makes you mad
And miss him when he’s not there
Love when there’s love to be had
Because perfect guys don’t exist but there’s always one guy that’s perfect for you.” Joel read. Benji and Joel gave each other the ‘bro nod' and Robyn smiled blinking away a tear of happiness.
“Thank you Joel and now a few words from Karl.” The wedding official announced. Karl stood up with a grin clearing his throat there was a few laughs let out as everyone wondered what to expect from Karl.
“Well what can I say about my sister. She's a lot like me.. but we’re not here to talk about me. She's hard to live with, she's stubborn and argumentative but there also her good qualities. She’ll make you laugh, she’ll make you cry.. sometimes at the same time with her craziness. She’s hard working but loves to laugh and have fun in doing so will brighten up your day but above all she's the most kind, caring and loyal person you will meet. She will stand up for what’s right, she will fight for you even in the most difficult circumstances she will be right there with you. When your having a rough time she has the ability to take away all the pain and stress and make you feel like the only people in the world that matter. But of course Benji you already know all of that and together you bring out the best in each other.” Karl said smiling proudly knowing he did a good job. Between Joel and Karl’s speeches there wasn’t a dry eye in there.
“Thank you Karl, and now for the vows.” The wedding official said. “Benjamin if you’d like to go first.”
“Robyn, we met at one of the worst times of our lives and yet you had the ability to make it feel like the best and forget all the pain when I was with you. You have always supported me and gave me strength to push forwards in life and I couldn’t happier to have that for the rest of our lives together. I loved you then, I love you now and I always will.” Benji smiled keeping her eye contact. ‘thank god for water proof eye make up’ Robyn through to herself.
“and Robyn.” The official turned to Robyn.
“Benji you’ve seen me at my best, you’ve seen me at my worst both I'll admit are pretty extreme none off which have ever scarred you off or made you doubt me. We been through the mill and back, we’ve done it together and I’d do it all over again with you by my side.”
“and with that we have the exchange of the rings.” The official said promoting Joel to hand her the rings.
“Benjamin do you take Robyn to be your lawful wedded wife?”
“I do.” Benji smiled placing the ring on Robyn's finger.
“and Robyn do you take Benjamin to be your lawful wedded husband?”
“I do.” Robyn smiled placing the ring on Benji's finger.
“I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.” The official smiled. Benji smiled proudly and kissed Robyn everyone cheered, whistled and clapped. Benji and Robyn turned and walked back up the aisle hand in hand.

Bebji and Robyn had to do some paper work with the official after the ceremony first. Mean while every one else made their way back to the huts. They had all planned drinks on the beach front to celebrate afterwards.
“right guys come on I need to get some photos before you go anywhere otherwise our moms are going to kill me.” Josh said who had designated himself official photographer.
“I’m sure you got plenty before.” Robyn laughed.
“I did but it’s lovely out here let’s just get a few shots of just the two of you here before we go back you won’t regret it.” Josh said.
“your taking your photography very seriously bro.” Benji laughed. Josh snapped away.
“that’s it keep it natural.” Josh ignored him. They stayed and took a few pictures then made their way back over to the huts.
Every one was out socialising and drinking on the sea front as they got there they all pulled party poppers cheering.
“you have got to be kidding me.” Robyn laughed pulling streamers off her.
“here drink you miserable cow.” Linzi joked laughing handing Robyn and Benji a drink.
“foods ready everyone.” Erin announced.
“our moms, Erin and the girls made some food guys.” Joel said answering Benji and Robyn's confused expressions.
“ah guys you didn’t need to go to all this trouble.” Robyn said admiring their hard work.
“it’s no trouble at all dear.” Mrs Madden smiled.
“well thanks guys.” Benji smiled.
Everyone ate, drank, socialised and celebrated. Tony and Matt Lovato organised some music. Everyone took the tine to go over to Benji and Robyn to congratulate them during the course of the night.
“guys can I have your attention.” Matt shadows cleared his voice. “before you all get too drunk can we all raise our glasses and have a toast to first of all the newly Mr and Mrs Madden Benji and Robyn...” he said everyone raised their glasses and cheers'd them.
“.. and not to be forgotten happy birthday to Joel and Benji!” everyone said happy birthday and drank to them then started talking between themselves again.
“I actually almost forgot it was our birthday.” Benji said.
“How could you forget?” Robyn laughed.
“In good way marrying you is the best birthday ever... did you get me a present?” Benji grinned.
“Baby I am your present.” Robyn said seductively with smirk and laughed.
“Wow my queue to leave.” Joel said holding his hands up.
“Wait wait a minute Joel I got you something too.” she said placing her foot on the stool and reaching to her garter, he raised his eye brows at her as did everyone else around then she took out a folded up piece of paper.
“wow Robs its not marry one twin get the other for free you know!” Matt laughed.
“What you all gawping at its not like I’ve got a bag or pockets is it.” She laughed at their tea reactions. “Here.” she said handing the paper to Joel it was a romantic boat ride to see the marine life and lunch on the sea. she smiled proudly knowing it was defiantly something Joel would love.
“Really wow thanks Robs.” He beamed hugging her then looked a little confused “I can take Kelly right?” he asked.
“oh well I thought we...” she joked pretending to be hurt that he didn't want to take her. His face fell and looked concerned he'd upset her. She then left out a laugh. “Joking! Yes if course take Kelly.” She laughed.
“had me going for a minute there." Joel laughed shaking his head. “Thanks though this is ace.” He smiled waving the paper in the air.
“Your welcome I knew you’d like it.” She smiled.
“um guys can I have your attention.” Billy said as Tony stopped the music everyone turned to look at him. “we're going to have the first dance.”
“oh we haven’t planned one.” Robyn said.
“yeh and I don’t dance remember.” Benji laughed.
“I know.” Billy said looking at Robyn mischievously. “and I think you will.” He smirked at Benji. Everyone including Benji and Robyn looked confused for a minute. Billy nodded to Tony signalling for him to play the music. As it played Benji and Robyn instantly recognised it as the music from prom night they smiled at each other Benji stood up holding out his hand in request for her to dance which she accepted. They danced together just like prom night lost in each other. Most people still looked a little confused to the significance, but a few whispers from Billy, Linzi, Joel and Paul who already knew the story by now filed everyone else in. Everyone watched with some ‘aww's’ then at the end clapped cheered and/or whistled...
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