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Sixty eight

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Wedding Eve

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The next day Robyn was woken up to a knocking on her door she woke up with a pretty big hang over. She looked at her phone it was 1.30 in the afternoon she couldn’t believe she'd slept so long and on top of that had one hell of a hang over but then again her and Karl did get through a fair amount of alcohol last night. She was pulled out of her thoughts by knocking at the door again ‘shit’ she thought the guys flight was due in over an hour ago. She got up in her tank top and girl boxers pulled on her little dressing gown and opened the door to an impatient looking Benji.
“Hi” she smiled trying to put her best effort into not looking like 1) she was rougher than sand paper 2) had just got up and 3) had totally forgot they was arriving an hour ago.
“Hi.. Hi really?” he said half grumpy but half finding the funny side.
“good flight?” she smiled trying to act normal.
“Yeh was ok except something was missing?” he said.
“oh yeh what was that?” Robyn said confused.
“somebody was supposed to meet me at the airport.” Benji said looking at her expectantly.
“oh I know I'm sorry I over slept had a bit of a late night with Karl in the bar. If it helps you feel better I’m so hung over right now.” Robyn winced.
“I know I feel drink just from the smell of you.” Benji laughed.
“oh don't its Karl he’s such a bad influence.” She laughed.
“yeh I'm sure he’d say the same about you too.” Benji laughed.
“most probably.” She nodded knowing they was as bad as each other. “so is everyone here now?”
“yep we was planning on going out for a sort of late lunch/early dinner in about an hour.” Benji said.
“oh man I dunno if my body’s ready to handle food yet but I’ll come I suppose I should get showered though.” She laughed.
“Yes you defiantly should. I’ll just unpack and sort a few things here.” Benji said.
“or maybe you could come with me.” She said sweetly and suggestively.
“now that I can’t say no too.” He grinned as she took his and led him to the bathroom.

Just over an hour later they was put of the shower and rushing round to get ready for lunch/dinner.
“Benj, Robs are you guys ready?” they heard Joel call from outside their hut.
“one minute.” Benji called.
“come on guys it’s not honeymoon time yet stopping fucking around I’m starving.” A grumpy hungry Paul called.
“fine ready.” Robyn said slightly out of breath from rush round getting ready opening the door be no behind her. She had left her hair to dry naturally which has gone into its natural loose curls still slightly damp but it set off the look well and of course her sunglass to shield her sensitive hung over eyes.
“well at least you look slightly brighter than your brother.” Paul laughed at a still hung over Robyn.
“thanks I think.” Robyn laughed. As the four of them walked across the beach from the huts to join the others.
“I’m glad you look how I feel.” She grumbled to Karl as they joined the group.
“right back at you sis those glasses don’t hide shit.” Karl laughed.
“looks like we missed out on a piss up, I guess we have some catching up to do.” Jimmy said.
“catch up all you want and over take, no more drinking for me till after the wedding.” Robyn said.
“we'll see about that.” Brian smirked.
“no we really won’t.” Robyn laughed insisting.
“keep telling yourself that.” Johnny said patting her on the shoulder.
“hey where's mom?” Robyn looked around.
“she’s having the night in with our mom.” Joel said.
“oh hell their night will be wilder than ours.” Robyn laughed.
“right please can we go now I don’t know if I mentioned I’m starving.” Paul expressed.
“yeh I second that.” Matt said. They all made their way to the restaurant.
They pretty much took over the restaurant ad their group was pretty big. They ordered their food and ate and chatted catching up on what Every one had been up to since tour. The afternoon flew by everyone was getting pleasantly drunk except for Robyn who hadn’t drank and still feeling the effects of drinking the night before. Karl who was by now pretty drunk again came over to her with a drink.
“here drink this it'll male you feel better you know hair of the dog and all.” Karl slurred.
“yeh right.” Robyn laughed.
“Yeh seriously it will my hang overs gone.” He smiled proudly.
“yeh for now till tomorrow.” She laughed at him.
“come on you need to have a drink or two at least this is like some sort of mixed stag hen party.” Jimmy joined in.
“fine one drink." Robyn sighed giving in smiling.
“whoo! Yeh everyone knows one drink always turns into more.” Brian laughed.
“nope, no it won't.” Robyn laughed knowing full well that it would.
Everyone was in their little group chatting, laughing drinking.. the maddens and lovato's, a7x guys and Karl, the girls, Paul Dean Billy Dan Sally Sarreya and Jamie.
“penny for them.” Dan's voice said snapping Robyn out of her thoughts as she was sat between the group's but not really involved in any.
“what?” she blinked.
“your not going all soppy on us now are you?” Dan laughed having a seat next to her.
“actually no I was just thinking is Sarreya still single?” Robyn asked watching over everyone.
“Yeh why are you getting a bad case of cold feet or something.” He laughed
“ha ha funny not.” Robyn laughed as his bad jokes rolling her eyes at him too. “I have someone in mind I want her to meet.” Robyn said standing up walking over to Sarreya. Dan watched her walk over to Sarreya say something Sarreya nod and smile then follow Robyn over to Jimmy. They all spoke Jimmy shook Sarreya’s hand she took a seat next to Jimmy and Robyn left them chatting together.
“nice work.” Dan smiled impressed at her as she sat back down admiring her work of Jimmy and Sarreya seemingly hitting it off.
“why thank you.” Robyn grinned. “don’t they just look perfect together.”
“they actually do. Get you playing Cupid on your own wedding eve.” Dan laughed.
“I know I’m just the gift that keeps on giving aren’t I.” Robyn laughed.
“you certainly are.” Dan smiled. “you and Karl seem to be getting on well.”
“he is my bro.” Robyn laughed.
“no you know what I mean.” Dan said knowing she was messing.
“yeh we are we had a great night last night he seems like he’s, how can I put it.. matured a little.” She said as they looked up to see him attempting to do a head stand with Johnny whilst Brian Matt and zacky was in hysterics laughing at them.
“Ok so matured might not be the best term.” Robyn laughed. “but he’s defiantly lost the chip on his shoulder.”
“Well what ever it is I’m happy for you’s" Dan smiled.
“alright alright I’ve worked out the sleeping arrangements for tonight.” A drunken linzi slurred walking over to them.
“what sleeping arrangements?” Robyn looked at her confused.
“well you can’t sleep with Benji tonight.” Linzi said as of the most obvious thing in the world still slurring.
“why can’t I?” Robyn looked outraged.
“because you can’t it's your wedding tomorrow he shouldn’t see you before it.” Linzi said as I’d pointing out the obvious.
“oh linz I think we're far past traditional here.” Robyn laughed and Dan laughed too.
“well tough I’m the maid of honour and I’ve always arranged everything Benji is in with Joel I’m in with you Paul with Billy and Kelly with Erin.” Linz said proudly.
“wow linz that's a whole lot of faffing, it’ll be fine Benj can just like close his eye's in the morning.” Robyn laughed getting up walking across the room to see Benji.
“nope nope it’s all organised now it would be more faffing to change it back now.” Linzi said following her.
“urgh fine but don’t think I’m holding your hair whilst you vom all night so you best start sobering up.” Robyn said with a laugh.
“good luck with that Robs.” Billy laughed over hearing her.
“hey sis, dance with me.” Karl said taking both other hands and swinging her round.
“not right now Karl.” Robyn said trying to escape his grasp.
“but it’s your last night as a Copeland dance with me.” He pleaded still very drunk.
“I suppose since you asked so nicely.” Robyn smiled giving in dancing with him. Karl was actually a very good dancer they both where just no one ever really seen Karl dancing.
“wow check Karl put her go moves.” Linzi laughed.
“Yeh they're pretty hot even though thier brother and sister.” Kelly said.
“well he can teach Paul to dance like that any day.” Erin laughed.
“Hey.” Paul shouted faking hurt.
“sorry baby but it’s true.” Erin called back.
“Benj your misses is hot.” Tony laughed.
“yea she is.” Johnny laughed cheersing Tony.
“how the hell has Karl not been snapped up with moves like that, you know what they say about dancing and sex.” Erin grinned.
“you have met Karl right.” Linzi laughed as if to say of you met him your know why he doesn't have a girlfriend.
“let just say Karl like to play the field no pun intended.” Sally laughed.
“well if there’s truth to what Erin says then no wonder Benj and Robs are always at it.” Matt laughed.
“so of it true then Benji does being a food dancer make you good in bed?” linzi asked as everyone looked to Benji for his reply.
“you girls are worse than guys.” Dean laughed.
“thank you Dean.” Benji said feeling relived that he’s got out of having to discuss their sex life.
“but is it?” Dean asked the question again smirking putting him on the spot.
“I’m not discussing.” Benji said but smiling and nodding.
“well anyone could have answers that question Jesus if you lot have never heard them you must be deaf.” Paul said Joel laughed in agreement high fiving Paul as they started to make jokes and sex noises.
“fuck you guys.” Benji laughed shaking his head. “your just jealous.”
“jealous of what?” Robyn asked walking over standing next to Benji who was sat on a bar stool.
“your sex life.” Linzi laughed.
“again, linz your so obsessed with our sex life.” Robyn huffed with laugh. “you’d better watch her Billy.” Robyn laughed making both billy and linzi blush slightly Robyn never to be embarrassed about almost anything.
“Erin was just saying how if your a good dancer it means a your good in bed.” Tony said.
“ah well that’s defiantly true in my case.” Karl grinned.
“Robs care to share your opinion.” Johnny said.
“well first you’d have to decided if I was a good dancer?” Robyn smirked playing with them.
“which you are stop fishing for compliments.” Linzi laughed tossing a peanut from the bar at her which she dodged.
“I’ve never has any complaints.” Robyn smirked turning to Benji standing between his legs kissing him.
“see what you’ve started now they’ll be at it all night.” Paul joked as Robyn started to kiss down Benji’s neck.
“wow not what I need to see.” Karl moaned and walked off. Everyone started to do thier own thing. Robyn went back to kissing Benji playing with his shirt buttons causing Benji to let out a groan and Robyn smile against his lips.

“Oh to be so in love.” Sally said as they half watched from across the room.
“oh really?” Dan raised his eye brows at him.
“oh you know what I mean.” She laughed not meaning anything about their own relationship.

“Robs, Robs we can’t do this here.” Benji whispered to her.
“well you see problem is linzi has moved you out of the hut for the night...” Robyn said between kisses and running her hands on his chest.
“we will have a problem if you carrying is on.” He said a little breathless.
“let's fix that problem then.” She smirked.
“we can’t here.” Me said looking a little worried.
“come on.” Robyn grinned taking him by the hand leading him to the bathroom and locking the door.
“you Miss Copeland are very bad.” He grinned as he closed the gap between them her back against the wall.
“yes but its very good.” She smirked placing her arms on his shoulders as he now launched his own kissing attack on her.
“hmm I suppose it is.” He mumbled into her neck holding her by hips as she wrapped her legs round his waist...

“come on guys wrap it up I’m bursting for a wee.” Sally said banging on the door.
“alright calm down.” Robyn laughed as she walked out the bathroom followed by Benji. Benji looking slightly embarrassed Robyn couldn’t care less.
“y'all should get a room.” Sally laughed.
“well I had a perfectly good but until linzi decided to play musical huts for the night.” Robyn laughed. Sally went in the bathroom and Benji and Robyn made their way back into the bar.
They had another drink and sat chatting with everyone.
Karl, linzi, Tony, Brian and Johnny where by now extremely drunk. Sarreya and Jimmy where still cosied up talking in the corner.
“can I get you guys a drink?” Matt asked.
“no thank you not for me in finishing this one then to bed.” Robyn said.
“check out sensible Robyn.” Joel laughed.
“well ya know need to get my beauty sleep for tomorrow.” Robyn laughed.
“your b-e-a-utiful enough stay and drink.” Linzi slurred.
“I’ll pass and I think you should too.” Robyn said to her.
“but...” Linzi started swaying.
“no buts lady as my maid of honour you need to come with me.” Robyn laughed standing taking hold of her.
“you want me to help?” Billy offered.
“it’s ok I can manage linz however if someone could make sure Karl doesn’t do himself or anyone else for that matter any damage it'd be much appreciated.” Robyn smiled.
“don’t worry we'll sort them.” Joel smiled.
“ok thanks guys. Come on linz as of I've dragged your drunken ads to bed not only your wedding eve but now mine too.” Robyn joked.
“I love you.” Linzi slurred grinning at Robyn.
“I bet you do.” Robyn laughed and the other laughed too. “right night guys.” She announced to get a chorus of ‘nights’ back “Night sweetie.” She lent over to kiss Benji then staggered out basically carrying linzi.
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