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Sixty seven

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En route to bora bora

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The next few weeks went by fairly quickly. The guys all had time off and hadn’t seen a lot of each other. The wedding was a week away everything that needed to be planned was planned. Benji had Joel as best man and Robyn had linzi as maid of honour. Benji and Joel had been shot shopping together and Robyn had told linzi to pick a dress that she liked and felt comfortable in. Linzi didn’t like the idea being a traditional type she wanted Robyn to pick it so Robyn gave in and offered to go shopping with her but she was still allowing linzi to pick it.
“What do you think of this one? What colour should I go for? Like what styles yours? Oh my god I cant believe I haven’t seen your dress!..” Linzi rambled as she looked through the dresses in the shop.
“linz seriously pick what you like and feel comfortable in, remember it’ll be hot there. No one’s seen my dress and it’s not all that special.” Robyn laughed.
“nothing special! Your wedding dress you best be bloody joking. Anyway this is you you have a good for eye for style even if you pretend your not bothered and you make anything look flawless anyway.” Linzi scoffed jokingly. “but maybe I could still take a look at it.”
“nice try but no you don’t need to take a look.” Robyn smiled.
“really?” linzi sighed.
“really.” Robyn laughed. “now come on pick a dress.”
“if I just knew what style yours was.. I take it it’s white?” linzi fished for info.
“the style doesn't matter for your dress and I think I'm bit beyond the whole white wedding don't you.” Robyn said playing with her. Her dress was white.. mostly but she knew it would send linzi through the roof if she didn’t think it was white.
“wow wow wait what your dress is white!” linzi gasped.
“you'll just have to wait and see.” Robyn laughed.
“aw but Robs.” Linzi pouted.
“pout all you want the dress is packed and it’s staying that way.” Robyn said linzi reluctantly dropped the subject after another hour and half of dress shopping linzi finally had a lovely light lilac spaghetti strap midi dress.
“right lunch time now I’m starving.” Robyn said as they walked out the dress shop.
“where do you want to go?” linzi asked.
“anywhere I’ll eat anything at this point.” Robyn said.
“nandos?” linzi said as they was outside.
“yesss.” Robyn said happily. They went inside found a table ordered and got drinks.
“so I take it your all organised for next week?” linzi asked excitedly.
“yeh pretty much, there wasn’t much to do anyway.” Robyn said.
“I cant believe how relaxed you are about it.” Linzi laughed.
“well that’s how I wanted it relaxed. There wasn’t much to organise the official stuffs organised and the flights and accommodation is sorted that's about it. Oh and I’m mostly packed.” Robyn shrugged.
“oh my god I cant believe it. I’’ve got of far lighter than you did over my wedding. Is there anything at all you need me to do?” linzi asked.
“nah I think were all good now you have your dress.” Robyn smiled.
“what about your hair and make up on the day?” linzi quizzed.
“I was just going to do it myself.” Robyn shrugged.
“I could help you I can do you hair for you.” Linzi offered.
“sure if you like.” Robyn accepted.
“so are you excited?” linzi carried on quizzing.
“jeeze linz this is like 20 million questions.” Robyn laughed.
“I’m sorry I’ve just not seen you for what feels like ages since being on tour and I’m so excited for a luxury holiday and to top it off your wedding.” Linzi beamed.
“yeh it should be pretty awesome.” Robyn smiled.
“you can say that again.” Linzi laughed. “wait do I have to make a speach?” linzi said sounding worried.
“only if you want to." Robyn said as linzi relaxed.
“oh phew I think I’d panic. Who's doing speeches?” linzi asked.
“Joel is and worryingly Karl has said he wants to which is probably the only thing stressing me out. He won’t tell anyone what he plans to say.” Robyn cringed.
“right well as my maid of honour role of Karl gets out of control I'll cut him off.” Linzi said proudly.
“I’m totally holding you to that.” Robyn laughed.
“so have you seen much of anyone?” linzi asked.
“no not at all really obviously Joel’s been round but that’s it nothing to be honest I've been busy working a lot and confirming the last of the wedding stuff.” Robyn said.
“where are you guys living now?” linzi asked.
“at mine but I think I’ll be giving up my place and moving into Benji's after the wedding.” Robyn said.
“oh really?” linzi asked.
“yea well my place is more just somewhere to keep my stuff and stay when I’m home I’m usually away that much. Where as Benji’s place is more of a home to him.” Robyn explained.
“makes sense when you put it like that.” Linzi nodded.
“How about you? Have you seen anyone” Robyn asked.
“we see Paul a lot and went out for dinner with Dean and his misses...” Linzi explained.
“ooo yeh what’s she like?” Robyn asked she knew Dean had a girlfriend now but didn’t know anything else.
“she’s lovely they're well suited.” Linzi said.
“aw that's nice.” Robyn smiled. Their food arrived and they continued chatting and catching up whilst they ate.
“so what about a honeymoon?” linzi asked.
“we'll be staying in bora bora for a week after the wedding then we'll be home for about a week and then I’ll be moving to the yard to tea in Emily up for two weeks before our tour starts.” Robyn explained.
“and is Benji going with you?” linzi said.
“mostly he’ll commute back for any band commitments. That's is he can hack it our touring isn’t a luxurious as the band touring.” Robyn laughed.
“I’m sure he'll mange. We'll have to come visit I want to see all tour hard work in action.” Linzi smiled.
“the would be good arrange a catch up night out along the way.” Robyn said.
“so the weddings on Saturday, we all leave on Friday when are you and Benji going?” linzi clarified.
“I’m going Thursday, Benji Friday with you guys” Robyn said.
“Your traveling by yourself you should have said I’d have come with you.” Linzi said.
“it’s ok I’m meeting my mom and Karl were going to have a bit of family time.” Robyn laughed.
“Jesus don’t you and Karl get into a punch up and you end up getting married with a black eye.” Linzi laughed joking knowing how volatile Karl and Robyn ate together taking sibling rivalry to the extreme.
“nah we're good, if kick his ass anyway.” Robyn laughed.
They finished their food, paid and left each going home after a long day of shopping and catching up.
“Hey you was gone ages.” Benji smiled at her as she walked through the door.
“tell me about it, it took linzi ages to choose a dress and then we had alot of catching up to do.” Robyn laughed.
“sure you did you’ve not seen each other for all of three weeks tops.” Benji laughed.
“yeh well that’s a long time when you’ve spent almost every day for almost a year together.” Robyn laughed. “so what did you get up to today?”
“me and Joel went for our final suit fitting and collected them.” Benji said.
“take it they're all good then.” Robyn smiled.
“yep they are.” He smiled. “I can’t believe in one week it'll all be over.” Benji said.
“bloody hell that sounds optimistic.” Robyn laughed sarcastically.
“no no I mean like times flying by so fast. I just hope bora bora doesn’t go too fast I want to make the most of every moment.” He smiled wrapping his arms around her.
“hmm how about we start by making the most of not living with several other people.” Robyn smiled kissing him.
“now I like that idea.” Benji grinned whisking her off her feet taking her upstairs.

Thursday came in no time at all Robyn was all packed and ready to go Benji drove her to the airport.
“I’m going to miss you.” Benji said as he hugged her.
“Your going to see me tomorrow.” Robyn laughed.
“Yes but still.” Benji joked pouting.
“and then after that we get married in paradise.” She smiled.
“now who’s being cheesy.” Benji laughed.
“shut up.” She laughed. “right I need to go before I miss my flight.” She said giving him a kiss. “I love you I'll see you soon.” She smiled.
“I love you too.” Benji smiled kissing her. She then left for her flight.

When she landed she had a taxi to take her to the private section of the beach that the wedding would be held and the huts they was all staying in were a long the sea line. She smiled to herself walking down the beach taking in the beautiful scenery to her hut. It was beautiful, amazing... perfect.
“is that my beautiful daughter I see.” Her moms voice called from the hut next door as she got to her hut.
“Hi mom.” Robyn turned and smiled seeing Karl and her mom walking across to her.
“she’s so the favourite.” Karl whined joking.
“don't start Karl.” Thier mom scolded him
“how are you guys?” Robyn smiled at them fiddling to get her key and open the door with her bags.
“we're good sweetie, how was your flight?” her mom asked.
“yeh wasn’t so bad.” Robyn said finally opening her door.
“holy sh...” Karl’s eyes popped out as she opened her hut door.
“KARL!” thier mom scolded.
“but look geeze this is well better than my hut.” Karl said walking in looking round as Robyn and their mom walked in behind him.
“well yeh I am the bride.” She laughed.
“but still wow.” Karl laughed.
“how long have you guys been here for?” Robyn asked.
“a couple of hours.” Their mom said.
“so are we going our for dinner together soon.” Karl said a little impatient.
“yeh sounds good.” Robyn smiled.
“well we'll leave you to unpack and get settled then you can come get us when your ready.” Their mom said.
“don’t leave it too long though, I’m starving.” Karl said.
“right well we wouldn’t want you wasting away would we. Give me an hour tops.” Robyn laughed.
They left Robyn to unpack and freshen up. When she was ready she walked across to Karl’s hut where their mom was too. They walked across the beach towards the restaurant catching up on what’s been going on in each other’s lives recently. They ordered dinner and chatted more about the wedding. Their mom had so many questions she was beaming. After dinner they had a drink on the restaurants balcony which over looked the beach.
“my darling you have made me so proud, you both have.” Their mom said smiled at them both talking each of their hands in hers. “Karl following your dreams and being successful in your passion for football. And Robyn you’ve not had it easy have you but you are strong and beautiful. You know you’re own mind and you’ll stand by it. I love you both. Now on that note I’m going to bed I need my beauty sleep.” Their mom said standing up.
“night mom love you.” Robyn smiled.
“love you too mom night.” Karl called. “right another drink my darling sister?” Karl said in a the cats away the mince will play way.
“of course.” Robyn laughed. They got drinks a few pitchers to keep them going then went back to their table on the balcony. They sun had set and the moon was reflecting in the sea.
“I’ve got to hand it to you sis, it’s beautiful here good choice.” Karl smiled raising his glass to her.
“thanks dude.” She smiled raising her glass too.
“how you feeling? Excited? Nervous?” Karl asked.
“neither I feel fine. Chilled.” She laughed.
“really? Well get you Mrs too cool. Shouldn’t you feel a little excited marrying the man of you dreams.” He said
“well I guess but you know its just a piece of paper and a ring it doesn’t mean anything will change does it.” Robyn said.
“I suppose if you want to be a pessimist as ever.” Karl laughed.
“you know how I mean.” Robyn laughed playfully hitting him.
“aw I know I’m happy for you, for you both.” Karl said sincerely.
“ok who are you and what have you done with the real Karl.” Robyn said.
“no I mean it I know I've been a dick sometimes about Benji but I see now how much he loves you and as much as it used to kill me to admit but you guys we good together.” He said.
“thanks Karl means a lot.” Robyn smiled and felt relieved that hopefully that would end the on going mini fude between Karl and Benji. “so how’s the speach doing?” Robyn asked hopefully she was dreading what he was to in to say so a preview so she could get him to change anything if need be would be good.
“it’s all done and dusted.” Karl said proudly.
“so can I hear how it goes?” Robyn grinned.
“nope.” Karl smirked. “don’t look so worried I'll probably wing it anyway.” He laughed knowing he was driving her mad.
“Karl!” Robyn expressed.
“don’t worry.” He laughed rubbing the top of her head as if an adult to a child.
“fuck you.” She laughed batting his hand away and fixing her hair. They drank in silence for a minute looking out onto the beach and the huts sea and moon.
“who’d have ever thought we'd be here where we are now a day away from your wedding with all what we’ve done with our lives. Fuck you dad.” Karl said in deep thought. Robyn agreed but looked at him a little surprised he rarely criticised their dad for all he agreed that he was a job he did slightly still idolize him too in the football sense.
“not bad for a ‘fuck up’ and a ‘waste of space’ ey” Robyn said raising her glass.
“cheers to that.” Karl said they clinked their glasses and drank. “to think just over a year ago we almost lost you fuck knows what we'd do without you keeping us on our toes.” Karl said getting l sentimental.
“shut up can’t get rid of me that easily.” She laughed trying to lighten the mood.
“don’t we know it.” He laughed. “so who’s coming to the wedding?”
“erm obvs you, mom, Benji's mom, Joel, josh, Sarah, Ä·elly Joel’s girlfriend, billy, linzi, Paul, Erin, Dean, Emma deans girlfriend, Matt, Val Matt’s girlfriend, Brian, Carley, Jimmy, Johnny, zacky, gemma zackys girlfriend, Tony & Matt lovato, Dan, Sally, sarreya and Jamie from the team.” She reeled off.
“wow so not many then considering you wasn’t having anyone.” Karl laughed.
“I know but they’re all like family I couldn’t imagine them not being here.” Robyn said.
“true but your realise your sort of ex and his girlfriend are coming to your wedding.” He laughed.
“hmm on paper that sounds wrong but they’re more like mates to us than anything else all that’s over with.” She said having a flash back to the drive home from tour.
“you sure about that your face says different.” Karl said she mentally cursed him he could read her like a book some times.
“yeh course it is.” Robyn said.
“what's happened, somethings happened?” Karl said knowing better.
“nothing really.” She tried to put him off.
“now I know there’s defiantly something, you two was getting more friendly now I come to think of it as the lodge playing all them pranks on each other. Did something happen when you went back on tour!” Karl tried to figure out the puzzle.
“no nothing happened and pranks was having a laugh we're not in junior school letting someone know you like them by pulling their hair.” She laughed at him.
“your not putting me off I know there must have been something just fell me I won’t tell anyone I promise but if you don't tell me I’m not going to drop it then you risk others finding out.” Karl said Robyn sighed knowing he was right the fucker that he is.
“fine! I drove the avenged bus home from tour and Brian sat up front chatting to me. We are getting on really well there is chemistry between us we got onto it he said how he’d always care for me but knew that nothing will ever happen as long as Benji’s around. We're just mates just mates only ever mates I wouldn’t do that to Benji.” Robyn said.
“wow Robs are you sure your doing the right thing here if there's..”
“there's not there's nothing I like Brian we click but not like Benji. I might go as far as saying I love Brian but I love all the guys like I say their like family. I’m IN love with Benji. Nothing with anyone will ever come close to what me and Benji have.” Robyn said clearly.
“Ok well if your sure.” Karl said.
“100%” she smiled. He seemed satisfied with that answer they sat in silence for a bit.
“so er I thought maybe you’d like to walk me down the aisle on Saturday or well beach or whatever...” she broke the silence.
“really?! Of course I would I'd be honoured to.” Karl said a mix of shock excitement and pride.
“great, I couldn’t think of anyone better.” She smiled and he hugged her.
“right don’t go getting all soppy on my now.” She laughed making him laugh too.
By now it was almost 2am and the restaurant/bar was closing so they started to walk back to their huts arms linked as they strolled a long the sand talking about random stuff. Karl walked her to her hut then made his way to his and they went to bed for what was left of the night.
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