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Sixty six

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The end of tour

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The last few weeks of tour went by fairly quickly and uneventfully. All of their friends had confirmed they would be coming to their wedding. Robyn passed them the details so they could arrange their flights and accommodation. She spent most of the days when she wasn’t watching the guys play working for stunt team organising their tour and doing some wedding prep for herself and Benji. She had a job of keeping linzi calm and not letting her get carried away in some big elaborate wedding plans. Also Robyn and Brian’s prank wars continued which would include a cold shower for Robyn, some facial art work for Brian whilst he slept, Robyn's favourite chocolate disappearing, Brian getting salt rather than sugar in his coffee to name a few.
It was the last show of tour the guys had just finished playing whilst they was getting showered etc Robyn headed back to the bus to finish a few emails on her way a guys voice called her.
“Robyn?” she turned to look at the guy with confusion not really knowing who he was she had seen him around but couldn’t place him.
“Yes?” she said slowly.
“I’m Dave in drive the avenged bus..” he explained holding his hand out to shake hers as he caught up to her.
“hey.” She smiled shaking his hand still confused to what he wanted.
“I erm it’s totally cool you can say no in fact I know you probably will and that’s fine...” he rambled.
“dude are you Ok?” she laughed.
“yes er well what I’m trying to say or well ask is here is my home where I live and I know you’ve drove the GC bus before I was wondering if you didn’t mind driving the avenged bus back tomorrow that way I can just stay here save driving there and then back here again. But I totally get it that it’s a big ask and you won’t want too...” he started to ramble again.
“yea sure no probs.” She smiled.
“..what really?” he said almost shocked but really happy.
“yeh of course there’s no point you making a trip that you don’t need to when I’m going that way anyway.” She said.
“thank you, thank you so much.” He said gratefully.
“no worries.” She smiled and went off to finish her emails. She got so busy with her work that she didn’t think to mention driving the A7X bus back.

The next day everyone was packed up and getting ready to leave.
“oh guys I totally forgot to say I’m going to drive the avenged bus back, face their driver lives here he stopped me yesterday to ask me if I wouldn’t mind driving it back so he wouldn’t have to go and then come back.” Robyn explained.
“aw that's nice of you.” Joel said simply.
“I’m not a total bitch all the time.” Robyn laughed.
“no I didn’t mean it like that.” Joel laughed realising how his last comment sounded.
“yeh yeh what ever.” Robyn joked rolling her eyes.
“ok well I guess we'll see you when we get back, safe journey.” Benji said giving her a kiss.
“you too, see you guys later.” She said and went off to the avenged bus.

“what are you doing?” Matt laughed as he seen her getting in the drivers seat. He was the first one back to the bus.
“what a it look like I’m driving you back.” She smiled he laughed as if he didn’t believe her. “seriously face asked if I didn’t mind as this is his home so saves him leaving and coming back.” She explained.
“ah cool. Nice of you.” Matt nodded.
“I am nice sometimes.” She shot with a laugh.
Then the other guys appeared outside the bus but hadn’t noticed her they was too busy messing around. Just as Brian went to lean on the bus she sounded the horn startling them all but making Brian visibly jump. She howled laughing as they looked shocked and then confused to see her.
“come on! Let’s get this shit on the road. No fucking around whilst I’m your driver!” she shouted out the window.
“driver? Fuck off.” Johnny laughed not believing her.
“where's Dave?” zacky asked.
“he lives here so to save him an unnecessary journey with you bunch of ass holes I’m driving. Now get in or I'm leaving you.” She called out the window.
“you best not fucking crash us.” Jimmy joked as they made their way onto the bus and she flipped him off.

They’d been on the road for half an hour when the window to the cab behind Robyn opened to then Brian wiggling his way through it to the passenger seat. Robyn just glanced sideways at him.
“what the he’ll are you doing?” she half laugh half looked ‘what the fuck’
“keeping you company when you drove the GC bus you said you need someone up front with you.” He stated.
“yeh only so I don’t get bored I can drive on my own you know.” She laughed.
“yeh but I thought I be nice save you being on your ow for hours especially as your doing a good dead.” He emphasised to take the mic.
“fuck you.” She said sarcastically.
“ok fine.” He said in making a move back through the window.
“ok ok let’s not be hasty. Sit your ass down.” She rolled her eyes with a laugh at having to give in to him. He sat down with a smirk. She checked the mirrors to make sure it was safe then braked sharply suddenly sending Brian flying forwards he just got his hands out in time before he hit the dash board then she carried on driving with a smirked as he glarred at her.
“there was something in the road.” She shrugged with a laugh as he knew she was joking. He sat in a sulk for a few minutes.
“look if your just going to sit there sulking you may as well get in the back.” She tried to hide a smirk. He just glarred at her.
“ok ok I’m sorry.” She said not managing to hold her laugh in fully.
“your a prick.” He mumbled but a smile appearing.
“thank you.” She grinned.
“Do you like doing the driving?” he asked after a few minutes of silence.
“Not really, I used to hate it but now it’s just what ever its just something I do. I’m so used to it with the horses now, it does t bother me.” She said.
“so what do you do when your on tour with the horses I take it it’s different to our tours.” He asked.
“yeh little bit. We obviously don’t move on so quickly well spend between five and seven days at each place they always have the day off after we’ve travelled to give them chance to settle in and get their land legs back so to speak and the then need days off between the shows. We don't have the luxury of roadies a d drivers we do all the packing and unloading setting up the stable and equipment between us all. There’s always a driver and at least one other person in a box with the horses so they can get to them if need be in transit. It’s hard work but good fun.” She explained with a smile.
“suddenly I appreciate our tours much more.” He laughed.
“so are you happy to be going home or will you miss touring?” she asked.
“Bit of both really tour once great fun but it’s good to chill out at home too.” He said. “You?”
“home always feels odd to me I grew up on the road pretty much then it carried on with the horses. I’m never home much so home to me is pretty much the road.” She said.
“shit yeh you travelled a lot as a kid didn’t you.” He said.
“yep always the new kid in town.” She sighed nodding her head.
“not so fun then.” He said.
“nope pretty shit it's either your looked at like an alien or once they find out who my dad is was falling over themselves to try to be my friend. Fucking piss take.” She said a little bitter at the memories.
“but then you met Benji and the guys.” He smiled.
“yeh it was so nice to have someone who didn’t give a shit who I was. I was a proper sour cow by then though.” She laughed.
“well Benji mustn’t have thought so.” He laughed.
“I’m not surprised I was always saving his ass.” She laughed. “nah I’m joking, it was nice to deal with someone else's problems rather than my own.” She said a bit more seriously.
“they had a pretty shit time didn’t they. And yourself?” he said with more of a question.
“yeh was a hard time for them all. Benji took it the hardest because he put the most of it on himself and they did rely on him a lot because he acted the strongest. My problems seemed like nothing to theirs. I was just fucked in the head from all the upheaval and the constant of nothing ever being good enough for dad which he wasn’t backwards in coming forwards in letting us know. Mom was a mess as he had her in circles trying to do the right thing and Karl doing his best to jump through hoops to please him. I just didn’t even bother I did my own thing and left them to it. He top pleasure in shouting abuse at me every chance he got but you just switch off to it.” She explained.
“wow I didn’t know all that, must have been tough.” He said quietly.
“yeh it was it helped that me and Benji had each other to lean on so then we could be there for the people who needed us but hey ho that's high school and growing up for ya isn’t it.” She said lightly with a shrug.
They chatted for a good while longer having a laugh swapping stories about all the funny and silly stuff they got up to as kids. They remembered how well they got on before everything got ‘complicated’ they clicked and bounced off each other and shared the same humour. There was clearly still chemistry between then.
Their reminiscing over school days naturally cane to an end.
“I like this.” She said quietly after they'd been in silence for a minute. “that we can have a laugh and be friends again.” She smiled catching his eye for a quick second.
“yeh things got a little weird for a little while ay.” he said a little awkwardly.
“all in the past now.” She dismissed.
“You are a very special person and I do think a lot of you.” He said sincerely
“however you are the one who said I was how do we put it? oh Yeh..that’s it.. I'm too much to handle, too much hard work. was it?” she said pretending to be annoyed but clearly joking. His face fell in shock.
“fuck Matt.” He cursed.
“wasn't Matt that told me.” She smirked.
“I only told Matt.. FUCK Matt.” He said realising Matt had told at least one other person. “who told You?” he asked starting to see the funny side now he knew she found it funny and wasn’t pissed off.
“I cant tell you.” She grinned.
“I bet it was Joel or Jimmy.. defiantly Joel.” He said thinking out loud she nodded when he said Joel. “I knew it he’s so loyal to you.” He said. True Joel always had Robyn's back he would always tell her the truth and stick up for her even cover up for her in almost a protective big brother way.
“he’s a good spud is our Joel.” She smiled proudly.
“honestly though I didn't...” he felt her should explain in some way.
“it’s ok I know I’m high maintenance at times.” She said pretending to take offence.
“seriously far from it well let’s be honest there's never a dull moment with you but there was just too much going on in the situation at the time. Your with the person your meant to be with. I just needed to take that step back if I hadn’t have done it then at some point it would have happened any way I can’t compete with Benji but know that there will always place in my heart for you even if as just friends.” He said she understood entirely, she felt the same way there always could have been something there but for as long as Benji is around her heart will always belong to him and would always go back to him. She nodded and smiled to him catching his eye for a second again between paying attention to the road. He knew she understood how he felt and how she felt from her look.
“In another time and place maybe who knows.” She said giving his knee a quick squeeze. If things had have played out different if she hadn’t have met Benji for what ever reason and they had have met at some point in their lives things had a high possibility of working but in this life at this time they didn’t and they each accepted that.
“so bora bora?” he grinned lightening the mood breaking the silence.
“yeh it’s sucks beautiful place and a bit wedding is not my thing. All the organising that went into Billy and linzi's was enough for me. If I wasn’t sure before that that it wasn’t what I wanted it made up my mind for me.” She smiled.
“yeh I think it's pretty awesome just nice and simple.” He smiled.
“well to me a wedding is about the two people getting married not about a big fancy party surrounding it.” She said.
“we all knew you was romantic at heart.” He laughed.
“hmm maybe more of a realist.” She laughed.
“but seriously is there not going to be a party at all?” he asked concerned.
“yeh we can all chill a s have drink a on the beach by the huts afterwards just not big planned thing.” She explained.
“an good as you do need to celebrate.” He said and they went into a silence again.
“so how’s Carley?” she asked genuinely interested.
“she’s good I think anyway I haven’t seen her since we was at the lodge but we’ve spoke on the phone.” He said. She nodded not really knowing if it was a bad sign the way he said it. “that’s always the hardest part missing family and partners on tour but I’m sure you already get that.”
“hmm I dunno I’ve never been the best at keeping relationships before Benji.” She said with a laugh. “always the independent woman. Not to mention hard to handle.” She joked.
“hey I thought we’d dealt with that.” He laughed.
“we have I just thought of was a relevant point.” He teased to be flipped off by him. “joking, joking.” She laughed. “that's it it's done now.” She said seriously.
They chatted about random stuff the rest of the way.
“ah finally here!” Robyn said parking the bus and jumping off in desperate need to stretch. “ah that’s better." She smiled as then other guys made their way off the bus. “now bed time.” She yawned.
“bed time it’s only five pm.” Johnny laughed.
“it’s tiring driving for hours on end.” She said in a whiney voice.
“well I’ve got to hand it to you Robs your a pretty good driver.” Jimmy said playfully.
“oh gee thanks I feel my life is complete now.” Robyn joked.
“yeh you should.” Jimmy grinned.
“right guys as much as I love you all I'm making a move.” Zacky announced. “do you want a lift Johnny?” he asked.
“yea sure. See ya later guys.” Johnny said following zacky.
Carley came to pick up Brian and Matt drove Jimmy. Robyn made her way I’ve to the GC bus. Billy and linzi had already left. Paul was getting a lift with Dean.
“hey was your dive Ok?” Benji smiled at her as she got to them.
“yeh not so bad.” She smiled then yawned. “tired now though.”
“do you mind if we give Joel a lift home first then your free to sleep all you like.” Benji smiled.
“as long as your driving I don’t mind.” Robyn said throwing him the keys and getting in the back seat.
“Robs you can have the front seat.” Joel offered.
”I’m good back here.” She said getting comfy and closing her eyes Benji and Joel laughed then form in the car and left.

“finally home, alone. Piece and quiet.” Robyn sighed contently snuggling up on the sofa in her lounge wear once they'd got back to her place.
“I thought you loved the craziness of touring.” Benji laughed sitting next to her.
“I do but I also love this too.” She smiled snuggled up with a pillow resting her head on his shoulder.
“me too.” He smiled kissing the top of her head. They had a movie night and ordered pizza enjoying their own company.
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