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Sixty five

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Weeding plans a head

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The next morning every one was up and out when Robyn woke up. She felt much better today she had a shower and a pamper did her hair and make up and felt a lot more human again. She knew the guys had a busy day of interviews before thier show and presumed the girls was either with them or out somewhere. Robyn looked up bora bora and marriage official gathering all the information they needed now they had a set date in mind. Once she'd gathered all the information they needed it was just a case of discussing with Benji and booking. She decided to go for a walk around and get some fresh air. As she walked around the shows had started so she decided to go watch. She watched avenged Sevenfold play, then there was good charlotte and fall out boy left. Watching avenged Sevenfold play she remembered she owes Brian a prank back after him throwing a bucket of water over her at the lodge.
Backstage she knew he always had a shower first so she snuck in took his clothes and towel and replaced it with a tiny towel then left. She managed to convince one of the backstage people that Brian wanted his clothes going back to the bus then she went into main changing room.
“can I come in.” She called before entering.
“yeh come in.” Matt called. He zacky and Jimmy where chilling out as Johnny was also in the showers with Brian.
“you look much better.” Matt said to her as she walked in.
“I feel it. Glad to be out I was starting to get cabin fever.” She laughed.
“ok where the hell are my clothes.” Brian said walking in. With a towel that only just covered him making them all laugh. Jimmy wolf whistled zacky towel laughing and Matt wacked his ads with a rolled up towel.
“seriously guys.” Brian said not finding the funny side.
“you took them with you, has Johnny not got them.” Zacky said.
“why would I have them I was in the shower too.” Johnny said coming up behind Brian still laughing himself.
“Maybe a stalker groupie took them so they can catch a glimpse of your bootie.” Jimmy laughed.
“what about you you’ve been quiet in all this.” Brain said turning to Robyn the cogs in his brain starting to turn.
“don’t look at me I’ve only just got here.” She said acting innocent.
“to be fair she has only just got here.” Matt said.
“so you could have taken them before.” He said.
“and done what with them.” She laughed holding her hands up.
“well I can’t walk to the bus like this.” He said.
“looks like your going to have too.” Zacky smirked.
“no one of you can just go and get me some clothes.” He said.
“well we could but we’re not cause this is going to be too funny.” Johnny laughed.
“well on that note I’m going to check up on good Charlotte.” Robyn grinned and left quickly. It wasn’t long before good Charlotte was done and walking back to the buses. As they turned a corner they caught a glimpse of the avenged guys getting onto their bus and sure enough bring still in his towel Robyn couldn't help but let a laugh escape.
“what the hells Brian doing?” Joel laughed.
“this has you written all over it.” Paul grinned at Robyn.
“don’t know what your talking about.” She said trying to act innocent but still laughing.
“yes you do this is you getting your own back for the dish water at the lodge.” Paul hit the nail on the head.
“well you didn't think I’d just leave it there.” She laughed.
They got their bus and went about their business an hour or so later there was a knock on the bus door.
“Hey guys there's pizza going spare out here of you want some.” Johnny called.
“don’t need to tell me twice.” Paul said getting up heading straight out. Followed by everyone else.
“hey Robs are you coming.” Benji asked as she was checking her emails.
“yeh one sec. I’ll catch up with you.” She called finishing up and logging out.
She went out there was every one from tour gathered around a mountain of pizza boxes and beer bottles. She walked over to help herself to some pizza and a beer when a voice came up behind her.
“so I spoke to one of the stage hands they said you asked them to take some clothes back to the bus earlier, funny that isn’t it.” Brain said.
“yet I suppose it is.” She played her game even though she knew he knew.
“care to explain?” he raised his eyebrows at her.
“coincidence.” She shrugged with a little smirk then walked off and sat with Benji.
“I take it your feeling better.” Benji smiled at her.
“yes thank God. Cheers to that.” She laughed raising her beer.
“you look beautiful.” He smiled leaning in kissing her.
“hmm what's that for.” She smiled at him.
“just because I can.” He smiled. “what did you get up to today?”
“not a lot had a pamper day, looked up bora bora then watched you guys play.”
“busy day.” He smiled. “I didn't see you at the show.” He frowned.
“I was in the crowd.” She said.
“you should have came to the side off the stage.” He said. That’s where most of the girlfriends and family watch.
“I prefer it in the crowd.. get the full effect.” She smiled he nodded.
“and bora bora..?” he asked.
“I have plans I just need you to have a look see if your happy with them. I found a lovely private part of the beach with the huts in the water and a marriage official to marry us. If you like it I just need to book the flights and huts and confirm the date with the wedding official.” She explained.
“ sounds good I'm sure if you like it it’ll be perfect any way.” He smiled.
“well I still want you to look first.” She said.
“look at what” Dean overheard sitting next go them.
“oh nothing just the erm horse box well be traveling in when we tour with the horses.” Benii improvised quickly Robyn looked doubtful but thankfully Dean bought it. The guys from tour had a nice chilled night, they had the day off tomorrow but was traveling to the next destination.

The next day the buses where on the move everyone was in the front of the bus whilst Benji and Robyn had managed to sneak off to the back of the bus. Robyn was showing Benji bora bora and the wedding plans.
“it’s looks amazing.” Benji said.
“so you like it?” Robyn asked.
“I love it.” He smiled.
“so am I booking it?” she said.
“yeh defiantly.” He said.
“shit are we actually doing this.” She laughed.
“as long as you want to.” He smiled kissing her.
“yeh let’s do this.” She laughed kissing him back. Just then Paul walked in.
“oh guys come on no dirty dirty when we're all locked in here.” Paul moaned.
“we’re not up to anything.” Robyn laughed walking past him.
“yeh what ever I know you better.” Paul said.

“does anyone else think that Benji and Robyn have been quite secretive lately.” Linzi said quietly to billy Dean Joel and Kelly who was all sat in the front of the bus.
“you know what they was a bit odd last night too.” Dean said.
“Joel?” Billy said as they all looked at Joel questioningly knowing that if anyone knew what was going on it would be Joel.
“sorry guys I know nothing.” He covered up quite well.
“are you sure? You must have noticed then acting a bit odd." Linzi quizzed him
“not really no more than usual it’s Benji and Robyn they’re always a bit odd aren’t they." Joel laughed trying to make a joke to deflect the inquisition.
“hmm” linzi eyed him not fully believing him but he gave her no other reason not too.
“just caught Benji and Robyn going at it in the back like really when we’re all locked in here.” Paul came through half laughing half pretending to be grumpy.
“oh give it a rest Paul you caught nothing.” Robyn called after him laughing.
When they arrived at the next venue they chilled out as they guys had a busy day the next day.

The next day every one was up pretty early the guys had gone off to interviews promos sound checks and shows.
“Hey robs were going out shopping and for some lunch you wanna come with?” linzi asked.
“I’ll pass guys I’ve got a lot of work to do in prep for our tour but thanks.” Robyn lied.
“are you sure? You do a lot of work surely you can take a break for a day?” linzi eyed her suspiciously.
“I'd love to sweetie but I have to have these routes planned out and organised by the end of the week and they’re just not happening at the minute so an empty bus would be amazing right now.” Robyn said.
“ok fine but if you want to join us for lunch call us. You know you gotta eat right.” Linzi eyed her.
“yes boss.” Robyn saluted her laughing.
Linzi Kelly and Erin laughed and left her to it. Once Robyn knew they'd defiantly gone she got on with booking flights to bore bora, accommodation and the wedding. Then decided she best call her mom and Karl to explain what was happening. Her mom was ecstatic and supportive, Karl surprisingly took it very well maybe he was finally growing up she thought to herself.
So that was it she thought to herself her dream wedding to the perfect person for her, booked small and personal. Beautiful and simplistic. Just herself and Benji with their closest family their moms Joel josh Sarah and Karl. Away on a beach no big venues, decorations, dinners, parties or fuss. Perfect... or was it she still had that niggling feeling of guilt about their friends.
Later on the guys and the girls arrived back around the same time. They was all just going about their business.
“fancy a walk?” Robyn said to Benji with a bit of a hint. “I could do with stretching my legs.” Benji nodded and followed her.
“now see they're up to something.” Linzi said as they left.
“linz they're going for a walk. They probably just want to be alone for a bit.” Billy laughed.
“no no there's something going on.” Linzi insisted.
“you love making a drama linz.” Paul laughed.
“fine don’t believe me.” Linzi huffed dropping the subject for now.

“so that’s everything all booked.” Robyn said to Benji when they was away from the buses.
“really wow.” He said.
“is that Ok?” she asked slightly worried at his reaction.
“yes I just can’t believe you managed it all.”
“there wasn’t much really I booked for us obviously and our moms Joel josh Sarah and Karl.”
“have you spoke to your mom and Karl.
“yeh I called them earlier.”
“how’d it go should I be expecting Karl rocking up to punch me again.” He laughed.
“actually no he took it really well surprisingly I think he might actually be growing up and my mom really happy.”
“that's good.”
They walked in silence for a while.
“Benj do you think we’re doing the right thing.” Robyn asked unsure.
“Robs you can’t say that now.” He laughed.
“no I mean not inviting our friends.” She said uneasey.
“I thought that's how you wanted it small and quite just the people that matter.” He said slightly confused.
“well that’s it though isn’t it our friends matter I don’t want this big wedding and all the fuss that comes with it but our friends are like family to us I feel a bit bad leaving them out.” She tried to explain.
“I’m happy as long as your happy if you want to invite out friends in happy too.” He said reassuringly.
“I just I don’t know” she said indecisive.
“don’t stress about it think about it for a while and what you want and I’ll go with what you want. I understand both ways small and private or friends too.” He said she nodded. They walked in a comfortable silence the rest of the way back to the bus.
The next few days Robyn put a lot of thought into the wedding and what to do. She wanted it as simple as possible but she didn’t feel right doing it without all their loved ones which included their friends with them. Linzi was still convinced there was something going on and Dean and Kelly agreed with her. Billy and Paul brushed it off and Benji and Joel tired to cover it up as much as possible.
There was a party tonight before they moved onto the next venue. Just because well they didn't need an excuse to throw a party. The guys had got ready in the changing room after the show for the party and headed straight there and the girls got ready on the bus then made their way to the party.
“aw man a shampoo bottle or somethings leaked in my bag I've hardly got any clothes.” Robyn grumbled.
“what how's that happened?” Erin asked knowing that Robyn was an expert packer to avoid things like that happening.
“I dunno argh how annoying.” Robyn said frustrated.
She threw on her jeans and tank top.
“right this will have to do its all I have.” Robyn huffed.
“Urgh don’t moan you make anything look hot.” Linzi huffed joking.
“how the hell does that happen to you your like fanatic about packing and stuff.” Linzi said.
“I know. I dunno.” Robyn said confused trying to figure out how it happened it not like her at all although she had had a lot on her mind and been distracted. “wait!...”
“Brian.” They both said together.
“the little shit.” Robyn said half pissed off half finding the funny side. “right I’ll meet you guys at the party I need to take these clothes to the laundrette.”
“Ok but don’t be too long.” Linzi said.
An hour or so later Robyn joined the party when she got there she couldn’t see any one of the guys to start with so she went to the bar for a drink.
“going for the casual look tonight?” Brian's voice said coming up behind her.
“hmm well I seem to have had a rouge shampoo bottle in my bag but you wouldn’t know anything about that now would you.” She squinted at him playing along.
“oh no how terrible.” He smirked. Acting all dramatic.
“fuck you.” She laugh slapping him playfully on the shoulder.
“you ready to call it quits yet?” he asked.
“what when you have the upper hand don’t think so.” She laughed and headed over to Benji.
“Hey did you get your clothes sorted linz explained.” Benj I smiled.
“yeh I did.” Robyn sighed lightly.
“it’s not going to end there is it?” Benji laughed.
“nope.” Robyn grinned.
“so I’ve given the wedding a lot of thought...” Robyn started. “and I think we should offer an open invite to our friends. They should be there if they want to be there.” She smiled.
“if that’s What your happy with then I’m happy too.” Benii smiled holding her hand on her leg.
“well yeh but I’m not making and plans or party or meal arrangements its basically going to be we’re getting married come along of you want.” Robyn said.
“sounds good to me. How, when do you want to tell them.” He said.
“I guess now's as good a time as ever, everyone’s al together at least.” Robyn said and stood up.
“oh you mean like right now.” He laughed realised she ment then and there. He cleared his throat and stood next to her. “hey erm guys.” Benji started tapping on a glass but not really getting anyone’s attention with all the drunken antics going on. Robyn stood on the table.
“RIGHT EVERY ONE LISTEN UP!” she said loudly and everyone fell silent looking at her. Benji looked at her in awe.
“yeh like she said.” He cleared his throat.
“so as most of you already know we have plans to get married.” Robyn said causing a few cheers. “thank you. So on March 11th on a private beach in bora bora we will be getting married. We was going to keep it small and immediate family only however we consider each and every one of you as close as family so we would liken to offer an open invite to all of you if you want to come and share the day with us. Let me be clear there will be no big wedding planned party or meal. It will be simply out on a beach simple ceremony and celebration afterwards. Don’t be expecting a paper invite or any of that bolloks if you want to come let me know and ill give you the details.” She announced. “ you have anything to add Benj.” She said to him climbing down from the table.
“nope think you’ve covered it.” He said giving her a hand down.
“to Benji and Robyn!” Paul said raising his glass as everyone followed in a toast to them.
“see! See I told you all they was up to something.” Linzi said.
“can’t get nothing past you ay linz.” Robyn laughed.
“aw but congratulations I’m so happy for you guys. We’re defiantly coming.” Linzi beamed giving her a hug.
They all partied, celebrated and drank a lot that night till the early hours of the morning.
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