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Sixty four

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Back on tour

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“Steve am I happy to see you back.” Robyn exclaimed throwing her arms round him giving him a hug. Whilst everyone did a little jump all still feeling rough.
“where does she get the energy from.” Paul laughed.
Each band got onto their bus and went pretty much straight to the bunks as they set off for the first destination.
The next day the band’s was up early to do interviews and promos then on to sound check and the show of the evening.
Most of the girls had gone watching the show but Robyn felt like she was coming down with a flu so herself and linzi stayed on the bus having a movie night.
“here.” Linzi handed Robyn a cup of hot honey and lemon.
“aw thanks.” Robyn smiled through a bunged up nose and runny eyes with a cough.
“your welcome just keep your germs to yourself.” Linzi smiled pulling her face a little.
“I’ll try it just came out of no where. I hope the guys don’t catch it.” Robyn said.
“did you have a good Christmas and New year with obviously the odd moment or two?” linzi asked.
“yeh I did the lodge was lovely wasn’t it. It was so nice to get everyone together. Did you?” Robyn said
“one is like you said it’s lovely that were all like one big maybe slightly dysfunctional family.” Linzi smiled. “what?” she added noticing a deep in thought look on Robyn's face.
“oh nothing. Just a head ache” Robyn made an excuse. When linzi called them like as big family it made Robyn think back to when Sally said all their friends would love to be part of the wedding too. Robyn wasn’t sure how she felt about it. She'd always had in mind no fuss just herself and Benji escaping everything together and just the two of them being the most important people in that moment getting married. Then she had the guilty thoughts about their actual families of their moms brothers and sister in Benji’s case but not she’s feeling a little twinge of guilt about their friends like linzi said they are like close family too. But then where does it stop if they keep adding on soon they’ll end up with a big wedding that she defiantly didn’t want.
“are you sure?” linzi asked.
“yeh.” Robyn smiled it was kind of true the more she thought into this wedding the more it became a head ache she told herself no drop it keep it simple immediate family only, their friends would understand... wouldn’t they?
Robyn pushed wedding thoughts out of her mind and watched the movie linzi had put on feeling very poorly she fell asleep before the end of the movie and the next thing she knew she was one up by the guys back from the show.
“what time is it?” Robyn said confused followed by coughing fit.
“late.” Benji smiled.
“you fell asleep during the movie I didn’t want to wake you.” Linzi said.
“I think you should go to bed.” Benji said.
“I think you guys need to stay clear of me you don’t want to be catching this.” Robyn said.
“come on then, bed.” Benji said lifting her up taking her off to the bunks.
“I have flu I’m not crippled.” Robyn laughed causing her to cough a little and gave in to being carried to bed.
“you rest up.” Benji said.

“morning how you feeling?” Benji smiled at Robyn from the dining table looking at her over the paper he was reading drinking a cup of coffee.
“not so great. So cold.” Robyn croaked sounding very bunged up.
“I wouldn’t tell.” Benji laughed she had her hoodie and dressing gown plus his hoodie over the top hoods up and leggings and joggers on. She pouted herself a coffee and slumped opposite him.
“where is everyone?” she asked
“Paul and Dean nipped out shipping and Joel and Billy took linzi and Kelly for brunch.” He explained.
“brunch? Very posh.” Robyn pulled a face. Benji raised his eyebrows in agreement.
“living the life.” He laughed Robyn laughed a little but ended up coughing.
“now I know I’m sick if your being wittier than me.” She smirked. “so have you had chance to talk to Joel yet?”
“not yet I’m going to this afternoon hopefully.” Benji said Robyn nodded.
“what do you guys have on today?” she asked.
“we’re sound check after lunch then on not long after.” Benji said. “dare I ask what’s on your agenda?”
“sleep and lots of it.” Robyn said. They chatted until Benji had to leave for sound check then Robyn went back to bed. She wasn’t sure how long she'd been a sleep for then was woken up by noise outside the bus and a sort of tapping on the windows. She got up to find an empty bus the GC guys must still be playing. She could hear voices outside so opened the door and managed to step aside just in time before a pebble hit her.
“what the he’ll are you guys doing?” she croaked in disbelief at the sight of drunken Jimmy and Brian at the foot of the bus steps.
“well we had pre show drinks..” Jimmy started.
“..then show drinks..” Brian continued.
“ post show drinks...” Jimmy said.
“and..” Brian said.
“.. we missed you.” They said together.
“you’ve been in here since we set off on tour you need to come out and play.” Jimmy pouted.
“yeh they said you was sick but... well looking at you we believe them now, what the hell are you wearing.” Brian laughed.
“but if you come drink you might feel better.” Jimmy expressed waving his arms.
“guys the visit and invite is much appreciated but I really feel good I need my bed not alcohol.” Robyn said. They gasped in shock as if that was the most ridiculous thing they’ve ever heard. “I know I know must be pretty bad eh.”
“fine we'll leave you for now.” Brian said.
“but get better soon its not as fun without your ass.” Jimmy said.
“night guys.” She laughed shaking her head closing the door and returning to bed.

She didn’t wake till the next morning. She was up early before everyone else but she had clocked up alot of sleep over the last few days. She didn’t feel 100% but she felt much better. She made a coffee and sat checking her emails and catching up on some work.
“morning you look brighter.” Billy said walking in.
“I feel it. Not fully but defiantly better than I’ve been." She said.
“yeh you looked pretty rough.” He laughed.
“what are you guys on with today?” she asked.
“we’re off today so we was all going to go out somewhere hang out and get lunch.” Billy said. “you should come if you feel up to it.”
“I think I’ll give it a miss today I don’t want to push it just yet.” Robyn said he nodded. Everyone else started to get up and joined them getting breakfast.
“you look better today.” Benji smiled sitting opposite her.
“yeh I feel better than I’ve been.” She smiled.
“we’re off today are you coming out for lunch?” Benji asked.
“Billy was just saying but I think I’ll give it a miss I still don't feel that great so don't want to push myself. I’ll stay here and catch up on some work.” Robyn said.
“I'll stay with you.” Benji smiled.
“you really don’t have to you go out if you want to I’m fine here.” Robyn said.
“no I want to.” He smiled.
A little later they all went out leaving Benji and Robyn alone. Robyn was finishing off some work and she could tell that Benji was getting bored as he was fidgeting around like a two-year old.
“you know you really could have gone with them.” Robyn said looking over her screen at him briefly.
“if rather spend time here with you.” He smiled continuing to fidget.
“really cause your sort of driving me mad." She laughed.
“what why?” he asked completely unaware of his fidgeting.
“you your all restless and fidgety.” She laughed.
“well your taking ages.” He said now sounding like a two-year old too.
“ok almost done.” Robyn said now starting to sound like a mom.
“did you talk to Joel?” she asked as she continued to type.
“yes.” He smiled and she paused and looked up over her screen at him.
“and..” She said expectantly.
“he said he couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate our birthdays.” Benji grinned.
“really that's great.” Robyn smiled.
“I told him not to tell anyone at the minute though as I didn’t know quite what you’d planned.” He said Robyn nodded still not too sure herself.
“you could May be go call your mom Josh and Sarah whilst I finish my work.” Robyn suggested.
“I feel like your just trying to get rid of me.” He said with a smile.
“sorta two birds one stone. They needs telling and it gives you something to do whilst I finish my work.” Robyn smiled
“fine I know when I’m not wanted.” He huffed pretending to be offended.
“love you too." She called after him with a laugh as he went or the back to call them.
Nearly an hour later Benji appeared from the back Robyn had finished her work and had ordered some food as she felt hungry for the first time since getting flu.
“Hey all done?” she smiled at him.
“yeh bloody hell my mum wanted to know everything I was like mom there’s not alot to know we’re going away to get married on a peaceful private beach close family only. She's so excited took me ages convincing her to keep it to herself she doesn't understand why we’re not having a big wedding with everyone there but I told her it’s not what we want.” He laughed.
“aw bless her she's just happy for you. How about Josh and Sarah?” Robyn asked.
“moms going to tell Sarah as I couldn’t get through to her and Josh is happy too.” Benji said.
“right well I’ve ordered food and finished so now I’m all yours” Robyn smiled.
“oh really.” He smirked suggestively.
“hmm as speaking as that is I’m probably still a bit contagious so thought maybe a movie and Chinese on the sofa?” she suggested.
“I guess so.” He pouted joking.
The food arrived and they spent the afternoon snuggled on the sofa eating and watching a movie. When they rest of them arrived back they had the odd rare quiet night in.
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