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Sixty three

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It's all fun and games

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The next morning Robyn was up early she felt refreshed from her early night and hoped that after getting everything out last night today could be a new day back to normal. It was sunny outside even though it was cold and snowy. She took her cup of coffee and magazine out to the decking and sat under the heat lamp enjoying the piece and the view.
“morning.” Dan's said joining her.
“hey.” She smiled.
“lovely day isn’t it the views amazing.” He said clearly making small talk.
“it is.” Robyn smiled. They sat in silence for a minute.
“so I er I know you said you don’t want it dragging up but I really bed to say sorry I feel like I made everything so much worse I shouldn’t have asked you to come on tour with us and train Emily it was really insensitive of me.” Dan said.
“it’s ok it’s not your fault understand why you asked me and I totally agree with you I will come on tour and help train Emily. Yesterday wasn’t your fault if it wasn't that It would have been something else further down the line that set me off so least it’s out in the open now and I’m dealing with it.” Robyn said.
“are you sure?” he said.
“Yes I’m sure. it might help to be back around the horses again and feel a bit more useful.” She smiled.
“that’s great but of at any point it gets too much its ok if you need a break or to leave.” Dan said. She nodded.
“I’m starving should we go make some breakfast for everyone.” Robyn said.
“yeh as long as your not going to poison everyone.” Dan laughed joking.
“hey! I’m not that bad.” Robyn said pretending to be outraged. They went to the kitchen making a big breakfast for everyone Sally was up not long after and helped by doing drinks like coffee and orange juice.
“morning.” Benji mumbled as he walked in next surprisingly early for him.
“your up early. Coffee?” Robyn said.
“couldn’t sleep. Coffee yes please.” He said slumping at the breakfast table. “what’s all this?” he said looking at the breakfast Robyn and Dan had made.
“it’s breakfast.” Robyn laughed. Benji gave her a ‘no shit’ look.
“ah breakfast yes I’m starving.” Tony beamed tucking in.
“your welcome.” Robyn laughed.
“ooo what’s all this.” Paul said walking in with Erin closely followed by billy and linzi.
“we cooked breakfast.” Robyn said pointing between herself and Dan.
“you cooked are we going to get poisoned.” Paul said.
“cheeky git I've cooked for you guys plenty of times.” Robyn said.
“hmm.” Paul joked as of unsure.
“fuck you.” Robyn laughed taking the piece of toast off him that he’d just picked up. “if that’s the case then you won’t be wanting this.”
“hey hey let’s not be hasty.” Paul said reaching over taking the toast back.
“hmm something smells good.” Matt said coming in followed by Jimmy.
“and looks good.” Jimmy added.
“see now that’s better.” Robyn said greatfully.
“ooo who cooked?” Joel said walking in.
“me and Robyn.” Dan smiled.
“Robyn cooked, is it safe?” Joel said with a smirk.
“course it is... prick.” Robyn joked knowing he was joking.
“hmm looks good.” Dean said walking in.
“but Robyn cooked it.” Paul said quickly.
“oh well maybe I’ll pass.” Dean said keeping a straight face. Robyn glarred at him causing him to break into a laugh.
“morning.” Brian and zacky said joining them.
“breakfast tis done but you might not want to risk eating it.” Robyn said sarcastically as Brian and zacky walked in.
“Robyn cooked? Is it burnt?” Karl said walking in.
“you know what don’t eat it just don't eat it. I won't cook for you ungrateful bastards again.” Robyn snapped mostly joking.
“aw we’re only messing with you Robs we love your cooking really.” Joel laughed hugging her from behind.
“yeh well you can all fuck off and starve in further.” Robyn joked.
The others joined them and they all ate breakfast.
“well thank you Dan that was a lovely breakfast I’m sure one day you’ll have Robyn trained up.” Paul joked.
Robyn didn’t even look up she scooped up some beans on a spoon and flicked them at Paul before anyone knew it and splatter him right I’m the face. Everyone laughed and looked shocked.
“oops I slipped.” Robyn said playing innocent. Paul took a moment to respond then scooped up some egg to flick at Robyn but she ducked and it hit brain behind her.
“hey!” he shouts Robyn laughed and ran off. Brian threw soggy toast back at Paul which hit Johnny as Paul ran after Robyn. Johnny being Johnny threw a whole plate full off food in Brian’s general direction setting off a food fight in the kitchen as Paul was still chasing Robyn
“you lot are actually bonkers.” Josh said laughing stepping to the side to avoid food coming in his direction.
“that’s life with the Copeland’s.” Billy laughed also staying to the side to avoid and rouge food. With josh Sarah and some of the girls.
Once they'd sufficiently made a mess of the kitchen and each other they all calmed down exhausted gathered in the kitchen observing their mess.
“see what you started.” Brian said calmly sitting next to Robyn with a smirk knowing it would winde her up. “I was provoked.” Robyn said and picked up a soggy dish cloth and chucked it at him hitting him plain on the face. “helping you clean up.” She smirked as Brian looked at her half finding it funny because he knew he deserved it and half grumpy.
“right guys not to be the only adult in the room but let’s get this shit together.” Billy announced.
“Right well I need to get a shower first as I need to take josh and Sarah to the airport but more than happy to help out when I’m back.” Benji announced everyone sort of nodded Benji went for a shower, Josh and Sarah went to get their things together and everyone started cleaning taking it in turns to get a shower too in the other bathroom. Everyone was busy working away no one noticed Brian walk up behind Robyn and tip a full bowl of dish water over her as she was bent over cleaning a cupboard door. She smirked turning round to see Brian grinning at her as she was dripping.
“holy shit.” She laughed dripping.
“mate you just sealed your own fait there you know she won’t let this go.” Karl laughed in hysterics.
“right I’m next for a shower.” Robyn announced heading to the bathroom as Benji just came out.
“babe did you get a shower with your clothes on.” Benji laughed looking at her like she was crazy.
“don’t ask just don’t ask.” Robyn said.
“ok well I’m off with Josh and Sarah now so see you soon.” Benji grinned at the state of her and everyone looking amused he knew some sort of joke was going on. He kissed her on the cheek careful not to touch her in a mess of food and soapy water then left with Josh and Sarah.
They finished off cleaning the lodge and them selves up and then hung around the lodge.
“oh my god I’m so board.” Tony moaned.
“go run laps of the decking and I’ll time you.” Robyn laughed from her spot lounging on the sofa earning a laugh from Paul and Dean too.
“no we need to go out and do something, let go out tonight.” Tony said.
“Yes night out we’re in.” Jimmy said from himself and Brian never ones to turn down a drinking session.
“I’m in.” Karl said.
“suppose it'd be nice to have a night out before we all leave tomorrow.” Robyn said
“whoo Robyn's in.” Tony cheered.
“are you guys in?” Karl asked Dan and Sally.
“ah yeh its been ages since we’ve had a good piss up together.” Robyn grinned at them.
“yeh I suppose we can see if you can still keep up with me.” Dan said.
“keep up with you mate I drink you under the table.” Robyn laughed.
“I openly admit I will not keep up with you but yes I’m in.” Sally said.
“so you guys coming?” Tony opened up the question to Paul billy Dean and the others.
“yeh why not.” Dean said.
“oh I dunno.” Paul said undecided
“come on don’t be a spoil sport.” Matt said.
“yeh come on linz you’ll like a good night out won't you.” Robyn said.
“Yeh I guess you could twist my arm, but no shots.” Linzo laughed.
“we’ll see about that.” Robyn laughed.
“no we won't its none negotiable unless your going to hold her hair when she's spewing everywhere.” Billy warned Robyn. Who just laughed evilly at him.
“Benj we're all going for a night out tonight mate.” Tony told him as he walked through the door rather than asked.
“are we?” he raised his eyes brows at Tony who grinned then Robyn who smiled and nodded at him. “Ok then.” He laughed.
Later that evening they was all getting ready to go out most of the boys was ready they was just waiting for some of the girls. Erin, Kelly and Carley was ready they was just waiting for linzi and Robyn.
“linz, Robs Jesus Christ come on what takes you so long!” Paul shouted.
“I’m ready what’s your problem.” Linzi said.
“Robs are you ready?” Benji called.
“come on woman we’re missing valuable drinking time.” Jimmy called.
Robyn came running or well hopping out trying to get her shoe on and holding her halter neck dress up with the other hand.
“alright alright for fucks sake I couldn’t find my shoe.” She said as every one looked at her. She has a very short tight black halter dress which was low cut at the front to the belly button black heels and hair in curls with her trade mark dark smokey eye make up.
“serious guys stop checking out my sister.” Karl said grossed out as nearly all the guys was checking Robyn out especially as she was bent over doing a shoe with one hand and still holding her unfastened dress up with the other hand.
“Robs did you not want to finish getting dressed first before you came out.” Dan laughed knowing her behaviour all too well.
“oh come on its not anything any of you haven't seen before or got your selves. I can’t reach to fasten my dress can someone help please.” She said finishing fastening her shoe standing up turning to Benji to do up her dress then straightening herself out looking round at them who was all stirring at her either in amusement, amusement or oggling at her.
“Right come on then what we waiting for.” Robyn said.
“you my lady will never change. And that’s a good thing.” Sally laughed linking arms with Robyn walking out and everyone started to follow.
She they got to the club try was all having a good time drinking, laughing, joking and dancing. Billy, Paul, zacky and Erin was sat in a booth drinking and talking. Kelly linzi, carley, Joel, Tony and Johnny where on the dance floor partly dancing. Benji, Matt and Dean where sat around a tall bar table on stools. Dan, Sally, Karl and Robyn was drinking and chatting like old times joined by Jimmy and Brian.
“another round of shots.” Jimmy announced.
“oh no I’m out.” Sally said.
“as Sally come on.” Robyn laughed.
“no defiantly not.” Sally laughed holding her hands up.
“fine spin the bottle to see whistles the extra shot.” Karl said. They did and it landed on Robyn.
“oh for fucks sake.” Robyn laughed.
“take the shot, take the shot, take the shot.” Brian chanted.
“ok ok I’m shotting then peeing.” Robyn said. She stood up took both shots without flinching.
“YEA! Go girl.” Jimmy laughed. Then Robyn went to the bathroom.
On her way back from the bathroom she stopped off at the table Benji Dean and Matt was sat at.
“hey, how you guys doing.” She smiled standing between Benji and Matt on the stools which still put them at the same height. She put and arm loosely around Benji
“good you guys look like your having fun.” Benji laughed.
“yeh bloody bonkers aren’t they.” Robyn laughed. They looked over at the table where Karl and Dan was arm wrestling with Jimmy and Brian was cheering.
“Look at Karl I dunno why he’s trying to arm wrestle he’s got the upper body strength of a newt.” Robyn laughed.
“he’s giving it a good go.” Dean laughed. The four of them watched for a minute in amusement and the drunken antics going on.
“are you going to dance with me?” Robyn asked Benji.
“erm no.” Benji said.
“aw Benj come on.” She huffed.
“nah not my thing and not drunk enough.” He said and she did her best at batting her eyelashes at him.
“no and looking at me like that will not work.” He laughed. She pouted at him. “still no.” He laughed.
“spoil sport.” She huffed playfully. And turned round to watch the others on the dance floor. Matt held his hand out to her offering to dance but looking at Benji out of respect for permission too. Benji smiled and nodded glad out getting out of having to dance.
“you don’t have to ask his permission, I’m my own woman.” She said dramatically joking around.
“my lady.” Matt played along in olden age gentleman way. She smiled nodded and took his hand as they went off to dance.
After a few dances they made their way back to the table.
“happy now?” Benji grinned at her.
“for now.” She winked suggestively and laughed.
Then Karl came up behind her lifting her from around the waist
“Karl put me down!” she shrieked whilst trying to keep her boobs in her dress and her ass covered.
“no I need your help.” He said meaning in the arm wrestling tournament they still had going on.
“well I won’t be on your team you suck.” She laughed.
“Yes you are.” He said. Benji Dean and Matt laughed watching the scene unfold. When they seen it was Robyn against Jimmy they decided to go and join their table for a closer look at the action.
“ok right you need to do you left arm as I can’t use my right.” Robyn said mindful of her shoulder.
“well ok.” Jimmy smirked thinking he had it in the bag especially as to most right handed people their left arm was weaker.
“Right guys on a count of three.” Dan said being the referee. “one.. two.. three!”
“oh my god she is freakish strong.” Jimmy expressed clearly struggling against Robyn. Robyn looked like it was a walk in the park. Eventually Robyn won.
“holy shit I'll take on your brother in future.” Jimmy laughed.
“horse girl muscles.” Robyn laughed flexing her muscles.
They joked around for most of the night drinking and laughing.
Robyn was on her way to the bar and Benji had been to the bathroom he caught her and puled her to one side.
“hey hey talk to me for a second.” He said as they sat in a booth together.
“what’s up.” She smiled.
“I’ve just not had chance to talk to you what’s the plan for tomorrow when we go back on tour?” he asked.
“I can still come with you. Your tour finishes in February, and ours starts in May so if just go to the yard for April maybe the end of March.” Robyn smiled. Benji nodded.
“what’s up?” she asked as he didn’t look too happy.
“how longs your tour for?” he asked.
“about five months.” She said. As they had the horses their tours took longer they didn’t do five months of shows but they would spend 5 to 7 days sometimes 10 in each place to give the horses days off and time to settle in after traveling from place to place so they wasn’t always on the road.
“So I won’t see you for nearly 7 months.” He said looking sad. It was the longest they'd been apart since they got together.
“not necessarily you can come visit, you could even come with us. Mind it wouldn’t be as cushty as staying on your bus.” She laughed.
“really?” he smiled.
“yeh I didn’t mention you coming with us before as I wasn’t sure what your plans and commitments where with the band.”
“we have a few months off before we go back in the studio so I could come with you if that was ok.” He smiled.
“of course." She grinned. “one other thing..”
“hmm” he hummed looking over to her.
“well we need to think of when we’re going to do bora bora.” She smirked. He raised his eyebrows a smiled growing on his face.
“well we have some time at the start of March when you guys finish touring or we could wait till October both of your busy in the studio...”
“March sounds good to me.” He said quickly.
“march it is” she smiled.
“it’s my birthday in March.” He said.
“it is.” She smirked knowing where he was going but playing with him.
“so...” he said waiting for her to take the hint.
“so...” She acted as if she didn’t get it.
“soooo we could go for my birthday.” He grinned.
“oh I see you want to get married on your birthday so you don’t forget an anniversary.” She laughed.
“no... well I suppose it’s convenient.” He shrugged.
“I’m joking sounds good but run it by Joel first as it’s his birthday too.” She said.
“is it?” he laughed.
“sure is.” She laughed.
“I thought you didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. Jist you and me.” He asked.
“well yet not a big deal no massive grand plans but I do think you should tell your family and goce them an option to be there.” She smiled.
“really?” he said.
“yes really I couldn’t forgive myself if you thought you couldn’t have your own family at your wedding.” She smiled. He kissed her.
“what about Karl and your mom and dad?” he asked.
“certainly not my dad. Yes to my mom... and Karl really?” she laughed.
“you know you wouldn’t be without him.” He laughed.
“I suppose. The pain in the ass that he is.” She laughed.
“so is that it have we acutely just set a sort of date to get married?” Benji smiled.
“I guess so.” Robyn smiled and they kissed.
They went to the bar got a round if drinks and went back to the table.
“that took you ages!” Jimmy said all of them pretty drunk by now.
“well we're here now.” Robyn grinned handing out the drinks then sat down next to Sally.
“I seen you guys over in the booth.” Sally whispered to Robyn smiling as if she knew something.
“oh yeh we just wanted a minute.” Robyn brushed off.
“looked like you was discussing something important.” Sally grinned.
“erm no not really.” Robyn said trying not to make eye contact Robyn could not lie when she was drunk and Sally knew it.
“are you sure?” sally said leaning forward to catch Robyn's eye contact.
“y..yet.” Robyn smiled awkwardly.
“you lieing.” Sally pointed out.
“nope." Robyn said then laughed.
“it wouldn’t happen to be about bora bora that you was discussing at new year I over heard you.” Sally pointed out.
“oh.” Robyn gasped looking at her in shock and smirking knowing she was caught out.
“it is isn’t it. So when's the big day?” sally grinned.
“ok ok shhh.” Robyn whispered making sure no one else heard. “you know we’re keeping it quiet and relaxed. We decided on going in March once their tour finishes before I come with you guys possibly on his birthday.” Robyn whispered knowing she had no way out of it.
“oh my god that's so exciting!” Sally shirked making everyone look at her Robyn quickly picked up the drinks menu throwing it at he.
“what is?” Dan asked.
“oh she just found a new gin on the menu. Sally round I'll help.” Robyn said quickly making her excuses and then pulling sally up dragging her away from the table. Luckily the guys was so drunk they fell for it.
“I am so sorry but it’s so exciting its so soon.” Sally beamed.
“well keep it to yourself.” Robyn laughed.
“secrets safe with me. I want to see lots of pictures and hear all about it though I take it there’s no invites.” Sally said knowing the plan was just for Benji and Robyn to go off alone to do it.
“no well I have just told him he needs to ask Joel as obviously its his birthday too and to let his mom josh and Sarah come. Then we discussed asking my mom and Karl.” Robyn said.
“bloody hell numbers are growing already but you guys should let your family’s at least share the day with you. You know you have lots of friends too that would love to be with you.” Sally pointed out Robyn nodded looking in thought about what she’d just said. “oh but look don’t worry it’s your day do it your way we all love you guys and want you to be happy so we’re all happy as long as you guys are happy but definatly think about it.” Sally said Robyn nodded. “come on lets get these drinks.
They got the drinks and headed back to the table. They all stayed out till the early hours of the morning then eventually made it back to the lodge to get some sleep before they had to be up at a reasonable time to get packed up and leave. Needless to say they was all worse for wear the next day packing up was a struggle of zombie like people trying to get organised. Dan and Sally went back home to the stables, Karl went back to England and the band’s and the girls went back to the buses for your to start up again for the final leg.
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