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Sixty two

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Copelands at war

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Over an hour later and almost a bottle of wine down Robyn surfaced out of the bathroom looking and feeling more refreshed and relaxed.
“she’s here we thought you’d fell down the plug hole or something.” Paul laughed from his spot on the sofa.
“hmm did you miss me.” Robyn smiled leaning over from behind him giving him a loose hug.
“always.” He smiled back jokingly.
“you big softy.” She laughed playfully hitting him on the shoulder.
“feel better?” Benji asked as she went round to him and he pulled her into his lap for a cuddle.
“yeh,yeh I do actually.” Robyn said snuggling up to him. They cuddled on for a little while longer watching the tv with Paul. Linzi and Billy joined Paul on his sofa. Linzi gave an ‘aw cute' look to Billy and Paul at Benji and Robyn snuggled up.
“Hey Benj..” josh called from the door way to the decking. “oh it’s ok its not important.” He said quickly when he seen him with Robyn and went back to the decking.
“go see what he wants you should be spending time with them before they leave .” Robyn said.
“are you sure?” Benji asked not really wanting to leave her but also he did want to spend some time with his brother and sister before they left.
“Yes seriously go on. I’ll probably just chill and get an early night anyway.” she said.
“shout me if you want me.” He nodded then both up to go out to the decking where Joel josh Sarah Tony & Matt (mest) where. Leaving Robyn with Paul Billy Linzi and Dean who had just joined them on the sofas. They all sat in silence watching the tv for a few minutes she could feel Linzi burning to ask her questions about earlier so she decided to go get another rink from the kitchen to escape. In the kitchen Jimmy Matt and Brian was sat at the breakfast bar.
“Hey.” They all said in unison as she walked in she paused looking at them and gave a little laugh. They all gave her a sort of concerned look.
“guys stop looking at me like that in not going to break.” She said as she felt thier eyes on her as she was pouring a drink. As she looked up again Matt and Brian shifted their still sympathetic stir away from her as if just been caught stealing from the cookie jar.
“seriously guys I came in here to escape linzi's interrogation don’t you guys get all wired on me too. I’m mean I do love the girl but sometimes you just as t to get on with things rather than going through all your shit with a fine toothcomb.” Robyn said. Jimmy got up and gave her a hug.
“As long as your ok?” he whispered to her in the hug.
“Yes I am I know I had a drama queen moment before but it’s all out now.” Robyn smiled to them as they pulled away from the hug.
“It’s not being a drama queen if it’s bothering you you’ve got to get it out and let friends help you.” Matt smiled.
“I know, I know I’m my own worst enemy.” Robyn sighed sitting down with them.
“you don’t have to put on a brave face all the time it’s ok to not be Ok.” Brain said giving her back a little rub compassionately.
“I guess I’ve just been so busy with you guys all around me and driving the bus and doing the office work I just haven’t allowed myself to think about the accident and how much I miss what it’s taken away from me but also no excuses yeh I do bottle it up and then explode for which I’m sorry.” she said half emotional half laughing holding her hands up.
“We love you just the way you are.” Matt smiled. “I can’t imagine how hard it is not being able to do something you love so much from something you can’t control. We’re all here for you what ever you need if you need it.”
“thanks, appreciate it. But come on lets change the subject now otherwise I may as well have stayed with linzi.” Robyn laughed.
They all chatted it helped make Robyn feel better and
Normal than people treading on egg shells around her. Also her and Brian was getting along much better as friends rather than the awkwardness of their history getting in the way. It was like that was over and never happened and just good friends now.

“right I think I’m going to go to bed.” Robyn yawned.
“well let you have your bed back tonight.” Jimmy winked.
“that’s very kind of you guys.” Robyn said. She gave each of them a little hug and kiss on the cheek.
“thanks for taking my mind off things and cheering me up guys.” She said and then went out to the decking before she went to bed to see Benji.
As she walked out on to the decking they was all talking and laughing they slightly paused eyeing her with either concern or sympathy.
“don’t worry guys I’m not going to break.” Robyn said feeling slightly uncomfortable but they went back to what they was chatting about.
“hey baby I’m going to go to bed I’m shattered.” Robyn said leaning over to kiss him.
“ok I’ll come with.” He said.
“no no your fine stay up longer if you want.” Robyn smiled.
“it was nice to meet you both sorry if I’ve came across a little unstable I promise I’m not normally like that...” Robyn said to Josh and Sarah but was interrupted by Tony.
“maybe not unstable but a little bit physco Yes.” He joked laughing. She eyed him with a grin.
“watch it you.” She said getting him in a head lock playfully giving him a nuggy.
“see see little bit physco.” He laughed as she walked away from him she flipped him off.
“I’m ok with a little bit physco.” Robyn smirked proudly. “right but seriously I’m out, night guys. Love ya.” Robyn said. Followed by a chorus of ‘night’s' and ‘love you’s' from them.

“hey hey Robs wait up.” Karl said catching up to Robyn in the corridor before she got to her room.
“you all right Karl.” Robyn said tiredly turning to look at him.
“well yeh. But more importantly I was coming to see of you was ok?” he said.
“yeh I’m ok.” She said not sounding too convincing.
“are you sure you don’t sound it?” he said.
“no Karl I’m not ok but I pretend to be because I hate ‘ll of this.” She said getting emotional.
“all of what?” he said looking confused.
“this. The sympathetic looks the patronising are you ok's and then the it'll be ok, you'll work it ok your strong. I just can't stand it all id be ok if people just treated me like normal and stopped asking if I was ok.” Robyn said emotionally tired and frustrated.
“It’s because we care about you and don’t want you struggling on tour own we’re bot being patronising or anything like that we all love you and know your having a hard time and just want to help.” Karl said hating seeing her like this.
“well help by leaving me the fuck alone.” She said going in her room slamming the door behind her. Karl walked right in which made her furious. “KARL GET OUT!”
In the living area they heard Karl and Robyn shouting.
“Is that Robyn?” linzi asked.
“yet sounds like her and Karl arguing.” Billy said. Linzi Billy Paul and Dean listened out growing more concerned.
“NO I WON’T GET OUT just drop this act Robyn.” Karl said frustrated that she won’t let anyone in or help her.
“what’s going on?” Matt asked as he Jimmy and brain came through to see what was going on.
“is that Robyn?” Brian asked.
“yeh sounds like it’s war of the Copeland’s again. I’ll get Benji.” Paul said. Next thing Paul walked back in with the madden’s and lovato's.
“think you should go Benj?” Linzi said.
“nope no defiantly not.” Benji said knowing all to well not to get between waring Copeland’.
“why I think you should they're going to kill each other.” Linzi said.
“yeh exactly don’t get between them like that.” Paul said.
“well somebody needs too.” Linzi saod starting to walk towards the bedrooms.
“Billy.” Joel promted.
“linz I know you mean well but they’re right leave them too it they’ll work it out.” Billy said getting a scowl off linzi.
“I DON'T NEED PEOPLE TO CARE ABOUT ME I NEED TO BE TREATED NORMAL HOW THE HELL CAN I GET OVER SOMETHING IF PEOPLE KEEP DRAGGING IT UP.” Robyn shouted. Everyone couldn’t help but listen in in suspense from the living area.
“YOU CAN BE SUCH AN OBNOXIOUS BITCH SOMETIMES CONSIDERING YOU HATE DAD SO MUCJ YOU SHARE ALOT OF THE SAME TRAITS!” Karl shouted back then SLAP Robyn slapped him across the face. The guys from the living area flinched.
“come on.” Benji sighed to Joel wanting back up Joel hesitated then followed him Paul came too. They went to the corridor to find Robyn just stirring at Karl and Karl holding his face stirring back at her.
“um guys?” Benji cleared his throat cautiously.
“It’s fine.” Karl said to them sounding quiet and emotional.
“robs?” Paul asked.
“yeh fine leave us.” Robyn sounding close to tears.
“we're just down the hall.” Joel said as they retreated.
“well?” linzi said as they got back.
“leave them.” Benji said simply.
They all tried to go about they're business.
“you deserved that.” Robyn broke the silence.
“I did.” Karl nodded quietly leaning his back on the wall letting himself slide down so he was sitting down. Robyn walked across and did the same so she was sat next to him.
“I am sorry though.” She said putting her head on his shoulder.
“me too.” He said putting his arm around her.
“I know you say you don’t want to talk but I want you to so please talk to me just this once.” Karl said calmly. She nodded.
“it’s just it hard my whole life changed and been turned upside down from the accident that wasn’t even my fault. I miss doing what I love so much. You know imagine how you'd feel not being able to play football any more. I just, I dunno I pushed it to the back of my mind because it was easier than having to talk about it and deal with it and then it just got to where Dan was talking about training my replacement it just hit me like a tone of bricks and l just exploded.” Robyn tried to explain.
“yeh you did.” He laughed lightly.
“I get that you guys want to talk to make me feel better or whatever but it’s not going to change anything it’s just something I need to work through and get used too.” Robyn said.
“I get all of that but you know if you let us work through it with you it’ll be easier. You don’t have to put on that tough act all the time. I know you would rather just get on with things as if they weren't happening but then that gets us here and we’re all just concerned about you especially when we don’t know how you feel.” Karl said.
“Right come on.” She said getting to her feet.
“what? What are you doing?” Karl said confused as she grabbed his hand and pulled him up. She walked to the living area and he followed confused.
“Robs are you...” linzi started as she seen them only to be cut off by Robyn.
“Right guys can I have your attention for a minute please.” Robyn declared as everyone looked at her confused.
“ok so let’s just get this straight once and for all. As most of you know almost a year ago a lorry ran a red light crashing into my car pretty bad. I had several injuries but the main one being my shoulder is permanently damaged. I get I am lucky to even be alive as it was touch and go for 48hrs, bless you Benji you have been second to none for all what you did and continue to do. However a part of me I feel did down on that crash due to my shoulder injurie I can now longer stunt ride. It was never just a job it has been my life for as long as I can remember. So to have that ripped away from me is devastating to say the least. Now I’m aware I’m a pain in the ass I don't like to talk about my weaknesses or when somethings bothering me I'm not good at having to rely on any one and I am a stubborn bitch and for that I am sorry but it’s me. I find it easier to ignore my shit than speak about it but unfortunately it has resulted in my little explosion earlier and again for that I apologise. Now moving forwards this is just something I have to get used to and figure out where I fit in life again but in order for me to work though it I would appreciate not having it brought up and given the treading on egg shells act and sympathetic looks as quite frankly I may just punch you if you do. Seriously though treat me how you would normally it’s the best way to help me get on and in turn I promise I will open up and talk if I need to to avoid any further explosions but hey this is me there's no guarantees.” Robyn said almost all in one breath.
“Now that were all clear on that can I go to bed in piece Now?” Robyn said without giving any one chance to answer she went off to bed.
“you guys ok?” Benji asked Karl when Robyn left.
“hey we are.” Karl nodded.
“here.” Paul said handing him some frozen peas for his rather red cheekbone.
“cheers mate she doesn’t do thing lightly my sister.” He said winding as he put them on his face.
“mate you did deserve it though.” Paul said.
“I know I know” Karl sighed.
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