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Crowd Ƹoo

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Aja Maebury has been chosen to replaced a fellow Kindred, one who was rumoured to be the most prominent member of the Crowd - but had died mid-mission. But what could a street rat like her do in a ...

Category: Drama - Rating: R - Genres: Angst,Horror,Romance - Warnings: [V] [X] [R] [Y] - Published: 2020-02-09 - 452 words

"And brother Ace?"

"Died. Mid-mission. Heard it was a covert operations exposed. Guy got shot to death before being tossed off the penthouse."

The stiletto heels clicking against linoleum stopped dead in its tracks as lip-gloss was pulled from a small snakeskin handbag, "What a shame. Ace was one of our best man in the club."

As they applied the lip-gloss to chapped lips, their companion bows their head in silent agreement as the pair waited amongst five or so other people within the room. The room they were waiting in was pitch black sans for the single candlelight illuminating the podium on the stage, casting off an eerie glow onto the features to all those who were present. The heavy twin oak doors creaked as they were hauled open by two impressively build guards; no doubt products of the Crowd. The figure with the lip-gloss smirked smugly at the knowledge.

A cloaked physique stepped into the room, the people gathering inside immediately turning their attention and bowing deeply as they passed.

"Hope the guards were to your liking, Sir. I personally picked the finest of my Ferals to serve you."

The cloaked figure tosses a small box over, "Payment for your men, Wayward."

Wayward tucked the lip-gloss back into the small handbag, fiddling with the small box until it opened. What laid in it was the $48.4 million dollar Blue Moon of Josephine; a 29.6 carats of an extremely rare, crystal blue diamond hailing from South Africa. Wayward grinned, tucking in the small gift into their handbag. "As always, pleasure doing business with you, Sir."

Wayward and their companion watched as the cloaked figure walked up the steps to the podium, the silence now made apparent as the attendents in the room moved closer to the stage. "Brothers and Sisters of the Crowd; an important member of the club has passed on honourbly after serving his mission. While we mourn for our fallen Brother, we musn't forget to warmly welcome our newest member into the Ƹ00."

A sharp cry can be heard as two guards stormed into the room with a person in tow; a brown sack placed over their head as their captive struggled relentlessly. "LET ME GO! I SAID LET GO YOU SAVAGES -"

The captive was thrown onto the stage at the feet of the cloaked figure, the brown sack pulled back to revealed the face of a young girl as dark brown locks spilled across her features. "Brothers and Sisters, I give you Miss Aja Maebury - our newest member of the Crowd."

The small girl by the cloaked figure quivered on her knees, saffron eyes widened as the figure over her smiled sinisterly. "Welcome to the Club, Miss Maebury."
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