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Chapter 1

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Suddenly thrown into a world she clearly knew she didn't belong in, can Aja survive the concrete jungle of her new home? Unbeta'd chapter.

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"I swear, it isn't as bad as it seems. The Club I mean."

Above the thick, artificial smoke and the blinding disco lights accompanied by the telltale booming of the bass drum, a broad figure leans against the rusted metal bannister as they observed the crowd dancing and grinding mindlessly against each other in a drunken stupor of exorbitantly priced alcohol and branded perfume below them. The figure grimaces at the despicable scene before it, a glint of condescension flashing beneath deep blue orbs before turning to their quivering companion tightly curled up on a plush, dark purple sofa.

Their companion was a tiny, emaciated child with the most exotic-looking bronze skin and owns the reflective golden eyes of a predator; truly a breath-taking sight to behold. A specimen so fascinating and rare that the Beast themselves ordered for her capture and strongly contended to have her become Ace's replacement. Beyond her bohemian-esque features however, the figure still couldn't fathom the Betas' insistence of having her be part of the Crowd.

"Don't look so terrified. Some of us aren't really fond of the cowardly; especially from a newcomer,' the figure continues, a patronizing smile gracing their lips. "People call me Jack around here. So, you're the rumoured Aja Maebury. You don't look like much, do you?"

The girl remained tight-lipped; observing the figure beneath a mop of dishevelled dark brown locks as her gaze trailed his very movement. Her shoulders were tensed up, as if ready to bolt away or pounce on her presumed assailant at the first sign of danger. The corner of Jack's lips pulled into a giddy grin, his interest in the girl piqued. "Oh, don't give me that look. I'm not going to kill you. As a matter of fact; I can't. It's part of my contract."

He lets out a short bark of laughter, wiping ghost tears at the corner of his eyes as the mask of condescension easily falls back into place, "That's for your missions to fulfil. I can't guarantee that you'll live long enough to know what I mean anyway -"

But the sentence didn't quite finish as a small blade whirred passed his head and embedded itself into the metal pillar behind him, fortunately only cutting off a few strands of ginger hair as Aja barrelled her entire weight towards him and slammed her elbows into his guts. While Jack could hold himself just fine most of the time, the tackle caught him off-guard as he slammed against the metal pillar - the wind knocked out from his lungs.

Stunned by the sudden attack, he didn't notice as the tiny child robbed him of his wallet and keys before dashing off, crashing into a window and onto the harsh asphalt below. Aja tumbles across the ground, shielding her head and face as shards of glass pierced through frail skin and rivulets of blood seeped through the fresh cuts. She heard a small crack amongst other distracting noises, howling in pain as her left shoulder dislocates.

"Ah! Fuck. " she muttered, already dashing off as she tries to ignore the excruciating pain from her lame shoulder. She'll try to find a pharmacy once she gets the Hell out of -

"Miss me?" a voice sneers as Aja suddenly crashes face first onto the floor, hands yanked behind her back forcefully, "You lil' Runt, you think you can actually steal from me?"

Shit! When did Jack follow me - but her thoughts were dashed as Aja cries out bloody murder, her perpetrator jostling her dislocated shoulder in a sadistic attempt to punish her. A searing, white hot pain flares beneath her skin, scorching her blood and sending jolts of agony through her body. Tears welled up in the corner of her eyes, but she refuses to let this animal see it as she growled a seething, "Go. To. Hell."

Jack barks out a laughter; the sound obnoxious and ugly as the man himself, "Oh sweetie, I'm already in Hell." Slender fingers slide into her thick brown curls as he wrenched it hard, forcing her head up and slamming it back down onto the asphalt. Warm crimson slides down from the nostrils of her now broken nose.

"But so are you."

The last thing Aja saw was the bricks of a crumbling building as Jack flings her body across like a cheap, used ragdoll.
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