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Chapter 16: An aftermath and resolve

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Chapter 16: An aftermath and resolve

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Chapter 16: An aftermath and resolve

In the two days after the trip to Forever fall, it came as no surprise to Glynda when she received an alert from the Polaris medical center. About the status of the Uzumaki boy. The damned brat had gone and pulled a runner.
When his Uchiha relative had informed her of the boy's utter hatred of hospitals. To the point of attempting to pull a runner at the earliest convenience. But doubting the young lady in just how much naruto hated hospitals. The professor had taken steps to ensure he would be dissuaded from running. Putting him in a room on the top floor of the twelfth story and had a guard monitoring the door. Not expecting his method of escape to be just jumping out of the window to disappear into the crowd below.
It was, for this reason, the thoroughly annoyed professor was headed to retrieve her wayward student. Thanks to the tip given by the Uzumaki's group of friends to go were the ramen runs like water. The only ramen stand in all of Vale that could keep up with his appetite The golden harvest noodle.
Sure enough, when she had gotten to said restaurant, the student in question was there still in his pajamas. Working on his tenth extra-large bowl of the day. A rather feat something that Glynda did not want to think about. When their eyes met, and she saw that stupid look in his eyes. Glynda saw red.
Without giving the young man in question time to respond, she used her semblance, lifting him up bodily and began to levitate him out of the restaurant despite his growing protests. “Hey, come on, Glynda I’m not finished here. I need my ramen.” the young sage whined in protest to the affront to ramen. Quickly throwing the appropriate Lien the table with a tip as he floated out of the restaurant.
After forcing naruto back to beacon. The first thing she did was take him to ozpin for a conversation that neither of them would like.
Ozpin let the tension build as he calmly made his coffee. At a leisurely pace. If he were to be honest, it was just a little spiteful on his part. But he was in the mood for a bit of petty revenge in this case for the young man’s stunt.
Naruto sat there, knowing that this was just Ozzy's way of getting back for his ramen spree earlier. On a second glance, it could have been handled the very least. So with that, naruto decided to concede ozpin this one victory. “So Ozzy, I assume that since I am here rather than back at the hospital, you have questions. And Sarada was not very forthcoming with answers.” naruto said to the headmaster.
Analyzing the young man before him with an inscrutable gaze. Ozpin stirred his coffee, considering his words.
“I am sure that you have many questions as do I, Mr. Uzumaki.” the headmaster stated with a bland tone.
Glynda stood there, watching the two men. Wage a battle with words alone. Just one misstep from either, and they may give the other more information than they want. It was rather impressive to see a person so young to play these word games with the headmaster.when the blonde Uzumaki did something, neither she nor Ozpin had expected.
“Right, so let’s get some things out of the way first, shall we? I'm an open book, for the most part, there is no secret that I am hiding. Naruto jovially stated before growing colder and filling the room in an oppressive aura. But before I tell you anything that is being done about Cardin and his team?” the shinobi sneered the last part as if the team in question was nothing more than filth.
It was something that shocked Glynda and ozpin alike. The utter loathing towards someone the man in front of them displayed.
Ozpin debated on how he should answer the young man in front of him. Hoping that they can resolve things peacefully.
“Mr. Winchester and his team have been put on probation for their actions,” Ozpin stated in an attempt to calm the whiskered blonde.
“Did you know that Weiss could have lost the eye. Injuries like that out in the field without access to proper medical facilities. Would result in impairments that would have ended her career. Leaving a young girl with permanent scarring and severe vision loss and impaired hearing. Effectively ending her career in a forest on the edge of Vale. Had I not been there, her injuries could have been so much worse. They had used a box of rapier wasps.” naruto stated to his headmaster. The way the Uzumaki said it sent ice straight through the headmaster’s veins.
“So tell me, headmaster, do you think that probation is sufficient punishment?” the young Uzumaki sneered.
All things considered, the blonde in front of him was taking things better than ozpin had thought. When he had told him about the outcome of the incident.
But he had this aching feeling in the back of his mind about this sudden change in personality. It was as if he was seeing the true Naruto Uzumaki for the first time. It was deeply unsettling.
“No, I do not think that the punishment of team CRDL is appropriate. Unfortunately, they are minors and must be held to that standar-” the headmaster tried to explain but was cut off by the shinobi before him. “Let’s be perfectly blunt here if they are not expelled from this school by the end of the day. Headmaster, you are training children to become killers, soldiers. So I do not think that it is an appropriate punishment. I will also urge Weiss to press charges and seek legal damages. Where I come from one of my first teachers taught me this, In this world of huntsmen, those who break the rules are trash, that's true, but those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash. They not only broke the rules, but they intentionally harmed a comrade."
When naruto had finished tearing into the headmaster. Saying Glynda was shocked was an understatement. The two adults were stunned speechless.
As naruto abruptly got up and made his way to the door to leave, he left the two with parting words. “Until you're completely straight with me and deal with CRDL, I think I will be taking my leave. Come find me when you have made a decision. Good day headmaster deputy headmaster.”
News of naruto’s disappearance from the hospital hadn’t just been kept to the staff. The students and, more importantly, his friends had eventually gotten the news that naruto had snuck out of the hospital. The reactions varied from shocked worry to annoyance at the blonds antics. The only reason why they did not hunt the blond shinobi down was Sarada’s assurance that this was common. That if he was able to sneak out of the hospital for what would likely be a ramen binge, he was fine. And for making them worry they could seek vengeance on him when he returns.
So when Naruto had made it to his dorm room. He found his friends in the den waiting for him. All with varying emotions playing on their faces. A feeling of apprehension filled naruto with a building dread.
Until a red and black bullet rammed into his chest, knocking him over. With teary eyes, Ruby snuggled into his embrace, hugging him as tight as she could. Naruto pats her on the head with one hand as the other wrapped around her waist. As his girls walked up to the blonde with amused looks on both their faces.
“Aw, look Weiss Ruby’s found herself a boyfriend.” Yang teased the red reaper.
Weiss laughed, nodding in agreement. “I didn’t think she was that bold.” the ice princess snarked.
The red-faced reaper lept of naruto faster than everyone could blink sputtering, “awawawawa, Yang, Weiss stop it!”
For breaking the tension in the room with their antics, naruto mouthed a silent thank you to his ladies.
Getting to his feet, Naruto rubbed the back of his head made his apology. To his friends for making them worry.they then had a small celebration for the recovery of both naruto and Weiss. It wasn’t long before there was a knock at the door.” I’ll get it,” Nora called out. Upon opening the door, they had a most unexpected pair of visitors.
“Good afternoon, may we come in?” the headmaster asked politely.
“We need to speak with Mr. Uzumaki.” ozpin explained when he saw the briefest hint of hesitation.
Seeing who was at the door, Naruto’s eyes narrowed. Judging by how the last conversation ended between them, it was likely that the headmaster was looking to make amends with him. Naruto debated on whether it was right to let Ozpin in or not. But the fact that he was the headmaster meant. The headmaster could find him at any real-time means that he would just be forestalling an inevitable conversation. So with a sigh, Naruto called out to Nora, “ let him in its ok.”
Nora opened the door wider to allow the professor entry.
“I assume whatever you want to say is private so we can head to my room. Naruto made to stand from the couch. When the headmaster held up a hand, shaking his head. “No, that won’t be necessary, Mr. Uzumaki, what I have to say can be said in the company of others. An announcement will be issued later to all students.”
“Team CRDL has been officially expelled from Beacon. However, that will not stop them from seeking their education elsewhere. Something that will be difficult. As I have taken the steps necessary to have the incident added to their records.” Ozpin stood before the group of student's posture firm after his announcement hoping that this act would carry some goodwill. Even if it was not all the news, he had to deliver today. “There is also some bad news, I am afraid.”
Before the children could ask any questions, he pushed on with his explanation.” Naruto, Due to your actions that were taken during the field trip. Your team caught the interest of the council of Vale. They have requested the services of team NNPR. and I agreed on the condition that your team is supervised by another team. I have picked out a suitable mission for your team, and you will only be needed as medical support. With your skills, we will be able to treat life-threatening injuries in the field with better results. In a week, team NNPR will be heading out with the support of team CFVY to the village of Lower Carn. The town has requested aid in dealing with local raiders and the Grimm that such negativity brings. The local huntsmen have been stretched thin and are running low on supplies.”
“Fine, we accept, but I will be giving you a list of supplies I will need, and I do expect them to all be gathered by the time we leave.” naruto said as he glared at the headmaster.
“yes, that will be acceptable. Be sure to give me the list of supplies soon mister Uzumaki. If that is all, I will take my leave.” Ozpin left the young teens in somber contemplation. Over the knowledge that their friends would be deployed early. Due to actions not of their own making.
With their festive moods gone, everyone soon left the NNPR dorm. Leaving Naruto and his team to their own devices. Norra giddy as ever broke into the pancake stash, “ this calls for pancakes.” as her war cry.
“Nora!” Ren yelled, running after her. Breaking the tension causing the others on her team to laugh at her antics.
Knowing that his team would be fine, Naruto got up and to head to his room. With a smile on his face.
Pyrrha saw her partner leaving the den heading down the hallway to his room. Knowing that with this mission, it would be likely now or never for her to confess her feelings. It was made clear by the events of forever fall. That if she did not make her intentions known now, then she may never get the chance to be with the one she desired. So with her mind made up and her corse set anew. Pyrrha followed after her leader with one goal in mind.
Nora peeked her head out of the kitchen face spotted with flour peering into the den. “Ha, see Ren. I told you it would work. I believe you owe me twenty Lein.” Nora said, hand on her hip arm outstretched in motion for him to submit to her demands.
“I can’t believe that worked.” Ren deadpanned, looking defeated and somewhat disappointed. Slapping the twenty he owed into her palm begrudgingly.
Pyrrha was nervous. She had been pacing outside naruto’s door for the past five minutes. Fretting over how this conversation would go. It hadn’t been more than two days since the trip to Forever Fall. And with the announcement that they would be deployed on a mission only seven weeks into the first semester. It was all worrying. It had flipped many of her world views on proper relationships. She came to the sudden clarity that if she wanted to pursue a relationship with the Uzumaki. Then she would have to give up on some of her ingrained beliefs about how relationships work. Honestly, all she had to do to take the next step was to knock on that door.
A step she was about to take when the door opened and Pyrrha came face to face. With the source of all her turmoil and hesitation.
Scratching the back of his head, a puzzled naruto asked. “Hey, Pyrrha, what's up?”
Pyrrha fidgeted in place for a moment before gaining a look of determination in her eyes. “Naruto, I need to speak with you in private,” Pyrrha said, expressing her desires to the man who held her affection.
Naruto stepped to the side and let her into his room and closed the door after Pyrrha walked in. Sealing the bedroom off from the others.naruto turned to face her ask what was wrong, taking in the hesitation in her posture. "so what's up Pyrrh-," Naruto tried to say when he was abruptly interrupted by Pyrrha surging forward and capturing his lips in a kiss.
Gripping his face in her hands to prolong the tender embrace she shared with him. Reaffirmed Pyrrha's resolve to tell naruto just how she felt damning the consequences. After all, if he could dedicate himself to Weiss the way he did in the forest. Treating an injury that would have ended the heiress’s career. That was one of the things that made her fall in love with him. Honestly, it was freeing to let go of the hesitations and embrace this love.
So with her nonverbal statement of her affection known to the Uzumaki now known. It was a sensation of bliss the spartan felt when she expressed her feelings. “ Naruto Uzumaki, I love you with all my heart!” Pyrrha exclaimed with a brilliant smile adorning her face.
Naruto gently grasped her hands in his pulling them from his face. Looking her in the eyes seeing her pure, unfiltered desire. For him to accept her heartfelt feelings. Wanting to reciprocate but not wanting to hurt her. Naruto knew what he had to do.
“Pyrrha, I am thankful; honestly, I am. But I am dating Yang and Weiss. And I just can't accept your feelings. Without lett-” naruto tried to relay to his red-headed partner. When Pyrrha interrupted him. “Naruto, I know, and I don’t care. Life is short, and the life of a huntsman is even shorter. What happened in the forest just proves that point. I want to be with you, and I’m sure they will agree.”
Knowing she was right, Naruto could only respond by returning the earlier kiss. One that was interrupted by two of the only three other people who could get past his barrier seals.
“Well, well, well, it looks like the invincible girl is trying to steal kisses from our boyfriend, isn't that right, Weiss?” Yang snarked, leaning against the door.
“I know, right. I think we should punish Pyrrha a bit. Maybe a spanking or two. We really should get even Yang.” Weiss agreed just as caty.
“Mmm, I don’t know about spanking, but I have an idea.” Yang purred in response with a grin adorning her face. With an ever-widening grin.
As the spartan just got redder and redder to the point that her complexion matched her hair. As she moved over to the pair with an inhuman grace that oozed sexuality. Grasping the unfortunate girl by her shoulders, Yang kissed Pyrrha, stunning the girl when she broke the embrace.
Only for Weiss to sneak in and plant her lips onto hers as well. Completely overwhelming the poor girl. Who was reduced to a giggling red-faced stupor. Slumping over into naruto’s arms.
“Well, I did not think that it was possible to break someone from kissing.” Yang supplied licking her lips. And leaning over the semi-conscious girl to kiss her boyfriend briefly.
“So what exactly are you two doing here,” naruto asked the two.
Deciding that she had more than her share of fun at Pyrrha's expense Weiss answered him. "well, we came to get the thing told me about. Also, we wanted to see our boyfriend.” quickly leaning over to peck naruto’s other cheek.
Getting the hint, Naruto leads Pyrrha out of the room with a promise that they would talk in the morning about their new dynamic.
When naruto had re-entered the room, it was to the sight of yang nude as the day she was born. With her hands on her hips as if she was proud of some accomplishment. In the middle of the room with Weiss sitting on his bed, holding her head in her hands trying to stifle laughter.
Just a bit more than a little confused, Naruto asked. “ soo, um, Yang, what are you doing?”
Yang just blinked at him blankly before tilting her head to the side and answering. “Umm, getting ready for you to draw the seal. I mean, I even shaved my pussy.”
“No, you don't need to be naked, Yang I only need access to your abdomen.” Naruto deadpanned.
“Oh,” Yang squeaked, now getting progressively redded from embarrassment.
Yet she never got dressed only embarrassed for her misunderstanding. Not for showing her nude form to her current lovers. Proudly showing off her nudity to the room. With one hand on her hip.
When Yang had managed to get over her blunder. And an explanation that she did not have to shave her pubic hair as she had assumed. That, in fact, the seal in question while a localized contraceptive would only need to be placed on her stomach near her hip.
It would need to be reapplied once every three months. But come with a guarantee that the woman in question that had this seal placed would not experience a period during the three months. But would have one at the end of the three months and would have to wait until that menstrual cycle was over to have the seal safely reapplied. Like the seal, in fact, placed the reproductive organs in stasis for the duration. Thus no period for three months.
After applying the script work for the seal, naruto flooded the matrix with a bit of chakra, and the girls watched as the scrawl crept up into a small version of their emblems just above their hips before fading into their skin. Like it was never even there in the first place.
The pair of girls pulled on their shirts, both kissed naruto on his cheek for his work and time. Before excusing themselves.
It was time. It had taken weeks to weed out were the infamous Kitsune and Ryu where based. Many refused to give up any info on the pair. They were even well-liked by the Faunus in the vale.
But with a little judicious interrogation, Adam had finally found someone who would talk. And after verifying the location and observing the regular spots where the two frequented. He had confirmed their position through his own sources. It was honestly rather amusing for the phantoms of Vale to hide in plain sight in a bookstore of all places. By the name of Tukson's Book Trade. It was no wonder why it was difficult for them to be found when they were being aided by traitors to the cause. It was why the strike team he had personally put together had orders to kill both of the men and bring the woman known as Ryu to him alive.
With there, preparations set, the only thing to do was wait until night then strike. The plan for the team was simple; the lead pair would breach the back door. As another group hit the front, and they would use flash bangs and tear gas to enter. While the occupants where stunned, they would kill any hostiles other than the target and be ready for extraction. All told the operation would last no longer than five to ten minutes total.
That was the plan, but the moment the strike force entered the shop, things went downhill. From the moment they had stepped within a block of the store. They were tagged by a sealed barrier that had marked them as hostile. Based on the intent of the individual, when they passed through their entry points, they had set off another series of seals.
In order was an alert sent to Naruto and Sarada. The second was sound dampening, and a one-way barrier was deployed. The third was one of Naruto’s newest inventions, an aura suppression seal and gravity seals activated. The same kind of use in training only with the power raised by a thousandfold until the enemies were rendered swiftly unconscious. Due to the g-forces exerted on them, they all blacked out within seconds without access to their aura.
The owner of the shop Tukson, peaked his head from behind the counter to see the group of White Fang radicals out on his floor. Breathing out a sigh of relief when out of the shadows Kitsune and Ryu emerged to take the strike force off his hands. No doubt to interrogate the men in question. Something that he did not want to know about. He had only agreed to this for safe passage to Vacuo.
Sarada had to remark that it was inevitable for there to be a response to her actions a few weeks ago. But was somewhat surprised that the fang had found one of many bait locations so fast. But then she was severely disappointed in the quality of these men sent after naruto and herself. They were definitely not quality, not at all. They had made mistakes that not even a green genin would make during an observation mission. This trash would be easy to break then send them back to their allies with hitchhikers in their heads. Then infiltration of the white fang would be simple.
With that in mind, since they only had a small window of the next five hours to break these men in. She began to help Kitsune load the men on to the massive warden scroll in the center of the room. Once done and a puff of smoke, the men in question, disappeared into an Uzumaki special scroll. Used to take live prisoners and put them in stasis for transport.
Kitsune turned to the owner and nodded his head in approval relaying the information needed for the man to leave vale. “ tonight at 5:00 A.M., don’t be late. At the docks, transport for safe travel will arrive. Give them this scroll and this kunai. If you don’t have both, then you will be dead.” kitsune relaid the information and the ominous warning. Stepping into the shadows and fading from sight.
Traveling from rooftop to rooftop Naruto and Sarada speed along to their destination. Using grace, only a shinobi could acquire. While a small raven observed the two. Drifting above on the currents. Going unnoticed by the two. Landing on a building where just beyond the two shinobi had just entered. With no way into the building and not wanting to have the same fate befall it that had happened to the unfortunate souls they had took flight once more with many questions answered only for more to pile up. Merely hearing about this opportunity to observe the two in action. Due to the incompetence of the current leader of the vale branch of the white fang.
Now came the part that neither liked. The interrogation once the group of twelve were separated.pinned to the ground by chains made from chakra powered by seals.
It was time to establish a baseline so there could be no lies told. Both Naruto and Sarada took places in front of one of the chained men. With eyes of spinning ever-morphing, crimson Sarada gave the man his orders. Forcing her will upon him with the use of the majestic Dōjutsu granted by the Sharingan greatest genjutsu (Kotoamatsukami).
“Your loyalty is to us, and any who bear the crest of Konoha.” with a straightforward phrase uttered from her lips, Sarada had changed everything fundamental to this man. Making him her slave wholly and utterly. Unable to even take his own life, such as the power of one of the greatest genjutsu in existence.
Standing in front of the man before him. Naruto glared at the man dispassionately. Unsatisfied in how easy it was to capture these men. And just how much these cowards lacked quality. They were almost as bad as the jokers in white hats, screaming how this was their city. But they all burned the same. Like cowardly trash, civilians involving trash. Naruto was broken from his brief musing by the man in question spitting on him. His glare darkened as the chained man blustered. “Do your worse. You lowly human.”
Naruto had to let out a sigh at the drivel. The man was spouting. Only gaining courage from Naruto’s inaction and taking for hesitation.something he would have to crush ruthlessly.
“You know if you think my inaction is from hesitation or any base emotion. Then I am afraid that you are gravely mistaken.” naruto drawled, grabbing a handkerchief from his pouch to wipe off the spittle.
“Oh yeah, then what are you going to do, big man.” the masked bound man blustered, hiding his fear behind bravado.
Naruto’s answer was one none of them could have predicted they expect torture when captured. But when he gave them his answer like this was an everyday occurrence. “No, you moron, I am going to snatch your soul.” naruto blithely stated to a somewhat confused group.
Before he could even utter another word of defiance. The man suddenly had a hand grasp around his head with the power of a vice.
The bound man convulsed for a moment then went slack in his bindings as his soul was ripped away from his body. As naruto pulled his hand away with a scowl on his face. Naruto read through this man's memories with the use of the (Ningendō).
Sorting through the information only made naruto scowl more. This trash apparently was Adam's second in command one Tomas riddle. A snake Faunus and the two have been making plans that would radicalize the white fang even more than before. This cowardly trash was going to kill the current leader. That was just one of many plots this trash had in play. It was just pissing him off more. These men needed to be shown the error of their ways. The painful way. Naruto’s blue eyes bled into red slits as he stepped forwards towards the cowering remaining five men. Pulling out a scroll and with a pulse of chakra, the men were forced to prostrate themselves dogeza before him. From the scroll, he retrieved a scalpel and a vile of a transparent liquid.
Naruto spoke clearly for them to hear. "first things first pain that is what I want from your trash! Nothing you do will stop this suffering. That is the first thing you need to know at this time. The second is in my long life. The one thing I hate more than trash like you. Is unloyal scum.” with his speech over Naruto, let the fact that this was not for information but for their cowardice and the fact that they had no loyalty.
“ in this bottle is a highly corrosive acid. It's absolutely harmless to unbroken skin ironically,” Naruto began to explain, slashing them each on an exposed arm as he passed by. Taking the stopper out of the bottle, he poured some of the solutions into each fresh wound. Then he walked away, not caring about the men beginning to writhe on the floor.
Meeting up with Sarada after she was done with her six men and confirming the gathered information with her, they decided on their next course of action.
Knowing that this was an excellent opportunity to sneak an informant into the white fang naruto allowed for Sarada to go through with her plan.
Walking over to the six relatively unharmed men. Who're minds she had just ripped through. She found the perfect subject among them. His mind had shattered from the strain of the interrogation.
With him, in mind, she created a clone. That, in turn, made the signature hand seal of the Yamanaka aiming at the man. With a pulse of chakra, the clone cast the (Shintenshin no Jutsu). Going slack in her arms as naruto began his work on the other men. Using his chakra to inscribe onto them the seals for the (Sennō Sōsa no Jutsu). Forcing the men now loyal to become sleeper agents. Finishing by pushing a long needle into their brains and ending the Jutsu. Naruto turned to the other men writhing on the floor. Deciding to grant them one last mercy, sand snaked out from his pouch and wrapped itself around their necks. After all, they only needed the six men in rather good health.with that in mind clenching his fist severed their heads from their bodies in one swift motion.
Naruto created several clones to take the men back to the bookstore and stage the scene the men would wake up to. Implanting false memories to make it look like they had found their targets but had failed in the capture. And as a result, they lost six men in a rather messy fight but were successful in killing the traitor. The two left knowing that the clones would take care of the rest of the work.
Upon entering his room, Naruto was greeted by a most unexpected visitor.blake was in his quarters sitting on his bed with the book he had let her borrow. Upon seeing him, her only words where “, we need to talk.”
This statement alone put naruto on guard as he tentatively asked. “Ok, about what exactly?”
It was silent for a moment as Blake thought how to put her thoughts into words. She had not thought that she would even get the time of day to discuss her suspicions with the blonde. But after getting to know the man before her, she felt that beating around the bush would not do any good here.
“I know what you are or rather who. "Blake had sealed her fate with those simple spoken words. Not knowing that there would be no going back for her from the path she had set herself on.
“I know you are Ashura from the story you gave me. I don’t know how you're still alive, but you are. And you're far stronger than you let on. I want you to train me to get stronger or else.” Blake continued on.leaving the last part of her threat as vague as possible. Hoping that he would fall for her bluff.
But of all the reactions she had expected, it was not laughter. As Naruto broke down in full-body, hysterical laughter. “Haha, hahaha, oh kami, I needed that after the night I’ve just had.” Naruto gasped out his laugh, subsiding.
“To think for a minute there, you actually had me worried. I can tell you with absolute certainty I am not Ashura. That would make me what a thousand years old at least.” naruto snarked. Playing off the accusation as best he could.
Blake just glared at him for his quick dismissal of her accusations.deciding that if she were going to get what she wanted, then she would have to play hardball.
“Just stop joking around! I know you are not who you say you are. There is no way you could know the things you do. Unless you are far older than you appear. You healed Weiss with a technique that left no scar like it was not even there. While many may chalk it up to another thing that may be the product of your semblance.
It can't be there has never been a person with more than two semblances. And in those rare cases like with Weiss, its because the semblance is hereditary. You have healing, sand, and repulsion and attraction. You’re not normal. So think again before you answer me.” blake yelled. Annoyed at the blonde before her.
Naruto looked her in the eye’s before responding.knowing that she would not drop this, so with a pulse of chakra, he locked the room down with his most potent barriers. Literally cutting the room off from space and time. As the room flashed white, startling the girl.
“Blake, I am not Ashura. But I will tell you this you only half right about me. I am far older than I look. I am actually a descendant of the sage in that book. It gets a bit complicated, but I hold Ashura's immortal chakra. His spiritual essence, if you will. When Sarada and I came here, we came here from another world where we use a power called chakra. For all intents and purposes, it is like aura but so much more.” naruto confessed. Knowing that if he denied any more, she would likely take her suspicions to the headmaster. Something he could not afford right now.
Taking it all in with a hesitant nod. Blake was somewhat relieved that she was right. If only partially. Feeling vindicated, she pushed further.
“Soo, you’ll train me then?”Blake probed.
“Blake…its late, and I think you should go to sleep.” the shinobi sighed in annoyance.
With a pulse of chakra releasing the seals and holding the door open for her to leave.
Blake began to leave head down, clutching the book to her chest. When Naruto murmured just loud enough for her to hear. “Don’t make me regret this. Be ready at five in the morning.”
She left with a smile and slept peacefully throughout the night.
The next morning Naruto had woken up bright and early to get a little bit of revenge. It was a bit petty he knew but did not care. When he snuck into blake’s room. He found her still sleeping, pulling out an air horn from his pouch. Taking a look at the clock, it read 4:00 A.M.with a grin, he pressed down on the button. Letting out a shrill noise. Surprising blake in the process. As she scrambled out of bed, tripping over her blanket and falling face-first onto the ground.
“Owww,” Blake whined. After untangling herself from the blanket. Disheveled, Blake glared at a smirking naruto. With her head poking out from the covers.
“What are you doing here so soon.” Blake hissed. Looking at the clock, then back at the current subject of her ire.
“Get dressed. We’re starting your training early be ready by 4:30.” naruto retorted. Smiling at her with his trademarked foxy grin still in place.
Naruto left her, making an attempt to glair holes into the back of his head.
Heading down a door to Yang’s room and opening the door. He came upon his girls cuddling asleep in the same bed. Pulling out his scroll to take photos. He was slightly surprised when they woke up in response to the flash.
“Mmh, naruto? Haawh- what are you doing?” Yang asked. Stretching and giving him a good view of her form.
“It's time to get up. We’re starting your training. You should get dressed.” Naruto replied.
But to their sleep-addled minds, it did not register until after they had started to get dressed after Naruto had left.
Eyes widening in surprise, they had hurried to get dressed rushing out the room to find blake and a dosing ruby waiting in the hall as well.
“Uhh, Blake, what are you two doing up so soon?” Weiss questioned. Noting that the other girl has dressed similarly to them as well in plain black leggings, with a blue t-shirt, sports bra, and their weapons.
“I asked naruto for help training.” was the stoic girl's simple reply. As the left, they were joined by naruto and the rest of team NNPR.
After leaving the room, Naruto turned and channeling chakra into the tips of his fingers, he touched the seal on the door. His chakra flowing into the seal, changing the configuration drastically. Before any could question him, he opened the door to the room. Everyone else was expecting the flat to still be there. What the walked in on was a massive forest before them.
They were all so stunned they could only blankly nod when naruto answered the unasked question by saying. “Fūinjutsu is awesome, right.”
“So for starters, I have something here for Weiss and Pyrrha.” naruto informed the group. Pulling out two flasks and a scroll, respectively. Handing the scroll to Weiss and the pair of flasks to Pyrrha.
When Pyrrha opened the flask, Naruto quickly warned her, “ don’t try to drink what is in them pour it out and use your semblance on what comes out.make it into a perfect sphere.”
Doing as instructed, Pyrrha poured out the first flask to find a silver liquid coming out. She expected the flask to be empty soon but more just kept coming out, so once a reasonably large puddle was on the floor, she capped the flask. Doing as instructed, it was hard; there was so much of it, and merely trying to lift it caused it to shift. She knew immediately that this would be a task in control. An arduous task.
Naruto got to Weiss next. “We need to go a bit further away from the others. What I gave you may be a bit destructive.” naruto explained. As they walked away from the others.
After instructing her on how the seal works. Weiss had unsealed a case with parts inside for Myrtenaster. The eight arrow-like flechettes and cylinder in gleaming silver intricately designed. It hadn’t taken long for her to equip her sword with the new parts. And only four of the flechettes choosing to keep the others in the case for now.
“You need to channel your aura into the gemstones on each flechette. Then you have to make your aura change its nature to use the dust inside.” naruto instructed.
Weiss was ready to argue that aura did not work that way. When she felt naruto pressing into her back as he held her hands in his. Causing her to flush scarlet. “The thing about aura or chakra is it’s still energy. Energy can undergo change.” naruto whispered into her ear.
Using his understanding of Ninshu, he made the sensation of a nature transformation and his knowledge of the transformation flow through himself and into Weiss.
Weiss had flushed a brilliant scarlet until the most indescribable sensations flowed through her. It was hot then so, so cold then so many different things all at once. Suddenly she heard it or rather felt it a power called out to her. And for a moment, her rapier glowed white with frost.
Naruto smiled as she marveled at the frost on her sword. “In the time I have been here I have noticed. The only thing that held your people back from this was themselves. They believed they could not wield the elements without dust. So they don’t.” naruto explained
“What I just did was show you how through the use of Ninshu. A way of understanding yourself and others even the world.” the shinobi continued
Naruto left Weiss to continue to practice as he went to each helping them in the individual practice of their own, showing each the same thing he did with Weiss using Ninshu. Leaving him to focus on Yang and blake.
“The to of you are going to follow me.” naruto called out.soon to leading them to a waterfall.
“This is the falls of truth; all you need to do is sit in front of these falls and meditate once you face your darkness, we can continue Blake,” Naruto told her.
Once he gave her his assurance that no, this was not a prank. That, in fact, he was taking this rather seriously. Blake acquiesced and sat down in front of the waterfall. Soon falling into a trance after focusing on the falls. Breathing slowing to a crawl and heart rate slowing.
Yang was ever more curious about what she was to do as well when naruto left a clone to observe blake as they left the falls behind. Coming upon a fountain soon after.
“Yang, you like Jaune, have a lot of Aura. And when I mean a lot, I mean a stupid amount of the stuff. So I intend to make you a sage-like me.” the blonde sage explained.
To demonstrate, he stood still for a moment taking in the energy of nature. The telltale pigment shading his eyes and the frog-like Irises forming when he opened his eyes once more. Walking over to one of the many boulders doting this part of the landscape, he began to lift the boulder. Balancing it on one finger as he started his explanation. “This is the Honored Sage mode i learned from the toads of Mount Myōboku. Physical strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, perception, and durability are all enhanced. It allows you to manipulate natural energy to bolster your own reserves. As you are one with nature, it extends your senses greatly. There are dangers with what I am going to teach you, but I believe in you.” naruto explained.
“Right, so where do we start,” Yang said.giddy to start training. She was practically vibrating.
Setting the stone down, Naruto lead her over to the fountain. “We start here.” naruto said in a fond tone.
Guiding her to stick her hand in the oil of the fountain. “Do you feel that the energy of the world seeping into your very being?” the sage asked of the dragon.
“Yea, it's amazing.” Yang replied.
“Is this what you feel when you connect with nature?” the young woman asked.
Nodding naruto began to instruct her on what to do next. “Right now, natural energy is just passing through you. What you need to do is mix it with your aura and find balance.”
Using Ninshu to help guide her in the process to find a balance.
Something she had found almost immediately. It was surprising to naruto that she could discover a balance so fast. Yet they had just started not more than three hours ago. Her features had changed, as well. Instead of the toad-like irises. They were slit like a reptile and her hands had grown scales around her wrists, and a yellow pigment shaded her eyes. What was even stranger was when he was communing with her using Ninshu. He had felt something stir within her. It would need investigating he knew. But for now, teaching her this was more important.
With that goal in mind, he had created another clone to go explain the situation to Ozpin knowing. The man would give them a week to improve before the mission.
Of all the things in his long life, Ozpin could say that this was a surprise. When naruto had entered his office. Bluntly stating that officially, he would be taking over the training of team RWBY and NNPR. That, in fact, under his instruction, they would grow leaps and bounds beyond what they were capable of on their own. Of course, the headmaster was not one to fold so easily, however. This was just what he wanted an in to see just how strong the young man was. So with that in mind, his plan came together.
“Mr.Uzumaki, I have a proposal for you. If you agree, then I suppose that as long as the ones you are training attend one of the combat classes a week, then I will allow you to continue to train them.along with your request of the week of classes for training.” The headmaster offered.
“Ok, what do you want, then?” Naruto probed.
With a smirk hidden behind his mug. Ozpin Paused for dramatic effect on purpose.
“Well, it's simple, really. I would like to know just how you healed miss Schnee. If possible, teach it to others.”
Naruto grimaced, rubbing his temples already knowing once the boss got the memories. He’s gonna be pissed. But knowing that he would agree anyways. After all, they were one and the same.
“I can show you, but I’m not good at it. I never will be good at it honestly. It’s why I passed out from the mental strain. I can even teach people how. So you have a deal.” Naruto eventually agreed after explaining.
Ozpin's ever-growing view of the blonde before him grows evermore. As he thinks this boy, no man is a puzzle, an ever-growing mystery. One that he must solve.
“Mr. Uzumaki, why did you pass out after healing, Miss Schnee?” the headmaster inquired.
“Well imagine if you would, the amount of aura an average person has as the water in a lake that has a dam. Now to control the amount of aura used, they open the floodgates a little bit, and it's controlled. For the healing arts, I used it's like trying to manage the flow to a precise trickle to fill a teaspoon. For most people, it's an almost impossible task. One that gets easier with time. And for me, I am by no means average i am like an ocean to the average lake. It's a near-impossible task without the aid of Fūinjutsu, something I did not have the time to prep.,” the clone explained.
Taking in the information, Ozpin came to the realization that his students will power. It is such that he would force himself to aid others despite knowing what it would mean.
It made him hope for the future for the first time in a long, long time. As he agreed to the arrangement to give his students the time needed, to have the chance to grow stronger under the Uzumaki's guidance. Ozpin had to remark, thinking to himself as the young man left. “Soon, we will take the war to you, Salem…”
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